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Chapter 593 - Queen Luo shows her Might

When Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest saw the two girls, unconcealable joy surged on their faces. They had been on the edge guarding Mu Chen for the past few days, fearing that someone would come and disturb Mu Chen's cultivation.

The moment Luo Li came, her crystal-clear pupils were looking at Mu Chen, who was in his cultivating state. Her worrying expression that she had on her face gradually loosened.

"He's undergoing the Spirit Disaster?" Wen Qingxuan, however, looked at Mu Chen in astonishment as she felt the bizarre ripples.

Shen Cangsheng and the rest nodded their heads.

"Are you guys alright?" Luo Li enquired.

Shen Cangsheng and the rest nodded their heads as they bitterly smiled, "It's thanks to Mu Chen for finding this place. Otherwise, it would be hard for us to retreat. That Fang Yun isn't an easy opponent, the Divine Artifact in his possession was extremely strong. Mu Chen had paid a certain price and thus, we were able to retreat here. Precisely so, his Spirit Disaster is more dangerous."

Generally speaking, those undergoing their Spirit Disaster all had their conditions restored to their peak. However, Mu Chen had undergone a battle with Fang Yun and thus, he had to undergo his Spirit Disaster when his condition wasn't at his best.

"Fang Yun." A smear of chill appeared in Luo Li's pupils. Clearly, she was enraged.

"It was probably Ji Xuan's instructions for Fang Yun to attack Mu Chen. The scheme of that fellow runs too deep. He used all sorts of methods to obstruct us to give Fang Yun time to deal with Mu Chen." Wen Qingxuan spoke as well with a cold expression.

Shen Cangsheng and the rest nodded at their words, before taking a glance at Mu Chen and continued, "We have no idea how long Mu Chen will take. It seems like Ji Xuan will once again pull apart the difference in points that we did so much to pull closer in this period of time."

Right now, their points were Rank 3 with roughly 110,000 points. Ji Xuan still remained Numero Uno with nearly 140,000 points. If Mu Chen was going to take a few days, the gap between them would only grow bigger to the point that it could no longer be recovered.

Luo Li fell into her own thoughts. Right now, the battle between Mu Chen and Ji Xuan had the attention of everyone and she did not want others to look down on Mu Chen.

"Qingxuan, I would like you to stay here for a few days until Mu Chen passes through his Spirit Disaster." Luo Li softly said as she looked at Wen Qingxuan after a brief moment of pondering.

"What about you?" Wen Qingxuan was startled as she asked.

"I will leave with them for the time being. At the very least, I would like to maintain the gap." Luo Li lightly smiled as she continued, "But, naturally, I will give you half of the points I obtain to make up for your loss."

"Only guys like them would fight head-over-heels for the rank." Wen Qingxuan cast her lips aside as she continued, "Rest assured. No matter what, Mu Chen has helped me before in the past. Thus, I will naturally help him as well."

"Thank you for that." Luo Li responded with a faint smile.

When Shen Cangsheng heard that Luo Li was intending to bring them out, they were a little dumbfounded. Although they knew that Luo Li wasn't as simple as she looked, they still thought of her as a girl in their hearts. And, at this timing, they felt a little ashamed that a girl like Luo Li had to hold up the barrier amongst them.

"Rest assured, the team leading under Luo Li won't be any weaker than Mu Chen." Li Xuantong, however, smiled. Although Luo Li had never displayed her true strength from the start, he knew that this girl before him wasn't any weaker than Mu Chen.

"Alright then, we'll give Mu Chen a surprise when he wakes up." Su Xuan smiled as she covered her mouth.

Shen Cangsheng could only nod his head with a bitter smile.

Wen Qingxuan approached Luo Li as she softly said, "From the looks of it, your target isn't a small one."

Luo Li pulled her hair behind her ears with her slender fingers. Her action was extremely charming to the point that Wen Qingxuan's heart was a little stirred. Shortly after, a faint smile surfaced on her face as she said, "I want to snatch Ji Xuan's Numero Uno position back. Thus, my target is Fang Yun."

Wen Qingxuan was startled by her words. She knew that her target wasn't small, but she never imagined that she would be so daring to actually plan to snatch Ji Xuan's ranking. Moreover, Fang Yun wasn't someone easy to deal with either, as he possessed the Low Rank Divine Artifact.

"Rest assured."

Luo Li knew about Wen Qingxuan's worries as she smiled.

"Then, you be cautious." Wen Qingxuan could only nod her head at Luo Li's words.

After their discussion, Luo Li stayed there for another half a day before leaving together with Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the other two without wasting more time.

