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Chapter 566 - Memories

Rumble. rumble.

This was a deep valley, with a waterfall descended from the giant peak above akin to a heavenly dragon. The loud rumbling sounds ringing from it caused the entire valley to shudder and vibrate.

Bringing along a frightening amount of energy as it rushed downward, the waterfall travelled a certain distance before suddenly arching up. At this location, the waterfall split, transforming into multiple gigantic streams of water rushing down, with some giant rocks below instantly shattering into pieces upon contact with them.

At the place where the waterfall had arched, one could faintly discern the dim radiance of Spiritual Energy. If one was to take a closer look, one would be able to see what appeared to be a figure sitting within the waterfall.

Sitting quietly within, regardless of how frightening the energy contained within the water current smashing against his body, the figure did not even move a single inch.

He quietly sat there, continuing for approximately an hour before finally slowly opening his eyes. Dazzling rays of brilliance surfaced from his eyes, before waves of extremely powerful Spiritual Energy swept out. At this moment, the waterfall above him had completely dissipated away, only resuming after quite a while later.

Standing up, the figure slowly strode forward, walking towards the waterfall. Spiritual light started to perfuse from his body, causing his skin to sparkle with a gem-like luster, appearing to be made out of jade.

As the water current weighing thousands and thousands of pounds came gushing down, it did not cause even the slightest bit of obstruction to him. As he slowly strode past it, the waterfall was unexpectedly unable to leave even a trace of water on his body.

Floating out of the waterfall, with a move of his body, he descended on the craggy rock beside the waterfall.

Dressed in white robes, the figure's black hair fluttered away, revealing a face that was as handsome as the dazzling sun above. At this moment, a gentle smile hung at the corner of his mouth, causing him to appear cultured and refined. Such an aura had an absolutely lethal level of attraction to some girls.

An insignia of an academy dazzled on his chest, with holy light gloriously shining from it. That was precisely the insignia of the Saint Spiritual Academy.

As for him, he was precisely Ji Xuan.


Faint whooshing sounds rang out from the side, before a figure appeared right before Ji Xuan. The figure that was revealed was also an exceedingly handsome youth, who sent a smile towards Ji Xuan, before saying, "Xiao Huang's group have dropped out from the Top 16, while Wen Qingxuan's group has risen from 3rd to 2nd place."

"Looks like they've been defeated," replied Ji Xuan, with not much surprise within his eyes.

"Mu Feng, did Mu Chen appear?"

The youth by the name of Mu Feng nodded his head. At this moment, a somewhat astonished look appeared within his eyes as he replied, "According to the news that we've received, Mu Chen appeared. Mo Xiu and the other two had collaborated, but were defeated by a single move from him. Tsk, tsk. That fellow's somewhat formidable, to actually achieve such a feat."

"Defeating them with a single move, huh." Ji Xuan's gaze still remained indifferent as he said, "If it's him, such a feat isn't sufficient to warrant any surprise. However, I never expected that he would actually be able to catch up so quickly. I thought that the year of delay from the Spiritual Road would put quite a stop in his cultivation speed."

"That's right. Why did the points of Mo Xiu and the other two not drop?" Ji Xuan suddenly asked. He had also paid attention to this, as the rankings of Mo Xiu and the other two were still present at the bottom end of the Top 16.

"Mu Chen didn't take action against them,and had even let them off. On the other hand, he was not one bit courteous towards Xiao Huang and the Multi-Academy Alliance, and immediately told them to leave an arm behind if they didn't hand over the points," replied Mu Feng. 

"Merciful on one hand while showing his might on the other," said Ji Xuan as he slightly narrowed his eyes. "Truly befitting of Mu Chen, such a shrewd move. I've originally wanted him to become the common enemy of the masses. I never expected that he would actually not get taken in by this."

Mu Feng understood in a flash, before saying, "That's why you knew that Mo Xiu and the other two would most likely fail, but still let them go! So it turns out that you're trying to dig a pit for Mu Chen to fall in. However, its a pity. That brat's not any other ordinary person."

"If he was any ordinary person, there's no need for me to pay so much care about him," replied Ji Xuan with a faint smile. "There isn't much friendly relations between us and Mo Xiu, Qiu Ning and Xiu San. They've merely owed us a favor due to our initial plan. Now that this matter has came to an end, added with the favor they now owe Mu Chen, they would absolutely not come close to us again."

"They're just a few minor characters. Do they really think that they would be able stabilise their positions at the bottom end of the Top 16 just by relying on themselves? God-knows how many groups possess comparable strength to them that are standing right by behind them. And this isn't including those powerful groups that are stronger than them. After losing our protection, they won't be able to hold on to their places for long," said Mu Feng with a smile.

"What are you planning to do next? From the looks of it, Mu Chen should be moving together with Wen Qingxuan. That girl, Wen Qingxuan, isn't exactly simple. With them collaborating, I'm afraid that it would cause some trouble for us," said Mu Feng with a frown.

Hearing that, Ji Xuan slightly nodded his head. Indeed, Wen Qingxuan wasn't just another ordinary character. Even he had to admit this fact.

"There's no need to get prematurely worried. Don't get misguided due to worrying about them." A glint wandered within Ji Xuan's eyes, before replying with a faint smile. "Initially, during the Spiritual Road, I've caused Mu Chen to get expelled from there. This time, I'll let him truly understand exactly who the genuine victor is."

Hearing that, Mu Feng nodded his head. After following Ji Xuan all the way till here, he was extremely clear exactly how much frightening strength the person before him possessed. Although he had yet to meet Mu Chen, he did not believe one single bit that there would truly be anyone present within this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament that could triumph over Ji Xuan. 

