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Chapter 589 - The price to pay for rapidly rising in the ranks 

In just one day, there was a drastic change to the Top 16 in the point rankings. Clearly, it had also caused a storm of commotion in this vast central region.

They realized that aside from one team of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that was after Rank 8, the rest of those that were in the Top 16 after Rank 8 were all kicked out of the point rankings.

Those replacing them were powerful teams that had newly appeared.

If it was just one or two teams, the changes might not attract that much attention. After all, the battle for points right now in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was simply too intense, even those powerful teams could be easily dragged down.

However, when the changes were all at the same time, there would, without a doubt, be astonishments. Especially when they saw the team that was on Rank 8 soaring on the point rankings at a terrifying speed. In the end, that team managed to surpass the Rank 3, Wu Ling. When that team was able to stand firmly on Rank 3, the exclamation of astonishment became heavier.

At this point of time, even a retard could tell why those powerful teams were kicked out…

The cause of this was the one that recently had his name spreading throughout the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, Mu Chen!

“That fella is abnormal. How could he defeat so many powerful teams in one day? Was he not afraid that he would meet with unexpected failure?”

The entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was in a clamor. It was out of their imagination that Mu Chen would be insane to such an extent, to the point that he would place his targets onto those powerful teams.

In addition, the terrifying fact was that he succeeded!

In just one day, Mu Chen had defeated seven teams that had experts of Second Grade Spirit Disaster in them!

The achievement made many others dumbstruck as his actions were a little insane. Was Mu Chen not afraid that those powerful teams would put up a life-and-death struggle that would result in his defeat?

In this current situation, the instant Mu Chen was gravely injured, there would be many powerful teams aiming at him… precisely so, that was the reason why those teams in the Top 8 did not lay their hands on those teams as they were afraid as well.

They did not dare to try it, despite knowing that it was an efficient way of obtaining points.

However, no one had expected that the method which they dared not to try was attempted by Mu Chen and he succeeded.

At a lonely peak.

Wu Ling was looking at the team that had surpassed him on the Academy Plaque as he helplessly cast his lips aside.

“What is Mu Chen trying to do? Why did he suddenly go crazy, is he trying to snatch the Numero Uno from Ji Xuan?” Wu Yingying, who was behind Wu Ling said in doubt.

“That should be his objective.”

Wu Ling smiled, “Didn’t you notice that the efficiency rate of Ji Xuan’s team slowed down? I heard that they are under pressure at this moment. Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li joined hands to obstruct Ji Xuan. Although it is a little problematic for them to get rid of Ji Xuan with their strength, there is nothing Ji Xuan can do if the two of them are just intending to cause trouble for him. Haha, they are trying to give Mu Chen time.”

“The grudges between those two has been fully unveiled. In the Spiritual Road, Ji Xuan schemed against Mu Chen once and this time, Mu Chen is returning the favour.”

“However, Mu Chen must have a huge amount of exhaustion as well to challenge so many powerful teams in a day. If he is injured, the other powerful teams would definitely be eyeing him.” Wu Yingying said worriedly.

She was well-aware that no matter how powerful Mu Chen was, there would definitely be a considerable amount of exhaustion for him to challenge so many powerful teams. Furthermore, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan weren’t by his side at the moment. Thus, he was probably being targeted by many teams.

Those powerful teams would definitely not allow Mu Chen to recover his strength. Therefore, this period of time was the most dangerous for their team.

“Right now, the difference between Ji Xuan and Mu Chen’s points is only around 20,000.” Wu Yingying stared at the Academy Plaque. Ji Xuan still held the Numero Uno with over 130,000 points, whereas Wen Qingxuan occupied the second with 110,000 points. Mu Chen on the other hand, was just a little lower compared to her.

In just one day, Mu Chen managed to jump from Rank 8 to 3, pulling the enormous distance between him and Ji Xuan closer.

“His strategy half-succeeded. Right now, he must be thinking about how to keep his points under his huge amount of exhaustion.”

