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Chapter 580 - Confront

"Are you done?"

As Mu Chen's voice softly rang out, the clamoring originally present within the entire region turned silent once again, with quite a few people looking in shock and astonishment at Mu Chen. That's because they were unable to see much of any shock or fear present on the latter's face.

This made everyone feel stupefied. Could it be that Mu Chen's still not clear about the current situation he was in? Faced against a line-up with the likes of Ji Xuan, Liu Qingyun, Fang Yun, as well as that Xue Tianhe and their groups, even with Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan, they shouldn't be able to contend against them, right?

There's no one present here that would underestimate the might the trio of Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan possessed. However, this could also be absolutely said towards the line-up the trio was up against. Each of the people Ji Xuan had invited over were heavyweight figures, and this wasn't a joke.

However, even in such a spot, there was still not a change of expression on Mu Chen's face. What does this mean? Is he truly clueless about his current situation, or does he possess something that can make him so confident in facing such a line-up?

If it was the latter, it was inevitable for some people finding it hard to believe.

After giving some thought about it, the gazes of some people started to faint sparkle. Being able to cause a monstrous talent like Ji Xuan to have so much fear and dread of him, it was clearly that Mu Chen wasn't an ignorant person.

Since Mu Chen wasn't having any fear or dread due to ignorance, there's only one explanation that fits the picture, which was that he had made a similar form of preparation, too.

Such a thought caused the hearts of quite a few people to slightly tremble, while a weird shadow appeared within the gazes that had focused on the exceedingly calm youth before their eyes.

Naturally, they weren't the only ones that were in shock and doubt. Even the heavyweight characters like Liu Qingyun, Xue Tianhe and Fang Yun slightly narrowed their eyes in response, a sparkling glint present within their eyes as they rested their sights on Mu Chen's body.

"Looks like you've long expected my preparations?" Ji Xuan's eyes had similarly contracted. Looking towards Mu Chen, he said with a faint smile.

"Being opponents for so many years, how would I not understand these methods of yours?" replied Mu Chen with a faint smile as he looked straight back at Ji Xuan.

"Oh?" Hearing that, Ji Xuan's eyebrows twitched, before saying with a smile, "Since it's the case, I really want to see what kind of preparation you can make."

"It's isn't some shocking preparation, merely that there are many experts present in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Since you're able to invite heavyweight figures, how can I not do anything in this regard?" replied Mu Chen with a smile.

As his voice rang out, Mu Chen turned around. Looking towards the sea of humans that had extended endlessly across the horizon, he said with a clear voice and a smile, "Please show yourselves, Brother Wu Ling, Brother Wen."

As Mu Chen's voice rang out, the entire region turned silent, before a slightly helpless-sounding voice slowly rang out from within the sea of humans. "Mu Chen, this collaboration of yours really is a little spicy."

As the voice slowly cracked apart from the sea of humans, a group of figures slowly walked out. The figure in the lead was a youth with a delicate and effeminate appearance. He was impressively Wu Ling from the Martial Spiritual Academy.

Wu Yingying stood quietly behind him, her pair of beautiful eyes trained on Mu Chen standing not far away from him as she muttered, "Really what a worrisome fellow."

Standing right beside Wu Ling was yet another youth, one who had an incomparably ordinary appearance, and appearing unassuming in any aspect. At this moment, a harmless-looking smile was present on his face. A hand was revealed from one of his sleeves, appearing especially abnormal, as an exceedingly white luster was radiating from it. This caused it to appear as if it was made of gemstones, causing people to have a feeling of being unable to pull their gazes away.

"That's the current 3rd place in the point rankings, the Martial Spiritual Academy's Wu Ling?"

"There's also Wen Bushen, the group currently in 8th place. It seems that they have been at those rankings for a very long time. Although they have yet to rise up, they have yet to drop below the 8th place."

"Indeed, Mu Chen had made preparations for this, to actually invite two heavyweight figures of his own own."

Upon the appearance of Wu Ling and Wen Bushen, waves of clamoring instantly erupted across the entire region, while quite a few people sighed in admiration within their hearts. From the looks of it, this entire matter had truly turned interesting. Both parties had unleashed their remarkable abilities and invited heavyweight figures out. The line-up for both sides might be considered as the strongest within the entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

The few groups that were invited over had the greatest possibility to become the groups that would qualify for the final match.

Looking towards Wu Ling and Wen Bushen, Mu Chen cupped his hands in gratitude towards them. During those few days of hunting, not only did he pluck out the fangs and claws of Ji Xuan, he had similarly sought out allies that could collaborate with him. After all, being all too familiar with Ji Xuan, if the latter wanted to deal with his group without any restraint, he would definitely pull other heavyweight groups to his side.

Therefore, he similarly needed to make some preparations of his own.

From the looks of the current situation, Ji Xuan had pulled Liu Qingyun, Fang Yun and Xue Tianhe, while Mu Chen had Wen Qingxuan, Luo Li, Wu Ling, as well as Wen Bushen. With Mu Chen himself added in, the latter's line-up could be termed as perfect.

The lineups on both sides were absolutely the best of the best within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. The scene right before their eyes had caused the blood within quite a few people to show signs of surging and boiling.

This up the beat for the final match.

