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Chapter 579 - Revealing Cards

Within this vast region, numerous figures were present, blotting the skies and covering the land. However, these figures were split far away from each other as they stood in the air, appearing to be vigilant and cautious about each other.

The black sea of humans stood in the air, extending into the distance, with clear layers of separation between them.

Due the enormous crowd, the Spiritual Energies radiating from their bodies dyed the entire region in a rainbow shade, causing an especially gorgeous and magnificent scene to appear before people's eyes. 

At this moment, gazes shooting from all across the sky were locked onto the vast stretch of area before them, where two groups of people were in confrontation against each other.

As of now, the group led by Ji Xuan was, without a doubt, the strongest group amongst all of those that were present here. Furthermore, the most important thing was that Ji Xuan's strength was deep, unfathomable and hard to grasp.

Seemingly since the start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament till now, Ji Xuan had yet to experience a single defeat. Faced against any opponent, he would always sweep them over as if he was brushing away dried twigs, appearing to be seemingly invincible.

Faced against a monstrous talent like him, there might not be anyone within the entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament that would not have fear and dread towards him.

However, although Ji Xuan's strong and powerful, Mu Chen and his group weren't any run-of-the-mill characters, either. Without mentioning about the 2nd placed Wen Qingxuan and just talking about Mu Chen, his fame and reputation had recently skyrocketed, appearing just like a black horse that no one could underestimate.

As for Luo Li, she had always kept a low profile. Nevertheless, everyone who had an understanding of her would know that she was a girl whose appearance and temperament was not one bit inferior to Wen Qingxuan. Other than that, she also possessed a rather frightening level of strength.

The triangle formed by the trio possessed a level of might that would be absolutely more than sufficient to cause people to smack their lips.

Therefore, when these two groups of people were to undergo a head-on confrontation, there would be a great deal of people who would want to know exactly which group would be able to gain an advantage.

Therefore, upon seeing Ji Xuan waving his hand down with indifference, the expression of everyone present in the entire region tensed up, with their bodies slowly following suit.

With his hand hanging by his side, a calm and tranquil expression continued to be present on his handsome face. Aside from him, Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li had gradually started to clench the war spear and longsword respectively in their hands.

The Mu Chen Eliminate Operation…

Just from the words alone, one could tell that it was specifically crafted to target Mu Chen.

Humm. Humm.

Gales blew across the air, bringing along humming sounds. Although all of the powerful groups within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had gathered over here, the entire region appeared so silent that one could hear the sounds of the wind blowing.

"Haha. What a really lively place."

The atmosphere within the region, which had appeared to have frozen over, did not continue for long, as a clear and refreshing laughter suddenly rang out, shattering the ice apart.


Everyone's gazes seemingly turned over in an instant, caused their eyes to look towards a mountain peak in the far distance. As spiritual light flashed at that place, multiple figures slowly surfaced from within.

Standing right in front of the group of figures was a youth dressed in green robes. As the long hair flowed from the head of the youth, he gave off an exceedingly confident and natural appearance. As people looked over, the rampant winds blowing across the region suddenly turned even more fierce and hurried. Unexpectedly, the rampant winds that blotted the skies started to converge towards his location, before transforming into a howling tornado.


People's eyes proceeded to look towards the chest of the green-robed youth, where a green-coloured Academy Insignia was present. A vast, endless dark-green universe was present there, indicative of Academy Insignia of one of the five Great Academies, the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy!

"That's the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy's Liu Qingyun!"

"It's actually the 4th place Liu Qingyun!"

"So it turns out that Ji Xuan has secretly invited him over?"

Following the appearance of those figures, waves of uproar instantly erupted across the entire region. Among the entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, Liu Qingyun was similarly an expert at the very peak. Currently placing 4th on the point rankings was more than sufficient to show his strength and power. Such a person possessed similar qualifications to contend for hegemony. However, who would have guessed that Ji Xuan was able to invite him over?

"Liu Qingyun!" Shooting a slightly cold gaze towards the figure with her beautiful eyes, Wen Qingxuan said in a cold voice, "Looks like you want to interfere in today's matter, huh."