"That's right." Ji Xuan paused for a bit. Looking towards Mu Feng, he could see the rays of indescribable emotion present within the latter's eyes. After quite a while later, he said, "There's a girl by the name of Luo Li by Mu Chen's side, right?"

Hearing that question, Mu Feng nodded his head. At this moment, he was also shooting a look towards Ji Xuan, as he could sense a sliver of a peculiar expression present within the latter's voice that was extremely rarely seen from him.

"That Luo Li's always by Mu Chen's side. She's also extremely formidable, and can even be described as only showing the tip of the iceberg. I feel that she might even be no weaker than Wen Qingxuan," replied Mu Feng.

"How can the next Empress of the Luo God Clan be one bit ordinary?" muttered Ji Xuan. Nevertheless, upon remembering that Luo Li was always accompanying Mu Chen's side, despite his deeply concealed and reserved nature, he could not help flashing a shade of darkness across his face, while feeling extremely uncomfortable within his heart. This state of mind and emotion should be one of extreme envy and jealousy.

Ever since their first meeting during the Spiritual Road, the youthful girl's quiet and serene nature, as well her her bright, resplendent eyes, coupled with her radiant hair that appeared just like a silvery river, had caused his heart to throb exceedingly hard.

Within the Spiritual Road, Mu Chen had become an irreconcilable enemy for Ji Xuan. The latter knew that the reason more of less was due to that young girl that would always quietly stand by side of the former, regardless of anything.

Regardless of what he did, Ji Xuan was unable to garner the care and concern from the young girl. Regardless of what he did, the faint smile at the corner of the young girl's mouth would not blossom for his sake.

This was something he refused to accept. He had been the heaven-gifted son since young, with his outstanding talent causing him to be as dazzling as the radiant sun. Despite this, however, this was the first time he had felt the feeling of defeat from people not caring even the slightest bit about his outstanding talent.

Since he was unable to make her care about him, he would make sure that she would firmly remember him, regardless of whether it be of hatred or killing intent…

Therefore, he had schemed against Luo Li in the Spiritual Road, forcing the usually calm Mu Chen to become completely enraged, before utilising all means and ways to create that Blood Calamity and expel the latter for the Spiritual Road.

On the day when Mu Chen was expelled from the Spiritual Road, Ji Xuan was standing in the far distance as he took in this scene. At that moment, he was able to see the calm expression within the youth's gaze as he departed. However, it was that calm and peaceful expression that caused Ji Xuan's expression to turn dark.

At that moment, Luo Li was also present, merely that she was calmly watching Mu Chen leave, never turning her gaze around from the start to the end. Only after Mu Chen had left did she turn around and leave, leaving a slender, elegant back figure in Ji Xuan's eyes.

It was that day that an extraordinary level of fury and anger surged within Ji Xuan. 

He had achieved his target and forced Mu Chen out of the Spiritual Road, and had appeared considerably perfect in the eyes of the majority. After all, within the Spiritual Road, one's methods wasn't important, as they only cared about the results. 

Nevertheless, Ji Xuan wasn't one bit happy. The calm expression on Mu Chen's face as he left and Luo Li's figure as she had turned and left caused Ji Xuan to not feel even a sliver of happiness.

Furthermore, after Mu Chen was expelled from the Spiritual Road, Ji Xuan did not see Luo Li again, not until the finale of the Spiritual Road.

The young girl still wore a long black robe, with her long silvery hair falling all the way down to her slender waist. Standing alone, she finally swept a light look towards Ji Xuan with her bright, glass-like pupils.

It was only a glance, yet it had caused Ji Xuan to involuntarily slightly straighten himself up, wanting to completely display all of his dazzling aspects.

Nevertheless, all of that was ignored by the young girl. Under the gazes of countless outstanding geniuses, she slowly raised the long sword within her hand, before point the tip straight towards Ji Xuan.

Not a single word had yet to leave her mouth. As her silvery hair fluttered apart, she had already unleashed her attack.

Swift, fierce, vicious.

In the end, both of them were mutually injured.

The young girl had not said a single word at all. She had given up her qualifications to contend for the Championship, using it to cause Ji Xuan to be unable to obtain that honor. She had used a method to tell Ji Xuan and everyone present about the anger and fury she had suppressed within her heart.

At that moment, Ji Xuan had retreated in a somewhat miserable fashion. Looking towards the young girl, whose body was similarly covered in wounds, a killing intent that would be able to blot the skies had gushed from his heart in that instant. This wasn't directed to Luo Li, but towards Mu Chen.

That fellow merely had the luck to meet Luo Li earlier than me! It should be me that the girl should be willing to give up everything for! It's all because of that fellow, Mu Chen!

Without him, he, Ji Xuan, would have become the the greatest victor in the Spiritual Road!

Regardless of glory or the girl.


Ji Xuan slowly clenched his hands tightly, causing green veins to squirm and dance across his gemstone-like skin. The rumbling sounds and moist air brought about by the waterfall caused him to gradually escape from those memories.

However, his eyes grew increasingly ice-cold, with the chilling intent present causing Mu Feng, who was beside him, to shutter.

Raising his head, Ji Xuan looked into the far distance with his ice-cold gaze.

Luo Li, this time, I'll step on Mu Chen right before your eyes. I will let you know that compared to me, Mu Chen's nothing!

Regardless of ability or strength, I'm stronger than Mu Chen!

Therefore, only I am the most suitable for you!

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