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Chapter 510 - Opening of the Divine Wood Mountain

Ommm! Ommmm!

Six powerful light pillars pierced the heavens and into the exterior of the huge ancient Spiritual Array under the countless gazes. As light pillars shot over, the huge Spiritual Array also fluctuated with ripples that spread out, making it look as if a stone was thrown into the water.

The gazes of Mu Chen and his group stared at the colossal ancient Spiritual Array. This Spiritual Array should be the Sect Guardian Spiritual Array with unimaginable power. Not to mention them, even ordinary Sovereign experts could not break through it. Therefore, they could only rely on the Divine Wood Quota to open it, Otherwise, they could only stare at the treasure mountain before them.


Fortunately, the unlucky situation did not appear. As the six pillars of light condensed, cracks gradually started to spread out on the ancient Spiritual Array. Thereafter, it turned into cracks that measured a few hundred feet.

As the huge cracks appeared, it was as if a huge ancient tornado had spread out from the cracks, which instantly made the heavens and earth look boundless.

The light cracks gradually stabilised, as if it was a huge grate that gradually opened. It was the path towards the genuine remnant that had been passed down since ancient times!


Many people quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Deep in their eyes, boiling heat surged out.

"The remnant of the Divine Wood Palace have been opened!"

No idea who it was that suddenly roared. The originally quiet region instantly exploded as countless Spiritual Energy ripples surged towards the sky. Thereafter, one after another figure shot forth like lightning towards the huge cracks.

"Let's go!"

Mu Chen's reaction was also extremely quick. The instant the cracks stabilised themselves, he barked as he shot forth first with Luo Li, Wen Qing Xuan and the rest following his steps. Their speed was also fast.

Huge cracks spreads out on the ancient Spiritual Array that appeared like a huge mouth from the ancient times as it devoured the locust swarm amount of light figures.

In less than tens of minutes, this region, which was filled with countless people, had been instantly emptied out. Leaving behind the complete mess that showed the commotion earlier. Far away, there were still constantly many teams that rushed over at their top speed.

Clearly, a contest over the remnant that would shake the entire tournament had begun.

Just who would gain the biggest benefit from this remnant, and which party would be better then the others?

When Mu Chen and his group entered the giant cracks, the light ray before them instantly lit up. What appeared before him was a earth-shattering huge mountain. From the looks of it, be it up, down, left or right, he could not see the end of it.

The huge ancient mountain was horrifyingly large.

Mu Chen and his group was thoroughly startled by the appearance of the huge mountain. However, they had shortly landed their figures onto a mountain peak.

The environment here was filled with dark green, emitting vigorous vitality. The Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth became especially lively. The facial expressions of Mu Chen and his group turned grave as they realised that the Spiritual Energy between this heaven and earth was harder to mobilise, compared to outside.

"This should be a type of special cultivating technique in the Divine Wood Palace. Once a person gets used to this type of place, the amount of Spiritual Energy that they could utilise when they go back out would increase as well." Wen Qingxuan made a raise with her hand as Spiritual Energy shot out towards a huge tree, turning it into pieces.

"However, in this way, the amount of Spiritual Energy that we would exhaust when we fight would also increase." Luo Li said with a grave face.

"Fortunately, we prepared some Spiritual Pills." Mu Chen smiled as he took a glance at Wen Qingxuan and felt admiration for her preparations earlier on. 

Towards his gaze, Wen Qingxuan had a prideful smile rise from her lips. After the days that they had been together, she could tell that although Mu Chen appeared friendly, he was proud to his bones. If anyone wanted to make him feel admiration for that person, it was not an easy task.

"What should we do next?" Luo Li asked as she looked at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen first raised his head towards the sky, since there were constant sonic booms resounding as streaks of light that filled the skies fell onto the colossal ancient mountain. The long peaceful years had been broken on this huge mountain. What happened next would probably be all the teams searching for treasures in this land like locusts.

Mu Chen looked into the distance. Aside from the so-called inheritance in the Divine Wood Palace, it was the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi. A crucial item to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body. He knew how precious this treasure was. It was an item that could attract the envy of many Sovereign experts. If he was outside and with his strength, it was simply impossible to lay his finger on such an object. But now, it was an opportunity that came once in a blue moon. Therefore, he had to grasp control of the chance and obtain that Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi!

"There should be a Spiritual Treasure Mountain in this Divine Wood Palace's remnants. There must be quite a considerable amount of treasures and among them, there is something that I require." Mu Chen looked towards Wen Qingxuan. They were currently working together with Wen Qingxuan, so there were some things that he had to be clear on.

"Spiritual Treasure Mountain?" Wen Qingxuan's slender brows slightly twitched as she lightly said. "Everyone that enters here would first look for the so-called inheritance. Yet you would want to look for the Spiritual Treasure Mountain? Aren't you a little confused?"

