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Chapter 529 - Opening

Outside the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, the boundless Spiritual Energy ripples calmed down. The powerful pressure that was emitting from the Courtyard Spirit also withdrew.

The palm that swept along with a powerful Spiritual Energy stopped before Mu Chen. However, it did not land as it's empty eyes were focusing on Mu Chen. However, Mu Chen knew that it was looking at the ancient tree rune on his forehead.

It was something that the white-haired Elder from the Spiritual Treasure Mountain left for him.

Mu Chen willed the Great Meru Demonic Pillar to fly back and it hovered behind him. His body was still tense. The instant the Courtyard Spirit made any movements, he would immediately turn around and flee.

Fortunately, the situation that Mu Chen wished for not to happen did not take place. The Courtyard Spirit was suspended before him as it's empty eyes were flickering with light. Naturally, it no longer had any hostility towards Mu Chen.

At the rear, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan, who were about to move and help Mu Chen, also stopped their movements. They had naturally sensed that something wasn’t right as the Courtyard Spirit no longer attacked Mu Chen.

“What’s going on?” The two girls exchanged a glance and could see a hint of doubt in each other’s eyes.

“What’s going on?” Mo Yu, Qin Feng and the rest had also issued the same question. However, their tones were more to dark as they could vaguely feel that something was wrong.

Under those gazes, Mu Chen saw that the Courtyard Spirit no longer had any signs of attacking him and gradually relaxed his body. Thereafter, he saw the Courtyard Spirit slowly bow as its empty voice resounded, “Identity confirmed. The Successor has the qualifications to enter the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard.”

“Successor? You’re talking about me?” Mu Chen asked as his heartbeat raced.

“You possess the Divine Tree Rune, that deems your identification as the Successor.” The Courtyard Spirit’s empty voice no longer had any enmity.

“So I’ll be able to enter the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard?” The corner of Mu Chen’s lips slightly twitched as he could not stop the surging excitement in his heart as he pointed towards the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard.

The Courtyard Spirit nodded its head.

An uncontrollable excitement surged from Mu Chen’s pupils, which made him softly chuckle. The sudden change of events made him feel a little unreal. Originally, they should be forced to retreat. But, who could have imagined that he would suddenly become a Successor? Furthermore, possessing the qualification to enter the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard.

Mu Chen’s line-of-sight was directed towards Mo Yu and his group that was hiding within the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard in ridicule. The latter seemed to have sensed something as their faces turned pale.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan cautiously approached Mu Chen. The Courtyard Spirit did not react to their actions as it only quietly stood beside Mu Chen, seemingly like a loyal servant.

“In the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, that white-haired Elder left me something which made this Courtyard Spirit address me as some Successor.” Mu Chen explained upon seeing the doubt in the eyes of the two girls.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan was dumbfounded from his explanation. Thereafter, the latter gritted her teeth as she spoke, “Is this Divine Wood Palace founded by your house? Why does it seem that all the benefits goes to you?!”

Luo Li was also nodded in agreement. Not long after Mu Chen entered the Divine Wood Palace, he had already obtained the most precious treasure of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi. And now, he became some Successor. All these windfalls were something that could make others lament.

Mu Chen awkwardly rubbed his nose as he spoke, “This was something that I have obtained after risking my life. Earlier on, I was nearly killed by this Courtyard Spirit.”

“Since this Courtyard Spirit listens to you, can you get it to get those fellows out?” Wen Qingxuan pointed towards the Academy Alliance parties that hid themselves in the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. Her expression was filled with enmity.

Mu Chen smiled as he looked at Mo Yu’s group, who had a paled faces at this moment. “Seems like I’m the one that will be laughing till the end.”

“You, what do you want?!” Mo Yu said in a stern voice. However, the paleness of his face was not as intimidating as his tone. He was panicking in his heart at this moment. Never, in his wildest imagination, could he expect that the Courtyard Spirit would suddenly listen to Mu Chen’s orders.

“Get out.” Mu Chen smiled.

“Dream on!” Mo Yu furiously barked. Thereafter, he turned around and sent a palm out towards the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. He wanted to obtain the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid quickly and leave this place with his men.


However, just when he was about to come in contact with the gigantic door, a ray of light burst forth from the door as a fearsome energy charged out, which sent Mo Yu flying.


Mo Yu’s figue flew backwards as a mouthful of blood spurt from his mouth.

“Why is this happening, didn’t we break the seal here?” Qin Feng and the rest exclaimed at the sight of it.

“Only the Successor can enter the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. Anyone else that dares to intrude will be killed.” The Courtyard Spirit’s empty voice resounded.

Mu Chen was startled at the scene of it. The things in the Divine Wood Palace were really uneasy to take. If he had not met that white-haired Elder from before, even if they had managed to somehow deal with Mo Yu and his group, it was also impossible for them to enter the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard.