Sweeping his gaze over, Liu Qingyun sent a faint smile towards Wen Qingxuan, before replying, "Qingxuan, Mu Chen had gone somewhat overboard in this matter. Therefore, you can't blame me."

"I'm not familiar with you, so you better not call me like that. If not, don't blame me for being discourteous," said Wen Qingxuan in an indifferent tone as her beautiful eyes slightly drooped down.

"In any case, we've collaborated before…" Liu Qingyun replied with a frown. Proceeding to shoot a look towards Mu Chen, an ambiguous shade flashed across his face, before saying, "Furthermore… it's extremely rare for me to see you walk so close to somebody…"

Hearing that, a sparkle flashed within Mu Chen's eyes. Shooting a look towards Wen Qingxuan, he gave a helpless laugh, before saying in a teasing fashion, "I finally understand what a femme fatale is."

Clearly, Liu Qingyun had known Wen Qingxuan before. Furthermore, from his tone of his voice, one would be hard-pressed to not discover the fancy that was obviously present towards the latter. Perhaps, a large reason for him accepting Ji Xuan's request to take action to deal with Mu Chen might stem from his envy and jealousy.

After all, he had some understanding towards Wen Qingxuan's temperament, knowing that the latter would absolutely not have any close contact with males. Even during the previous time where they needed to collaborate, she had only done her part, before immediately leaving once her goal was accomplished, not giving Liu Qingyun any chance to strike the metal when its hot.

Therefore, this was the first time Liu Qingyun had see Wen Qingxuan collaborating with a male for so long, and would even not hesitate to go against a thorny character like Ji Xuan for his sake.

"Mu Chen! If you dare to speak anymore nonsense, do you believe that I will not trample you to death?!" Wen Qingxuan's willowy eyebrows immediately turned slightly vertical. Staring right at Mu Chen, she proceeded to clench her teeth and growled.

Hearing that Mu Chen immediately laughed.

"With Liu Qingyun added in, this isn't good news for us," said Luo Li in a soft voice as she looked towards Mu Chen. The people they had defeated earlier, like Lu Tian and Wu Jiang, were not a match for this Liu Qingyun. The latter was like them, coming from one of the five Great Academies, and was even a genius from the Wind Spirit Clan. He was extremely strong, be it his talent or his background. If he wanted to help Ji Xuan, this would create quite a bit of pressure for Mu Chen and his group.

Hearing that, Mu Chen nodded his head and replied, "Furthermore, I'm afraid that Ji Xuan still has more in store for us…"

Ji Xuan stood in the air not far away, a calm and tranquil gaze still present within his eyes as he looked towards Mu Chen. Without any ripples of shock or astonishment present on his face, he raised his hand once more, before giving a gentle wave down.

"Brother Fang Yun, please reveal yourself."

As Ji Xuan's indifferent-sounding voice rang out, a chill seemed to have blown across the expressions of quite a few people. Fang Yun? Could it be that Nine Cauldrons Spiritual Academy's Fang Yun, who's currently the 6th place on the point rankings?

"Cough. Look's like this can be considered as the most spectacular confrontation within the entirety of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament before the final match. Therefore, it would be extremely regretful if I'm absent at here." As Ji Xuan's voice rang out, a laughter rang out. Everyone's sight converged over, only to see the sea of humans suddenly part there, before multiple figures slowly walked out from within.

The person standing in the lead was dressed in white robes, while having a delicate and effeminate appearance. His hair had an ash-grey colour to it, while his pair of eyes appeared exceedingly radiant. At this moment, a faint smile was present on his face as he looked over to the stretch of land before him, where the seas of humans had converged to.

An Academy Insignia was similarly present on his chest, with the image of nine cauldrons present on it.

That was the mark of the Nine Cauldrons Spiritual Academy. A hundred years ago, the Nine Cauldrons Spiritual Academy was once a member of the five Great Academies. Falling into decline thereafter, it had resulted in them losing the title of being one of the five Great Academies. Nevertheless, though, the Nine Cauldrons Spiritual Academy similarly possessed exceedingly astonishing might. The group they had sent to participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament and being about to obtain the 6th place on the point rankings were more than sufficient to confirm that fact.

