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Chapter 591 - Smashing his way through

The black Spiritual Energy appeared like a black screen in the sky as it flickered with a cold luster as it soared. Powerful Spiritual Energy pressure swept out as if it was trying to set off a tornado in this region.

Everyone was dumbstruck as they watched the scene before them since they could sense how powerful that black Spiritual Energy was. They found it too hard to believe that Mu Chen could still exhibit such strength even in his current state.

Fang Yun was also looking at the vast and mighty black Spiritual Energy with a little shock in his eyes.

"Damn it!"

Fang Yun heavily clenched his teeth. Originally, he had planned to take action while Mu Chen's state wasn't good and seize his Academy Plaque. However, who could have expected that even after so many battles, Mu Chen could still exhibit such strength?

However, there was no way he could retreat at this point in time.


Fang Yun's gaze grew cold as he changed his hand seals, causing the titanic bronze hand to ferociously slam down.

Mu Chen still wore an indifferent expression as he flicked his finger. The powerful Spiritual Energy swept out like several tidal waves as it clashed against the bronze hand.


Terrifying Spiritual Energy shock waves were sent spreading out as if it was scraping a tornado on the horizon, trying to tear apart the heavens and earth along with a humming noise.

The bronze palm was rapidly falling apart from the black Spiritual Energy. In the end, it was reduced to nothing from the layers of Spiritual Energy impact.

Mu Chen's expression was calm as he glanced at the spike forest. The trees in the forest had already withered as if it was drained of Spiritual Energy.

He had executed the Divine Wood Scripture earlier. Obviously, the might of this Divine Wood Scripture was more tyrannical compared to the one he used when he faced Ji Xuan.

This wasn't because Mu Chen's strength had grown in just a few days, it was because he was drawing power from ordinary trees before and, right now, he was drawing power from those spike trees…

It was a rare species of Spiritual Trees that had absorbed Spiritual Energy between this heaven and earth for a long time, allowing those spike trees to possess a certain level of destructive power. If those spikes on the spike trees were used as weapons, it was easy to penetrate through mountains and shatter stones by injecting Spiritual Energy into them.

The Spiritual Energy that was contained in those spike trees was more powerful compared to ordinary trees. Therefore, when Mu Chen displayed the Divine Wood Scripture, he could draw out such powerful Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen's hand seals changed after destroying the bronze palm with these tidal waves of black Spiritual Energy. A faint voice rang out in his heart, "Divine Wheel of the Heavenly Wood!"


Torrential waves of Spiritual Energy rapidly gathered as it turned into a colossal black light wheel the size of a few hundred meters under the countless gazes.

An Ice-cold luster was flickering at the corner of the light wheel. The sharpness of it looked as if it could shred the space apart.

Clearly, the power of this Divine Wheel of the Heavenly Wood was more powerful compared to the time he used it on Ji Xuan!

Fang Yun also realized the terrifying might contained within the black wheel as his face changed.


At the same time, Mu Chen pointed his finger down, causing the wheel to start frantically spinning. In the next instant, it turned into a black light that could not be perceived through the naked-eyes as it made its way towards Fang Yun.

Bang! Bang!

The blurred black light streaked across the horizon, causing faint tears in the space that the black light had passed through.

"Divine Cauldron Art - Divine Cauldron Wall!"

At the sight of it, Fang Yun's gaze turned a lot more heavy as he changed his hand seals, pressing down with his hand on the space before him.


Powerful Spiritual Energy swept out as it instantly expanded before Fang Yun. It had turned into a cauldron light wall with the size of a few hundred meters. Bronze color filled the light wall, making it look indestructible.


When the cauldron light wall took shape, the black light wheel had already flown over at lightning speed. In the instant, it clashed, ear-piercing metallic ringing rang out in this horizon.

Creak! Creak!

The black wheel was spinning at a rapid speed, exhibiting the astonishing sharpness of the Spiritual Energy. Cracks started to appear on the surface of the cauldron wall and began to spread out.

The black wheel was even sharper than when Mu Chen had used it earlier. Even experts like Fang Yun would have his scalp tingling from the sharpness of it.

Fang Yun's face turned ugly from the rapid spreading of the cracks.


Mu Chen's slender fingers pointed down once again along with a faint voice. The rotation speed of the black wheel rapidly increased at a terrifying speed and with an earth-shattering noise, the cauldron wall was penetrated.


The cauldron wall shattered as it turned into fragments, raining down from the sky.

Despite penetrating through the cauldron wall, the power of the wheel wasn't lessened as it was still approaching its target, Fang Yun!

"Damn it!"

Fang Yun's expression paled as he never expected Mu Chen's attack to suddenly be so powerful. He had not seen Mu Chen use such a powerful wheel when he faced Ji Xuan. However, he was certain that this wheel was more powerful compared to the previous one!

The discovery made Fang Yun extremely depressed. Mu Chen had gone easy when he faced off with Ji Xuan? Otherwise, why would the same attack with the same strength suddenly get so powerful? 


