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Chapter 562 - Untitled

"You three just have to receive one move from me…"

As Mu Chen's calm and indifferent-sounding voice slowly rang across the sky, the clamoring noises originally present within the region had turned deathly silent, seemingly in an instant.

The jaws of quite a few people started to turn slightly agape, their gazes turning blank as they looked towards the thin figure before them. For a moment, they seem to have a feeling as if they had mistakenly heard him say those words.

Not only did Mu Chen want to take on three people by himself, he had even wanted to use just one move to deal with them?

The mouths of people could not help twitching in response. If not for the abnormal situation before them, they might have already started uncontrollably laughing and sneering, as Mu Chen's words were truly too rampant.

The three people before him were absolutely not just some ordinary people. They were powerful figures that were now ranked among the Top 16 in the point rankings. Although their places were at the bottom of the rankings, the might of their strength would cause extreme dread and fear even in experts of First Grade Spirit Disaster.

Although Mo Xiu and the other two might not have passed through the second level of their Spirit Disaster, they had absolutely started making contact with it already. Compared to them, experts at First Grade Spirit Disaster still had some disparity in strength and power.

After seeing Mu Chen's ability when he broke Xiao Huang's Heaven Binding Spiritual Array, there was already no one that dared to underestimate him again. However, despite that, there was no one that would be able to contend against three experts placed on the point rankings with their individual might, no matter how optimistic the case.

"This fellow…"

Hearing Mu Chen's words, Wu Yingying had tightly knitted her eyebrows. Staring at Mu Chen's figure, she said, "Exactly what is he up to?"

"That's because he wants to show his superiority to Ji Xuan by making a stand now," replied Wu Ling with a smile. "Ji Xuan had sent people over to feel him out. Therefore, he wants to turn Ji Xuan's probe into a palm and send a heavy slap back."

"A while ago, Ji Xuan had defeated three experts on the point rankings by himself, sending them tumbling down from the Top 16. From then on, his name shook the entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. What Mu Chen wants to do now is precisely the same. Furthermore… he wants to be even more vicious."

"A one move deal? Won't this be… too risky?" Wu Yingying retracted the word "rampant" before she could speak it. Having some understanding of Mu Chen, as well as his character, she knew that it was impossible for him to get hot-headed and lose all rationale in his thinking.

"You can be considered to have some understanding… This fellow never speaks without thinking."

A bright light slightly condensed within the eyes of Wu Ling. Staring at the figure before his eyes, he said with a faint smile, "Therefore, he should have a certain level of assurance. Haha. I'm indeed extremely curious to see exactly how he's going to accomplish this with his strength at merely Spiritual Energy Disaster. Could he be relying on Spiritual Arrays? If he plans to do so, he would have to arrange an array comparable to the Rank 5 Combination Diagram, the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array, to be able to deal with three experts at First Grade Spirit Disaster, right? Would Mo Xiu and the other two give him such time to do so?"

Hearing her brother's words, Wu Yingying wrinkled her eyebrows once more, while a slightly ugly feeling appeared within her heart.

As the sounds of whispers blotted the skies and shook the earth, Mo Xiu and the other two had similar blank expressions displayed on their faces. Exchanging glances with one another, preposterous and incredulous feelings started to uncontrollably erupt within their eyes.

A person whose strength appeared to be merely at the realm of Spiritual Energy Disaster had actually said that he wanted to deal with the three of them by himself. Furthermore, from the looks of it, it seemed as if he wanted to deal with them using a single move.

Although they knew that Mu Chen's strength should be higher than what his outward appearance was showing… wanting to deal with the three of them using a single move… This caused them to feel so much anger and fury to the point of them involuntary laughing. Does this Mu Chen truly think that he is Ji Xuan? 

"Truly impressive, Captain Mu Chen." Mo Xiu could not help giving a sneer. Staring right at Mu Chen, he continued speaking, "From the looks of it, you've also heard about what Ji Xuan had done a while back. However, if you truly want to use a similar method to prove that you possess the qualifications to contend with him, I'm afraid that you've found the wrong people to do so." 

Hearing that, a smile surfaced on the calm, handsome face of Mu Chen while he replied, "From what time did Ji Xuan think he's above me? The lessons he received from me in the past should be plentiful enough."

"Those battles during the Spiritual Road are just experiences and tempering. If you've always treated those as your source of confidence, you'll become extremely disappointed at yourself," said Mo Xiu with a sneer still present on his face.

Hearing that, Mu Chen nodded his head in agreement, before replying with a faint smile, "I'll have you guys bring that statement to Ji Xuan."

Mo Xiu's face instantly twitched slightly when Mu Chen gave his reply, before his gaze turned slightly dark. Exchanging glances with the other two Captains beside him, they proceeded to take a step forward. Instantly, three tyrannical Spiritual Energy fluctuations swept out from their bodies like a hurricane.

Bang! Bang!

As their Spiritual Energies swept out, spiritual light flashed, as the suppression brought about by the three tyrannical Spiritual Energies rapidly radiated, causing the faces of quite a few groups to turn solemn.

Even those Captains of powerful groups who had reached the first level of their Spirit Disaster had their eyes brimming with fear and dread. Indeed, none of the people in the Top 16 were one bit mediocre.

