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Chapter 505 - Got It

The atmosphere around the transaction stage became a little solidified as many gazes were rotating between Mu Chen, Qin Feng and Liu Xiong. In this period of time, the Academy Alliance rose up in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. They originated from different academies. The main crucial point was that these academies were not the best. Contrary, they were small to medium-sized academies that had only sent out one team for the tournament.

Yet, when these small to medium-sized academies joined together as an alliance, they defeated many teams originating from powerful academies in the short time of a few months. Thereafter, they snatched points from those swaggering teams. At the same time, many people started to understand. In terms of strength as individuals, those small to medium-sized academies did not have much advantage. However, the instant they got together, they could become extremely powerful under someone’s leadership.

After all, no matter how small an academy was, they still had one or two outstanding students. After all, this world was not lacking in terms of talent.

Rumor had it that the Academy Alliance had four leaders. Qin Feng and Liu Xiong, who stood before them, were only ranked as the third and fourth. Above them, there were two other leaders. The one whose name that rang out the most was the Ghost King - Mo Yu, standing at the second rank. Some time ago, in a ruin struggle, a team from the Martial Spiritual Academy was defeated by the team that was led by Mo Yu. From that battle, his name became renown.

However, though Mo Yu’s fame was well-known, those that knew about the inside story knew that within the Academy Alliance, the most powerful was the leader, who did not make much of an appearance. He was the one that created the Academy Alliance. No one knew what happened within the process of it, but everyone knew that the three other prideful leaders were filled with respect for that Head.

Everyone knew that the three of them possessed strength, as well as means. However, before the Head, they could only maintain their respect. Therefore, even a kid could tell that the Head of the Academy Alliance was not someone easy to deal with.

That had always been how the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had been. Talents that appeared in the tournament were way too much.

Mu Chen stood before the transaction stage as he maintained a calm composure. His black pupils were looking at the two youths that stood on the second floor. Likewise, the two of them were also looking at him from above as they showed a little ridicule in their smile.

“Haha, I have long heard of Captain Mu Chen of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for a long time. I never expected that we would meet here. It is truly, my honor.” That blond-haired youth Qin Feng looked at Mu Chen as he smiled, “I never expected that Captain Mu Chen would also be interested in this Spiritual Array Diagram. I suppose it was me being rude.”

Although his tone was as shown, there wasn’t any hint of apology in his eyes.

Mu Chen also smiled in return, “It was an auctionzstyle of trade. There is nothing to be rude about.”

“3500.” Mu Chen looked at the youth on the transaction stage and gave his bid. Shortly after, he shrugged his shoulders, “We don’t have much points. If Leader Qin Feng could outbid me, I’ll have to give up in the competition for the Spiritual Array Diagram.”

They only had a total of 3700 points, so the bid that Mu Chen had given was already the limit. Similarly, the price was extremely high. There weren’t many teams that could be this bold.

“Truly rich and imposing.”

When Qin Feng heard Mu Chen’s offer, he smacked his lips as he stared at Mu Chen. He smiled as he waved his hand, “However, I have to apologise. We are determined to win the Spiritual Array Diagram. 4000…”


Commotion began to break out in the surrounding stage. Many teams had their faces filled with astonishment. Those 4000 points could basically guarantee any team into the Top 16. The Academy Alliance was really rich, as they easily took out that amount without any hesitation. 4000, just how many teams have they robbed and how many bitter battles have they gone through just to obtain that amount?

The eyes of Xu Huang and the rest also had anger surfacing in their eyes. Was the Academy Alliance doing it on purpose?

Luo Li also slightly knitted her brows. However, she did not speak a word and only directed her gaze at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled as he gave a deep look at Qin Feng, before shaking his head, “Let’s go. It seems like there isn’t any fate in me and the Spiritual Array Diagram.”

As he spoke, he had intended to turn around and leave. Although he wanted the Spiritual Array Diagram, the offer of his opponent had far surpassed their bottomline.


Just when he turned around, a clear voice suddenly resounded with arrogance. Including Mu Chen, everyone was startled. Thereafter, he directed his gaze towards the dazzling beauty.

Wen Qingxuan’s slender jade-like fingers were fiddling with her hair. Her gaze that was filled with arrogance lightly swept towards Qin Feng and Liu Xiong, who stood on the second floor. Her arrogance made others seem like ants before her.

“Wen Qingxuan?”

Wen Qingxuan’s reputation was not something that Mu Chen could compete against. The moment she spoke, everyone’s gazes shifted onto her almost instantly. Naturally, there were many that had heat in their eyes, as well. Towards the most dazzling girl in the current tournament, there was no one that did not know of her.

