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Chapter 547 - Collecting all the Divine Wood Plaque

The originally rampant Spiritual Energies present within the region finally dissipated completely away as the azure-blue skies regained its peacefulness once again.

Shock and terror hung on the faces of everyone present in the surroundings as they blankly stared at the slender youth present in the air, while dense feelings of dread flashed within their eyes. The might of the Spiritual Array arranged by Mu Chen was truly too powerful!

No one might have expected such an outcome. Mu Chen, who appeared to have a cultivation of no more than Human Body Disaster, was unexpectedly concealing such a formidable trump card. With one single move, he had turned the situation completely around.

Under the frightening Spiritual Array, the domineering attitudes coming from Xue Tiandou and the others had been obliterated from the face of the earth.

A few people started to quietly sigh. Originally, they were planning on waiting for both Mu Chen and Xue Tiandou to get mutually injured before attempting to obtain some benefits. However, from the looks of the current situation, it's best to retract and restrain such thoughts. Although Mu Chen appeared to have consumed much of his strength, there was still Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan protecting him. All of them were extremely clear of the strength the two girls possessed.

None of those three were easy to deal with. Thus, it's best to not provoke them.

In the air, a pale shade was present on Mu Chen's face as his body slowly descended, with Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan following behind him.

Mu Chen swept his gaze around. As he did so, anyone that crossed gazes with him would involuntarily turn their eyes away. Even though they knew that Mu Chen had expended much of his strength, the fear and dread they had towards him had become even deep than before.

"Everyone. Since all of the treasures here have found their new owners, does everyone still want to remain here?" said Mu Chen with a faint smile.

Hearing that, quite a few groups exchanged glances with each other, before letting out dry laughs. In the next moment, a few people turned around and walked away. Indeed, all of the treasures here already had new owners. Regardless of their unwillingness, they were unable to change the results. Therefore, it's best to leave as early as possible. As for their journey in this remnant of the Divine Wood Palace, it should also come to an end.

As more and more groups left, the plaza started to gradually grow empty. 

Crossing her hands before her chest, Wu Yingying shot a cold look at Mu Chen, before turning around and leaving.

"Wait." However, just as she had turned around, Mu Chen suddenly spoke out.

"What's the matter? Could it be that you still want snatch away the Spiritual Item in my hand?" snapped Wu Yingying with a snort as she flung her rosy lips aside.

Hearing that, Mu Chen gave an embarrassed laugh, before scratching his head and replied. "I want to make a deal with you."

"Not interested!" Wu Yingying rejected in a beat.

Seeing her snappy reply, Mu Chen gave a bitter laugh. Originally, he had assumed that Wu Yingying would have a somewhat favorable impression of him, since she had not collaborated with Wang Zhong and the others to deal with him. However, he never expected her to not even give him any face in her reply.

"Mu Chen doesn't have any intention of making things difficult for you, Miss Wu. There's no harm for you to listen to the deal he is trying to tell you about. If you're really not interested, we'll not obstruct you at all. What do you say?" While Mu Chen was feeling helpless, Luo Li, who was beside him, gave a faint smile as she said in a warm and gentle voice.

Only after hearing Luo Li's words did Wu Yingying turn her head around. Sweeping her beautiful eyes towards the former, a slightly complicated feeling appeared within the depths of her eyes. Even she felt slightly ashamed about herself in the presence of Luo Li's appearance and temperament. She truly didn't know why a girl as outstanding as her would take a fancy for such a pervert.

"Speak, then." Shooting a complicated look at Mu Chen and Luo Li, Wu Yingying finally gave her reply in a cold and indifferent tone.

"From the looks of it, this remnant of the Divine Wood Palace can be considered to have been completely explored. I believe that the Divine Wood Plaque might not have any other use for you. Therefore, is it possible for you to trade it with me?" said Mu Chen. Of the six Divine Wood Plaques, he had already obtain four of them, with only two left for him to complete the set.

