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Chapter 577 - Miserable

Seeing the chilling smile curl on the face of Mu Feng, the expressions on the faces of Su Xuan and the other two grew increasingly ugly. Exchanging glances with one another, Spiritual Energies proceeded to sweep out from their bodies without the slightest restraint.


The trio explosively shot out. After such a long period of tempering within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, their teamwork and rapport had clearly reached a state of extreme tacit understanding between each other. Although their cultivation was only at the realm of Spiritual Energy Disaster, when they collaborated, their combined might would cause even an expert of First Grade Disaster to feel fear and dread.

However, the person before them, Mu Feng, wasn't an ordinary person at First Grade Spirit Disaster, but a genuine expert at Second Grade Spirit Disaster. Such a realm of cultivation was even higher than that Lu Tian that Mu Chen had defeated earlier.

Therefore, faced against the ferocious attacks coming from the trio, Mu Feng only gave a faint smile, one which contained ridicule and disdain present within. With a furious clench of his hand, a dark-red halberd appeared, while his gaze grew even colder.

A scarlet-red crescent-shaped glowing pattern appeared to be present on the surface of the halberd, sparkling with heart-palpitating fluctuations.

"Demonic Moon Halberd, Cleaving Moon!"

With an indifferent expression on his face, the halberd in Mu Feng's hands abruptly chopped down, only for blood-red rays of brilliance to erupt from it. In the next instant, they formed into a gigantic blood-red crescent moon. As the crescent moon howled downwards, it brought about an incomparable chill as it came down on Su Xuan and the other two.

As the blood-red crescent moon shot out, a scar was carved into the space it had travelled past.

Seeing this incoming crescent moon, the faces of Su Xuan and the other two instantly changed. Not daring to show the slightest bit of neglect, they immediately unleashed their most powerful attacks.

"Phoenix Wing Spiritual Umbrella!" With a clench of her hand, a spiritual umbrella that appeared to be constructed from phoenix wings appeared in Su Xuan's hand. As spiritual light sparkled from it, the cry of a phoenix rang out. In the next instant, powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated from it. Clearly, this was an Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifact that possessed outstanding might.

"Devil Dragon's Blade!" At the same time, a large blade constructed from the head of a dragon appeared in He Yao's hands, with dragon scales covering the entirety of its surface. With an loud roar, a gigantic dragon-shaped arched blade explosively shot from it.

"Hundred Beasts Wheel!" Rays of brilliance erupted from Yang Lin's hand, before transforming into a malevolent-looking glowing wheel. Spiritual light started to perfuse around the glowing wheel, before transforming into the shape of a hundred beasts, with their roars shaking the air around them.

The trio clearly had some luck as they had obtained Spiritual Items that were of quite a high grade. The might they were able to unleash was also extraordinary. At this moment, with their collaboration, they appeared to possess an exceedingly powerful aura.


Four fierce attacks smashed together at lightning speed, instantly causing a loud bang to resound across the horizon. Seemingly at the same time, a Spiritual Energy shock wave that could be seen by the naked-eye had also swept out.

"A mantis trying to stop a chariot."

Seeing this, a chilling smile appeared on Mu Feng's face. As his gaze abruptly turned ice-cold, the Demonic Moon Halberd in his hand shot out once again. This time, a bloody light gushed from it, causing blood-red crescent moons to continuously surface from it, before hiding the skies and covering the earth as they howled.

Bang! Bang!

Faced against the successive battering from the blood-red crescent moons, the attacks of the trio appeared to have instantly collapsed. Although they had the support of their Spiritual Items, the disparity between them and Mu Feng was too large.

This disparity between Spiritual Energy Disaster and Second Grade Spirit Disaster could never be made up by relying on Spiritual Items.


As their attacks collapsed and failed, a shudder shook through the bodies of the trio as they miserably retreated back as if they had suffered a huge blow. As they did so, a sweet taste appeared in their throats, before blood seeped out from the corners of their mouths.


However, without waiting for the trio to suppress the tremors shaking within their bodies, Mu Feng had already appeared behind Su Xuan's back akin to a bolt of lightning. Clearly, he was planning to end this fight as quickly as possible.

