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Chapter 504 - Lesser Thousand Sword Spiritual Array

The building was spacious with a wooden stage standing in the deepest region with the surroundings filled with groups of people as noise constantly came. That area was a small-scaled transaction stage. Generally speaking, those who were able to come here to do trades all possessed decent amounts of power.

Mu Chen was strolling around the transaction stage as his gaze was fixed on the stage.

There stood a youth, holding onto a bronze scroll. The scroll was in a sword shape as it was filled with traces of time. At the same time, the peculiar ripple that was being emitted from the scroll was startling.

“What is that?”

Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li spoke up with their questions of doubt as they followed up looking at the bronze scroll.

“It should be a Spiritual Array Diagram.” Mu Chen answered. The ripple that was being emitted from the bronze scroll was the reason why he halted his steps and turned around. After all, he had another identity, a Spiritual Array Master. Therefore, his interest was piqued by the Spiritual Array Diagram.

Wen Qingxuan took a glance at Mu Chen and fell into her thoughts.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you have already guessed. The scroll in my hand is indeed, a Spiritual Array Diagram.” At this moment, that youth raised the scroll in his hand as his robust voice resounded, “This Spiritual Array Diagram should be a Rank 5 Spiritual Array. However, this is a Combination Diagram.”

“Combination Diagram?”

When that statement was made, a soft commotion resounded from the surroundings. Many of those that were interested in it slightly focused their attention as they directed their gazes towards the scroll in the youth’s hand.

Spiritual Array Masters are classified in ranks. Once one reaches the level of Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master, they would be unpredictable. One further step and they would become Spiritual Array Grandmaster. Generally speaking, Spiritual Array Grandmasters were existences that could compete with Sovereign Realm experts.

Henceforth, there were huge differences between the weaker and stronger Rank 5 Spiritual Array Masters. Few powerful Rank 5 Spiritual Array Masters could even cause fear for experts that had already went through their Spiritual Energy Disaster or even Spirit Disaster. At the same time, there were also some Rank 5 Spiritual Array Masters that could have trouble dealing with an expert that had already gone through their Human Body Disaster.

There were all sorts of reasons for this difference. The main difference would be depended on the insight one had towards Spiritual Arrays, the second Spiritual Array Diagram.

When some powerful Rank 5 Spiritual Array Diagram falls into the hands of a powerful Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master, the power unleashed would be extremely fearsome.

Generally speaking, those powerful Spiritual Array Diagrams also had an alternate name to them, Combination Diagrams.

They were much more complicated compared to ordinary Spiritual Array Diagrams that ordinary Spiritual Array Masters could not control them, not to even mention about successfully laying it out. Naturally, once such Diagrams were successfully laid out, the might would also be astonishing.

“So it is a Combination Diagram.”

Mu Chen muttered to himself as his black pupils lit up. As expected, his interest had already been lured by the Combination Diagram.

After he had entered into the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, he had not revealed his Spiritual Array Master identity. It was not that he did not wish to use Spiritual Arrays, it was because there wasn’t any suitable Spiritual Array Diagram for him. After all, the opponents that he encountered at his level were all those that were already in the Three Sovereign Disasters. Although the Spiritual Arrays that he had cultivated in the past were not too weak, he was also not able to fully display their full potential.

Let's take the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array as an example. With his current accomplishment in the Spiritual Array field, he had fully studied the Spiritual Array Diagram. That Spiritual Array Diagram could also be considered as a Combination Diagram. It's complete form should be four lotuses. However, with his current strength, he could only unleash it at two lotuses. The Three Lotus-Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array was too powerful and it would require him to be at the level of Spiritual Array Grandmaster in order to execute it.

Therefore, the current him required a Spiritual Array that he could fully unleash it's potential. Without a doubt, this Rank 5 Combination Diagram was perfect for the current Mu Chen.

However, such a Combination Diagram was not easy to find. However, his luck had allowed him to encounter one before his eyes at this moment.

The atmosphere around the transaction stage was heated up at this moment. One could tell that there was quite a group of people that were interested in it. From their reactions, one could tell that those groups had Spiritual Array Masters in their team. However, once they communicated with the Spiritual Array Masters in their team, quite a number of them had disappointment in their eyes.

Clearly, the Spiritual Array Masters in their teams had told them that the Rank 5 Combination Diagram was too complicated for them.