"Divine Wood Plaque?" Hearing Mu Chen's words, Wu Yingying instantly gawked, before slightly knitting her eyebrows. Shooting a suspicious look at Mu Chen, she asked, "Earlier, you've already snatched the Divine Wood Plaques from the hands of Xue Tiandou and his gang. Why do you still need the one in my hands?"

Wu Yingying clearly wasn't stupid, but extremely bright and intelligent. With Mu Chen suddenly gathering the Divine Wood Plaques, it had undoubtedly caused some suspicion to rise within her.

"I've somewhat obtained a Successor status from that Spiritual Treasure Mountain earlier. Therefore, if I manage to obtain all six Divine Wood Plaques, I should be able to obtain some benefits," replied Mu Chen after some slight hesitation. In the end, he did not choose to lie and told her the truth.

"Oh?" Hearing that, Wu Yingying's eyes instantly contracted. In the next instant, an ambiguous smile appeared on her pretty face as she looked towards Mu Chen and said, "Are you not afraid that I'll become interested in the Divine Wood Plaques, making it even harder for you to obtain mine?"

"You've helped me a few times already. Although you might not admit it, I've always treated you as a friend. Therefore, I didn't want to lie to you," replied Mu Chen as he shrugged his shoulders. "If I were to lose such a benefit, I might feel some heart pain over it. However, it's not something that I need to obtain no matter what."

"Friend? Hmph. I can't shoulder that burden," snorted Wu Yingying with a stiff expression on her face. Nevertheless, some of the chilling intent originally present within the beautiful eyes of the young girl had quietly dissipated away.

"If you're willing, I can use ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to exchange for the Divine Wood Plaque in your hands. What do you say?" said Mu Chen in a soft voice. Ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was already a rather high price for it. It may be assumed that anyone would be hard pressed to reject his trade. After all, at this moment, the Divine Wood Plaque had already lost its use. There's no use in leaving something worthless in one's hands.

However, she went against Mu Chen's expectations. Flinging her rosy lips aside in disdain, Wu Yingying replied, "Ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? What a huge sum."

Seeing her response, Mu Chen's heart started to ache, before helplessly saying, "What do I have to do for you to accept this trade?"

"I don't want your Sovereign Spiritual Liquid," replied Wu Yingying. Clenching her hand, an exquisite-looking Divine Wood Plaque appeared. Playing around with it, she shot a look towards Mu Chen with her pretty eyes, before speaking with an ambiguous smile, "I'll even gift this Divine Wood Plaque to you. However, that way, you will now owe me a favor."

Hearing that, Mu Chen instantly gawked, before rubbing his nose with a bitter smile. Indeed, women were creatures that weren't easy to deal with. The hardest thing to trade around in this universe would be favors.

"Exactly what you want me to do?"

"I've yet to decide on it,"replied Wu Yingying with a grin, her crescent moon-like eyes glistening with the craftiness of a fox.

Seeing this, Mu Chen turned speechless. At this moment, the only thing he could do was to nod his head and say, "As long as you're not asking to be stripped naked, I'll treat it as me owing you a favor."

Wu Yingying's lovable face instantly turned beet-red in response to Mu Chen's words. Staring at Mu Chen with incomparable resentment and embarrassment, creaking sounds rang out from her clenched teeth, before she fiercely tossed the Divine Wood Plaque towards him. This bastard, pervert!

"I'll remember this!"

After shooting a vicious reply, Wu Yingying rapidly turned around and fled.

Grasping the Divine Wood Plaque, Mu Chen looked at the lovable figure of Wu Yingying in the distance, before bursting out in laughter.

"Is it fun to tease a girl?" Unable to bear it, Luo Li shot a glare at Mu Chen as she said in an annoyed tone.

"Tsk, tsk. I really am unable to tell. It turns out that Captain Mu Chen's a veteran in picking flowers, huh." Wishing for the whole world to be in chaos, Wen Qingxuan said with a sweet smile.