"Su Xuan, be careful!"

Seeing this, He Yao's face instantly contorted as he hastily roared.

At this moment, the Spiritual Energy within Su Xuan's body was rolling and surging. She had similarly discovered Mu Feng, who had shot towards her. However, with her strength being exhausted, she was completely unable to evade from him. Thus, she could only stare as Mu Feng's fierce palm blade shot over at lightning speed.


However, before the hand blade could land on Su Xuan's body, a huge force came barreling over, sending her body flying away.

He Yao's body had appeared where Su Xuan was a moment ago. In the next instant, Mu Feng's fierce hand blade chopped down towards the former's hand without the slightest bit of mercy shown.


A jet of blood shot out.

A miserable shriek instantly rang out from He Yao's mouth, as his left hand was severed by Mu Feng's palm. His body started to tremble and shake due to the intense pain radiating from his arm, while he unsteadily retreated and staggered in a miserable fashion.


Stemming the blood flowing from his arm, He Yao roared towards the blank-looking Su Xuan.

"What a touching scene," said Mu Feng with a grin as blood dripped down from his palm. At this moment, his gaze appeared as cold as the edge of a blade. In the next instant, he shot out once again towards Su Xuan.


With a furious curse, Yang Lin fiercely clenched his teeth. Unable to care much about anything, he rushed straight out, appearing right before Su Xuan's body. As Spiritual Energy howled from him, he sent a fist rumbling straight towards Mu Feng.

Seeing this, a ridiculing smile appeared on Mu Feng's face. Without showing any mercy again, he sent a fist rumbling straight towards Yang Lin's fist like a bolt of lightning.


Frightening energy waves gushed out as Yang Lin's arm started to instantly warp and distort. Cracking sounds started to ring out from his bones as he was sent flying akin to having suffered a lightning strike, spewing blood as he went.

Seeing the two people who had suffered serious injuries in the blink of an eye just to protect her, Su Xuan's eyes started to involuntarily turn red.

At the same time when Su Xuan, He Yao and Yang Lin had suffered a complete defeat, the bodies of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were completely covered in blood. Nevertheless, fierce and vengeful shadows were still present in their eyes. Despite being in such a depressing situation, the two of them did not give up the slightest bit of hope. Circulating the Spiritual Energies in their bodies to their absolute maximum, they launched attack after attack right towards Ji Xuan.

Nevertheless, their attacks could only be exchange for an indifferent palm from Ji Xuan, before the two were sent retreating back in a miserable fashion, the blood covering their bodies growing increasingly scarlet-red.

Such a scene appeared exceedingly tragic and full of despair.

At this moment, whooshing sounds endlessly rang out within this region as figures appeared in the distant skies and mountain peaks in a successive fashion, with their eyes all trained towards the huge battle erupting at this location.

Clearly, those were the powerful groups that had rushed over due to them being not far away when the fight had occurred.

Upon seeing such a seemingly one-sided fight before their eyes, all of them could not help quietly givinh a sigh. From the looks of it, this group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would suffer a complete defeat today.

However, despite the sighs, there was not a single person that had stepped forward to offer assistance to them. Faced against the group that was considered to be the strongest in the current phase of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, there might not be many who would have the courage to start a confrontation with them.


Blood spewed from the mouths of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong yet again, Looking towards Ji Xuan, who wore a calm expression and faint smile in his face, the both of them could not help tightly clenching their teeth. They had also sensed the complete defeat at the side of Su Xuan and the other two. Yet, the two of them were powerless to do anything about it.

At this moment, the eyes of the two had turned blood-red, with their pride and arrogance appearing to have been smashed and scattered apart. Originally, the both of them had believed that they had already made great progress in their cultivation. However, who would have guess that they were still that frail and weak, even to the point of being unable to protect their compatriots?

"Looks like you two are feeling extremely sorrowful."

With a faint smile, Ji Xuan said, "In fact, if you want to blame someone, you can blame Mu Chen. Everything's due to him. If he had not acted as if he was clever, you all would not have had to endure such humiliation."

Ji Xuan's words were extremely venomous, appearing to be more so than his actions. Not only did he want to squash Shen Cangsheng and his group beneath his feet, he even wanted to cause them to feel such humiliation, converting this into hatred and transfer it onto Mu Chen.