Behind Mu Chen, the faces of Xu Huang and the others were filled with solemness. They had similarly not expected that Mu Chen had planned to contend against those three powerful people by himself. Although they were somewhat worried for the former, since matters had already progressed to this stage, the only thing they could do was to sit quietly and wait.

Shooting a look at Mu Chen's back, Luo Li didn't speak due to her confidence and trust in the former. She similarly knew that Mu Chen would not speak without making any thoughts beforehand.

"Oh? Can you do it?" Wen Qingxuan could not help shoot a question. Although she had already seen the might of the Combination Array Mu Chen had arranged while in the remnant of the Divine Wood Palace, from the looks of the current situation, the opposite party would clearly not give him the time to do so.

"Didn't I tell you that you can't just shoot such a question out at any random time?" Slightly panning his head, Mu Chen shot a smile towards Wen Qingxuan as he gave his reply.

A faint blush of embarrassment instantly appeared on Wen Qingxuan's fair and exquisite face, before shooting a fierce glare at Mu Chen. This fellow actually dares to tease me at such a time! 


Mu Chen took a gentle breath as a faint shade of fierceness appeared on his handsome face. "Since there are people that want to test if I would be any of threat to him, I'll naturally not disappoint him."

Hearing that, Wen Qingxuan lightly nodded her head, without saying anymore words. She knew about the grudges and grievances between Mu Chen and Ji Xuan, with seemingly no possibility of reconciliation. If it was in the past, she might have chosen to remain neutral in the face of their confrontation. However, when Mu Chen had rushed across a thousand miles to help her, this had truly made her consider him as a friend. Therefore, among the two, she would naturally be biased towards Mu Chen.

Even though she knew that Ji Xuan was an extremely thorny person to deal with, this wasn't something she, Wen Qingxuan, would care about. The arrogant and self-confident her would never assume that she would be weaker than Ji Xuan.

"That would have to depend on your performance. As for the few fellows from the Academy Alliance, feel relaxed as none of them will be able to run away," said Wen Qingxuan, shooting a faint glare towards Xiao Huang, Xiao Wang and the others standing not far away with her beautiful eyes.

Sensing her incoming gaze, a faint sneer surfaced on the faces of Xiao Huang and Xiao Wang, giving them an amused appearance. They were all too clear about the strength of Mo Xiu and the other two. If the two of them were to collaborate, they might have some chance of victory. However, they would absolutely not dare to proclaim their ignorance to be able to defeat the trio with a single move.

Hearing her words, Mu Chen slightly nodded his head. With Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan present, regardless of how difficult it was to deal with Xiao Huang or Xiao Wang, Mu Chen did not believe that they would be able to do much in the presence of these two girls.

Therefore, raising his head up, an indifferent light radiated within his eyes as he locked his gaze on to Mo Xiu and the other two.

At this moment, the trio had similarly locked their gazes onto Mu Chen, while a somewhat ugly expression appeared on their faces.

"Looks like Captain Mu Chen's truly determined to carry on like this, huh."

Under the perfusion of boundless Spiritual Energies, Mo Xiu's deep voice rang like the roar of thunder, resounding across the entire region.

"Since you're truly that confident in yourself, the three of us truly want to take a look at exactly how much of your ability matches up to your boasting."

The gazes of the trio started to gradually turn fierce as the Spiritual Energies howling from their bodies grew increasingly rampant. As the Spiritual Energies pressed against the surrounding air, low muffled explosion sounds erupted.

The entire region had now been seemingly perfused by a feeling of suppression brought about by the boundless Spiritual Energies sweeping out.

A few people started to quietly retreat back, since they were able to sense that the battle that was about to take place would be extremely astonishing…

As boundless Spiritual Energies rippled like waves, the faces of Mo Xiu and the other two started to gradually turn cold.

"Captain Mu Chen, you should make your move. The three of us are looking forward to face it at anytime! However, I have to add that we know of you being a Spiritual Array Master. If you're planning on letting us wait stupidly for you to arrange your Spiritual Array, I'm afraid that we're unable to let you do so."

Noticing the boundless Spiritual Energies surging from the trio, a faint glint sparkled within Mu Chen's black pupils. The degree of Spiritual Energy surging from their bodies was a few degrees stronger than ordinary experts at First Grade Spirit Disaster. Clearly, the trio had already started to touch Second Grade Spirit Disaster. If they were given some more time, there was an extremely high possibility for them to be able to successfully cross this step.

Their individual strength wasn't weaker than that Xue Tiandou he had bumped into in the remnant of the Divine Wood Palace. In fact, they might even be a tad stronger.

Therefore, it was no wonder that there would be so many strange-looking gazes appearing when he made his claim.

However… the current him was similarly much stronger than he was while in the remnant of the Divine Wood Palace.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen slowly closed his eyes. As his hands gentled clapped together, they quietly formed a somewhat shaky and exceedingly mysterious hand seal.

Following the completion of the hand seal, faint dark-green radiance started to radiate from his palms.

Humm. Humm.

Gigantic dark-green halos, approximated a thousand metres in radius, started to radiate one after another. As they started to ripple, everyone saw the layer upon layer of luscious trees and plants starting to quietly sparkle with a green light.

This was… the Divine Wood Scripture!

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