“The name of this Spiritual Array Diagram is called Lesser Thousand Spiritual Spiritual Array. I suppose everyone knows the power of a Combination Diagram at this level. This was found by me in a ruin. I would suggest those Spiritual Array Masters that are not powerful enough to give up on it.” The youth smiled as he continued to hold onto the bronze scroll.

His words caused much disdain. However, no one retorted him as they all knew that the might of such a Combination Spiritual Array could rival a Rank 6 Spiritual Array of Sovereign Realm experts. Although such a Spiritual Array was extremely complicated, the strength was excellent.

“I’m auctioning this Spiritual Array Diagram in this transaction stage. All I’m asking for is 2500 points.”

When he finished his speech, it attracted a second wave of uproar to the point that even Mu Chen had his brows slightly frowned. Such a price was not low at this point for them. After all, they only possessed 3700 points, whereas the price of it was 2500. It was impossible for ordinary teams to afford such a price.

Everyone started talking amongst themselves around the transaction stage, with many people shaking their heads inwardly and gave up on it. Although the Spiritual Array Diagram was powerful, the requirement was too demanding. Even if they had managed to obtain it, it was also hard for them to successfully execute it.

Mu Chen pondered for a brief moment before looking at his team. He really was tempted by it. However, the points belonged to the team, so he could not spend it alone.

“I have no objections,” Luo Li smiled.

“You are the Captain, you make the decision.” Xu Huang and the other two said as they smiled.

“Thanks.” Mu Chen nodded his head. He no longer hesitated and declared, “2600.”

His voice broke the discussion of others as many startled gazes were directed at him. After they had taken a good look at Mu Chen, they started to discuss again.

“What team is this?”

“From their Academy Emblem, it should be the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…”

“Oh? Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? Could it be the team of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that had managed to enter the Top 16?”

“It should be them. Otherwise, how could they afford to many points?”


In the discussions, many people understood the identity of Mu Chen’s team and their gazes turned a little more heavy.

The youth that was on the transaction stage threw an astonished gaze as he shouted out loud, “The team from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy bids 2600 points. Is there any higher bids?”

There were no responses to his question. Many teams could only shrug their shoulders in helplessness. The price was already very high, not to mention that they did not have the capability to lay out such a complicated Spiritual Array. Therefore, there was no need to exchange such an item with the points that they had gathered with so much effort.

The youth on the stage helplessly smiled from the response. Looks like his intention to earn a big sum had fallen. However, at least he had gotten a high price for it.

“Since there was no one else bidding, then this scroll will belong to the team from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.” He waved his hand as he looked at Mu Chen and smiled, “Respected…”

“Three thousand.”

An indifferent voice rang out, which caused that youth to halt his voice. It had also caused many people to raise their heads as they looked at the direction that the voice was coming from.

Mu Chen also knitted his brows together as he raised his head. On the second level of the building, there were some shadows standing in the darkness. Standing at the front, there were two people leaning against the pillar. They were smiling as they looked at Mu Chen and his group.

The one on the left had a skinny body with blond hair. He had a charming appearance with a smile hanging on his lips. Sharpness was being emitted from his pair of eyes. On the right, it was a robust man whose figure was comparable to a bear. His bare arms were filled with scars, emitting dense bloodlust.

The two of them were looking at Mu Chen, who was on the first floor. When their gazes met, there was a chill in their circulating between their gazes.

When everyone around the stage saw those two figures, they were startled for a brief moment. They could not help twitching their brows. Those two fellows actually showed themselves. Furthermore, it seems they were aiming at the team from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy… Looks like there’s a show for them to watch. This team from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy wasn't your ordinary group. Likewise, those two weren’t ordinary as well. Recently, there were many powerful teams that fell by their hands.

Mu Chen’s brows wrinkled together as he could sense the peculiar ripple from the two of them. Clearly, the two of them were very powerful. However, he had never seen them before nor is there any Academy Emblem on them…

But from their eyes, those two didn’t seem to be too friendly to them. 

“Those two are the leaders of the Academy Alliance… Violet Halberd - Qin Feng and Bear King - Liu Xiong. It appears that the two of them are coming for you.” Wen Qingxuan’s jade-like fingers fiddled with her hair as she removed the doubt for Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s eyes slightly narrowed.

The Academy Alliance?

That alliance that had sent someone to snatch the Divine Quota from him earlier?

This bunch of people were really pestering them.

Mu Chen helplessly flung his mouth as a chill began to circulate in his black pupils.

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