Wu Ling said with a faint tone, “Perhaps Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li are rushing over to protect Mu Chen right now to intimidate the other teams that are eyeing him. However, Ji Xuan will definitely not allow them to successfully leave.”

Wu Yingying nodded her head as well. Mu Chen’s current state might be the worst considering that the battles he had gone through.


Wu Ling suddenly exclaimed as his gaze was focused, staring at the Academy Plaque.

“What is it?” Wu Yingying hastily questioned.

“Finally, it seems that a powerful team could not hold it anymore.” Wu Ling pointed towards the Academy Plaque. It was a familiar team that was rapidly approaching Mu Chen.

That team was Rank 6 on the point rankings, the team from the Nine Cauldrons Spiritual Academy with the Captain being an ally of Ji Xuan, Fang Yun!

“Fang Yun is going to attack Mu Chen!” Wu Yingying’s face instantly changed.


Screeches of wind resounded in the blue sky.

Mu Chen’s figure rapidly flew with Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the other two closely following behind. The Spiritual Energy ripples around them were a little chaotic at this moment.

They defeated seven powerful teams in one day. Although Mu Chen handled the strongest person in the opponent’s team, Shen Cangsheng and the rest dealt with the remaining enemies.

Therefore, they had a huge amount of exhaustion. In addition to the lack of time, the Spiritual Energy within their bodies could not recover.

At the same time, they did not dare to remain in one location for too long as they knew that there were many eyes staring at them.

Shen Cangsheng looked at Mu Chen before him. Although the youth maintained a calm expression, he knew that Mu Chen had the greatest exhaustion as he ended his battles as soon as possible. Thus, he exhausted a lot of his strength.

“Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan must have been hindered. Otherwise, their speed would not be so slow.” Shen Cangsheng inhaled a mouthful of air as he said with a heavy voice, staring at the Academy Plaque.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. Ji Xuan wasn’t someone that was easy to deal with. Knowing this, he definitely wouldn’t let Luo Li’s group leave and regroup with them so easily.

“We have to find a place to recover ourselves. Otherwise, we won’t be able to last for long.” Li Xuantong spoke with a heavy expression, “I can feel that many teams are secretly approaching us.”

“Yeah, follow me. When we reach there, our mission can be considered a success.” Mu Chen nodded his head as he increased his speed.

When Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong heard his words, their minds jolted as they quickly followed behind.

The group of five traveled at a rapid speed. Along the way, they met some teams that were greedily looking at them. But because of Mu Chen’s fearsome power, no one dared to obstruct them.

As they traveled at rapid speed, Mu Chen’s speed started to slow down after half an hour. The end of his sight was a pitch-black forest.

The forest was vast and covered with spike trees with a peculiar ripple lingering within. Those thorny trees shaped this forest similarly to a hedgehog.

This forest wasn’t unfamiliar at all, it was the spike trees forest of the Divine Wood Mountain. In this forest, there was the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard.

This was Mu Chen’s destination, since he knew that the power of this forest was able to seal Spiritual Energy. Anyone that went in could not use their Spiritual Energy. Thus, if they could go in, they would be thoroughly safe. As long as no one bothered them, they would be able to recover their energy. When they had thoroughly recovered, those eyeing fellows would no longer be able to target them anymore.

“Go in!”

Mu Chen made a gesture towards his team. The four people rejoiced as they increased their speed and was about to enter the spike forest.


However, just when they was about to land, Mu Chen’s face suddenly changed as his body flashed, appearing right at the front as black lightning exploded off him.

Boom! Boom!

A shocking Spiritual Energy swept out from a mountain peak as it heavily bombarded Mu Chen. Black lightning flickered as it withstood the bombardment. However, Mu Chen’s figure slightly trembled.

His gaze was dark as he stared at the mountain peak. There were several people at the location and the one leading was familiar to him, Fang Yun of the Nine Cauldrons Spiritual Academy.

Fang Yun was holding onto a Divine Cauldron, glittering with spiritual light as he looked at Mu Chen with a smile hung on his face.

“Captain Mu Chen, I have been waiting here for quite some time.”

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