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At the bottom of the super whirlpool, the liquid spiritual energy was circulating frantically. Its formidable strength could crush a master who had reached the Third Grade of the Spirit Disaster.

Spiritual light was blossoming at the bottom of the gloomy whirlpool where a figure was sitting with his legs crossed. Black lightning was frantically flashing on his body, creating dull thunderclaps.

This figure was Mu Chen, who was trapped in the super whirlpool.

At that moment, he was not apparently in good shape. The black lightning was flashing on his body, which meant he had pushed his Thunder God Physique to the upper limit. Even so, the formidable force pressing in from all directions still made him confused.

On the surface of his body, fresh blood kept seeping out from his pores, which meant his body couldn't withstand the pressure anymore. The strength of the super whirlpool was irresistible, even though he had the protection of the Hepta Rune Lightning.


Mu Chen spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, which was flowing down from the corners of his mouth. The bloodstain made his handsome face look a little bit ferocious. He reached out his hand and slowly wiped off the blood.

His black eyes were full of coldness; however, not a glint of fear could be found in his eyes.

"Indeed, this pressure is irresistible…" Because of the formidable pressure, Mu Chen's voice was quite hoarse, as if his throat were injured.

He raised his head a little bit. His sight was full of rapidly rotating liquid spiritual energy, which continuously exerted formidable pressure on him.

He could sense the acute pain permeating his body, becoming increasingly stronger. It meant his body couldn't hold out for long in such conditions.

Once he was unconscious due to serious injury, he would be sent directly out of the Mirror of Judgement. In this way, he would definitely lose the opportunity to participate in the battle for the championship. Therefore, Mu Chen would never let that happen.

"Since I am still not strong enough…"

The young man raised his handsome face, which was still a little bit immature because of his young age. However, a perseverance which was quite rare among his peers could be found in his countenance.

He pressed his lips together and started to gradually hold his hands. His eyes were as cold as blades.

"Let me become stronger!"

Much of Mu Chen's insistence on letting Luo Li go first was because he didn't want her to be endangered; however, he chose to stay in the whirlpool alone because he also had his own plans.

Although the pressure of the spiritual energy in the Sea of Judgement was extremely horrible, it was quite helpful for cultivation. Of course, the prerequisite was that the cultivator could handle the risk and suffering caused by the pressure of spiritual energy.

In a whirlpool like this, risks and opportunities co-existed.

In the face of a death threat, strength could be cultivated. Now was exactly the best time to realize a breakthrough.

As the saying goes, fortune comes from taking risks. In this world, no strength came for no reason, which was a truth Mu Chen sincerely believed in. The reason that he could always be prominent in the Spiritual Road, the Northern Spiritual Realm, and the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy was never due to his gift but instead was due to his frequent conquering of those life-threatening challenges.

"Luo Li, this time I won't be absent."

Mu Chen smiled a bit. Then he closed his eyes gradually and quietly formed spiritual seals with his hands. At the same time, the black lighting permeating his body dissipated with surprising rapidity.

Along with the dissipation of the black lighting, the frantic liquid spiritual energy which had been kept out, swept in with the formidable pressure.

Horrible pain started to rage in his body. Mu Chen could clearly sense his body was about to be crushed by the impact of that violent pressure. However, no matter how acute the pain was, he always stayed awake. The black lightning was constantly shuttling in his muscles and bones. Under the formidable pressure coming from outside, the black lightning had nowhere to go and was pressed into his muscles and bones bit by bit…

While the acute pain was permeating his body, Mu Chen's flesh, bones, and meridians also started to become stronger because of the intensification from the black lightning.

In the darkness, the young man was sitting with his legs crossed. His body was gradually covered by the fresh blood seeping out from his skin. The fresh blood turned into a thick scab on his body.

Mu Chen was totally isolated by the scab from all kinds of fluctuations. It seemed his body inside that scab was lifeless.

While Mu Chen was being tortured by the darkness and acute pain, the atmosphere outside the Mirror of Judgement had climaxed with the earth-shaking cheers.

Countless people were looking with fiery eyes at the four figures in the sky. No matter how many dark horses emerged previously, finally only these four people could stand in front them.

They represented the highest level of students in all the spiritual academies.

Even some people who disapproved of the measures taken by these four had to admire their gifts and strength. Their achievements had overshadowed all the rest.

