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Chapter 569 - Lu Tian

Within the battering sands, figures were slowly walking out from the sandstorm, before coming to a stop a few hundred metres before the big battle happening before them. As for the person in the lead, it was precisely Mu Chen.

At this moment, a faint smile hung on his face as he surveyed the intense battle happening before his eyes. Staring at Lin Zhou and his group, whose eyes were gradually turning wide, he spoke with a smile.

"Mu Chen!"

Opening his eyes wide, Lin Zhou gawked as he took in the sight of the appearing Mu Chen, before hastily saying, "Why the hell are you here? Leave, now!"

The place before him wasn't a good place at all! Lu Tian and his gang wouldn't let go of any group present here. Mu Chen suddenly intruding here was simply a impending disaster for the latter.

Although Lin Zhou knew that Mu Chen's quite strong from their time in the branch palace of the Divine Wood Palace, he did not believe that the latter would be able to contend against an extremely famous experted like Lu Tian.

"Leave, now?"

Hearing that, a chilling smile surfaced on Zhou Ya's face. Darkly glaring at Mu Chen, he said with a fake smile, "Were you the one that spoke out just now?"

Giving no heed to him, Mu Chen raised his head. Looking right at Lu Tian and his gang standing in the air not far from him, who had similarly started to pay attention to him, he said with a smile, "Looks like we've found the right guy."

"Damnable thing!" The corner of Zhou Ya's mouth slightly twitched. Sending a backhanded patting forcefully towards Lin Zhou's chest, the latter was sent flying a dozen steps back, before yet another mouthful of blood spewed from him.


After sending a palm out to push Lin Zhou away, Zhou Ya's gaze grew increasingly ice-cold. In the next instant, powerful Spiritual Energy abruptly erupted from his body, before moving once again in a spectre-like fashion as he hurtled towards Mu Chen.


Clutching his chest, Lin Zhou hastily roared.

Despite this, Mu Chen's head was still raised as he looked towards Lu Tian and his gang, appearing to not care the slightest bit towards Zhou Ya shooting straight towards him.

"Stupid idiot!" Seeing that Mu Chen had unexpectedly not cared about him, Zhou Ya's face instantly turned ashen as he malevolently laughed out. At this instant, the white light radiating from his palm grew increasingly dense, while white bones seemed to surface from within his flesh and blood. With astonishing force, his palm furiously patted down towards Mu Chen.

Seeing this, the faces of Lin Zhou and his group instantly turned deathly pale.


Nevertheless, just as the malevolent-looking Zhou Ya's palm was about to land on Mu Chen's body, a golden light suddenly flashed from behind him. In the next instant, a golden long spear swept out, smashing against Zhou Ya's chest at lightning speed.


As a low and deep voice resounded, golden light radiated. Zhou Ya's face seemingly contorted in an instant, with his face fluctuating between green and red. As an intense shiver shook though his body, he was sent flying back in an exceedingly miserable fashion.

Zhou Ya's feet scraped across the ground, creating two gulges spanning hundreds of metres across the sand. Upon stabilising his body, close to half of his body had already been buried in the sand.


Multiple mouthfuls of blood spewed from Zhou Ya, dying the sand before him scarlet-red.

The entire region seemed to have quietened down in an instant.

The mouths of Lin Zhou and his groups started to slowly open wide as they took in the scene in dumbfound shock. They were truthfully somewhat unable to comprehend how Zhou Ya, who had suppressed them to the point of being unable to put up any resistance, had unexpectedly been instantly beaten like a dead dog.

Turning their gazes along the length of the golden war spear extending from Mu Chen's back, they noticed an absolutely beautiful girl dressed in golden battle armor standing right by his side. 

This girl possessed a graceful and elegant bearing, with the curves beneath her battle armor appearing exquisite and soul-stirring, causing people's blood to flow quicker upon seeing her. However, at this moment, a golden long spear hung in her hand as an indifferent gaze shot out from her willowy phoenix-like eyes. Sweeping across towards Zhou Ya, who was sent flying by her, her gaze appeared somewhat indifferent and uncaring.

"Wen… Wen Qingxuan!" Blood flowed down the corner of Zhou Ya's face as he looked towards the absolutely beautiful girl. Upon spotting her, terror and shock abruptly gushed from his eyes, before crying out her name.

Wen Qingxuan?

A tremble shook through the hearts of Lin Zhou and the others. To them, this name was akin to thunder piercing their ears. After all, the group led by Wen Qingxuan was now placed 2nd on the rankings. To them, the shock of hearing the name of someone so high up on the rankings was truthfully too strong.

After the momentary shock, all of them proceeded to cast vacant stares right at Mu Chen. Clearly, they did not understand why Wen Qingxuan would appear by the latter's side, and even take action for him.

Not bothering to look more than a glance at Zhou Ya, Mu Chen raised his head to look towards a place in the sky not far away from him. There, the gazes shooting out had already been trained on him and his group.

Upon spotting Wen Qingxuan, the faces of the people present there involuntarily changed, while thick shades of dread and fear started to surface within their eyes.

"Wen Qingxuan… why would she appear at this place? Why is she taking action against us?" A dozen Captains softly cried out in shock, their voices sounding flustered and worried. Clearly, Wen Qingxuan had quite a bit of a shock factor in this place.

Fiercely staring at Wen Qingxuan, Lu Tian said in a deep voice, "Wen Qingxuan, we've never butted in your business. What's the meaning of this?"