Wen Qingxuan smiled as she looked at the leaving Luo Li. Looks like there will be no more peace in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Perhaps it is time for everyone to know the strength of this girl that has always been standing behind Mu Chen.

Wen Qingxuan idly stretched her slender arms as she walked to Mu Chen's side with her hand on her cheek as she slightly curled her lips and spoke in an envious tone, "This fella has it cheap for Luo Li to do so much for you."

Three days quickly passed.

During these three days, Mu Chen still had not woken up. However, the surface of his body was turning more and more red as a high temperature was emitting from inside his body, even the space was slightly distorted from it. Under the intense pain, his face was a little hideous.

Clearly, his Spirit Disaster was still ongoing.

Under this situation, Wen Qingxuan, who was guarding him, was also helpless as the Spirit Disaster required one to go through it by themselves with their own ability. There was no room for others to help them.

However, Wen Qingxuan was slightly relieved. Despite Mu Chen's face slightly twisted, there weren't any signs of the Spiritual Energy in his body going berserk. Clearly, he did not allow his mind to be devoured and retained a hint of conscious.

Under this situation, as long as Mu Chen could endure it, it was just a matter of time for him to pass through the Spirit Disaster.

In the three days that Mu Chen was undergoing his Spirit Disaster, the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament shook, which was caused by Luo Li.

Luo Li wasn't like Mu Chen when she led the team. She did not sweep those after Rank 8 like Mu Chen had done. She had directly fixed her aim onto Rank 6, Fang Yun.

Her actions were undoubtedly audacious. After all, everyone was clear on the fact that those within the Top 8 were the most powerful teams in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Among those teams, there were several powerful experts, especially when it came to someone like Fang Yun, who possessed a genuine Divine Artifact.

Thus, when the news of Luo Li and Fang Yun's confrontation spread out, a shaking uproar was instantly unleashed in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Even when compared to Mu Chen and Ji Xuan's battle, the level of their confrontation wasn't any weaker in comparison.

The earth-shattering battle still took place in the end.

That battle was extremely intense as everyone could see a titanic cauldron rise up in the air, emitting divine light as the roars of a dragon and tiger resounded in the sky. Even the Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth seemed to be boiling.

However, despite the cauldron being so powerful, everyone watched as the titanic cauldron was being suppressed the moment a crisp and resonant sword cry rang out…

Everyone that watched the battle could clearly witness that scene.

A grandiose sword intent gathered in the sky as it turned into an earth-shattering sea of swords. The sea of swords was like a storm as it whistled its way past. Anything standing before it was torn to shreds by the rampant storm of Sword Aura... even the Low Rank Divine Artifact, whom Mu Chen failed to break through despite using all his strength, the Dragon-Tiger Cauldron rapidly lost its luster in the sea of swords. Thereafter, a colossal sword light took form as it heavily slashed down from the sky.

The sea of swords dissipated as it turned into a longsword, whistling across the horizon as it returned to Luo Li's hands. The Spiritual Energy Sword Intent that even the heavens and earth could not withstand had also dissipated.

Puuuuf! pooofff.

Everyone saw the scene of Fang Yun spewing a mouthful of blood as his face paled. Clearly, he was gravely injured.

It was a closure to the heart-shaking battle.

Fang Yun handed over his Academy Plaque with unwillingness in the end. A total of 40,000 points was bluntly seized by Luo Li, allowing an increase in points for the Academy Plaque of Mu Chen's team from 110,000 to 150,000 points, surpassing Ji Xuan, who only had 140,000 points, in one go.

Henceforth, the owner of the Numero Uno position changed.

The entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was shaken. After such a long time, the rank of Numero Uno finally welcomed its third owner…

It was precisely this battle that allowed Luo Li's name to resonate throughout the tournament. Her reputation even showed signs of surpassing Ji Xuan and Mu Chen. After all, in comparison to them, Luo Li had an advantage in terms of her looks and temperament.

But, naturally, the crucial point was her battle with Fang Yun. All in all, she was the only one that dared to attack a team that was within the Top 8 throughout this entire tournament.

After experiencing that battle, Fang Yun's team dropped out of the Top 8. However, with his ability, he had once again entered the Top 8 in just one day. However, he was clearly much more low-profile this time as he did not show any signs of jumping.

It was evident that his drive was thoroughly suppressed by Luo Li.

After the Numero Uno ranking had changed, everyone was curious as they waited for Ji Xuan's reaction. With the latter's character, he was definitely not someone that would give up the ranking of Numero Uno so easily.

Just when everyone was in anticipation of Ji Xuan moving, Mu Chen had finally slowly opened his eyes to the depths of the spike tree forest. His black pupils blazed as if there were crystal-clear flames surging within.

He had finally passed through his Spirit Disaster!

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