Somewhere outside the golden battle stage, Wu Ling, whose face was quite pale, couldn't help exclaiming slightly when he looked at the four figures above the battle stage, "Even Mu Chen was defeated…"

Behind him, Wu Yingying was clenching her red lips slightly. It seemed she was not very keen on the following fights. Her beautiful eyes looked to the Mirror of Judgement from time to time, as if she were expecting something.

"Forget about it…" Wu Ling smiled wryly and said, "Mu Chen is indeed powerful. This time he fell into Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe's trap. Those two guys are also very powerful. They attacked Mu Chen, who was unguarded, with their carefully planned trick. In this way, Mu Chen's defeat was fairly predictable.

"Moreover, Luo Li is still there. She is not a simple girl. I would be no match for her in a fight. With her here, I'm afraid it won't be easy for Ji Xuan or Xue Tianhe to win the championship."

Wu Yingying nodded listlessly. Wu Ling couldn't help rolling his eyes at her depression. She wasn't so depressed when he was defeated by Xue Tianhe before.

"Mu Chen…"

In the area of the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy, Tang Qian'Er was also pale. She couldn't imagine that young man, who never gave up and could always take care of her even if he was younger than she was, could be stopped here.

Although that young man always had a gentle and easy smile, she knew he never ignored his failures, and he could always rise from those failures.

Maybe this time he could still face the failure with a smile. However, she was upset by just thinking about his smile.

"Mu Chen… please do come out!"

The young girl put her hands together and prayed in her heart.

In the sky, the five Chiefs were also staring at the four figures coming out from the Mirror of Judgement.

Chief Tai Cang sighed slightly in his heart. He thought Mu Chen would be the one coming out at last. This mishap went beyond his expectations. Luckily, the team of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy was not completely annihilated. At least Luo Li was still there.

"He he, since four contestants have passed the trial, I suppose the battle for the championship could be started, right?" Chief Tian Sheng said and smiled at the other four Chiefs.

Knitting his brows slightly, Chief Tai Cang said, "Chief Tian Sheng, is it necessary to be in such a hurry?"

"He he, I am not in a hurry. After all, the result has been determined. Is Chief Tai Cang still waiting for the emergence of someone?" Chief Tian Sheng smiled a bit and said, "Also, according to the rules, as long as the championship hasn't been determined, anyone who comes out of the Mirror of Judgement is still qualified to strive for the championship."

Chief Tai Cang dropped into silence. Although he knew the possibility that Mu Chen could come out was really low, he was still a little bit reluctant to accept that. After all, this Academy Competition was crucial to the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. Once the Saint Spiritual Academy won the championship again, it would be given the title of the Top Academy. As the Chief of the Top Academy, Chief Tian Sheng would probably deprive the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy of its title as one of the Five Great Academies because of its poor performance in recent years.

"Then let it get started."

Chief Tai Cang had to nod. He couldn't lodge an objection anymore.

"Chief Tai Cang clearly knows the right thing to do and the principles to follow." Chief Tian Sheng smiled and then he turned to the four figures on the battle stage. His thunderous voice was echoing between heaven and earth again.

"First, congratulations to the four contestants who have walked out of the Mirror of Judgement… You have entered the top four and are qualified to strive for the championship of this Academy Competition."

"Next, in the battle for the championship, there will be no rules. You can fight at will. The one who is standing on the battle stage at last will be the champion!"


Uproars burst out from numerous people, who were greatly shocked. They didn't even decide the opponents by drawing lots. Were they going to hold a free-for-all?

On the battle stage, the four people's eyes were flickering slightly.

"The announcement is finished. Next, let's start the most important event of this Academy Competition - the battle for champion!"

The words were hardly out of Chief Tian Sheng's mouth when all the onlookers sensed that the atmosphere on the battle stage became abruptly nervous.

Widening their eyes, all onlookers were curious how this battle for the championship would be started.

Stared at by numerous people, Ji Xuan and Xue Tianhe made eye contact and smiled at each other in the air. Both of them disappeared from the place where they were and appeared on the vast battle stage.

Focusing his eyes on the silver-haired young girl who was as cold as snow, Xue Tianhe smiled. His eyes were full of viciousness.

"Xue Tianhe from the Blood Spiritual Academy hereby challenges the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy!"

On the other side, Ji Xuan also smiled slightly and said in a clear voice, "Ji Xuan from the Saint Spiritual Academy hereby challenges the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy!"

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