Being stared at by the the two girls, cold sweat started to seep out from Mu Chen's back. With the only thing he could do being to cough dryly. In the next instant, his gaze suddenly turned around, before locking onto the crowd of people from the Four Sea Spiritual Academies that were about to leave this region.

"Haha, please hold on, friends."

A smile appeared once again on Mu Chen's handsome face as he quickly strode over towards the group from the Four Sea Spiritual Academies.

Towards this group from the Four Sea Spiritual Academies, Mu Chen wasn't as polite as he was towards Wu Yingying, anf immediately took out five drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to exchange for the Divine Wood Plaque in their hands. The people from the Four Sea Spiritual Academies also felt suspicious towards Mu Chen's fancy for their Divine Wood Plaque. Nevertheless, they still nodded their heads and agreed, in the end. After all, being in the presence of the latter, they had no choice but to lower their heads. Mu Chen's lineup wasn't something they could contend against with their group of people. Furthermore, he had taken out five drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, which really moved their hearts in excitement. All of them were extremely clear about the value of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Therefore, after a somewhat friendly exchange, Mu Chen managed to obtain the last Divine Wood Plaque without a hitch. After obtaining the five drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in delight, the Four Sea Spiritual Academies group rapidly took off and left.

Thereafter, the entire plaza quickly became quiet and peaceful, not one bit like the liveliness just a while ago.


With all six of the Divine Wood Plaques in his hands, Mu Chen gave a huge sigh of relief, as if a heavy load had been shifted off his shoulders. Although he really wanted to immediately assemble the six Divine Wood Plaques together to see exactly what benefit he would get, this wasn't the right place to do so. After deeply pondering for a slight bit, he looked towards Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan before saying, "Let's leave this place, too. The journey of this Divine Wood Palace should be, more or less, complete."

Hearing that, Luo Li nodded her head.

"What are you guys planning to do after this?" Suddenly, Wen Qingxuan asked.

"We'll go into secluded training," replied Mu Chen after a thought. He could feel the arrival of his Spiritual Energy Disaster. Furthermore, after this isolation, they should be able to let Xu Huang and the other two smoothly pass through their Spiritual Energy Disasters, which would result in an increase in strength of their group once again.

"Then, it's about time that we go on seperate paths," said Wen Qingxuan with a smile. "As of now, the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament should be about to entire its final phase. The various large and small remnants on this shattered continent should have already been searched by the people present. Also, those powerful groups hiding in the dark will appear in succession in the following period of time… when that happens, the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament will have already entered its most lively phase of time."

Hearing that, Mu Chen gently nodded his head. At the starting of the Tournament, all of the powerful groups were all concealing their strengths and biding their time as they secretly searched for remnants to promote the strength of their groups. As of now, with the end of the search about to arrive, what's next should be the display of their true strength, and the period of time to start snatching points.

Clearly, this would result in intense battles that would involve everyone in this shattered continent.

That's because the number of groups that could enter the final match was a measly eight, a number that could be counted with one's fingers. For the sake of obtaining one of those eight quotas, every group present here would risk their lives for it.

In the past, they had given up on points for the sake of raising their strength. However, as of now… they would start contesting for points. If those groups that had filled themselves full of points possess insufficient strength to protect themselves, their ending would undoubtedly be the sacrificial lambs for others.

"You guys try to come out as fast as possible. If not, you all might not even be able to enter the decisive battle for the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. If that happens, being the Captain, you would really be humiliated," said Wen Qingxuan with a clench of her hand. Slightly raising her red lips, she continued speaking in a haughty manner. "As for me, I'm going to continue taking action. The numero uno on the point rankings has been snatched away by Ji Xuan. I won't let that numero uno place slip out of my hands."

Hearing that, Mu Chen slightly nodded his head. Ever since Wen Qingxuan's group had fallen off from the numero uno place, the group that had continued to maintain the numero uno place was the one led by Ji Xuan.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked towards the distant skies. At this moment, his handsome face appeared exceedingly calm. He had a premonition that, not long from now, he would have a formal meeting with Ji Xuan…

That moment was something worth anticipating for.

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