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Chapter 603 - Battle of the Best 8

Eight dazzling pillars of light soared into the horizon that looked to have even pierced through the layers of clouds, clearly seen within a radius of a hundred miles.

Eight pillars colored in red, green, black and yellow. The sight of the eight pillars intertwining was extremely spectacular.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed to the eight pillars of light as waves of uproars burst out with dense expectation contained in their voices.

Mu Chen had also directed his gaze at the sky following the uproar. His eyes were fixed onto the other red light and slowly moved his gaze along it and stopped at a team donned in green robes.

The Captain of that particular team, Liu Qingyun stood with his hand behind his back as his gaze was also staring at Mu Chen and his team.

Their opponent was the team from the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy.


Shen Cangsheng and the rest of the team inwardly felt relieved. It was a miracle that they did not encounter Wen Qingxuan, Wu Ling and the rest. After all, they had a decent relationship with them, thus meeting them and having any one of them eliminated wasn’t something that they wanted to see.

Speaking from a certain angle, the team from the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy was part of Ji Xuan’s alliance and could be considered as their enemy. Now that they were facing off, it was a good time to teach them a lesson.

They were well-aware that Liu Qingyun helped Ji Xuan threaten Mu Chen. If it wasn’t for the fact that the latter possessed a similar means, they might’ve been in a bad situation.

Mu Chen shifted his gaze from Liu Qingyun’s team as he looked at the battle allocation and was slightly stunned when he discovered that the opponent of Ji Xuan’s team was the Undefeated Spiritual Academy, represented by Wen Busheng.

Amongst the Best 8, the Undefeated Spiritual Academy’s strength was probably the weakest. Generally speaking, it was impossible for a Spiritual Academy of such strength to get into the Best 8. However, Wen Busheng achieved this feat and no matter what the results might be, he would still be the glory of their Undefeated Spiritual Academy.

Mu Chen looked towards Wen Busheng. The latter’s expression was, as usual, he wasn’t in dismay from the fact that he had such a thorny opponent like Ji Xuan as his first opponent.

At this time, there was no way Mu Chen could help him, except to cheer for him in his heart.

Wen Qingxuan’s opponent was the Nine Cauldrons Spiritual Academy led by Fang Yun, who was once defeated by Luo Li.

The last group made Mu Chen feel a little surprised since it was between Wu Ling of the Martial Spiritual Academy and Xue Tianhe of the Blood God Academy.

Mu Chen did not have any favorable feelings for Xue Tianhe and he even had a hint of killing intent for the latter, since the latter was clearly aiming for Luo Li.

As a person, Xue Tianhe was rather crafty, since he had never revealed his true strength in the elimination round. But, even so, his strength was well-proven by the fact that he could still make it into the Best 8.

Likewise, Wu Ling wasn’t someone to mess with. Similar to Xue Tianhe, he had also concealed his strength in the elimination round, since he had never thoroughly displayed his strength.

Right now, the two fellows who had deeply concealed their strengths were allocated to face off against each other. Just thinking about it, the outcome of that battle must be a little confusing.

“What luck… meeting Ji Xuan in the first round.” The teammate standing at the rear of Wen Busheng spoke with a bitter expression.

“We have already profited from the fact that we made it to the best 8.” Wen Busheng smiled as he fixed his gaze on Ji Xuan. There wasn’t a hint of fear in his eyes; on the contrary, there was a blazing fighting intent surging within.

“We just need to do our best. It wasn’t easy for us to make it this far. So, at the very least, we should fight for the honor for our Undefeated Spiritual Academy.”

Seeing how unperturbed Wen Busheng was, the emotions of his teammates calmed down as they grinned. Indeed, it was already out of everyone’s expectations with the fact that they could make it to the Best 8. So it didn’t matter if they win or lose, they just needed to give their best, since there was nothing to lose.

“Good, let us experience how powerful the team representing the Saint Spiritual Academy is!”

“An opponent defeated by Luo Li.”

Wen Qingxuan leisurely shot a glance at Fang Yun’s team as she lightly flung her mouth aside as she spoke to the four flowers standing behind her, “Don’t lose my face. If you guys lose, hmph, don’t blame me for being ruthless when we return to the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy!”

She clenched her fists, but when she made the malicious expression with her charming face, it was exceptionally lovable and gorgeous instead; there wasn’t any threat coming from her at all.