Mu Chen remained silent. According to ordinary circumstances, what she said was not wrong. However, he needed the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi. He knew that if he were to go late, someone else might be the first to obtain it. Who knew how long he would have to wait before he would have more news about the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi?

His decisions had a considerable benefit for him. But it was not the same for Wen Qingxuan. After the period of time he had spent with her, Mu Chen found out that Wen Qingxuan was a girl that had her strong views. Furthermore, when other forces sometimes cooperated with her, she was the leader of the group that made decisions and orders. Therefore, Mu Chen did not have any confidence that he could make such a prideful girl follow the path that he had chosen.

Just when Mu Chen had no idea of how to say his words, Wen Qingxuan's indifferent expression turned into smile as she waved her hand, "Although your decision might not be correct, I will believe you for once. But I can tell that that if there wasn't any harvest in that so-called Spiritual Treasure Mountain that could make me satisfied, I will look for you for your debts."

Mu Chen looked at her facial expression that quickly changed, he helplessly shook his head at how hard it was to deal with Wen Qingxuan. It was comparable to how he had first encountered Luo Li. Although the latter did not speak much and had just hunted him for half a year.

"But this Divine Wood Palace remnant is so vast, do you have any idea of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain's location? Could it be that you are going to search for it aimlessly?" Luo Li suddenly asked.

When Mu Chen heard her words, he was also stunned. Shortly after, he bitterly smiled as he nodded his head. Although he had planned his path that way, he never expected for the Divine Wood Mountain to be so huge.

"I admire you seeking treasures his way." Wen Qingxuan said as she rolled her eyes at Mu Chen.

"You have a way?" Mu Chen looked at Wen Qingxuan.

"Since you mentioned that there are quite a number of Spiritual Treasures between heaven and earth in the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, it should be the Spiritual Treasure Garden of the Divine Wood Mountain. Which is the location that some powerful forces use to grow the Spiritual Treasures. All great forces had such similarities. They all had similar places like this, where there is also something similar about all of them." Wen Qingxuan lightly smiled as she appeared exceptionally graceful as she continued, "That would be that these places would have the most amount of Spiritual Energy."

Mu Chen rubbed his nose. He came from a small place of the Northern Spiritual Realm. Although his father was the Lord of Mu City, a force of that level did not have any qualifications to build their own Spiritual Treasure Garden. Only those forces with a deep and unmeasurable base could have the qualifications and ability to create such high-end stuff. This was something that he had no understanding towards and could only ask again, "Then how should we search for the location with the highest amount of Spiritual Energy?"

"You naturally need a special Detecting Spiritual Artifact for that. Were you expecting for us to sense it based on our strength?" Wen Qingxuan rolled her eyes at him.

"We don't have something like that." Mu Chen's face flushed red as he was a little ashamed.

"What undependable men." Wen Qingxuan sighed as she waved her hand. Behind her, a ball of light appeared in the hand of the quiet An Ya. In that ball of light, there was a compass Spiritual Artifact which she passed it over to Wen Qingxuan.

Wen Qingxuan held onto that compass Spiritual Artifact as she transferred Spiritual Energy into it to activate the Spiritual Artifact. Thereafter, Mu Chen saw the pointer on the compass rapidly turn and a brief moment later, a ray of light shot out from the compass, which roughly turned into the shape of an arrow. As it lengthened, it pointed towards the northeast direction.

"We have already found the direction. The Spiritual Treasure Mountain should be in that direction." Wen Qingxuan kept the Compass Spiritual Artifact as she smiled towards Mu Chen, "So, are you convinced?"

Mu Chen was a little depressed as he felt that he had nearly turned into a country bumpkin in the eyes of Wen Qingxuan.

"Let's go." Mu Chen cast his lips aside as he spoke without strength.

Seeing Mu Chen's expression, Luo Li could not help smiling as she shook her head. She extended her hand to grasp onto his hand, which could be considered as giving him some comfort.

"Still, my own wife is better." Holding onto the tender hand, Mu Chen laughed before going closer and gave Luo Li a kiss on her cheeks.

Luo Li blushed from Mu Chen's sudden action and could only glance at him in bashfulness.

"Shameless!" When Wen Qingxuan saw the scene, she instantly clenched her teeth as she stared at Mu Chen with hatred.

"Haha, let's go. Off to the Spiritual Treasure Mountain!"

Mu Chen laughed carefreely and no longer bothered himself with Wen Qingxuan. He held onto Luo Li and as Spiritual Energy swept out, it turned into two streaks of light as it shot towards the distance. Behind those two, Wen Qingxuan stomped her feet and chased after them with anger. Behind her, Xu Hung and the rest followed thereafter.

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