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Chapter 512 - Trap


Hearing Wen Qingxuan’s words, Mu Chen was also stunned. Shortly after, he wrinkled his brows as he looked at the Spiritual Treasure Mountain before him. The entire Spiritual Treasure Mountain was emitting dazzling light that seemed as if it was created from gems. Purified Spiritual Energy was spreading out along with a fragrance that covered the entire mountain peak.

However, Mu Chen did not sense anything out of the ordinary. The point being was that this place was too quiet. However, every single part of the Divine Wood Palace was this quiet.

“This kind of place is extremely important to every force. Therefore, some forces would lay countless hidden Spiritual Array traps here to prevent them from being stolen by other people. Although this Divine Wood Palace was destroyed for countless of years, some of the Spiritual Array traps that they have placed here might not have been destroyed. After all, as long as there is a sufficient amount of Spiritual Energy, these kinds of things could last forever. Furthermore, from the looks of it… this place doesn’t lack in any Spiritual Energy.” Wen Qingxuan said as her charming gaze fell onto the Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

Mu Chen’s brows was knitted together. What Wen Qingxuan said did make sense. Therefore, it was better for them to be cautious here.

“Someone’s here!”

Just when Mu Chen was pondering, Luo Li’s voice suddenly resounded.

Mu Chen’s eyes condensed. There was actually someone here already in such a short amount of time, it seemed that many teams that came into the Divine Wood Palace all made their preparations.


In the distant, streaks of light flew over and in a few breath’s time, they appeared before this Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

When Mu Chen took a closer look at the two approaching groups, he could not help inhaling a mouthful of air. One of the two groups that came here was Wang Zhong’s group from the Saint Spiritual Academy. The other one made Mu Chen feel a headache and the origin of his headache was the fiery red-dressed girl that stood at the front of her group, wielding a huge scarlet-red crescent blade, Wu Yingying.

This time, the two groups that came were his enemies.

Wang Zhong and Wu Yingying’s group maintained their distance. Clearly, they were cautious with one another. However, when they saw that the first to reach here was Mu Chen’s group, they fell into daze as their expressions somewhat respectively changed.

Wang Zhong still maintained a smile on his face. However, his gaze was a little cold as he constantly looked at Mu Chen and the Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

Wu Yingying, however, tightly clenched her teeth as she stared at Mu Chen with hatred. She still had the look of a ferocious leopardess. If it was not for the youth behind her, Deng Tong, holding her back, she would definitely not be able to endure it and charge forth.

Mu Chen took a glance towards the two parties and looked into the distance again. Thereafter, he discovered that there was a large group of light streaks that was approaching towards this direction. Clearly, this was a huge group. Although these huge groups were fighting for their own, the amount was extremely significant.

These teams were extremely smart. Upon entering the remnants of the Divine Wood Palace, they had followed after Wang Zhong and Wu Yingying, who had obtained a Divine Wood Quote from faraway. They were well-aware that in terms of news of the Divine Wood Palace, Wang Zhong and Wu Yingying had an advantage, since they definitely knew more than them. Therefore, they followed behind them. Even if they could not obtain the biggest benefit, they could still benefit something from it. However, their choice was correct. At least they had found this Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

Mu Chen’s eyes flickered before his expression calmed down. He did not panic just because of Wang Zhong and Wu Yingying’s appearances and try to seize the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi. After Wen Qingxuan’s reminder earlier, he felt that it would not be so easy to seize the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi.

“Haha, Captain Mu Chen, your group has arrive quite fast.” Wang Zhong stood on the sky as they looked at Mu Chen’s group. He first made a smile towards Wen Qingxuan, before speaking with Mu Chen.

“Captain Wang Zhong, you’re not too slow yourself.” Mu Chen smiled in reply.

“There are extremely precious Spiritual Treasures in this Spiritual Treasure Mountain. So I naturally have to make my way here quick enough. Otherwise, it would be taken by someone else.” Wang Zhong smiled as he took a glance at the peak of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain that was emitting endless light.

When Mu Chen heard his reply, he could not help narrowing his eyes. From the looks of it, Wang Zhong and Wu Yingying had also received the news of the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi…


Wu Yingying stared at Mu Chen, before coldly snorting. Her jade-like hands wielded her crescent blade. She tilted her blade as an extremely sharp blade of light flickered. The young girl’s charming oval-like face was filled with chill as a raging figure filled her eyes.

“Haha, Captain Wu Yingying, since Captain Mu Chen and Wen Qingxuan are working together. Why don’t we work together for the moment as well, so that we avoid a situation where we are unable to touch the Spiritual Treasure Mountain?” Wang Zhong laughed as his eyes flashed from looking at the scene.

Mu Chen and Wen Qingxuan were already working together. Although they were only two teams, their fighting strength was absolutely powerful. Although their three teams were not easy for anyone to deal with, there was, after all, some risk. If they could work together with Wu Yingying, then they would have the absolute advantage.

