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Chapter 592 - Spirit Disaster

Within the dark forest, the ancient palace still remained as Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the other two quietly sat down with their legs crossed. Their faces were a little pale since the Spiritual Energy ripples around their bodies were exceptionally weak at this moment.

Clearly, they exhausted too much of their Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen stood outside the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard as he took a glance at the tightly shut gate. The previous time he was here, the Courtyard Spirit had appeared. However, it did not make its appearance this time as the entire Hidden Spiritual Courtyard looked ordinary at this moment and entry was no longer possible.

Mu Chen held his chest as a fiery blaze flared within his eyes. His entire body was in a high temperature to the point that even his Spiritual Energy showed signs of igniting.

This was a sign that the Spirit Disaster was coming.

"Mu Chen are you alright?" As a girl, Su Xuan was more attentive as she instantly noticed that Mu Chen's body was slightly trembling and thus, she went up to support him. However, the instant she came in contact with Mu Chen's skin, she was instantly startled by the temperature.

"Nothing much, my Spirit Disaster is coming."

Mu Chen waved his hand as he sat down at the gate of the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. He then shifted his glance towards Shen Cangsheng and the rest as he said, "It is impossible to use Spiritual Energy in this forest. However, with the Jade Plates that I have given to you guys, you will be able to neglect the effects of this region."

"Although we are safe for the moment, we will split ourselves into groups of two to alternate our rest for insurance. To prevent any disturbances to us."

Shen Cangsheng and the rest nodded in agreement to his words.

"Furthermore, here are four drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. When you guys recover your strength, try to refine them. Perhaps they will be beneficial." Mu Chen flicked with his fingers as four drops of crystal liquid flew towards the direction of Shen Cangsheng and the other three.

The four of them hastily received them with a stretch of their hand. They stared at the crystal liquid that was hovering on their palms as joy surged from the depths of their eyes. Obviously, they had sensed the vast Spiritual Energy contained in that Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

They had already reached a bottleneck in their cultivation. If they could refine this Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, they might be able to take another step forth.

Mu Chen looked at the four of them, who were filled with joy, as he lightly smiled and became thoroughly relieved in his heart. Heavy exhaustion surged from his heart as he slowly closed his eyes and his mind sank into his body.

He had to prepare for the Spirit Disaster.

When Mu Chen's mind sank into his body and into the Aura Sea, he saw his Spirit quietly seated in his Aura Sea with an enormous spiritual light loop that looked like a planet ring. It was placed beneath his Spirit as it slowly circulated, the scene was magnificent.

In this instance, his Spirit was different from how it was before. The high temperature was spreading from this Spirit as it looked like it would burst into flames at any moment, combusting his Spirit into nothingness.

This was a sign of Spirit Flames gathering.

The Spirit Flames were flames that were born from within the Spirit. These sorts of flames were harmless to the physical body but were extremely fatal for Spirits. The moment he wasn't able to endure the fire, there was a high chance that his Spirit would be burnt to dust.

In the path of cultivation, the Spirit gathered the three energies of the human body. Thus, it was the most important part. If the Spirit was destroyed, not only would the person's cultivation path be ruined, his consciousness would also fade away, leaving behind a body with no consciousness, which was similar to a puppet.

In the Three Sovereign Disasters, the Spirit Disaster was undoubtedly the most dangerous trial amongst them all. The slightest error would cause the Spirit to be destroyed and there was no way of saving it.

Thus, even Mu Chen did not dare to be careless in this tribulation.


He sucked in a mouthful of air in his heart as he willed his mind, sinking into his Spirit bit-by-bit. In the instant when Mu Chen's mind sank into his Spirit, the scorching blaze that was wrapped around his Spirit made him involuntarily jolt.

The acute pain started to spread.

The tiny hands of Mu Chen's Spirit slowly formed into cultivation seals as it started to devour the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth. After the Spiritual Energy passed through his meridians and was refined, it was injected into his Aura Sea and, thereafter, was absorbed by the small mouth of his Spirit.

Ssssssssi tsssssssiii.

As more and more Spiritual Energy was devoured by his Spirit, the temperature around his Spirit increased, causing the scorching pain to become even more intense.


As the scorching pain grew stronger, the surface of Mu Chen's Spirit suddenly turned sparkling. Thereafter, a tiny flame started to gather.

The tiny flame was sparkling and translucent, it was like a flame of glass. However, the tiny flame was the cause for his Spirit to violently tremble.

His tiny face on the Spirit was twisted from the pain, his hand that was used to form the cultivation seals was constantly trembling. An indescribable pain spread from the Spirit, the pain was similar to his soul burning.

