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Chapter 590 - Dragon-Tiger Cauldron

Outside the black spike forest stood Mu Chen's group of five. Mu Chen's brows were slightly narrowed as he looked ahead. On the hillside, Fang Yun was smiling as he looked at him with four of his teammates behind him eyeing their group, as well as powerful Spiritual Energy ripples around them.

The direction of Fang Yun and his team blocked off the path for them to enter the forest. If they intended to enter the forest, they would have the pass-through Fang Yun's team.

From the looks of it, Fang Yun had been waiting for a long time.

"Haha, Captain Mu Chen, you can't blame me for this, you can only blame yourself for being too greedy." Fang Yun smiled as he looked at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he spoke, "Seems like Captain Fang Yun is not intending to let me pass?"

Fang Yun lightly shook his head as ferocity flashed past his eyes, looking at Mu Chen. The gentle smile still hung on his face as he replied, "Captain Mu Chen, I know that you are formidable. But after going through seven battles, I believe that you have exhausted a huge amount of your energy dealing with those Captains, right? Do you still have half of your fighting strength right now?"

"Furthermore… even if you managed to maintain your strength, your teammates are already a spent force. If you want to fight with us, I believe that your chances of winning aren't too high."

Mu Chen's expression was indifferent as Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong's gazes grew colder behind him, tightening their grip on their long spears.

"Therefore, I have to ask Captain Mu Chen to hand your Academy Plaque over to me." Fang Yun extended his hand to Mu Chen as he laughed, "Don't try to resist. Right now, there are many people eyeing your team as well. I'm afraid that your team can't go through another round of exhaustion."

A wind breezed by, but it wasn't able to scatter the frozen atmosphere at this moment.

Fang Yun wore a cold smile on his face. His gaze stared straight towards Mu Chen. Admittedly, after the fight with Ji Xuan, Mu Chen's fame had soared to the peak. However, he, Fang Yun, was not a weakling as well. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to come this far.

The two gazes interweaved in the air as sparks flickered.

"From the looks of it, you guys don't seem too interested in my suggestion." When Fang Yun saw that Mu Chen had no intentions of handing over his Academy Plaque, he helplessly smiled. However, there wasn't any warmth in his smile.

"Since that's the case, then I can only help myself to it."

Fang Yun slowly lifted his palm up. On his palm, there was a palm-sized Divine Cauldron with spiritual light flowing on the surface. Ancient runes were imprinted on the bronze cauldron, looking vivid and life-like. Roars of a dragon could be heard as if it came from the surface of the cauldron.

This Divine Cauldron quietly floated on Fang Yun's palm. Although there weren't any terrifying ripples coming from it, Mu Chen could sense the dense danger.

"Divine Artifact?" Mu Chen said softly as his eyes narrowed, looking at the bronze cauldron in Fang Yun's hand.

Mu Chen had a Quasi-Divine Artifact, the Black Tortoise Seal. However, he could vaguely sense that the cauldron in Fang Yun's hand was more formidable compared to his Black Tortoise Seal.

The Black Tortoise Seal was a Quasi-Divine Artifact. Therefore, didn't that imply that this bronze cauldron had already surpassed the level of Quasi-Divine Artifact and reached the Low Rank Divine Artifact?!

Low Rank Divine Artifact, entering the category of Divine Artifact, possessing unmeasurable power!

"Haha, this is the Divine Artifact of our Nine Cauldrons Spiritual Academy, a Low Rank Divine Artifact, the Dragon-Tiger Divine Cauldron…" Fang Yun looked at Mu Chen as he indifferently said, "Mu Chen, did you think that there was no one in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament that could deal with you, just because you could fight with Ji Xuan on an equal level?"

Low Rank Divine Artifact - Dragon-Tiger Divine Cauldron. 

When Fang Yun spoke the name, the look on Shen Cangsheng and the rest involuntarily changed. Although they had yet to witness the might of Fang Yun's cauldron, the word Divine Artifact was sufficient to instill fear in their hearts. The Divine Artifact was a powerful term in the Great Thousand World, no matter where it was.

Those that possessed a Divine Artifact could even challenge those stronger than themselves.

Shhhhhhhhu! Suuuuuuu!

Just when Mu Chen and Fang Yun were facing off, there were screeches of wind ringing from the far away horizon. Streaks of light could be seen from far away, traveling at a rapid speed.

Clearly, those were probably teams that were after Mu Chen's team.

Those teams stopped a distance away from the spike tree forest as they threw their gaze over. When they saw that Mu Chen's team was obstructed by Fang Yun, excitement surged in their eyes.

Mu Chen's current state wasn't good. If he could battle with a powerful expert like Fang Yun, he would have to pay a huge price. At that time, they would have their opportunity.

