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Chapter 523 - Qin Feng

Under the shadows of the forest, the figures of people appeared one after another like locusts as they walked out of the darkness. Their vicious gazes were fixed onto the three figures before them.

When Mu Chen saw the formation before him, even his brows furrowed a little. He never expected that he would be discovered by Qin Feng so quickly.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan moved near Mu Chen as they cast their cold gazes upon Qin Feng. Although the opposite party had the advantage in numbers, it wouldn’t be an easy task for the other party to take them down.

“Haha, Mu Chen, there were other paths for you to walk but you brought yourself upon hell’s gate.” Qin Feng mocked as he cast his ridiculing gaze at Mu Chen.

“You have thought too highly of yourself.” Mu Chen smiled as he swept his gaze around him, “Why? You have the confidence now that Spiritual Energy slumbers in this area?”

“Being so stubborn even at this time.”

Qin Feng frowned, “But at this timing, shouldn’t you show a little uneasiness?”

Mu Chen pondered thoughtfully as he replied, “You do not possess this qualifications to make me feel this way.”

Qin Feng suddenly smiled as he lightly nodded his head shortly after. He lightly waved his palm down and his voice turned endlessly cold. “Deal with them.”


As he declared, there was a unified shout from nearly A hundred people from the surroundings. A faint luster was emitted from their bodies and flickered on their skin, having a metallic appearance. They emitted a sense of valiant as they charged with heavy steps on the ground.

Because of the grandeur in numbers, it seemed as if there were ten thousand stampeding horses and that put pressure on others.

Mu Chen’s pupils turned cold at this point in time as he deeply inhaled a mouthful of air. Black lightning flickered on the surface of this body and shortly after, he stomped on the ground as well. Cracks instantly spread from beneath his feet. Despite the fact that Mu Chen was not able to utilise his Spiritual Energy, the strength of his physical body was not something that ordinary people could contend against.


His figure turned into a fuzzy shadow as he charged forward, clashing against the group of people that was charging at his direction.


Mu Chen threw a fist forward as a powerful fist gale tore the sky. It was like an air cannon as it bombarded onto countless people.

Deep clashes resounded. The chest of several people sank in a little as they spurted fresh blood while flying away. They had lost their fighting capability in an instant.

Bang! Bang!

Mu Chen did not wear any expression on his face as his fist whistled through the wind with black lightning shrouding him. A fearsome power followed his fist and every single time he sent a punch, there were people flying away with blood spurting from their mouths. The current him seemed like a ferocious steel tiger and was unparalleled no matter where he went.

Although there were many people surrounding Mu Chen, there wasn’t anyone that could get near him.

Although those people could be considered to have cultivated in the ways of physical body, they were clearly nothing compared to Mu Chen.

Not far away, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan also had light emitted from their bodies. Their skin turned sparkling and translucent, similar to gemstones. Luo Li was wielding her Luo God Sword. Although she could not use her Spiritual Energy, the sharpness of her sword did not allow anyone to approach her.

Wen Qingxuan, on the other hand, wielded a golden battle spear in her hands. Spear afterimages flashed as it drew crafty and ferocious angles that created blood holes on the bodies of those that dared to get near her.

In the forest that was under the shadows, shrieks constantly resounded and the sounds of fists clashing onto meat made others feel fear to the depths of their hearts.

Qin Feng stood outside the battle circle as he watched the three of them that did not show any signs of losing, despite being surrounded by over a hundred people. His gaze remained indifferent as he didn’t seem to be bothered by the rapid defeat of his side.

“Indeed formidable.” 

He watched the battle for quite a while before smiling. His line-of-sight was not on the invincible Mu Chen, but on Wen Qingxuan. A blazing heat flashed before his eyes as he muttered, “If I defeat the former number one, perhaps my name will spread throughout the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, right?”

Among the three person, the one that made Qin Feng feel fear was Wen Qingxuan. The team that was led by her had firmly occupied the number one spot sometime back. No matter how similar powerful teams pursued, it wasn’t possible for them to surpass her.

Therefore, everyone was clear that Wen Qingxuan possessed rather fearsome strength. If he was to encounter her outside, even if Qin Feng had an additional set of guts, he would still not dare to attack Wen Qingxuan. However, the current situation wasn’t the same. Spiritual Energy could not be used in this region and Wen Qingxuan’s overall strength decreased by nearly ninety percent. The current her was her weakest moment.

Thinking how the formal number one would fall by his hand, Qin Feng’s eyes turned even more blazing.

He stepped forward and with a tap of his feet, his figure was like a great roc as he flew across numerous people and appeared above Wen Qingxuan before sending a palm down. 


At the sight of the situation, Wen Qingxuan coldly snorted. Her jade-like hands trembled as the golden warspear in her hands drew a light image and shot towards Qin Feng like lightning.

