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Chapter 511 - Spiritual Treasure Mountain


Within the lush green ancient mountain range, sonic booms resounded as streaks of light drew on the sky as they flew. Because of the air resistance that was created from the high speed, deep traces started to appear in the forest below.

Majestic Spiritual Energy wrapped Mu Chen's figure as he watched the mountains that quickly past by beneath him. Looking up ahead, he still could not see the end. Clearly, the vastness of the Divine Wood Mountain was a little too frightening.

In the other directions, Mu Chen could sense quite a decent amount of Spiritual Energy ripples. All of those should be from the other teams that had entered this place. With such a huge group entering, it would, without a doubt, wipe off all the quietness that the Divine Wood Mountain had. The constant surging Spiritual Energy ripples made the area here full of life. Originally, the remnant wasn't so lively, but now it was filled up.

Under their hasty travel towards the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, Mu Chen's gaze constantly glanced onto the compass in Wen Qingxuan's hands, The light of the Wen Qingxuan was slightly trembling as it pointed them in the actual direction.

Mu Chen obtained the news of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain from the Divine Wood Quota. There were six of them, so who knows if the five other owners of the Divine Wood Quota had the same news as well. Therefore, he had to rush there at his fastest speed so he could obtain the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi before anyone else gets it.

He was well-aware of how attractive the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi was.

Perhaps others could not cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body. However, such a treasure was extremely rare, which possessed fearsome Spiritual Energy. Whether if it was to be absorbed through cultivation or used to refine Spiritual Pills, it was an excellent ingredient. Not to mention people at their level, even Sovereign experts would be tempted by it.

Therefore, if someone else knew of the message about the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi, he could guarantee that no one could withstand the temptation.

Mu Chen pursed his lips as swiftness and ferociousness flashed through his eyes. The Great Solar Undying Body was extremely important to him stepping into the realm of Sovereigns. Therefore, he would definitely not let any other team obtain that Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi. No matter who it was that tried to obstruct him, he would definitely not show mercy.


As swift and ferociousness flashed through his eyes, Mu Chen's speed shot up and with a rustle, the light around his body extended out to few hundred feet. Behind him, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan closely followed.

The group of people passed through the high mountain range and roughly ten minutes later, a gap appeared in the lush green before him. It was a vast plains that appeared scarlet-yellow. No signs of green could be seen, as if the lifeforce in this area was cut off.

These plains were filled with holes, while huge and sinister-looking huge cracks intertwined within the depths that could not be seen with the naked-eye. They were dark, like a demon's mouth, as a cold air surged from the abyss. It was as if the abyss was connected to the netherworld that made one's hair stand on the end.

The speed of Mu Chen's group gradually decreased as they gave grave looks towards the endless abyss.

"This place must have experienced a frightening level of battle during the ancient times," said Mu Chen. The sinister-looking cracks were obviously caused by the collusion of some frightening power. Perhaps in the ancient times, this scarlet-yellow region was filled with life, like those places that they had passed by before. However, because of a terrifying battle that took place, it cut off all the lifeforce in this area to the point that only god-knows how many years later, this place was still desolate.

It was hard to imagine how frightening that level of battle was.

"Perhaps after that battle, the Divine Wood Palace was gone." Luo Li's gazed at the desolate scarlet-yellow. She could see some broken Spiritual Artifacts lying on the ground. Those Spiritual Artifacts were thoroughly destroyed without any trace of Spiritual Energy left in them. Vaguely, traces of bones could be seen on this desolate land.

Mu Chen nodded his head as he swept his glance towards his surroundings, since there was the constant sounds of sonic booms resounding. Shortly after, there were figures that made a stop at this area from the distance. Those teams that rushed over here to seek treasures attempted to search this region after seeing that it was an ancient battlefield, trying their luck to find any treasures that were leftover from the battle.

"Let's go."

Mu Chen did not have any intentions to take a look here. Perhaps there really might be treasures that were leftover here but his objective was not them.

"According to the direction that was pointed out by the Treasure Seeking Compass, we must be close to the Treasure Spiritual Mountain." Wen Qingxuan suddenly said as one of her jade-like hands held onto the compass.

After hearing her words, Mu Chen's spirit trembled. He did not speak, but increased his speed once again and flew out.

Under the full speed of Mu Chen and his group, the desolate land before them disappeared after roughly ten minutes later. Streaks of light flew over the towering mountain, before their figures stopped as they directed their slightly astonished gazes before them.

