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Chapter 537 - Lightning Sea

Two light rays shot out from the sea of lightning and under the eyes of everyone, it shone onto Mu Chen and Xue Tiandou and shrouded them within.

“Those two are actually the so-called ‘Successors’?”

On the platform, there was suddenly a voice of exclamation. They weren’t too clear about the so-called ‘Successors’. However, from the meaning held in the word, it should be an opportunity, but it was impossible for the two of them to obtain it.

They glanced at the tubular green sea of lightning that had green lightning dragons roaring within it, unleashing astonishing might. Although the two of them had the opportunity, it was something that they could obtain after being able to keep their lives.

Standing at the side of Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan also glanced at Xue Tiandou in astonishment. Clearly, they had also not expected that he would be the same as Mu Chen, obtaining the identity of a Successor.

“Haha, I never expected that you would also be able to obtain the identity of a Successor.”

Xue Tiandou turned his head over and took a glance at Mu Chen. His handsome face was filled with a smile, except it was a smile with a chill, “But are you sure that you can handle this opportunity? The Divine Wood Lightning Dipper isn’t as easy as you think.”

“You better not die here.” Mu Chen said with a smile.

Xue Tiandou smiled as he nodded.


As the two people smiled towards each other, with killing intent silently surging, another roar of thunder resounded from the sea of lightning as if it was urging the both of them.

Mu Chen deeply inhaled a mouthful of air as a smear of graveness flashed in the depths of his eyes. Shortly after, he no longer had any hesitation as he took a step forward, turning into a streak of light as he charged into the sea of lightning.

When Mu Chen’s figure had moved, Xue Tiandou had also turned into a bloody light as he charged into the sea of lightning without any traces of fear.

Rumble! Rumble!

When Mu Chen entered the sea of lightning, he saw the green clouds roll as the green lightning bolts became like huge pythons as they brought along rampant momentum, before tearing the sky and ruthlessly striking Mu Chen at astonishing speeds.


Mu Chen’s body flew back a few hundred feet as he was struck. Black lightning flickered around him, but the speed of the lightning was extremely high. If one could see through the lightning, they would discover a black patch on Mu Chen’s chest, even his flesh was a little messed up.

“How formidable.”

Mu Chen’s expression turned grave. He had already cultivated the Lightning God’s Physique to Penta Rune Lightning Physique. Not even Late Spiritual Energy experts could hurt him. However, he was clearly injured from a bolt of green lightning. The so-called Divine Wood Lightning Dipper was, indeed, tyrannical.

Mu Chen tightened his fist as black lightning frantically flickered. The five lightning runes on his chest flickered as he had already activated his Lightning God’s Physique to the limit. Faced with such a situation, despite the fact that he possessed a powerful physical body, he did not dare to be careless.


When Mu Chen suffered another green lightning strike, Xue Tiandou had bloody light surging around his surroundings not far away. The latter pushed both his palms out as they turned into a huge, scarlet bloody hand as it clashed with the incoming green lightning.

Huge collisions resounded as the bloody hand was shattered. Xue Tiandou retreated a few dozen feet as his eyes flickered.

When countless people looked at the two people, they inwardly smacked their lips. Those two were indeed, not people that were easy to be dealt with. One actually dared to used his physical body to confront the lightning, while the other used his powerful Spiritual Energy to face it. The strength of those two caused fear to rise in others.

“Let’s begin as well.” Luo Li said as she looked at Wen Qingxuan.

Wen Qingxuan nodded before looking at her team, “You guys stay here. There’s no need for you guys to move forward.”

This sea of lightning was so extremely rampant that even Spiritual Energy experts would find it hard to go through. If her teammates were to face it, it would be a little too forceful for them.

Pin’er, Le’er and the rest nodded their heads at her words.

“Let’s go.”

Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li’s figures moved as they rapidly flew out, charging into a patch of the green lightning sea.


After them, some figures had also flew in. They had powerful Spiritual Energy ripples around them, clearly they possessed powerful strengths. Therefore, they had some confidence in being able to last a joss stick time in the challenge.

Wang Zhong, Wu Yingying and the rest of similar level charged into the sea of lightning as well. They naturally had quite the confidence in their strengths.


As one figure after another constantly charged into the sea of lightning, it suddenly turned rampant as one bolt of green lightning after another shot out from the sea of lightning onto those figures.


Low and muffled sounds of explosion constantly resounded as one expert after another who had powerful Spiritual Energy around them instantly suffered. Their Spiritual Energy was thoroughly wrecked by the lightning as it struck them. They flew back a few hundred feet in a terrible state. Many of them were spurting blood as their faces were overwhelmed with astonishment. 

