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Chapter 575 - Retaliate

The atmosphere on the hill froze seemingly in an instant, while a murderous aura started to quietly appear.

Ugly expressions appeared on the faces of Xu Huang and the others. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect that Ji Xuan would turn his spearhead towards Shen Cangsheng and the others.

"He's planning to return an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," said Wen Qingxuan in a slow manner.

During this period of time, Mu Chen had been pulling out the teeth and claws of Ji Xuan's alliance. Therefore, Ji Xuan had now chosen the same exact method to remove the other Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy group, as well as to appropriate a response to Mu Chen. 

"Ji Xuan's extremely cautious in his actions. He knows what kind of action you would take if he was to do such a thing. However, he still chose to do so. Therefore… I believe that he should have made his preparations," said Luo Li in a deep voice as she looked towards Mu Chen.

Hearing that, Mu Chen slightly nodded his head. With Ji Xuan always having exceedingly deep and complex schemes, if the latter didn't have the slightest bit of assurance, he would absolutely not recklessly do something like that. However, from the looks of it, he had still gone through and did it. That is to say, did he already put the fear of Mu Chen and the others dealing with him behind his back?

Exactly for what reason caused him to suddenly not worry about such fear?

A glint sparkled within Mu Chen's eyes, while slivers of killing intent gushed from within. Indeed, there had never been a place where this opponent was easy to deal with.

"What should we do?" Xu Huang and the others stared at Mu Chen. If Ji Xuan and his group had come prepared, them recklessly moving out might be something that the former would have expected. At that time, once they engage in combat, it might start what might be the most intense and cruel fight within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

In such a situation, even Mu Chen wouldn't have absolute assurance of being able to obtain victory.

Ever since he had started to take action against Lu Tian and Wang Jiang, Mu Chen had already anticipated that Ji Xuan wouldn't dare to recklessly start a counterattack against them. This would cause him to silently wait for the right time. It was this silence that would undoubtedly create a blow towards the latter's fame and reputation. 

Indeed, the matter had proceeded according to Mu Chen's expectations. However, he had not expected that Shen Cangsheng and the other group would rush into the Top 16 at this moment, causing them to appear in the sights of Ji Xuan.

Therefore, this move by Ji Xuan had turned his originally disadvantageous situation around. At this moment, there might already be quite a few people paying attention to this matter, and would be anticipating a response from Mu Chen's side.

Exactly what should he do? Continue to bide his time, or take the risk of the possibility of Ji Xuan being prepared for him to mount a rescue? 

If it was the former, it would result in quite a big blow towards Mu Chen's reputation, as this whole matter was started by him. As for now, Ji Xuan had directed his anger and fury onto Shen Cangsheng and the other Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy group. If Mu Chen was to watch and not take any action, there might be quite a few that would wag their tongues about him.

However, if he chose to do the latter, once he suffered defeat, Ji Xuan might not give them the chance to make a resurgence.

A chilling light slowly congealed within Mu Chen's black pupils, with the surrounding atmosphere turned so tense it appeared to have frozen solid. After an instant, he slowly closed his eyes. Upon opening them, his gaze appeared to have slightly calmed down.

Slowly tensing his body, he said in a calm voice, "Let's head out!"

Xu Huang and the others were startled as they looked towards Mu Chen.

"Regardless of what preparations Ji Xuan has prepared for us, this is something that we've started. Regardless of what the outcome is, we have to carry it on our shoulders," replied Mu Chen in an indifferent tone.

"Furthermore, I really, really want to know what kind of show Ji Xuan has prepared. However, regardless of that, I'll let him know that he might not be able to stomach me, Mu Chen."

"It was like that in the Spiritual Road, and will be the same over here."

Looking towards the calm-faced youth before their eyes, Xu Huang noticed a layer of gloss reflecting out of the latter's black pupils under the illumination of the sunlight. Even when faced against the most elite figure, whose name had shocked the entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, the latter still did not show the slightest bit of dread or fear.

Mu Chen's calm appearance caused Xu Huang and the others to gradually calm down, before solemnly nodding their heads.

Staring at Mu Chen's face awhile, Luo Li gave a gentle laugh. She loved the self-confidence that was hidden within the core the youth before her eyes. That kind of self-confidence wasn't brought forth by ignorance nor being impetuous, but one that originated from one's core.

Admittedly, Ji Xuan was powerful. However, he too possessed an intolerable arrogance and contemptuous attitude.

Wen Qingxuan twirled a lock of her black hair that flowed behind her ear as she swept a look towards Mu Chen with her beautiful eyes. At this moment, she knew that the apex clash of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was truly about to start.

There was only one thing she did not know. Exactly who among these two similarly monstrous talents would end up being the final victor in this clash?

Mu Chen took a deep breath, before giving an abrupt wave of his hand. As his figure rose into the air, he transformed into a ray of light, shooting straight towards the direction of Shen Cangsheng and his group, as indicated on the Academy Plaque.

Behind him, Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan, Xu Huang and the others immediately followed suit, with dense murderous auras following the whooshing sounds that rang out.


While Mu Chen and his group started to rush towards where Shen Cangsheng and his group was, quite a lot of people within the central region had also discovered this change in the situation.

Therefore, the atmosphere was on the verge of exploding.

As of now, there was no one that didn't know about the reputation of Ji Xuan. After all, being able to lord over the Numero Uno place was more than sufficient to show the astonishing capabilities he possessed.

