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Chapter 514 - Spirit

Outside of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, although it was still filled with people, the atmosphere was especially quiet. Quite a bit of teams had their faces paled as fear flashed in their eyes. The greed that filled their eyes earlier had been replaced with fear. Although the treasures were extremely tempting, their lives were more important.

Although they would not lose their lives if they failed the challenge, they would be imprisoned for half a year. That sort of punishment was even more harsh than death.

Naturally, they were not the only ones. Even people like Wang Zhong and Wu Yingying had grave expressions. With their strength, the layers beneath the seventh level were not too hard for them. However, their motive did not stop at that level. If there were any treasures that would attract their attention, it would be the treasures from the seventh level and up.

But, in order to obtain those, they would have to face powerful puppets and puppets of those levels were enough to pose a threat to them.

The entire Spiritual Treasure Mountain was exceptionally quiet, without any noise.

Luo Li took a glance at Mu Chen. She knew that Mu Chen desperately needed the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi on the ninth level, the battle would be extremely dangerous. However, with Mu Chen’s character, it was impossible to get him to give up on it.

The young girl’s eyes flickered as she tightened her grip on the Luo God Sword.

“Are there anymore disciples that wish to take the challenge?” In that silence, the light figure elder’s voice indifferently resounded from the sky. There wasn’t any hint of emotion in his voice.

Every single team exchanged glances as they did not dare to move. Although those teams with decent strength could challenge those of the lower level, the failure was still too severe, which made them especially frightened.

Mu Chen clenched his hands as light flickered in his eyes. Although he was still struggling within his heart, the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi was too important for him. If he gave it up, who knows when the next time would be for him to find it again.

“Let me challenge the ninth level puppet.” Luo Li suddenly spoke as she smiled towards Mu Chen with her hand tightly gripping the Luo God Sword, “Although the puppet would certainly be powerful, have trust in me. I can defeat it and will definitely bring that Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi out!”

Mu Chen was stunned from Luo Li’s words. Even Wen Qingxuan, Xu Huang and the rest were stunned. Luo Li plans to take the risk?

Luo Li gently smiled as she looked at Mu Chen, “Okay?”

“No.” It wasn’t Mu Chen that replied, but Wen Qingxuan as she frowned her brows, “Forget it, leave it to me. Although it will be a little hard, I am a risky person.”

Her words contained pride. Indeed, she did have the qualification to speak such words.

As the Captain of the team that was once ranked first, perhaps all the teams in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament knew that Wen Qingxuan possessed extremely powerful strength, although she had yet to truly reveal them. However, no one would belittle her.

“Let me do it, I can deal with it.” Faced with Wen Qingxuan’s pride, Luo Li shook her head.

“You!” Wen Qingxuan was a little angered.

Just as the two girls were arguing, Mu Chen, who had not been talking at all, deeply inhaled a mouthful of air. Shortly after, he shut his eyes and a brief moment later, he gradually opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, the struggle and hesitation within his eyes disappeared. What replaced them was a firm gaze that fell onto the peak of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. There wasn’t anymore of the fear in his eyes.

Although he could not determine how strong l the puppet would be on the ninth level, he knew that if he fell back here, it wouldn’t be beneficial for his cultivation. On the road to an expert, if one didn’t have the courage and confidence to strive forward, he would definitely not succeed.

The current him needed to be constantly strengthened as he still needed the strength comparable to a Heavenly Sovereign in order to save his mother from the mysterious land that even his mother feared. He had already declared that he wants to become an unrivalled expert that could protect the girl he loves, blocking out all of the storms for her.

His path to become an unrivalled expert had just begun, so there was no path of retreat for him!

The previous him had too much doubt, since he did not wish to be confined in this place for half a year. When he heard that Luo Li actually wanted to take the risk for him to obtain the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi, the doubt in his heart was ruthlessly removed from his heart.

He knew that Luo Li had seen the struggles in his heart.

Since when had he become so fearful? Since when had he lost the absolute sharpness that he had in order to become strong? The real path to being an expert was not being so cautious like this and hestating. If he had lost that spirit, it would be impossible for him to break through the layers of obstruction that was holding him back from becoming an expert.

Light surged within Mu Chen’s black pupils. He still stood quietly in the sky. However, his slender figure became as tall and towering as a mountain at this moment. In that instant, a sharp aura was emitted from that youth’s body as if it was a divine spear that was about to pierce the sky and universe.

Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li stopped their argument as they were a little astonished, looking at Mu Chen. Although he remained silent, they could sense the sharpened aura from the youth.

Within that sharpness, there were also confidence and courage.

Like a soaring eagle, even if the wind resistance was coming at it from all directions, it still chose to soar and fly high.

Luo Li dumbfoundly stared at Mu Chen’s face. The edge of the youth’s face was filled with sharpness. This made her suddenly laugh softly as she could feel the changes within Mu Chen’s heart. Truthfully, after the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament began, she sensed that Mu Chen had been more cautious with things. Although it was good to be this way, she clearly prefered the previous prideful youth more.

The him before could sense the hesitation within himself. However, she did not wish to see Mu Chen fall into that kind of situation, so she willingly stood out to obtain the item that Mu Chen wanted.

However, it was a pity that he seemed to have sensed something.

So he’s not going to even give me the slightest chance to perform myself.

The young girl’s lips rose as her clear and crystal-like pupils were filled with a smiling expression.

Wen Qingxuan by the side was also looking at Mu Chen in astonishment. She was shocked with Mu Chen’s changes. When Luo Li made that previous suggestion, she was actually upset with Mu Chen in her heart. Her character wasn’t the same as Luo Li and from the way she looked at it, if Mu Chen cared about Luo Li, he would not let her to speak such words. Since he loved her, he should stand before her, no matter what, and block anything that might possibly cause any harm to her.

When Wen Qingxuan saw Mu Chen for the first time, seeing the guy that shook Luo Li’s heart, not only was she disappointed, she was also not satisfied with him. She did not like someone that was being so cautious, she admired someone that would face forward, no matter how many difficulties there were, being arrogant and did not care too much about the cause and effect.

Although the heaven and earth was wide and vast, he could control the cloud and rain with a flip of his hand. That was the character that she admired.

Wen Qingxuan looked at Mu Chen. The current youth looked like a spear that could pierce the heavens and nothing could obstruct it from doing so. He was slowly fittinh into the character that she liked. Only now, did she understanf why Luo Li would fall for him. Perhaps this is the Mu Chen from the Spiritual Road.

Mu Chen extended his hand and pulled onto Luo Li’s jade-like hands and smiled. He did not say anything and only had the smile hung on his face.

Luo Li, however, gently smiled as she shook her head.

Mu Chen turned his head around as he looked at Wen Qingxuan. When the latter looked at him, her original attentive gaze instantly shifted as she had disdain on her lips.

“You want to snatch something of mine? I do not agree to it.” Mu Chen smiled.

“Tsk, who wants it?” Wen Qingxuan said with disdain. Shortly after, she understood the meaning behind his words as she firmly gazed him over.

“Today, I will obtain that Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi.”

Mu Chen looked towards the peak of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain that had endless light emitting off of it. He extended his hand and made a light grasp as pride appeared in his eyes.

“Is there anyone that still wants to take the challenge?” Up in the sky, that light figure elder indifferently repeated.

“Haha, Senior, let this Junior challenge it!”

Mu Chen laughed as he took a step forward. His laughter was like lightning as it rang throughout this heaven and earth.

Mu Chen’s voice instantly caused the other teams to be astonished. Shortly after, astonished gazes shot over.

Mu Chen did not pay any attention to those gazes. His figure moved as he turned into a streak of light and charged towards the peak of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

“Heavens, he’s chosen the ninth level!”

Countless cries of surprise resounded.

Wang Zhong’s eyes instantly concentrated. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at Mu Chen. That fellow really dared to move? If he fails, will he be able to endure the consequences?

Wu Yingying was staring at Mu Chen’s figure as well. The youth’s slender figure that was emitting a sharpness as well as his clear and fearless voice made her a little absent-minded. Shortly after, she couldn’t help gritting her teeth. That bastard is trying to get the limelight? If he is imprisoned, how will I look for him to get my debts repaid?


Under the countless gazes, Mu Chen’s figure that had turned into a streak of light had charged onto the ninth level without any fear. Thereafter, he was covered in countless lights.

Up in the sky of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, that light-figured elder was still indifferent as he stood on the sky. However, no one had noticed that when Mu Chen’s figure charged towards the ninth level, there was a slight ripple in the eyes of that elder.

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