“Hehe, we got it.” Hearing her words, Le’er, Pin’er and the rest showed lovely smiles. Their smiles were like flowers as they shook the hearts of others.

But when Fang Yun’s team saw their response to the results, they bitterly smiled inwardly. Even Fang Yun’s face wasn’t too good as he had also felt the pressure of facing Wen Qingxuan as an opponent.

“The Blood God Academy…”

Mu Ling narrowed his eyes as he looked at the team dressed in blood-red long robes and at the face that was as delicate as a girl as he muttered. Not knowing why he felt a faint danger from Xue Tianhe.

“Those fellows don’t seem that simple.” Wu Yingying said with a heavy expression behind Wu Ling. At this time, their team had been reorganized at the last moment and thus, this was the reason why Wu Yingying was here together with them.

Wu Ling nodded his head as he lightly flicked his ten fingers and replied with a calm expression on his face, “Leave Xue Tianhe to me, you guys steadily bring out your abilities and try not to make any mistakes.”

Wu Yingying and the other three nodded their heads at his words.

While the eight teams were secretly examining their opponents on the Golden Battle Stairs, all sorts of whispers came from the students of the various academies outside the Golden Battle Stage. However, none of them could easily come to a conclusion.

Although the Best 8 were ranked, everyone was clear that it was just the elimination round. Thus, it was impossible for every single team to display all of their powers in that round, which simply meant that the Numero Uno of the elimination round might not end up as the Champion.

It wasn’t a rare scene that the Rank 8 of the elimination round would end up flipping the situation around and seized the Championship.

But, regardless, this Final Battle would definitely be absolutely interesting. Nearly everyone was curious which of the eight teams would end up in the Best 4.

When the Five Great Deans saw the allocation in the sky, they each had a different expression on their faces; but there wasn’t any worry written on their faces since they were clearly confident in the teams that represented their academies.

“Since the allocation is done, the eight teams can respectively stand on their stage.”

Dean Tian Sheng’s faint voice rang out as he waved his hand, splitting the colossal Golden Battle Stage beneath him into four smaller Golden Battle Stages.

Every single stage was further separated into five pieces as the stage became covered in golden light, making it look like it was made from gold; looking extremely tough.

“The battle for the Best 4 will be regulated in points of seven. Every team member that loses will lose a point and three for the Captains, a total of seven points. The team with the most points between the two will have the qualifications to ascend to the Best 4.”

“Seven points… the Captains are actually worth three points.”

Mu Chen was a little startled. A total of seven points and the Captains alone would hold nearly half of them. Thus, the importance of the Captain could be seen. Technically, as long as a team managed to defeat the Captain, their victory would be nearly secured, unless the four other team members were defeated.

“Are you all clear?” Dean Tian Sheng overlooked from the sky as he spoke in a slow manner.

The eight teams nodded their heads in acknowledgment.

“Since that’s the case, then go up to the stage.” Dean Tian Sheng waved his hand.


The eight teams flew out at the same time and with several flickers, they landed on one of the four respective colossal Golden Battle Stages under the countless excited gazes.

Mu Chen’s group of five appeared on the utmost left Golden Battle Stage.

“Leave Liu Qingyun to me.” Mu Chen said as he looked at the rest.

Their team was reorganized and, thus, the formation of their team wasn’t any weaker than any of the other teams. In fact, with Luo Li, they were a little stronger. However, due to the seven points rule, especially since the Captains were worth more points, there was an element of uncertainness in this. The moment the Captains were defeated, it was basically a loss for that team.

Thus, Mu Chen had to deal with the strongest of the opposing team, Liu Qingyun, by himself. Despite understanding that Liu Qingyun wasn’t an easy opponent, he still wouldn’t fear any opponent at this point in time.

“Be careful.” Luo Li nodded her head as she warned. Liu Qingyun wasn’t an easy opponent and was a genius from the Wind Spirit Clan. It was definitely not easy to deal with a race that had such a long history.

Mu Chen nodded his head in response.

When Luo Li and the other three saw his reaction, they no longer spoke as they moved to the four other battle stages.

Mu Chen stood on the colossal Golden Battle Stage, alone, with a multitude of sky-shattering cheers bellowing in waves outside the stage.


Screeches of wind rang out as an azure figure mysteriously appeared on this vast Golden Battle Stage. Liu Qingyun stood with his hands behind his back as he shot an indifferent expression over as a faint smile was shown on his face.

“Mu Chen, I am here to halt your steps.”

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