“What are you doing?” Mu Chen was also taken aback by Wen Qingxuan’s sudden action. Shortly after, he frowned his brows. Although they were currently working together, the cooperation between them was just to take what they each required. Therefore, although he knew that this girl beside him was someone that held the most amount of points, he did not even have any intention to ask her for help, since he was well-aware that the amount of points was not something that any other team could overlook.

“It’s not your points, why do you care?” However, faced with Mu Chen’s question, Wen Qingxuan could not be as gentle as she was with Luo Li. Therefore, she spoke as she looked at My Chen with pride.

Mu Chen could only remain silence.

“Wen Qingxuan…”

Qin Feng knitted his brows as he stared at Wen Qingxuan. “There isn’t any grudges between our Academy Alliance and you. Why are you partaking in this?”

Although the fame of the Academy Alliance wasn’t weak, they also held fear towards this team who held the most points in the entire tournament.

“I’m fond of the Spiritual Array Diagram. Can I not?” Wen Qingxuan responded.

Qin Feng’s eyes flashed with anger. Just when he was about to speak, a deep voice suddenly resounded from the darkness behind him, “Since Captain Wen Qingxuan has her eyes on this Spiritual Array Diagram, we of the Academy Alliance shall not snatch something that someone is fond of.”

From the darkness, a figure slowly walked out, instantly revealing himself under the light.

It was a youth that wore grey clothes. His appearance was ordinary, but his pupils were grey, as if there wasn’t any life in him. His line-of-sight was directed towards Mu Chen’s group as he lightly smiled, appearing friendly.

“Ghost King - Mo Yu!”

An astonished voice rang out. No one had expected that the three leaders of the Academy Alliance would appear at the same place.

Mu Chen was also looking at the grey-clothed youth as his pair of eyes narrowed. From the latter, he could sense a peculiar fluctuation coming from him.

Wen Qingxuan took a glance at Mo Yu, she did not speak. With a flick of her fingers, the Academy Plaque flew towards the youth that stood on the transaction stage. The latter grabbed onto it and quickly extracted the points that he should be getting, before returning it to Wen Qingxuan along with the Spiritual Array Diagram.

Wen Qingxuan grabbed onto those items and stored them without taking a look at them. Thereafter, she turned around and walked away.

At the sight of this, Mu Chen took another short glance with the grey-clothed youth, before turning around and left.

Seeing as they were leaving, Qin Feng knitted his brows together as he unwillingly said, “Are we going to let them have the Diagram? If they really manage to lay out the Spiritual Array, it would be a huge problem for us.”

“There’s no point. Since Wen Qingxuan has acted, it’s impossible for us to compete with her.” Mo Yu made a light smile, before continuing, “However, I have never expected that Wen Qingxuan would actually help Mu Chen to such a degree. That was 4500 points. I expect her team to drop out of Top 16 from first…”

“Why would she be willing to do it? Could it be that she has fallen for that Mu Chen?” Qin Feng said as his tone contained unconcealable envy. Being able to make such a prideful beauty to sacrifice her spot in the top, this accomplishment was something that was enough to make other guys feel unbalanced.

“Not too sure about that.” Mo Yu shook his head as he smiled, “Based on this incident, who knows howmany of the  guys were interested in Wen Qingxuan would be disappointed. Go spread the news. Mu Chen and his group should be heading for the Divine Wood Mountain. This time, there are quite a number of powerful figures gathered at the Divine Wood Mountain. If this news goes out, I suppose it would cause them some trouble…”

Qin Feng’s eyes lit up. Thereafter, he could not control his laughter. This time, Mu Chen would be unlucky.

After exiting the pavilion, Wen Qingxuan made a flick with her fingers and the Spiritual Array Diagram was shot towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen grabbed onto it as he looked at the Spiritual Array Diagram that still held some remnant fragrance. He spoke helplessly, “This gift seems to be a little too expensive. Because of it, your team has fallen out of Top 16 from the top.”

“It’s just 4500 points. If I want to earn it back, it would only take a short while.” Wen Qingxuan’s charming eyes glanced towards Mu Chen, “As long as you are clear that I do not have other feelings towards you. It is just an investment. Therefore, you should watch out. If you cannot deal with this Spiritual Array, watch out that I’ll deal with you!”

Mu Chen smiled as he brushed the bronze scroll. He no longer hesitated as he said, “I am grateful for you to have such expectations of me. But since your team fell from 1st Place, I will naturally send you back there…”

As he finish talking, he stored the Spiritual Array Diagram and moved forward, holding onto Luo Li.

“Hehe, Big Brother Mu Chen is indeed resolute.” Pin’er and Le’er chuckled, “Captain, don’t you agree?”

Wen Qingxuan looked at his back figure as she flung her rosy lips aside.

“Boasting without shame.”

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