“Hur hur.”

At the sight of Wen Qingxuan’s actions, a peculiar smile was hung on his lips. He changed his palm to fingers as he bent both his fingers. The boundless Spiritual Energy was like a tidal wave as it exploded. 

Qin Feng was actually able to use Spiritual Energy here!

Wen Qingxuan’s face drastically changed at the sight of it.


A metallic clash resounded. Qin Feng’s finger gale that contained his boundless Spiritual Energy withstood the speartip of Wen Qingxuan’s spear. At the same time, the fearsome gale had sent Wen Qingxuan back dozens of steps. A faint paleness surfaced on her absolutely beautiful face.

“Haha, now do you know why are we so confident? It’s because we can still use our Spiritual Energy here. What can the current you be considered as in our eyes?” Qin Feng laughed towards the sky as he stood on the air. Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out with him as the center.

Wen Qingxuan clenched her teeth as her face was filled with frost. She was actually wounded by Qin Feng. How could the prideful her endure such embarrassment?

“Even without the aid of Spiritual Energy, you’re still a trash in my eyes.” Wen Qingxuan coldly smiled as her voice became filled with disdain.


A chill flashed across Qin Feng’s eyes and with a flicker of his figure, he had disappeared from his original position.

Wen Qingxuan clenched her teeth as she retreated, tightly gripping onto her longspear. In the next instant, afterimages of a spear pierced out, it was like a torrential rain that she unleashed in her surroundings.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Metallic clashes constantly resounded as sparks flew. Even the space exploded from the collision. Following every single clash, Wen Qingxuan’s figure would slightly tremble. She was prideful of her cultivation in Spiritual Energy. The instant her Spiritual Energy was removed, her strength would fall to the bottom.

Clearly, the current her was being suppressed by Qin Feng.

Seeing as Wen Qingxuan constantly moved back from their clashes, the fire in Qin Feng’s eyes blazed even further. He laughed as his attacks became even more rampant.


The gale on his finger that contained Qin Feng’s boundless Spiritual Energy heavily tapped against the speartip along with a mountain of strength. The impact surged forth and Wen Qingxuan’s figure trembled as her rosy lips seemed to have turned a little blood-red.


Qin Feng frantically laughed. He did not let Wen Qingxuan catch her breath as the light on his fingers became even more brilliant that even the wind had formed shapes of his finger.

“Hurricane Finger!”

His toe tapped onto the ground as he rapidly appeared behind Wen Qingxuan, along with the hurricane-formed finger and pointed towards Wen Qingxuan’s back.

Wen Qingxuan tightly gritted her teeth as a smear of chill flashed across her phoenix-like eyes. Her jade-like hands formed bizarre seals. However, just when she was about to use the seals, she felt her body tremble, as if there was a figure that appeared behind her. A familiar scent traveled over, it was Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s arm embraced her fine waist as he tightly took her into his arms.

With this sudden change of events, Wen Qingxuan was startled. Shortly after, she ruthlessly raised her elbow in reflex towards Mu Chen’s chest. A groan sounded by her ears as the two of them were sent flying away by a huge force.

When they fell onto the ground, Mu Chen slightly adjusted and his body heavily landed onto the ground while Wen Qingxuan fell onto him without a single injury.

“What are you doing?!”

Wen Qingxuan quickly strugged free from Mu Chen’s arm as she said with anger.

“You’re too heavy with your hands.” Mu Chen rubbed his chest as he bitterly smiled. Thereafter, he glanced towards Qin Feng, who had bountless Spiritual Energy circulating around him, as his gaze turned cold, “Let me deal with him.”

“I can deal with him myself!” Wen Qingxuan shot Mu Chen a furiuos glance. Clearly, she was still angry that Mu Chen actually dared to embrace her.

Mu Chen, however, did not pay any attention to her. He extended his arm out to obstruct her before taking a step forth.

Seeing as Mu Chen did not bother about her, Wen Qingxuan’s brows were raised. However, when she looked at Mu Chen’s back figure, she was startled as there was a huge patch of blood on his back. That’s…

Wen Qingxuan shifted her gaze towards Qin Feng and noticed that there was fresh blood dripping from the latter’s fingers. However, from his facial expression, it was clearly not his own…

Earlier on, when Mu Chen hugged her, he had blocked that attack for her.

Unknowingly, the rage in Wen Qingxuan’s heart gradually simmered down. When she glanced towards Mu Chen’s back that was dyed in red, her mouth moved. “You…”

“Rest assured, my skin is thick, this is nothing.”

Mu Chen knew that she had already discovered his injuries. However, he waved his hand, “Leave him to me, you go help Luo Li.”

Wen Qingxuan looked at the youth’s calm expression. However, she felt killing intent and rage underneath his calm demeanor. She bit her lips as she nodded in rare obedience.

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