Only after experiencing the power of it, did they realise how difficult it was to hold on till the end of the joss stick time.

Outside the sea of lightning, when those who had yet to step in saw the scene unfold before them, they instantly suppressed their hearts that had begun to stir. Although treasures were tempting, their lives were even more important. This Divine Wood Academy wasn’t a place where anything could bear fruit.

Explosions of thunder constantly rang by Mu Chen’s ears as he swept his glance around. This sea of lightning was in chaos. However, there wasn’t anyone in the few thousand foot radius in the area he was in. They were probably afraid that the disaster brought by the identity as Successor would affect them.


Another huge lightning pillar shot out of the layers of clouds and struck Mu Chen’s body.

Mu Chen was struck back once again as fresh blood flowed down from his arm. The intense pain had made him frown his brows. His charming face had no emotion on it. He looked at the other direction that had bloody light spreadingout. Xue Tiandou was withstanding the lightning using his powerful Spiritual Energy.

Although Xue Tiandou would be forcefully moved back from the lightning, he was in a much better state compared to Mu Chen. The appearance of the latter was much better as he did not have any injuries on his body. However, Mu Chen had blood flowing down his body, which made him appear in a pretty terrible state

“Big Brother Mu Chen looks terrible.” Pin’er said in a soft tone when she saw the scene.

Xu Huang lightly shook his head, “Mu Chen’s strength lies in his physical body, whereas Xue Tiandou’s strength lies in his powerful Spiritual Energy. From appearances, it would be natural for the latter to look better. If he were to copy what Mu Chen did, he would have already been turned into a bloody figure.”

As they spoke, lightning suddenly turned rampant in the sea of lightning as green lightning frantically flickered.

As the lightning became even more rampant, there were people that could not hold on much longer as they were sent flying out of the sea of lightning with blood spurting from their mouths as they fell onto the ground. Their bodies were black as they appeared in a horrible state. The sight of them caused many people to feel fear as they realised that everyone that was sent flying out were all those that had reached Spiritual Energy Disaster in strength.

Even experts like them could not last a joss stick of time. It’s hard to imagine how tyrannical the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper was.

Time flowed quickly under the constantly roaring thunder. However, time flowed as if years had past for those that were inside the sea of lightning.

Mu Chen stood on the cloud as the green lightning constantly struck his body that made him move back. The surface of his body was also covered in black as his skin became torn by the explosions with fresh blood flowing down. However, the blood was evaporated by the high temperature.


Mu Chen’s breath was a little messed up compared to the beginning as he realised that it was hard for him to withstand the lightning despite his Penta Rune Lightning Physique. Although he had not used any means of Spiritual Energy to defend, he had still thoroughly activated his Lightning God’s Physique.

Mu Chen swept his glance towards the distance, where a bloody light filled the area. It seemed to have formed into a light sphere with Xue Tiandou being protected within. That fellow seemed to have quite the method up his sleeves.

“A joss stick time should be up.”

Mu Chen’s eyes flickered as he muttered.

As he murmured to himself, the sea of lightning suddenly became a lot more quiet. Thereafter, everyone could see streaks of light emerging from the other end of the sea of lightning. Those figures that were covered by the sea of lightning were actually brought to the other side of it through suction.

Clearly, those people had already passed through the test.

However, the amount did not exceed a hundred.

The majority of the people that exited through the sea of lightning felt relieved. Some of them were swaying around as they rejoiced in their hearts. It was fortunate that the time was up; otherwise, they would not be able to hold on much longer.


Just when they freed themselves from the sea of lightning, a sudden explosion of thunder resounded from the sea of lightning.

Everyone directed their gazes over and their faces uncontrollable changed as they saw green light spreading in the sea of lightning. Green lightning appeared one after another from the clouds as they seemed like huge dragons unleashing their ferocious might.

At this instant, there were only two people in the sea of lightning.

It was Mu Chen and Xue Tiandou.

Everyone could sense that the sea of lightning had become even more violent compared to before.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan’s faces turned grave, while Wang Zhong, Mo Yu and the rest were rejoicing. They couldn’t help wishing that Mu Chen would die in the sea of lightning.

The current sea of lightning had just started to show its true might at this moment. Fortunately, only those two could feel its true might. They did not know if they were lucky or unlucky. Everyone was curious, wondering which of the Successors could walk out of this sea of lightning.

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