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Chapter 530 - Sovereign Spiritual Liquid


The massive wooden door opened along with an ancient noise, as if there was an aura that came from the primordial times surging out and covered this entire region.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

Mu Chen’s gaze was brightly lit as he looked at the opening door of the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. A smear of blaze flashed in the depths of his eyes. Shortly after, he smiled towards Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan as his figure had appeared at the door of the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. Standing there, the antique aura was blowing on his face, which gave him a peculiar feeling, as if he had gone back in time.

As the huge door opened, greenish light was unveiled. The light was filled with nourishing life force.

Mu Chen carefully stepped into it and as his foot stepped into it and did not sense any peculiar movements, only then did he ease down. He stepped into it and behind him, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were cautiously following behind him. Spiritual Energy ripples were fluctuating on them. Clearly, they were holding their guards up.

Behind the door, it was a path as it was covered in greenish light. Mu Chen and his group of three were cautiously walking on the layer of light.

The path wasn’t long as they had quickly paced to the end of it. Thereafter, the scene before them turned vast and what followed after was dense astonishment appearing on the surface of their faces.

It was a pool that was floating in the air that appeared before them. The pool was green in colour as it emitted dense vitality, emitting fearsome Spiritual Energy ripples.


A sound suddenly came from the green pool as they saw greenish small fishes swimming about. Thereafter, they were wagging their tails as they swam in the air.

Those small fishes were green in colour as they emitted astral light, appearing to be extremely agile. However, Mu Chen and his group could sense extremely pure and powerful Spiritual Energy ripples coming from the body of those small fishes…

“Where is the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?” Mu Chen was a little startled as he looked at the greenish pool as his face twitched, “Could that water all be the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?”

Wasn’t that a little too frightening? If that was the case, how much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was there?

“Dream on.” Wen Qingxuan rolled her eyes at Mu Chen. Thereafter, her slender fingers pointed towards those small fishes that were swimming in the air, “Those are the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…”

Mu Chen widened his mouth as he stared in a daze at those green small fishes. He was like a country pumpkin that had not seen the world before. But of course, this was his first time seeing the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Shouldn’t that be in a liquid state? Why did it become the appearance of a small fish…

“Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was something that only experts could refine, the Spiritual Energy contained in it is not only pure, but also possesses spirituality. Naturally, that spirituality depended on the refiner’s strength. Therefore, Sovereign Spiritual Liquid of higher grades possess  the ability to take form.” Luo Li smiled, “Generally speaking, the higher the quality of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, the bigger the form it would take. I have seen the form of a drop of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that was refined by a Heavenly Sovereign for a year. It was something that I’m afraid that not even this Hidden Spiritual Courtyard could contain.”

Mu Chen could not help smacking his lips inwardly. The level of a Sovereign was naturally not something that the current him could imagine. No wonder it was a dividing range for cultivation in the Great Thousand World.

All those beneath of Sovereign Realm were ants.

“These Sovereign Spiritual Liquids...aren’t easy to store.” Wen Qingxuan’s expression turned grave as she looked at those adorable swimming fishes.

“Getting it will be very troublesome?” Mu Chen asked in doubt.

“Do you think that as long as you have entered the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, you will be able to take all the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid here with a wave of your hand?”

Wen Qingxuan ruthlessly stuck on the aspect that Mu Chen had no knowledge of as she spoke, “Sovereign Spiritual Liquid possesses a trace of spirituality. Speaking from a certain aspect, it possesses powerful energy as well. Although that energy would not explode, it would dodge and escape capture by instinct. Therefore, if you want to capture it, it will not be easy.”

“Truly deserving to be called the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.” Mu Chen sighed. Hearing Wen Qingxuan’s words, it piqued his interest as he said in eager, “Then, let me give it a try!”

As he finished his speech, his figure moved and burst forth.


When his figure flew, all those green fishes that were casually swimming seemed to have been startled as they started to disperse. As they dispersed, they unleashed astonishing speed as Mu Chen could only see the numerous streaks of green light and could not see their bodies.

“What astonishing speed.”

Mu Chen was also startled. Shortly after, a dragon image appeared beneath his feet as a dragon roar thundered. His speed instantly spiked as boundless Spiritual Energy swept out from his body. It turned into Spiritual Energy hands as it rapidly flew out, grabbing onto a green light.

Boom! Boom!

When the small fish was grabbed by Mu Chen, it frantically struggled. Its small body was banging on the Spiritual Energy palm, emitting ear-piercing clashes. Furthermore, Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy palm was swaying from its impact as it seemed as if it would collapse.