"I never expect that you would actually team up with Mu Chen, Wu Ling."

A chill suffused through Ji Xuan's eyes as he rested his gaze onto Wu Ling. Indeed, he had not expected that the latter would actually come together with Mu Chen. After all, Mu Chen's relationship with Wu Ling while on the Spiritual Road couldn't be considered to be close.

". Don't look at me like that. I'm also just here to even the field." A smile surfaced on Wu Ling's effeminate face as he gave his reply. Turning around and looking at Wu Yingying standing beside him, his mouth slightly twitched in helplessness. Although he admired Mu Chen, he did not have any plan to into the war between the latter and Ji Xuan, when the latter had sought him out. It was merely due to him being unable to endure Wu Yingying's nagging that he finally conceded and accepted to help.

". You're short-sighted. Don't you know what kind of person Ji Xuan is? That fellow has extremely big ambitions. If he manages to deal with Mu Chen, we might not be able to escape from his future plans. For the sake of clinching the Championship, that fellow would sweep anyone that obstructs his path with no mercy at all." Seeing Wu Ling's expression, Wu Yingying could not help coldly snorting out.

"Are these really the only reasons?" asked Wu Ling in a teasing manner.

"What else are you thinking about?" Wu Yingying growled, her willowy eyebrows turning slightly vertical as a pinkish shade flashed across her fair complexion. Nevertheless, she still opened her bright and beautiful eyes to shoot a fierce glare towards Wu Ling.

Hearing her growls, Wu Ling gave a dry cough. He was completely helpless against this crafty and unruly younger sister of his. Thus, the only choice he could do was to turn towards Ji Xuan, before saying with a smile, "Ji Xuan, you've really blown the matter up. From what I can see, if our two lineups were to really duke it out. I believe that both parties would pay quite a high price…"

"To pay this price, there's a very high possibility that there will be some people that would lose the qualifications to get promoted into the final match."

As Wu Ling's clear voice rang out across the sky, it immediately caused the eyes of the heavyweight helpers invited by both parties to sparkle. After all, all of them were clear that both sides were absolutely not easy to deal with. If they were to really duke it out, they might have to pay an extremely high price as a result.

Regardless of Ji Xuan or Mu Chen, such a price was clearly not too worthwhile. Due to the grudges and grievances between the two, they could call for help and reinforcements, but they would not go so far as to throw their lives for the two's cause.

Slightly narrowing his eyes to look at Wu Ling, Ji Xuan proceeded to shoot a look at Mu Chen, before saying with a faint smile, "Do you have any good suggestions, Captain Wu Ling?"

"Everyone takes a step back, pack up and go home, before really duking it out in the final match," replied Wu Ling with a grin.

As his words rang out, quite a few groups instantly gawked. Could it be that the astonishing lineups from both sides would just pack up and retreat like that? Is this a joke? Did they gather their heavyweight allies over just to be dazzling eye-candy?

Hearing that, Mu Chen only gave a faint smile, declining to give any comment to it.

Ji Xuan similarly gave only a smile in response. Sweeping his gaze over, he finally rested his eyes on Mu Chen before saying, "I also believe that it isn't worthwhile to start the final match here. However, since everyone's here, there's still things that are needed to be done."

"Mu Chen. Since today's matter is started with the two of us, how makes us concluding it sound for you?"

As those words from Ji Xuan rang out, it caused the hearts of quite a few people to instantly shudder. With the relatively similar line-up between the two, it wasn't likely for a group battle to erupt. Furthermore, the line-up brought together by Ji Xuan was already unable to provide much threat to Mu Chen. Since it was the case, the only thing he could do was to toss away his helpers and personally grace the stage.

However, such a scene still needed to be constructed by Ji Xuan. The majority of the reason why he had feared and dread in Mu Chen was due to Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan. However, from the looks of it, that fear and dread had been suppressed in the current situation.

After all, if Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan still wanted to help Mu Chen take action at this moment, the few heavyweight helpers that Ji Xuan had invited over would not stand back and watch without taking action.

A chilling glint had glazed over Luo Li's beautiful eyes, due to her clear understanding Ji Xuan's plan. So it turns out that this fellow's plan all along has been to force Mu Chen into a duel with him.

From a certain perspective, the current Ji Xuan was indeed extremely powerful. Although she knew that a fight would definitely happen between Mu Chen and Ji Xuan, she did not wish for this to happen now, as Mu Chen's cultivation has yet to truly reach the realm of Spirit Disaster.

As of now, if Mu Chen crossed hands with Ji Xuan, it wouldn't be advantageous for him.

This was something that Ji Xuan was clear about. Therefore, he had unleashed all of these schemes to force Mu Chen to take action. That way, he would be able to force Mu Chen to completely fluster up, resulting in the loss of his most thorny opponent.

Chilling covered Luo Li's beautiful face. In the next instant, tightly grasping her Luo God Sword, she took a step forward. Nevertheless, she was stopped by Mu Chen, who had extended his hand to obstruct her.

Slightly shaking his head towards her, the youth proceeded to raise his head to look towards Ji Xuan. An incisive smile started to surface on his handsome face, before he slowly nodded his head under the countless attentive gazes shooting over.

"Let's do as you wish."

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