Furthermore, from Wu Yingying’s attitude towards Mu Chen earlier, it seemed that she had a huge grudge towards him, which Wang Zhong could make use of.

Mu Chen’s expression turned cold. Clearly, he had seen through Wang Zhong’s intention. If Wu Yingying cooperated with them, it would spell some troubles for them.

When Wu Yingying heard Wang Zhong’s words, her brows twitched as her eyes were a little irregular. She seemed to have been moved by that idea.

“Although your team is strong, Brother Wu Ling of the Martial Spiritual Academy is not here. Based on your own strength, I’m afraid that you are not their opponent. So if we were to join hands, it would benefit both of us.” Seeing as Wu Yingying was a little moved by the idea, Wang Zhong immediately added on to strike the iron while it was hot.

Behind Wu Yingying, Deng Tong and his group exchanged glances as they had no comments. They had given the decision-making over to Wu Yingying. Clearly, among their group, it was Wu Yingying that had been making the decisions.

Wu Yingying took a glance at the sincere Wang Zhong, before shifting her gaze towards Mu Chen. She realised that the latter did not have any expression on his face. This made her chuckle. Whenever Mu Chen was facing her, he was always smiling, which she found annoying. This was the first time that she had seen the helpless and expressionless look on Mu Chen’s face.

Sometimes, without any expression was actually a type of expressive mood.

“You’re afraid that I will join hands with him?” Wu Yingying said as she stared at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen said lightly, “You’re overthinking things.”

Wu Yingying coldly snorted as she looked towards Wang Zhong, “I will definitely not let this fellow off, but I will deal with him myself. I do not need the help of anyone else.”

Wang Zhong, who still had a smile on his face, stiffened. He looked at Wu Yingying in amazement. After a brief moment later, he made a ugly smile with his face, “What a regret.”

Mu Chen, on the other hand, looked at Wu Yingying in astonishment. Clearly, he had no idea why the latter would give up on a chance that could create problems for them.

“Tsk. Tsk.”

Wen Qingxuan by the side pulsed her lips as she sighed. She approached Luo Li with a smile hung on the corner of her face and said with a deep meaning, “Why does this Wu Yingying seem like a wife acting in a fit of pique?”

Luo Li smiled, but she did not reply to her.

After Wang Zhong and Wu Yingying’s group have reached, they did not make any rash moves towards the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. Clearly, they were not overwhelmed by the Spiritual Treasure Mountain before them, despite knowing how huge of a temptation the Spiritual Treasure Mountain possessed.

Behind them, the earth-shattering amount of teams rushed over and stopped at the nearby sky. They shot glances towards the Spiritual Treasure Mountain and instantly, there were teams who had their eyes turning red.

“That’s… Ice and Fire Vermillion Fruits?”

“Heavens, there are even Blood Dragon Ginseng! This is an extremely precious cultivating treasure!”


One after another, clamor filled with greed resounded as the breathing of countless people turned heavy. The Spiritual Treasure Mountain before them simply had too many precious treasures. If they could successfully obtain one of them, their harvest in this trip to the Divine Wood Palace would be quite decent.

Mu Chen looked at all those reddened eyes as his gaze flickered and lightly smiled with Wen Qingxuan by the side.

“What excellent bait.” Wen Qingxuan smiled beautifully.

Mu Chen smiled as he knew that all these people who had their minds filled with greed could not endure for long…

Mu Chen’s conjecture was not wrong. After a few short minutes, the atmosphere of those people that was filled with greed became heavy. Finally, there were some teams that could not resist the temptation. With a rustle, there was a team that rushed out towards the Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

Following their action, many teams had also moved. Hundreds of team could be seen moving at the same time as they rushed towards the Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

Towards their actions filled with greed, be it Mu Chen, Wang Zhong or Wu Yingying, all of them maintained their cold gazes as they watched from the side.


Very quickly, all those teams had charged into the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. However, just when they were about to step onto the gemstone-like platform, a brilliant light burst forth from the Spiritual Treasure Mountain as layers and layers of light screens spread out.

Bang! Bang!

A light screen shrouded as a deep collusion resounded. All those teams that had charged towards the Spiritual Treasure Mountain flew back, spewing blood from their mouths with their faces paled.

Mu Chen and the rest focused their gazes over at the change of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

Within the Spiritual Treasure Mountain that was covered by the light screen, not every single one of them was repelled out, as they realised that on every single layer on the platform, there was one figure that was left behind. At this moment, the people that were left behind on the layers gazed around in fear. Clearly, they were frightened by the sudden changes.

“What’s going on?” Someone cried in surprise as his voice contained fear.

Mu Chen and his group looked at the figures that were trapped within the stone platform in graveness. Thereafter, they looked towards the Spiritual Treasure Mountain in graveness. In another corner, dazzling light gathered and vaguely, it formed into a light figure…

“So there really are traps in the Spiritual Treasure Mountain?”

Mu Chen and his group looked at the light figure as they instantly raised their guard.

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