Sweeping a look out at Lu Tian with her beautiful eyes, Wen Qingxuan didn't take notice to his words, merely keeping her long spear back to allow for Mu Chen to head forward.

"Haha. You must be Captain Lu Tian, right…?" said Mu Chen, sending a faint smile towards Lu Tian. "I'm the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's Mu Chen. We've come here today to ask for a favor from you, Captain Lu Tian…"

"Mu Chen?"

Hearing that name, Lu Tian's eyes instantly contracted. Naturally, he had heard about some news of Mu Chen. Furthermore, he also knew about the great grudges and grievances between him and Ji Xuan.

A chilling glint started to surface within Lu Tian's eyes. Nevertheless, remaining calm and collected, he replied with an different tone. "Oh? I seem to have no connection with you… I'm afraid that it'll be somewhat difficult for me to help you."

"I've quite a simple proposition for you, Captain Lu Tian," said Mu Chen with a smile.

"Oh? Let's hear it."

Staring straight at Lu Tian, the smile hanging on Mu Chen's face appeared somewhat warm and gentle. Replying in a gentle voice, he said, "I wish for Captain Lu Tian to publicly announce that you have dispelled the alliance with Ji Xuan.

Hearing that, Lu Tian's face instantly changed. Sinisterly staring at Mu Chen, he said in a ridiculing fashion, "This joke's not one bit funny."

Wrinkling his forehead, Mu Chen replied, "So, Captain Lu Tian's not willing?"

"Mu Chen, I know that you have some grudges and grievances with Ji Xuan. However I have to remind you that it's best for you to be more honest. Let me tell you a fact! There's not even half an aspect you have that can match up to Ji Xuan," said Lu Tian with a sneer as he stared at Mu Chen. "Compared to Ji Xuan, you're still lacking too much!"

"Looks like negotiations are over then," said Mu Chen with a helpless smile.

"So what if negotiations are over? Do you think that you'll be able to dominate this place just by licking Wen Qingxuan's boot?" said Lu Tian with a sneer. With a wave of his hand, the dozen Captains of First Grade Spirit Disaster gathered around him, proceeding to covetously stare at Mu Chen and his group.

In the end, they were in the same boat as Lu Tian, and naturally did not want to see anything happening to Lu Tian. Although Wen Qingxuan was standing before them, causing extreme fear and dread to surface within them, there was still the existence of Ji Xuan behind Lu Tian's back.

That was the most tyrannical person present on the current point rankings.

If they were able to climb on his boat, there would absolutely be no one in this central region that would dare to aim for them.


Below, the people that had encircled the groups, with Lin Zhou's included, within had also hastily shot back. Hovering in the air, they sent hostile gazes as they stared right at Mu Chen and his group.

Crossing his hands before his chest, Lu Tian looked down on Mu Chen from above. Although there was the existence of Wen Qingxuan and her group by Mu Chen's side, he had over a hundred men in the groups under his wing. Among them, the experts who were in the First Grade Spirit Disaster numbered a dozen. Such a formation would make squashing Mu Chen to death an absolute possibility.

"With the grudges and grievances present between you and him, Ji Xuan would naturally come and find you without needing me to get involved. For the sake of giving Wen Qingxuan face, if you take the initiative and leave now, I'll not haggle about the matter of you injuring Zhou Ya," said Lu Tian with an indifferent voice.

"That truly is a pity."

Mu Chen gave a helpless laugh, merely that his black pupils turned ice-cold in an instant. With a furious stomp of his feet, black lightning appeared to erupt from his body in an instant.


Whooshing sounds rang out as Mu Chen appeared to have transformed into a bolt of lightning. In the next instant, appearing right before Lu Tian, he sent a palm abruptly patting out.


Lightning converged under Mu Chen's palm. As it traveled, the air was pressed to the point of exploded apart, with signs of distortion and warping even appearing in the surrounding space.

Lu Tian was clearly vigilant towards Mu Chen. Therefore, upon this sudden assault, not a single trace of fluster was shown by him. On the contrary, a sneer rang out instead. "I've long heard about you, Mu Chen. I really want to see exactly how capable you really are!"

Lu Tian sent a palm patting out. His palm sparkled with white light, before a malevolent-looking gauntlet made of bones appeared in a flash. This white bone gauntlet appeared to be covered with bone spikes, with their tips sparkling with a dark light. Clearly, it was an exceedingly powerful Spiritual Artifact.

This Lu Tian truly was crafty, being able to even enact such a malevolent plan out in such circumstances. At this moment, even Mu Chen was not able to pull his palm back anymore. 

If he was to forcefully pull his hand back, what would follow would be a fierce attack coming from Lu Tian that would completely suppress him.

However, Lu Tian did not appear to notice the corner of Mu Chen's mouth curling slightly up when his bone gauntlet had appeared. In the next instant, a flash of radiance sparkled form the latter's palm, before an ancient stone seal appeared in a flash.

This stone seal appeared to be in a dark green shadow, with ancient patterns carved on its surface. Present on the stone seal was the carving of a stone tortoise.

As it appeared, frightening gravitational forces started to radiated, causing signs of warping and distortions to appear in the surrounding space. As this happened, even the Spiritual Energies present in the surroundings were forced to the point of scattering away.

The originally chilling smile present on Lu Tian's face instantly froze, with a look of shock replacing it.

From the Spiritual Energy fluctuations, the stone seal that had appeared in Mu Chen's hand was unexpectedly a Divine Artifact?!

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