Before them, there was a mountain peak with gem-like light being emitted from it. That mountain peak was not grand nor majestic but was covered by the gem-like light. As glittering light flashed, it made these treasured stones pile into a mountain range that appeared to be extremely dazzling.

The surroundings of the mountain was filled with an earth-shattering amount of Spiritual Energy that constantly circulated. It was as if there was a rustling noise that came from it that appeared to be agile.

Mu Chen and his group felt their eyes stinging from the dazzling glittering light. They narrowed their eyes as they cautiously looked towards it. There was a neatly divided stone platform and that stone platform looked as if it was built with gems as it was glittering.

At the center of the stone platform, there were multiple lotus-like layers and at the center of them, they could see all sorts of treasures of nature gentlying swaying from the wind. They were emitting dense fragrances that fluctuated around the heavens and earth that could ease the hearts of others.

"So many Spiritual Plants!"

Wen Qingxuan and her group looked at the treasures of nature that filled the entire mountain, astonishment could not be help being revealed from their eyes.

"All these treasures of nature are not ordinary. The Divine Wood Palace's name is well-deserved, this is quite the sum." Wen Qingxuan's eyes lit up. With her understanding towards treasures of nature, she could recognised quite a few of them. All of these were extremely popular in the Great Thousand World.

Her line-of-sight gradually shifted upwards and discovered that the higher the level of treasures of nature in this Spiritual Treasure Mountain, the more precious they were. The Spiritual Energy ripples being emitted were also much more purified.

She looked at the highest mountain and discovered that it was filled with dazzling light that seemed as if there was a sun growing there. Her physical eyes could not see though the object within.

Clearly, the treasure that lied over there would be extremely precious.

Mu Chen's gaze focused at the highest mountain as well. Fire blazed within his eyes as that light was the same light that he had seen from the Divine Wood Quota. Clearly, what was growing at the highest region of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain was the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi that he had been yearning for.

Mu Chen could no longer stand still as he moved, appearing in sky of the highest mountain. At such a close distance, he could take a close look towards the treasures that filled this region. There were tons of Spiritual Flowers that had sparkling branches. Every single one of it's petals and fruit were filled with extremely purified Spiritual Energy.

"Water Spiritual Fruit, Flame Spiritual Flower, Dragon-Scaled Tree…" Wen Qingxuan swept her gaze around as she clicked her tongue. She then smiled towards Mu Chen, "You truly have not disappointed me. If we were to obtain all the treasures here, we could at least exchange for some Sovereign Spiritual Liquid from the Great Thousand World."

The Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was something that only Sovereign experts could create. The condensation of such a liquid was so extremely hard that a 1st Rank Sovereign could only create a small portion of it, even if he had used an entire month to condense ut.

However, although it was hard to condense, it was extremely popular among the Great Thousand World. In the Great Thousand World, the necessary factor to decide the foundation of a force would be the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Even when Sovereign experts cultivate, it would require the help of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. It was an extremely divine object that would greatly benefit cultivation!

Mu Chen had rough knowledge of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. However, he was not too concerned about it. Although there were tons of treasures in the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, he was not greedy. He only wanted the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi and paid no attention towards the rest.

"What do you have your eye on?" Luo Li looked towards Mu Chen. She remembered that Mu Chen had mentioned to her that he definitely had to get a Spiritual Treasure, no matter what that grows on the Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

Mu Chen did not answer, but his eyes were closely fixed onto the highest level of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

Luo Li glanced over as she focused onto the endless light at the highest level. She fell into deep thought and shortly after, shock was contained in her voice as she spoke, "That is the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi?"

Clearly, she had heard of the name Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi before.

"Oh? It was actually the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi? No wonder you were so anxious." Wen Qingxuan was also startled, "This is a Spiritual Treasure that could even tempt Sovereign experts."

Mu Chen glanced towards Wen Qingxuan.

"Rest assured, although the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi is rare, it is not worthy enough for me, Wen Qingxuan, to pull my face down to snatch it." Wen Qingxuan seemed to have understood the intention in Mu Chen's eyes as she said with a cold snort.

Mu Chen then smiled, "Since that's the case, then I will take it."

When he finished his words, he was about to rush up to the highest level of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain to seize the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi that he yearned for even in his dreams.


Just when he was about to move, Wen Qingxuan quickly pulled onto Mu Chen's arm.

"What? You're going to change your mind?" Mu Chen was stunned as he smiled.

"Psh." Wen Qingxuan then released her hand immediately. Thereafter, her expression turned serious as her eyes were fixed on the abnormally calm Spiritual Treasure Mountain, "Don't you feel that there seems to be something wrong about this Spiritual Treasure Mountain?"

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