The strength of this Courtyard Spirit was simply too powerful. To them, someone that possessed the strength of a Third Grade Spirit Disaster was extremely troublesome.

“I’ll give you guys two choices. Everyone get out or I’ll have the Courtyard Spirit do it.” Mu Chen chuckled as he looked at Mo Yu’s party and continued, “So, what is your choice?”

The faces of Mo Yu and his party changed. They wanted to reject with a sneer. However, they saw Mu Chen’s gaze gradually turn cold and instantly felt a chill in their hearts. Although there was some rules to this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, if Mu Chen really wanted to act, he had quite a few means to force them to stay.

From their understanding towards Mu Chen, that fellow was not a lenient person.

“Mu Chen, we’ll admit defeat here. How about this, we’ll split the things in the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard in half. Thereafter, you will be considered as a friend of our Academy Alliance. We would definitely help if there’s anything that you need of us.” Mo Yu said as his gaze flickered.

Mu Chen smiled as he looked at them. He shook his head slowly yet firmly.

From his understanding towards a person like Mo Yu, he was someone that was greedy and ruthless. Even if they split the treasures equally now, Mo Yu would definitely bite him if he gets the chance to do so.

“You don’t have much time left to make the decision.” Mu Chen said in indifference.

Mo Yu’s face turned extremely ugly as he glanced at Qin Feng and the group of people from the Academy Alliance. They were dispirited and did not have any intentions to carry on with the fight. He waved his hand in unwillingness.

Seeing his gesture, all those that hid within the range of the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard charged out. They took a glance towards Mu Chen’s group of three in fear as they gathered at an area far from those three.

Qin Feng and Liu Xiong stood behind Mo Yu, their faces were as ugly as if their father had died.

“Let’s go!” Mo Yu ruthlessly glanced at Mu Chen before waving his hand and was about to lead his party away.

“Wait.” Mu Chen smiled.

“What do you still want? Kill all of us here?” Mo Yu sneered. The Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had rules of its own. If they all died here, the Spiritual Academy that stood behind them would definitely not let this matter go. Generally speaking, there was some bottomline rules to the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, it forbade killing.

“Although it’s a little troublesome to kill all of you here, but if I want to cripple the three of you, I think it’s still within the rules.” Mu Chen said without a hint of expression.

Mo Yu, Qin Feng and Liu Xiong’s figures jolted as they looked at Mu Chen, who was without any expression. In the end, they could only lower their heads, “What do you want?”

“Hand over the Divine Wood Plaque in your hands.” Mu Chen extended his hand out and demanded. He still remembered the words from the white-haired Elder. Every single one of the six Divine Wood Plaques contained a Lesser Divine Art. By combining the six Lesser Divine Arts, it would certainly turn into a powerful Divine Art, even within the records of the Divine Wood Palace.


Hearing that Mu Chen was having ideas of his Divine Wood Plaque, fury surged within Mo Yu’s eyes.

Mu Chen kept his hand extended as he coldly looked at Mo Yu. On the surface of his body, Spiritual Energy surged forth. Even Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were looking at them with hostility.

“Consider this your win. Our Academy Alliance will definitely remember today’s matters!” Mo Yu suppressed the anger in his heart as he left behind that sentence. Thereafter, his palm jolted as a greenish light flew towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen grabbed it. When the light dissipated, it revealed a Divine Wood Plaque. Only then, did he nod his head in satisfaction.

“Let’s go!” Mo Yu ruthlessly glared at Mu Chen before waving his hand. His silhouette was miserable as he skimmed towards the forest. Behind him, those of the Academy Alliance followed in depression. They had lost all of their face.

Mu Chen glanced at Mo Yu’s party, who was quickly leaving as he said with pity, “It’s a pity about that Divine Wood Guard.”

He wanted to take their Divine Wood Guard as well. However, if that was the case, Mo Yu and his party would willingly risk it and go all-out. Naturally, the main thing was that Mu Chen realised that it was impossible to control it, even if he managed to obtain that Divine Wood Guard as the control rune on the Divine Wood Guard was extremely intact. It was incomparable to his broken goods.

“They were robbed by you to the point that they nearly cried.” Wen Qingxuan laughed.

“Only a villain could grind another villain.” Mu Chen smiled as he continued, “There’s nothing to be lenient about when dealing with those fellows.”

“Quickly open the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. I want to see how much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid is left in the Divine Wood Palace.” Wen Qingxuan anxiously said as she looked at the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard.

Mu Chen nodded his head at her words as expectation filled his heart as well.

When Mu Chen directed his line-of-sight towards the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, the Courtyard Spirit waved its hands as a ray of light flew out and shot onto the closely shut doors. As the light flew out, a complicated light rune instantly surfaced on the door.


In the instant that the light rune appeared, Mu Chen’s group of three saw the massive wooden door that had been shut for god-knows how many years had finally slowly opened. 

The Hidden Spiritual Courtyard that was sealed shut for thousands and hundreds of years had once again, seen the light.

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