"Fang Yun actually took out his Dragon-Tiger Divine Cauldron… seems like even he fears Mu Chen." The eyes of some were sharp as they saw through the bronze cauldron in Fang Yun's palm with a glance.

"Mu Chen is not an easy opponent. Even if his state isn't in tip-top shape, it would be stupid to underestimate him. But clearly, Fang Yun isn't someone like that."

"Haha, fight. Fight as ferocious as possible, best if the both of them are gravely injured. At that time, we will have our opportunity."

Whispers were coming from far away and the gazes directed over weren't good.

Mu Chen had already taken notice of those distant people. Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong exchanged a glance as their hearts felt heavy.

Fang Yun was smiling as he looked at Mu Chen's team. Thereafter, his hand seal changed and the bronze cauldron flew out from his hand. Spiritual light spread out as the bronze cauldron expanded in size, instantly expanding to over a few hundred meters in diameter.

Above the bronze cauldron, spiritual light expanded, emitting unspeakable dignity from it. Even the space showed signs of vague distortions from the dignified ripples.


Fang Yun had an indifferent expression as the bronze cauldron flew out with a rustle, appearing above Mu Chen's team. Thereafter, a fearsome suppressive power that was similar to a mountain was being emitted.


When the cauldron pressed down, the space instantly exploded as the shadow engulfed them, causing the faces of Shen Cangsheng and the rest to drastically change from the pressure.

The cauldron had still not landed, yet it was already so terrifying. The might of a Divine Artifact truly was outstanding.

Mu Chen's gaze was cold as he watched the cauldron fall. He waved his sleeves as a brilliant spiritual light shot forth in a streak of light as it clashed against the cauldron.


A crisp metallic ringing resounded as the ear-piercing sound waves caused an explosion in this space. An energy fluctuation that could be seen with the naked-eyes exploded, spreading to a scope of a few thousand meters.

Everyone raised their heads, looking at the two colossal objects. There were a dark cyan-colored stone seal and a bronze cauldron…

At this instance, both objects were emitting terrifying Spiritual Energy ripples as they clashed. Every single time they clashed, it would stir up a Spiritual Energy tornado.

The stone seal was the Black Tortoise Seal, a Quasi-Divine Artifact in Mu Chen's possession.

However, the formidable Black Tortoise Seal had finally met its match. No matter how it emitted spiritual light, it was unable to defeat the bronze cauldron. On the contrary, it showed little signs of being suppressed by the boundless spiritual light…

"Haha, Quasi-Divine Artifact? But it seems to be a little inferior compared to a genuine Divine Artifact." Fang Yun watched the scene as he smiled.


Mu Chen faintly glanced at Fang Yun as he stomped his feet. His figure flew towards his target, Fang Yun.

"If you are at your peak, maybe I might not dare to confront you. But to act so recklessly at your current state, are you not being a little too overconfident?" When Fang Yun saw Mu Chen flying towards his direction, he coldly smiled without any panic.

"Palm of the Divine Cauldron!"

Fang Yun's hand seal changed as a boundless Spiritual Energy storm swept from his body, turning into a titanic bronze hand. On the bronze hand, imprints of a dragon and tiger could be vaguely seen on it.

"Go back!"

Fang Yun barked as the titanic bronze hand heavily pressed down towards Mu Chen, along with boundless fearsome power.

Fang Yun was ruthless in his attacks as he knew that Mu Chen's Spiritual Energy had undergone a huge exhaustion. If they were to forcefully clash, the latter would definitely not be able to fight with him.

At the rear, the faces of Shen Cangsheng and the rest drastically changed when they saw Fang Yun's ruthless moves. From the strength of Fang Yun's attacks, that fellow must be endlessly approaching Third Grade Spiritual Disaster.

If Mu Chen was at his peak, he might not have any troubles dealing with Fang Yun. However, he had a huge amount of exhaustion in his Spiritual Energy in his current state. Therefore, the fighting power that he could exhibit was also weakened.


Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the titanic hand that was pressing down. However, going against Fang Yun's expectations, there wasn't any panic on his face.

"You are still going to pretend at this time?" Fang Yun's expression turned cold. His mind stirred as the titanic bronze hand became even more violent.

"Even if my current state isn't good, it is still not something someone like you can make use of!"

A mocking smile surfaced on Mu Chen's indifferent expression. Thereafter, he started to form bizarre seals with one of his hands.


In the instant Mu Chen had completed his hand seals, the heavens and earth seemed as if they had violently jolted. Thereafter, everyone could feel the sky turning darker.


Far away, those teams that were watching the fight had their facial expressions drastically change when they raised their heads.

In the spike forest, those spike trees that were flickering with radiance were suddenly rapidly withering away. As those trees withered, black Spiritual Energy soared into the sky, looking like black tidal waves.

It was a scene that looked like a black flood had fallen from the sky in destruction.

Fang Yun's face changed as well from the sight of it.

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