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Chapter 561 - Ji Xuan's Testing

Spiritual light flashed on the mountain peak as figures appeared from within. As they appeared, cries of astonishment rang out one after another within the air.

"Ranked 14th on the point rankings, Mo Xiu?"

"There's also Qiu Ning of Rank 15… Rank 16's Liu San… what a powerful lineup. Why did these fellows suddenly gather together?"

"Are they all here for Mu Chen? Isn't this formation too large for this?"


Cries of astonishment continued to ring out across the region as quite a few people were frightened by the formation that had appeared before their eyes. That's because the three groups that had appeared were unexpectedly powerful groups that were currently placed on the point ranking's Top 16.

Although they were ranked at the bottom of the rankings, the groups that were able to continue standing within the rankings round after round of elimination battles were absolutely not average nor ordinary. Upon bumping into such strong groups, ordinary groups would quietly slink away in response. Who would dare to have any conflict with them? However, from the looks of it, these three powerful groups present on the rankings have actually appeared at the same place. Furthermore, the person they were targeting was unexpectedly the same…

Shock filled the eyes of quite a few people, while they had finally discovered whatever didn't feel quite right. The matters that had happened today seemed to all be aimed towards Mu Chen. Could it be that this fellow had provoked that many powerful groups?

While cries of astonishment continued to ring out in the skies, Mu Chen's gaze and had similarly shot over to the figures that had appeared on the top of the distant mountain peak. What he saw caused him to slightly narrow his eyes, as he could clearly sense how extraordinary those groups were.

"Looks like you're their true target for all the things you've pulled out today." Slightly narrowing her beautiful eyes as she took in the scene before her, Wen Qingxuan turned to look towards Mu Chen, before speaking in an enthusiastic manner.

Despite the changes, Mu Chen's handsome face still remained calm and collected, while a faint chilling light sparkled within his eyes. Staring at the three powerful groups oozing with astonishing auras, an understanding appeared within his heart.

"Haha. I'm Mo Xiu, and I come from the Fire Spiritual Academy. I've truly heard of the great name of Captain Mu Chen." Standing before the figures on the mountain peak was a youth dressed in grey robes. Smiling faintly towards Mu Chen, he cupped his hands before speaking with a laugh.

"Qiu Ning. Vajra Spiritual Academy." A fierce-looking male that contained some malevolence on his face with a sturdy and iron tower-like body locked his gaze onto Mu Chen as he spoke.

"Liu San. Myriad Willows Spiritual Academy." This time, the one speaking was a rather thin and frail-looking youth. Dressed in green robes, his long sleeves fluttered about, causing him to look as if he would get blown away by the wind. However, not a single person in this region would believe that the person before their eyes truly didn't possess the strength to even truss a chicken.

Mu Chen calmly looked at these three experts that radiated with astonishing auras. From the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from the three, he could faintly discern that they were even more tyrannical than experts at First Grade Spirit Disaster.

"Truly a rare sight. Added with Captain Xiao Huang and his people, you guys have seemingly activated four of the Top 16 groups in the point rankings," said Mu Chen in a slow manner.

"Haha. We've just been entrusted with a task by someone," replied Mo Xiu with a grin.

Hearing that, the faces of quite a few groups instantly changed. Exactly what person would actually possess such a big capability to actually invite these four powerful groups to deal with Mu Chen? The identity of this person's absolutely extraordinary.

There wasn't much change in Mu Chen's expression, yet the radiance sparkling within his eyes grew increasingly incisive. With a gentle flick of his finger, a gust of wind split the air apart, before saying in an indifferent tone, "Has that Ji Xuan fellow become that gutless? It isn't easy for us to bump into each other, and now he even wants to find people to test me?"

Ji Xuan?

Upon hearing that name, shock filled the hearts of seemingly everyone. During this period of time, the name of Ji Xuan had seemingly suppressed the former Numero Uno who had stayed there for quite a long time, Wen Qingxuan. After all, everyone knew that compared to the start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament to now, the current phase was where the battles and fights were at their most intense. Therefore, compared to the start of the competition, the Numero Uno now was undoubtedly worth more of its weight in gold. 

This was especially true due to some time ago, where Ji Xuan had seemingly suppressed three powerful groups that were placed on the Top 16 by himself. When news of this battle circulated throughout the entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, it had caused his Numero Uno place to become even more solid, impregnable and unreachable by ordinary people. 

Therefore, when everyone present knew that the four powerful groups before them were actually sent by Ji Xuan, a somewhat strange and peculiar look appeared in their eyes as they cast their gazes over towards Mu Chen. None of them had ever expected that Mu Chen would actually have such deep grudges and grievances with Ji Xuan. 

"We came here on the behest of Ji Xuan. Our only goal is to confirm whether you possess the qualifications to continue being his opponent, that's all there is to it…"

A faint smile appeared on Mo Xiu's face as he continued speaking. "If you don't… your journey should come to an end here. He said that he does not wish for such a weak you to appear before him."

"He truly has such a big tone!"

Suddenly, an ice-cold, sweet-sounding voice rang out. Everyone turned their gazes over, only to see Luo Li shooting a chilling glare towards the gathering of the three groups with her beautiful eyes. At this moment, a somewhat incisive chill had appeared on the absolutely beautiful appearance of the young girl.