As thoughts circulated in Fang Yun's heart, his figure was already mysteriously retreating as he attempted to dodge the wheel's attack

However, he had clearly belittled the speed of the wheel. No matter how much he tried to dodge, the black wheel was like a shadow following his body, not allowing him to break away from it.

"Since you want to go at it, then pay the price for it." Mu Chen's gaze was cold as he watched Fang Yun, who was trying to constantly dodge. His hand seals changed as the speed of the wheel exploded, appearing before Fang Yun in a flash as it slashed down. The sharpness of it even tore the space apart.

"Bastard!" Shock filled Fang Yun's eyes as he gritted his teeth. Willing it in his heart, the Dragon-Tiger Cauldron that was suppressing the Black Tortoise Seal abruptly shot back to his direction.


A dragon and tiger roar rang out as the Dragon-Tiger Cauldron dissolved into bronze liquid, flickering with spiritual light, as it engulfed Fang Yun's body.

Fang Yun turned into a bronze statue as the bronze liquid engulfed his entire body.

The black wheel ferociously slashed down as it hacked against Fang Yun's body.


Ear-piercing clashes rang out across the horizon as Fang Yun's figure was sent flying back, heavily slamming against a mountain peak. The peak was unable to bear the impact as it exploded and Fang Yun's body was deeply embedded into the body of the mountain.


Far away, those teams that were watching the battle involuntarily sucked a mouthful of chilled air as disbelief filled their eyes. It was beyond their expectations that Mu Chen was able to suppress Fang Yun with his current state.

Just how frightening is that fellow!

Mu Chen looked at Fang Yun, who was embedded in the mountain, before shifting his gaze to his teammates. When they saw his glance, they tacitly understood as they flew out, charging towards the direction of the spike tree forest.

The faces of Fang Yun's teammates slightly changed as they attempted to obstruct them.


However, just when they were about to move, Mu Chen's figure mysteriously appeared before them. He had an indifferent expression, which made the four retreat in an instant with fear and respect filling their eyes.

Not even their Captain could obstruct Mu Chen. Although they weren't weak, they weren't so daring to attack Mu Chen.

When they hesitated, Shen Cangsheng and the other three had already entered the forest and disappeared into the shadows with a few flickers.

Mu Chen felt relief in his heart at the sight of that. Shen Cangsheng and the other three had the Array Plate that was made by him and thus, they were able to neglect the effect of the Sealing Spiritual Array. Inside the forest, they still retained their abilities to use their Spiritual Energy, whereas those that intrude in the forest would have their Spiritual Energy taken away from them. As long as they made it to the forest, all threats would disappear.


Huge stones shattered in the mountain body as a sorry-looking figure soared into the sky. Fang Yun was covered in dirt as he reappeared. At this current moment, his face was ashen, but he still had bronze covering his body. However, there were fine cracks in his chest area.

Mu Chen's gaze involuntarily narrowed at the sight of it. The attack that he previous unleashed could even gravely wound a Third Grade Spirit Disaster expert and right now, aside from looking a little bad, Fang Yun did not suffer any injuries.

"What a formidable Dragon-Tiger Cauldron."

Mu Chen sighed inwardly as he knew that the reason why Fang Yun was able to appear uninjured was due to the protection of the Dragon-Tiger Cauldron. A Divine Artifact was indeed a Divine Spiritual Artifact. It was tough for even Third Grade Spiritual Disaster experts to pose a huge threat to Fang Yun with the defensive capabilities of that treasure.

"Mu Chen!"

Fang Yun's face was still pale as the bronze liquid wiggled on his body, before returning to the shape of the Dragon-Tiger Cauldron. He ferociously stared at Mu Chen. Clearly, he never thought that a task he had deemed so easy to be so problematic.

Mu Chen's gaze was indifferent as he looked at Fang Yun. With a clench of his fist, the Black Tortoise Seal returned to his sleeve as his body moved. In a few flickers, his figure had mysteriously appeared outside the forest.

He arrived at the edge of the forest as he halted his steps. He turned his head as he smiled indifferently at Fang Yun, whose face remained ashen, "If you still haven't had enough, then follow me. I will keep you company."

Fang Yun tightly clenched his fist but he did not dare to follow as he knew that this region was a little strange. The moment he went in, his Spiritual Energy would disappear.

"Thanks for entertaining me. If there's a chance, I will definitely return it back."

A sneer rose from Mu Chen's lips as he waved his hand towards Fang Yun with his back facing the latter and made his steps into the forest as shadows engulfed his figure.


Fang Yun heavily gritted his teeth and could only give up in disheartened. Those teams that were observing from far away were also sighing in regret.

Mu Chen was simply too powerful.

However, they were unaware that the instant Mu Chen stepped into the shadows, his face had instantly turned pale and even his hand was trembling. The Spiritual Energy in his body was violently surging at this instance.

Mu Chen's black pupils seemed to be blazing with fire as he lightly pulled the corner of his lips. He knew the reason for this abnormality…

His Spirit Disaster was coming.

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