Tssssssssssiii siiiiii.

More sparkling flames appeared on the surface of his Spirit as time passed. In just half an hour, Mu Chen's Spirit was already engulfed by the flames.

His Spirit was engulfed by the sparkling flames in his Aura Sea. Although looking from afar, those sparkling flames didn't appear to be dangerous, but Mu Chen knew that he was in an extremely dangerous position right now.

Compared to facing Ji Xuan and Fang Yun, the danger was way far higher. The slightest mistake at this moment would cause him to pay the price that he would not be able to bear.

However, despite the heart-piercing pain, Mu Chen still carried on with his teeth clenched, since there wasn't any other way for him. This was the tribulation that every cultivator had to experience in order to ascend the realm of Sovereigns.

Only through these stages of pain, can he break open the cocoon and evolve into a butterfly, taking the step to Sovereign Realm and become a genuine expert that everyone would respect in the Great Thousand World!

As time passed, the figure of Mu Chen's Spirit became blurred, bit-by-bit, as the pain was devouring his consciousness. However, regardless of how the acute pain impacted him, he still retains his last bit of consciousness. The tiny hands of the Spirit still maintained the cultivation seals without wavering.

Right now, he had to endure it, no matter what.

One day had passed under his bitter endurance from the pain.

After one day of rest, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the other two had recovered their strength. Both their Spiritual Energy and mind were recovered to their peaks, no longer having any weak sensations from before.

When the four of them recovered to their peak conditions, they understood that Mu Chen was in his most crucial moments of breaking through to Spirit Disaster, from the pain shown on his face.

Thus, they set aside their own cultivation for the time being as they enhanced their senses, chased away those teams who were not giving up and snuck into the forest.

Based on the Jade Plate that Mu Chen had given them, they could casually use their Spiritual Energy in here. Whereas those teams that had entered this forest had their Spiritual Energy suppressed. Faced with Sheng Cangsheng's team of four, they weren't able to put up any resistance.

Two days passed under their protection.

Outside the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, Mu Chen's figure quietly sat like a boulder, not moving a single jolt.

Shen Cangsheng and the other three were spread around him as they stood on those towering trees. Their gazes were sharp with alertness as they constantly looked around.

"Mu Chen has still not passed through his Spirit Disaster…" Other than being alert about their surroundings, Shen Cangsheng said helplessly as he took the time to take a glance at Mu Chen.

"Back then, when we were going through our Spirit Disaster, we only took four days. However, judging from Mu Chen's current state, his time might take longer compared to us." Li Xuantong lightly nodded his head. Under ordinary circumstances, the Spirit Disaster took the shortest time amongst the Three Sovereign Disasters. However, the danger in it was the highest in comparison.

"This fellow is getting more and more powerful now." Shen Cangsheng bitterly smiled. Ever since they entered the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, their strengths had also soared. Right now, he and Li Xuantong already had the capability to give Second Grade Spirit Disaster a go. Even amongst the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, their strengths were considered top. However, when comparing themselves to Mu Chen, they seemed a little lacking.

Li Xuantong softly sighed as his gaze became a little complicated. He never imagined that the Freshmen that once received three of his moves would surpass him at a speed that he could not catch up to in just two years.

"Luo Li's eyesight is truly great." Li Xuantong bitterly commented. Back then, he rejected Luo Li's choice because Mu Chen didn't possess the qualification to match her. But the truth made him understand that the ordinary youth whom he had considered back then had stepped out of the ordinary, sharpened on the grindstone as he displayed his brilliant character.

Seeing the bitter smile on Li Xuantong's charming face, Shen Cangsheng patted the former's shoulders to comfort him.


Li Xuantong replied with a shake of his head and just when he was about to speak, his gaze suddenly changed and he shifted his sight forward. There were sounds of whistling wind coming from that direction. Furthermore, what made him even more startled was that there were Spiritual Energy ripples from that whistling wind sound.

There was someone actually capable of using Spiritual Energy in this forest?

Li Xuantong and Shen Cangsheng exchanged a glance as their gazes turned heavy. Thereafter, they made a hand sign, calling Su Xuan and Xu Huang over. Together, the four of them fixed their gazes towards the dark tree shadows.

The whistling wind became even more rushed and two figures appeared from the shadows, flashing at the speed of lightning.

When the two figures appeared, Shen Cangsheng's group of four felt a heavy relief as unconcealable joy appeared on their faces.

The two figures were Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan.

They knew that the moment those two appeared, they would be absolutely safe. In the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, not even Ji Xuan could bring harm to Mu Chen under the protection of those two.

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