Clearly, Luo Li was truly infuriated. Although she didn't mind Ji Xuan sending people to deal with Mu Chen, she was absolutely unable to tolerate Ji Xuan assuming that he was on a higher pedestal than Mu Chen.

During the Spiritual Road, Ji Xuan had crossed hands many times with Mu Chen. However, when the statistics were brought out, Mu Chen hand obtained more victories over Ji Xuan. If not for that despicable move done by Ji Xuan to infuriate Mu Chen to the point of forcing him to create that Blood Calamity that led to him being kicked out, the person that would have the last laugh at the end of the Spiritual Road might not have been Ji Xuan.

As Luo Li slowly clenched the Luo God Sword in her hand, everyone was able to sense an extremely fierce Sword Intent starting to radiate from her. This Sword Intent appeared to slice the air apart, causing people's hearts to palpitate in response.

Seeing this, the faces of Mo Xiu and the other two Captains finally changed slightly. Focusing their gazes on Luo Li, their gazes grew much more solemn and filled with dread. The young girl with bright and resplendent silvery hair before them had caused an indescribable feeling of danger to surge within them.

"Haha. According to what I know, during the Spiritual Road, when Ji Xuan had fought with Mu Chen, he was at a disadvantage for the majority of the time."

With a sweet smile on her face, Wen Qingxuan said, "Looks like he's now extremely confident with himself, huh. That's very good. I've not crossed hands with him while in the Spiritual Road. It seems that I have to supplement this in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament this time."

Seeing these two girls speaking out for Mu Chen, shadows of envy and jealousy gushed from the eyes of the various groups present in this region. That's because the two girls were truthfully so outstanding that they had stirred the hearts and souls of every male present here.

This was especially true for Wen Qingxuan. Seemingly everyone knew about her arrogant and haughty character. Furthermore, she seemed to have a slight repulsion towards the opposite gender. Therefore, it was extremely rare for the opposite gender to be able to become her friend. However, from the looks of it, it seemed that way as she had actually spoken out for Mu Chen. In addition, from the words she had used, she did not even give the slightest bit of face to Ji Xuan.

Therefore, everyone could sense that the current Mu Chen was truly too fortunate! That's why he could be the target of focus!

"They truly are good women." At a side, Xiao Huang's eyes sparkled as took in the scene before him. Speaking with a faint smile, his voice had a ridiculing tone present within, one that was exceedingly clear and distinct.

"How can relying on women be considered as any ability at all?" Mo Xiu and the others took the opportunity to toss their ridicule out, yet their eyes were brimming with envy and jealousy.

Wrinkles started to appear on the foreheads of Mo Xiu and the other two. The dread and fear they had towards Wen Qingxuan was in fact not one bit weaker than Ji Xuan. After all, regardless of anything, one of them was the former Numero Uno, while the other was the current Numero Uno.

They had originally assumed that due to Ji Xuan's existence, even if Wen Qingxuan was to have the intent to help Mu Chen, she should have some fear towards the former. However, who would have expected that the girl that had always been arrogant and haughty had now stood right by Mu Chen's side without the slightest bit of hesitation? In fact, she had not given any care of standing against a powerful opponent like Ji Xuan.

A faint light flashed within Mo Xiu's eyes before he turned to look at Mu Chen. At this moment, the latter had already become the focal point of everyone within this region. However, what made Mo Xiu feel shock and astonishment was that ever since the beginning till now, the handsome face of the latter remained like the tranquil surface of an ancient well, with not one bit of fluctuations present. Even after their round of rather provocative words, Mu Chen's eyes still appeared calm and collected.

However, it was this sort of calmness that caused Mo Xiu to feel somewhat uneasy.

At the end, he wasn't an idiot to show disdain towards Mu Chen. This was an opponent that even Ji Xuan felt extreme dread and regard for. Although the latter had been kicked out of the Spiritual Road midway through, he still did not dare to show any neglect to him. The person before him had actually relied on his own strength to break Xiao Huang's "Heaven Binding Array". This point was more than sufficient for them to show a thorough regard for him. 

"Mu Chen. As of now, shouldn't you not let bystanders, especially two girls, help prop up your face?" said Mo Xiu in a slow manner.

Only after hearing that did Mu Chen raise his head. Casting his indifferent gaze towards Mo Xiu, something seemed to congeal within his black pupils. Finally after quite a while did he reply. "Did you all come here on the behest of Ji Xuan?"

He already knew the answer for his question. Therefore, without waiting for Mo Xiu and the others to reply, he gave a gentle nod of his head, before turning around to wave his hand at Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan.

"Stare at those two fellows for me. Don't let them run away." The two he was talking about were naturally Xiao Huang and Xiao Wang.

As he said those words, his gaze still remained on the figures of Mo Xiu and the other two, before starting to deeply ponder for a slight moment. For some unknown reason, despite him being in a state of pondering, it still caused a heart-palpitating feeling of suppression to quietly radiate.

Slowly walking forward, Mu Chen continued to keep his gaze on Mo Xiu and the other two, before speaking out in a soft voice. "Wanting to stop me from walking forward from here, huh. That's possible, and in fact it's extremely simple…"

"Huh?" The eyebrows of the trio jumped up in response.

Countless gazes within the entire region were now locked onto Mu Chen's body.

Slowly extending his thin palm, Mu Chen's handsome face still remained calm and collected, yet his indifferent-sounding voice resounded like the roar of thunder, causing the hearts of everyone to shake.

"I just need you three to receive a move from me."

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