"There will always be some disparity between you and Mu Chen." However, faced against such heart-rending words, a smile cracked open for Shen Cangsheng as he spoke out, the blood at the corner of his mouth causing him to appear somewhat malevolent.

"What did you say?" Hearing that, Ji Xuan's eyes started to gradually turn cold.

"You'll forever be alone. There will be no one that will trust you. Even those compatriots of yours will give up on you when you meet with such similar troubles as me. However, we will never give up on Mu Chen," replied Shen Cangsheng in a ridiculing fashion.

"Therefore, you'll never ever be able to match up to Mu Chen! He'll always be stronger than you!"

"Haha." Ji Xuan made a soft laugh. Shaking his head, he said, "Who would care about something useless like trust? You're so-called 'belief' is so weak in the face of power and strength that it's really laughable."

As Ji Xuan's voice rang out, his face had already turned completely cold. He proceeded to speak again. "Therefore, you guys should come to a stop at this point."


As the last of his words rang out, his figure had already disappeared like a spectre.

Without any prior signalling, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had already explosively retreated.

Nevertheless, at the instant when they did so, a blurry figure had already appeared between their midst. In the next instant, an ice-cold palm shot out towards their throats akin to the talons of an eagle.


Their bodies were heavily pressed against the precipitous mountain cliff behind them. As the rocks behind them shattered apart, blood spewed from them once again, while the Spiritual Energies radiating from them dropped to their weakest.

Right before them, an expressionless Ji Xuan stood in the sky, his hands on their throats, causing them to be unable to move even a single inch.

On the other side.

With a smile on his face, Mu Feng looked towards Su Xuan while saying in a soft voice, "Now, is there anyone else that can protect you?"


His figure had shot out, heading straight towards Su Xuan.

Tightly clenching her teeth, Su Xuan circulated the Spiritual Energy within her body to the utmost degree. At this moment, she could only try her best to endure a bout with Mu Feng.


The fierce Demonic Moon Halberd heavily smashed against the spiritual umbrella. As the frightening power came gushing through, Su Xuan's body shook as the spiritual umbrella in her hands was sent flying away.

Pressing close to Su Xuan, Mu Feng looked towards the pretty face just inches away from him, before giving a faint smile brimming with chilling intent. In the next instant, sending a palm patting out, Spiritual Energy surged from his body, causing the horizon the split apart.

"This ends here!"

As Mu Feng's chilling voice rang out, Su Xuan closed her eyes in despair.


However, at the instant before Mu Feng's palm was about to land on Su Xuan's chest, erratic claps of thunder suddenly resounded across the entire region, causing Mu Feng's face to furiously contort.

A black bolt of lightning split the horizon apart at an indescribable speed. Under the countless astonished gazes shooting from this region, it violently smashed against Mu Feng's body.


Mu Feng's body instantly shot away, smashing straight into the ground. As he landed on the earth, the area around him collapsed and caved in, while gigantic fissures extended like a spider web.

After smashing Mu Feng away, the bolt of black lightning didn't come to a stop. With a shift, it rushed straight out, while a fist sparkling with lightning mercilessly rumbled out, immediately heavily smash against Mu Feng's chest, who was now unable to even evade or dodge.


Mu Feng's eyes rapidly sprung wide open as he spewed a mouthful of blood. As he did so, the ground beneath him caved in once more.

A roar rang fron him as he attempted to struggle out of his predicament. However, a palm sparkling with lightning immediately clasped over his throat, causing his struggling to abruptly freeze.

The black lightning before his eyes started to slowly dissipate away, before a thin figure finally appeared before everyone's eyes. Present on the figure was a handsome face, merely that an extremely malevolent expression covered in murderous aura had covered its entirety.

"Mu Chen!"

Cries of shock and astonishment instantly resounded across the entire region.

Not far away, the gaze of Ji Xuan, who had already defeated Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had also slightly changed. Slowly panning his head across, he looked towards the familiar-looking lightning-clad figure, before a smile started to curl from the corner of his mouth.

"You've finally arrived, Mu Chen."

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