Faced against such a monstrous talent, there might not be any group that dared to show the slightest bit of ignorance towards them. At this moment, everyone knew that the group led by Ji Xuan absolutely possessed the qualifications to aim for the championship.

As for Mu Chen, there weren't many people that knew about him in the earlier phase of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. However, following his destruction of the large array arranged by Xiao Huang, defeating Mo Xiu, Qiu Ning and Liu San with a single move, as well as destroying Ji Xuan's alliance partners, the former 10th and 8th placed Lu Tian and Wang Jiang respectively, his fame and reputation had risen at an exceedingly astonishing pace.

This was especially true after he had destroyed Ji Xuan's alliance. With Ji Xuan not showing any movement at all, the name of Mu Chen was remembered by more and more powerful groups.

When thinking about a person that was able to cause a monstrous talent like Ji Xuan to suffer losses and restrain his emotions made everyone feel fear and dread towards him.

Therefore, everyone had great anticipation towards the moment when these two people would bump heads, and to what kind of astonishing battle would take place.

Therefore, upon noticing the movements of Ji Xuan and Mu Chen, seemingly all of the powerful groups had turned their eyeballs over. All of them had a premonition that the curtains towards the most eye-catching confrontation within the entirety of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had already started to draw open.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, countless hurried whooshing sounds rang out across the entire earth, as powerful groups rushed across the horizon in succession. Transforming into rays of light, all of them rushed across the vast earth as they headed towards a certain location.

Seemingly inadvertently, this had quietly caused the fiery and intense atmosphere within this region, where seemingly all of the powerful groups within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had converged, to be pushed to its pinnacle.



Rays of light shot over the horizon.

Mu Chen's figure was presently at the lead of those figures, with his eyes tightly locked on the far distance. At this moment, not the slightest fluctuation was present on his handsome face, even when he could sense the suddenly fiercy change in the atmosphere within the entire region, since all of these changes were caused by his actions.

As of now, they might have already become the most prominent group within the masses present within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

"Ji Xuan and his gang seems to have discovered our actions, since his speed has suddenly increased by quite a bit. According to his current speed, I'm afraid that he might reach Shen Cangsheng and his group before us," whispered Luo Li after suddenly moving closer to Mu Chen.

Hearing that, Mu Chen's eyes slightly narrowed. Taking a look at the Academy Plaque within his hand, he noticed that Ji Xuan's movements really did suddenly increase in speed. Such a speed had caused even him to feel somewhat shocked.

"Let's speed up."

Mu Chen spoke out in a deep voice. They needed to find Shen Cangsheng and his group before Ji Xuan and his gang did. If not, in the off-chance they were to land in the hands of Ji Xuan and his gang, it would be a form of suppression towards Mu Chen. Such a method was something that Ji Xuan excelled in.

As his voice rang out, a shadow dragon abruptly took form beneath his feet. As a dragon roar resounded across the horizon, Mu Chen's speed drastically increased once more. 

At his instant, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan had increased their speed without the slightest bit of restraint as they quickly followed behind him. The only people left behind were Xu Huang and the rest. Nevertheless, at this moment, Mu Chen could no longer care about that.

They had to reach Shen Cangsheng before Ji Xuan does!


As the atmosphere within the vast earth had suddenly turned fiery and explosive, the atmosphere in a certain valley had also turned exceedingly depressed.

Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Su Xuan and the other two sat within a valley as they quietly recuperated. They had experienced a great battle not too long ago against a group that was quite formidable, causing them to expend a considerable amount of effort to clinch the victory.

Nevertheless, relying on the points they had obtained, they had finally broke into the Top 16.

"That fellow, Mu Chen, really has climbed very fast. He's actually at the 10th place already." After taking a look at his Academy Plaque,  He Yao suddenly cast his mouth aside as he spoke.

"That brat's always been remarkable. Him only climbing to the 10th place as of now is something that I've not expected," replied Shen Chansheng with a smile as he opened his eyes.

"However, as of now, our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is the only Spiritual Academy with two groups in the Top 16," added Li Xuantong with a faint smile.

Hearing that, everyone smiled and nodded their heads.


Suddenly, Su Xuan, who was playing around with her Academy Plaque in her hand, cried out in shock, before her beautiful face slightly changed. Fiercely raising her head, she said, "That's not right, why are there so many groups suddenly rapidly heading towards our direction?"

Upon hearing that, Shen Cangsheng immediately gawked as he hastily pulled out his Academy Plaque. Indeed, other than them, the groups present at the Top 16 were unexpectedly closing in towards their direction.

Among them included the Numero Uno, Ji Xuan, as well as the 10th place Mu Chen.

"What's the matter?" Sensing that something wasn't quite right, Li Xuantong and the others immediately asked in deep voices.

A slight change happened to Shen Cangsheng's gaze, before he furiously stood up as he replied in a fierce voice, "Let's leave, quickly! We've become Ji Xuan's target! He wants to use us to retaliate against Mu Chen!"

Hearing that, the faces of Li Xuantong and the others instantly changed.

Clenching her Academy Plaque, Su Xuan's voice turned bitter as she said, "I'm afraid that we're too late…"

Shen Cangsheng's face turned dark as he raised his head. At this instant, whooshing sounds were already reverberating as they rang from the distant horizon.

Lowering his head to look at his Academy Plaque, he saw that the Numero Uno, Ji Xuan, was already at a position that was merely a dozen kilometres away from them. Such a position was more than sufficient to indicate that they had already been locked on by him.

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