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Chapter 550 - The Climax of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament

Time continued to elapse in an unhurried fashion, with the general situation of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament ramping up and growing increasingly fervent.

At this moment, the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was ramping up to its final phase. Clearly, this was the phase where the fights and battles were at their most intense, with all of the elite groups that were biding and waiting for their time finally coming to the surface, completely exposing their dazzling brilliance to all. 

That's because there was already no need for them to patiently hide during the day. What they wanted was to use all of their methods and ways available to them to obtain as many points as possible, before rushing towards the Top 8. Only by entering the Top 8 would they obtain the qualifications to enter the final match.

This would clearly become a rather cruel match of elimination.

The groups that were able to distinguish themselves and rise to the top would absolutely be outstanding, with them numbering in the hundreds, or even thousands. Wanting to fight and struggle for the Top 8 in such a situation with so many experts would definitely be a rather difficult task.

Yet, the matter was indeed headed this way.

Not long after Mu Chen and the rest had exited from their isolation training, the atmosphere within the entire Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had turned into a powderkeg that had been blown completely up by sparks and pressure coming from all directions. Everyone present could feel the rampant atmosphere perfusing within the air of the centre of the shattered continent, with ordinary groups not even daring to go near the centre region. As for those that dared, all of them possessed a rather high level of confidence towards themselves.

This region had already become the central point of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

As all those groups brimming with self-confidence gathered towards the central region of the shattered continent, massive battles naturally started to erupt without incident.

After a short span of a few days, the intense flames of battle had seemingly spread through every single inch of this vast region.

Fights and battles had seemingly sprung up at any given moment within this vast region, with each and every powerful group displaying various kinds of methods and techniques in their fights, causing boundless rampant Spiritual Energies to ripple throughout the heavens and earth.

Following the eruption of various intense battles and fights, those elite groups that were hidden in the dark and biding their time had started to quietly reveal their vicious fangs. Within the short span of a days, everyone was able to acutely sense the few unfamiliar and powerful groups that suddenly appeared, before defeating a few previously prominent groups. Finally, with a winner-takes-all stance, they would snatch away all of their hard-earned points…

A few of the previously prominent and strong groups were rapidly squashed. Despite all their efforts in resisting, what they received in the end was a painful sense of the disparity between them. Only at that moment did they start to feel regret. However, while they were continuously pursuing and snatching the points of those weak groups, these people were strolling around the various dangerous realms within the shattered continent, painstakingly searching and finding the chances of breakthroughs in the form of remnants. Under this tempering, their strength had increased time after time again, resulting in the them gradually pulling the disparity apart from those previously prominent and strong groups that were of similar levels of strength at the very beginning.

Therefore, within a short span of no more than two to three days, everyone had started to sense a huge change within the Top 16 on the tournament point rankings. Other than the extremely small number of groups that possessed powerful might, it seemed as if more than half of those well-known strong groups have been cruelly ousted from the rankings. Clearly, all of them have already been defeated in battle.

As for the groups that replaced those well-known groups, they appeared rather foreign and unfamiliar to everyone's eyes, with the Spiritual Academies they came from being not ranked amongst the elite Spiritual Academies. There was even a group that came from a middle-tiered Spiritual Academy that would appear exceedingly unassuming when placed within the lineup of Spiritual Academies participating in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

Out of nothing, they had reached the 8th rank within a short span of three days. Furthermore, they had maintained that place from then till now, with no one still being able to kick them down from there. From this, one could see exactly how strong this group was.

In such a period of time, there would be earth-shattering changes present every day of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

Foreign and unfamiliar groups continued to gush endlessly like a stream, before sending challenges towards those powerful groups on the top rankings. Wave after wave, one leading after another. Only those that were able to remain undefeated after those unending waves of challenges would be able to obtain the qualifications to rule over their respective places on the rankings.

The vast central region had seemingly turned into an exceedingly cruel elimination ground. Whenever a group appeared full of spirit, there would always be another retreating away in a miserable fashion. If one wanted to climb all the way to the top in here, there was only one path that awaited them, which was to step on the heads of others and climb up, one step at a time.

Among the groups present here that numbered as much as the stars that twinkle in the night sky, there would merely be eight of them that were able to stand tall at the very end.

Furthermore, it was extremely obvious that these eight groups would definitely be the best of the best.

Time quietly elapsed by, with the competition for the Top 16 becoming increasingly intense as time flowed on. Every single day, it seemed as if there would always be movements and changes to the Top 16, with every single change representing the appearance of an even stronger group, thereby increasing the already difficult level of entry towards the Top 16.

At this moment, the Top 16 were undoubtedly worth even more than their weight in gold than before.

Within the Top 16, the first place was still lorded over by Saint Spiritual Academy's group led by Ji Xuan, with the second place being occupied by the Martial Spiritual Academy's group led by Wu Ling. As for the third place, it was held by a group with a captain possessing a familiar name, being Wen Qingxuan.  

