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Chapter 531 - All Sorts of Methods

Pure and powerful Spiritual Energy rippled out which caused the entire space to fluctuate in the ancient hall.

Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan sat in the sky, occupying different locations as boundless Spiritual Energy spread from them. Clearly, they were going to try to subdue all those Sovereign Spiritual Liquids with their real means.

Mu Chen’s face was grave as he had tested earlier. He knew how powerful those Sovereign Spiritual Liquid were. If those Sovereign Spiritual Liquids possessed offensive characteristics, Mu Chen would not dare to have any ideas on them as the Spiritual Energy contained in every single drop of those Sovereign Spiritual Liquids were more powerful than those he had accumulated in his body.

After all, they were things that was refined by Sovereign realm experts at a huge expand of their time.


A white mist spat out from Mu Chen’s mouth as his gaze turned exceptionally grave. Shortly after, both of his palm were pushed forward as black and white Spiritual Energy formed a huge hand and made a grab towards the greenish small fish that were swimming in the air.

Buzzzzzz. Buzzz.

At this instant, Mu Chen had already controlled his Spiritual Energy to the limits as the huge black and white hand flickered, capturing one small fish and subduing it rapidly.

Just as Mu Chen had moved, a clear cry resounded from Wen Qingxuan’s location. Golden light flickered and within the golden light, it seemed as if there was a golden phoenix spreading its wings. The golden light swallowed the small fish that were swimming in the air.

After that small-sized golden phoenix had devoured the small fish, it rapidly flew back, turning into a golden feather. That golden phoenix burst forth with dazzling light, which lasted for half an hour before dissipating.

When the golden light dissipated, Wen Qingxuan’s figure appeared. Her jade-like hands made a grab towards those ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid hovering above her hand.

In just half an hour’s time, she had already subdued ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. The efficiency was several times faster compared to Mu Chen.

Wen Qingxuan looked at the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in her hand as she nodded in satisfaction. She then shifted her gaze towards Mu Chen’s direction with a provoking gaze. The hand that the latter had formed was from his Spiritual Energy. Thus, it was clearly inferior compared to the golden phoenix that she had formed.

Mu Chen also sensed the provoking gaze from Wen Qingxuan as he smiled in response. He was startled by the latter’s method. Furthermore, he sensed a familiar fluctuation coming from her golden phoenix.


Just as Mu Chen’s eyes flickered, a clear sword cry resonated as he directed his gaze over. He saw powerful Sword Intent spreading from Luo Li. That Sword Intent did not have a form. However, he could felt heart-racing ripples expanded out of it.

Buzzz. Buzzzz.

The sword cry became more rapid as the Luo God Sword that was in Luo Li’s hands slightly jolted. In the next instant, the Luo God Sword flew out with sword light fluctuating. It formed into a sword river under the sword light. As the sword river whistled, it was like a huge python as it devoured ten Sovereign Spiritual Liquids.

When the sword river devoured those Sovereign Spiritual Liquids, it entrench itself around Luo Li. Mu Chen could see the Luo God Sword emitting sword light within the sword river as it constantly suppressed those retaliating Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. The Luo God Sword was, indeed, worthy of being a genuine Divine Artifact. The power it possessed far surpassed Mu Chen’s imagination.

Mu Chen had also not seen the true might unleashed by the Luo God Sword. However, he felt that if the Luo God Sword was to truly unleash its full might, not even the Great Meru Demonic Pillar to contend against it unless Mu Chen unsealed the seal that was placed on it.

With the power of the Luo God Sword, Luo Li suppressed the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid at a rapid speed. In just half an hour, there were ten Sovereign Spiritual Liquids quietly floating before her from the sword river.

Luo Li grasped her hand as she stored the ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Thereafter, she looked towards Mu Chen and smiled, wittyly pointed towards Wen Qingxuan’s direction as she formed words with her mouth, “Don’t lose to her.”

Mu Chen helplessly glared at her. This girl was clearly actually enjoying his misfortune.

However, it’s time for him to reveal some of his cards. Otherwise, he might really be thrown far away by them. At that time, who knew how Wen Qingxuan would mock him at that time.

Mu Chen inhaled a mouthful of air as his black pupils became focused. The huge hand that was formed from Spiritual Energy was dispersed with a wave of his hand. This method of capturing Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was simply too inefficient as it was incomparable to Wen Qignxuan and Luo Li.