“What powerful force.”

Mu Chen expression finally turned grave. After experimenting it himself, he understood how difficult it was to capture these Sovereign Spiritual Liquids. Furthermore, it was just a small drop. If he was the one that personally grabbed onto it, ithr would have probably suffered injuries already.

The Spiritual Energy palm constantly trembled as Mu Chen immediately controlled his Spiritual Energy. A black and white surge of Spiritual Energy swept out as it continuously strengthened his defense, going into a deadlock.

The deadlock continued for dozens of minutes before it gradually weakened down. Mu Chen waved his sleeve as the light palm disappeared. The green fish that was within had already transformed, into a crystalized green liquid.

The liquid was so beautiful that it made others unable to shift their eyes from it. Within the small liquid, it seemed as if there was an entire world existing within it. As the light diminished, it made people intoxicated in it.

Mu Chen extended his palm as the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid hovered on his palm. He could sense the frightening amount of Spiritual Energy contained within it. The energy contained was even stronger then his Spiritual Energy. However, that form of Spiritual Energy had no offensive characteristics to it. Despite being pure, it had a trace of spirituality mixed within it, being extremely bizarre.

“This is the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…”

As Mu Chen muttered, his heart shook. This was something that was refined for a month by Sovereigns, their masterpiece. Hereby missing the bigger picture as it contained all sorts of exceptionally brilliant methods possessed by Sovereigns.

It made Mu Chen filled with expectation for that realm.

“How is it?” Wen Qingxuan chuckled as she flew to Mu Chen’s side.

“Indeed, it was troublesome.” Mu Chen nodded his head. He looked at the huge hall with numerous small green fishes swimming in it as he continued, “With so many Sovereign Spiritual Liquid here, it’s impossible for us to take all of them.”

“It’s fine as long as you’re satisfied.” Luo Li smiled. Although she knew the worth of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, she wasn’t too strongly attached to it. After all, it was a fool’s errand.

Mu Chen smiled, “Since that’s the case...then prepare to act. We have to obtain at least as much of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as we can. It’d have to depend on your capabilities.”

“Rest assured, I will leave you far behind.” Wen Qingxuan said with pride.

“Really?” Mu Chen smiled in return.

“Why don’t we have a bet?” Wen Qingxuan looked at Mu Chen with provocation as a sly smile rose from her lips, “If you lose, then you are not allowed to have any bodily contact with Luo Li during the entire period of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.”

Mu Chen and Luo Li were stunned by her bizarre request.

“It’s your bet, how am I involved in it?” Luo Li snapped.

“Then what if you lost?” Mu Chen’s brows twitched. Thinking of how Wen Qingxuan had been constantly provoking him. He coldly smiled as his gaze swept towards Wen Qingxuan’s exquisite figure.

Sensing his gaze, Wen Qingxuan wasn’t angered. A charming smile appeared on her beautiful features as she leisurely approached Mu Chen. She placed her hand onto Mu Chen’s shoulders as she softly said, “If I lose, you can do anything to me. If you take a fancy in a lady like me, then I’m willing to present myself. That can be discussed…”

Mu Chen looked mockingly at her as he grabbed onto Luo Li’s hand, “Luo Li is more beautiful in comparison. I’m not interested in this disadvantage deal.”

“You’re seeking death!”

Wen Qingxuan’s face turned chill as her brows stood up. Her gentle palm that was placed on Mu Chen’s shoulders suddenly pressed down ruthlessly.


Mu Chen laughed as he fled. He stepped on the sky as his gaze fell onto those small fishes swimming in the hall as he smiled, “If you really want to play, then I’ll accompany you this once. Forget about betting. Although I can’t fight with you right now, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to beat me this time.”

As he spoke, Mu Chen sat down with his legs crossed. Thereafter, black and white Spiritual Energy circulated on the surface of his body emitting bizarre ripples.

“Hmph, your tone is pretty big. I’ll take a look at how you are going to beat me.”

Wen Qingxuan’s character was prideful to begin with. Furthermore, she would constantly make comparisons between him and herself. Hearing his words, how could she stand it? In that instant, he coldly snorted as her figure moved. She had already appeared on the sky as her hands clasped together, emitting dazzling golden light that was spreading out.

Luo Li helplessly shook her head as she saw the two people on her left and right competing. Shortly after, she also sat down, placing the Luo God Sword on her knees. A faint sword intent was then emitted as she was prepared to start as well.

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