Within the short span of a few days, Wen Qingxuan had reveal her astonishing strength once again, defeating one group after another in a considerably overbearing fashion, before finally scaling into the third place in a queen-like fashion. Her beautiful gaze scanned her surroundings with a cold and haughty fashion akin to a graceful and arrogant phoenix, causing the hearts of others to be exceedingly moved, while the same level of dread surfaced from within. 

The groups ranked after Wen Qingxuan's group all possessed well-renowned fame, as of now, within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, with the level of strength causing absolutely no one to dare to underestimate them.

With the constant appearance of powerful groups, the changes within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had also appeared to happen exceedingly quick. As the previously prominent powerful groups get eliminated and wrecked one after another, those groups that were previously in the top places of the rankings started to get forgotten by the people. Even if they were mentioned, it would always be in disdain, accompanied by the flinging of mouths, with no more care taken when doing so.

Clearly, Mu Chen's group was also included among this list. Previously, they had once risen into the Top 16 within the rankings. However, as of now, they had completely disappeared from it. Therefore, when people had remembered about this group that had suddenly risen from the bottom from nowhere, seemingly everyone had already forgotten about them. Clearly, everyone had already treated them as one of the members of the huge army of eliminated groups…


As time elapsed, with everyone within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament becoming badly bruised in their struggle for the Top 16, boundless Spiritual Energies suddenly shot towards the skies from within a desolate area deep within the a mountainous region.

Within three mountain peaks, boundless Spiritual Energies rushed towards the skies, before three figures shot towards the air amidst long roars. Powerful Spiritual Energies rippled around their bodies akin to the surging of waves, appearing exceedingly tyrannical. These three figures were clearly, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang, who had been in isolated training.

At this moment, unconcealable ecstacy covered the faces of the trio, as the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from their bodies were numerous times more tyrannical than before their isolation training. Clearly, they had already managed to successfully break through their Spiritual Energy Disaster…

Exchanging glances in the air, smiles cracked open from their lips.


As the trio were exchanging glances, an earth-shattering sound suddenly resounded from the mountain behind them. They turned their gazes over, only to see the gigantic waterfall present there had been unexpectedly severed. Present below it was a figure sitting quietly on a green stone, with black and white spiritual energies in harmony radiating from his body, forming what appeared to be a gigantic hundred-metre large Spiritual Energy barrier. It was precisely this Spiritual Energy barrier that had seemingly severed the waterfall in half…


Suddenly, the barrier made from the fusion of black and white Spiritual Energies exploded, causing rampant Spiritual Energies, in the form of a hurricane, to sweep out, instantly causing a storm that whipped within the entire region.

As the hurricane swirled the lake like a storm, the figure sitting within slowly opened his eyes. The view within his black pupils appeared increasingly abstruse, like a scene akin to a starry sky.

Looking towards the storm that had blotted the skies, Mu Chen gave a gentle wave of his sleeve, causing the storm the instantly freeze, before condensing together.

With a shift of his body, Mu Chen appeared in the air. Sensing the vast and boundless Spiritual Energy present within his body, a faint smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth. After crossing his Spiritual Energy Disaster, the Spiritual Energy present within his body was numerous times more dense than before.

"Truly worthy of the Spiritual Energy Disaster."

Mu Chen muttered to himself with a faint smile.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked towards the vast forest, before suddenly extending his palm out. Forming a rather unique seal, a luscious green glowing screen started to radiate from his palm, completely enveloping the giant tall trees present within the tens of kilometres below.


Under the envelope of the light, the giant tall trees appeared to have been provoked, instantly trembling and shaking. Finally, with a final slam, they transformed into rays of green light, rushing straight into the glowing screen present within Mu Chen's hand.

Whoosh. Whoosh.

The rays of green light rushed into the glowing screen, before disappearing away. Faintly, a luscious green sea started to become faintly discernible within the glowing screen…

"What a really wonderful Tree Growing Art…"

Looking towards the luscious green shadow within the glowing screen, before looking at the ground below, which had become completely empty, a sigh of admiration uncontrollably surfaced from within Mu Chen's eyes. Although this Tree Growing Art didn't have any offensive characteristics, the degree of mysteriousness it provided was not one bit inferior in Mu Chen's eyes to the Divine Wood Scripture.

Upon observing this scene unfounding before their eyes, Xu Huang and the other two that were standing not too far away were stunned to complete dumbfoundedness.

Sending them a smile, Mu Chen proceeded to look towards the distance. Present along that direction was the central region of this shattered continent. Despite the vast distance between there and where he stood, Mu Chen could still clearly discern a faint scorching atmosphere perfusing from there…

Slowly crossing his fingers, Mu Chen softly muttered.

"The final phase of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, has finally started…"

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