Mu Chen formed seals with both his hands as he shut his eyes as the Spiritual Energy around him calmed down.

Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li had also sensed his actions. Just when they were capturing the Sovereign Spiritual Liquids, they also paid attention to his direction.

Black light surfaced from Mu Chen's body under their attention. The light became more and more dense as it gathered behind Mu Chen. Vaguely forming the shape of a Nine-layered Pagoda.

There were profound runes on the surface of the Nine-layered Pagoda with dragon patterns on every single level, making it to seem vivid and lifelike. The dragons roared as though they were about to struggle free from body the Nine-layered Pagoda.

A bizarre suppression of power gradually spread out. The Sovereign Spiritual Liquids that was swimming near Mu Chen looked as though they had sensed a pressure coming from him as they started to escape.

“What is that…?”

Wen Qingxuan was lightly startled. This was clearly the first time that she had seen this method from Mu Chen. Furthermore, she could feel the pressure coming from the black Nine-layered Pagoda.

Luo Li’s charming eyes was fixed on the black Nine-layered Pagoda. This was not the first time she had seen it. Furthermore, she knew how powerful it was. Back then, at the Divine Spiritual Mountain of the Northern Heavens Continent, Mu Chen’s mother made her appearance appeared and used a similar Nine-layered Pagoda to refine the Yellow Dragon Sovereign, along with his Sovereign’s Celestial Body. That scene was so shocking that it made even those big shots of the Northern Heavens Continent dumbfounded.

Although his current Nine-layered Pagoda was incomparable to his mother’s, it was definitely not weak.

As the Nine-layered Pagoda hovered behind Mu Chen, black light swept. Those black lights looked as if they contained bizarre power as small fishes lost the power to retaliate the instant the black light was shone on them. Thereafter, they were sucked into the Nine-layered Pagoda along with the black light.

When the small fishes were sucked into the Nine-layered Pagoda, roars of dragons could be heard from the body of the pagoda. A primordial golden dragon broke away from the body of the Nine-layered Pagoda as boundless golden flames entered it. The golden flames expanded as they swallowed the small fish.

Tssssss Siiiiii!

The golden flames displayed fearsome power when they refined the Yellow Dragon Sovereign along with his Sovereign’s Celestial Body back when when Mu Chen’s mother had used similar methods.

Therefore, faced with the golden flames, the struggle of those greenish small fishes became weak. In less than twenty minutes, ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid were already floating inside the Nine-layered Pagoda.

Mu Chen made a summoning gesture with his hand as the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid flew out and landed on top of his palm.

Mu Chen stared at the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in his hand as a smile surfaced from the corner of his mouth. Ever since he had successfully cultivated the completed version of the Great Pagoda Art, his Nine-layered Pagoda had grown in power. However, he did not use it frequently when he faced his enemies as it was considered trump card.

Mu Chen stored the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as he took a glance at Wen Qingxuan. Astonishment were filled on the girl’s face. Clearly, she had been startled by Mu Chen’s speed.


However, when she sensed Mu Chen’s gaze, she pretended to snort in disdain. She then turned her head and no longer bothered about Mu Chen as started to subdue the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid at full force by controlling the golden phoenix.

When Mu Chen saw that the prideful girl being startled by him, he couldn’t help smiling as he winked his eyes at Luo Li.

“You only know how to bully girls.”

Luo Li rolled her eyes at him as she smiled. She no longer divided her attention and had also focused on the task before her.

Mu Chen smiled as he retracted his gaze and calmed his heart. Right now, he had to capture the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as quickly as possible. It wasn't easy to encounter such a place again. Even in the Great Thousand World, with such amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in this place, it could even attract the attention of countless Sovereign Realms experts to fight for it. At that point of time, it wouldn’t be like the small scuffles that they had with Mo Yu and his group.

Therefore, he had to grab hold of this opportunity to capture as much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as quickly as possible since it would greatly benefit his future cultivation. After all, it would require quite an amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to enter the realm of a Sovereign.

Rumble! Rumble!

As Mu Chen calmed his heart, the Nine-layered Pagoda behind him emitted black lights. Those black lights enveloped the small fish and, thereafter, suppressed and subdued them…

Within the ancient hall, the whistling of Spiritual Energy resounded as the golden phoenix, sword river and the black pagoda occupied a corner. As time passed, those small fishes were turned into Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and stored away by the three people.

The three of them gained the greatest benefit in this trip to the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard.

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