Not surprisingly, Fang Yun's appearance had caused waves of clamoring to erupt, with shock and astonishment appearing in the gazes of quite a few people.The people that Ji Xuan had invited over were all peak-level characters that possessed the qualifications to contend for the 8 quotas present for the final match.

From the looks of it, Ji Xuan truly  had came prepared. He truly wanted to completely destroy Mu Chen and his group.

Gazes that blotted the sky all converged onto Mu Chen, with ambiguous expressions present within their eyes. At this moment, no one really knew if the latter would be able to make a proper retreat under such a line-up prepared by Ji Xuan.

"Mu Chen, are you satisfied in the show I've prepared just for you?" said Ji Xuan with a faint smile as he looked towards Mu Chen. "If you're not satisfied…"

As his voice rang out, he extended his slender palms and gave a gentle clap.

Seeing that action, the eyelids of the crowd around could not help rapidly twitching, while shock overwhelmed their hearts. Could it be that this hasn't come to an end?


As Ji Xuan's clap rang out, a blood-red shade suddenly swept across from the distant horizon. Appearing as blood-red akin to a river of blood, it swept across the horizon, before rushing towards the region populated by the attentive gazes of countless experts.

Seeing the river of blood, Mu Chen's eyes instantly, slightly narrowed, while chilling intent gushed from the beautiful eyes of Luo Li standing beside him.

As the river of blood dissipated away, multiple figures appeared in a flash from within. Those figures were dressed in blood-red robes, with a familiar-looking face located in their midst. That was precisely the person that had escaped from the Divine Wood Palace after being injured by Mu Chen, Xue Tiandou.

At this moment, Xue Tiandou was sending a dark and sinister gaze towards Mu Chen. Nevertheless, though, he clearly wasn't the main character there, as a youth with blood-red hair stood right before him.

This youth also wore a set of blood-red robes. Sweeping his red, malevolent eyes over, he finally rested his gaze onto Luo Li's body, before saying with a faint smile, "It truly has been a long time, Luo Li."

Tightly clenching her Luo Shen Sword, Luo Li's clear and beautiful eyes were brimming with chilling intent. As her red lips slightly parted, a clear and cold voice rang out from within, "Xue Tianhe, I never imagined that even you, the third prince of the Blood God Clan would come over here."

"For you, the future Empress of the Luo God Clan, it won't be overboard for any of our Blood God Clan to come over," replied the youth by the name of Xue Tianhe with a smile.

Within the entire region, quite a few gazes fluctuated between shock and doubt as they looked towards this Xue Tianhe. Although this name had yet to appear in the Top 16, anyone would be able to sense the pressure brought about by him, which was not the slightest bit weaker than Liu Qingyun or Fang Yun.

All three of these figures were of the heavyweight-class.

For the sake of dealing with Mu Chen, Ji Xuan had truly done his homework. All of the people that he had called out to absolutely possessed the qualifications to contend for the final match quotas. They were the true figures at the peak of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

"Mu Chen…"

A warm and gentle smile surfaced once again on Ji Xuan's handsome face. Looking towards Mu Chen and his group, who were surrounded on all sides, he said in a slow manner, "Are you satisfied with my preparations?"

Gazes blotting the skies all shot towards Mu Chen. Faced against such a frightening line-up, even formidable characters like Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan should feel extreme pressure.

This wasn't a good situation to break.

The cards that Ji Xuan had brought out all possessed extreme might.

Faced against this situation, what would Mu Chen do?

Under the countless attentive gazes shooting over, Mu Chen slowly raised his head. At this moment, there curiously wasn't much shock or fear present on his handsome face. On the contrary, a faint smile had surfaced on it, before his soft voice rang out.

"Are you done already?"

Despite not sounding deep, when this voice entered the ears of the masses, it caused their hearts to violently shudder.

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