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Chapter 503 - Spiritual Pills

As Mu Chen and the others walked straight into the transaction base, the waves of clamoring noises coming from the sides had all quietly turned silent. Quite a few people opening their eyes wide at the teeth-clenching scene before them. With such fame attached to her name, and with everyone knowing how hard it was to tame this arrogant phoenix, they had unexpectedly seen her taking the initiative to hold onto the wrist of a young male.

This scene caused countless people to open their eyes wide and trip down while unconcealable envy and jealousy uncontrollably erupted from their hearts.

Exactly where did this fellow come from to actually garner the favour of Wen Qingxuan? 

 Those gazes appeared as if they wanted to kill someone.

Finally, unable to endure the murderous-like gazes coming from everyone, Mu Chen grasped onto Wen Qingxuan’s beautiful and jade-like small hands as he hastily walked towards a small alley nearby.

Upon hiding in the alley, Wen Qingxuan hastily flung her little hand from Mu Chen’s grip, while opening her eyes wide to glare at him while shouting, “What are you doing?!”

An angry expression had appeared on her face as she could not help rubbing her wrist. She had a level of fastidiousness, and extreme dislike people of the opposite sex coming into contact with her body. Even in her earlier action towards Mu Chen, she had quietly slipped her sleeve inbetween the hand she used to grab onto his sleeve. Who would have guessed that Mu Chen would actually dare to grab hold onto her?

If not for Luo Li being by their side, she might not have been able to endure it and take action against Mu Chen. 

“I’ve yet to ask you what the hell you are doing. Could you get Luo Li and my approval at the very least before pulling the stunt you did earlier?” said Mu Chen as he flung his mouth aside.

“You’ve clearly taken advantage of me,” replied Wen Qingxuan somewhat angrily. This fellow still tries to proclaim his innocence after taking advantage of me!

“Thank you, but I’m not one bit interested in enjoying such an advantage,” replied Mu Chen unhappily, before leading Luo Li towards the deeper parts of the transaction base. Luo Li sent a helpless shrug towards the somewhat fustrated Wen Qingxuan. Although she was also somewhat astonished by Wen Qingxuan’s actions, she clearly didn’t voice it out. From the looks of it, Wen Qingxuan seemed to not have the favorable impression that some other girls would have towards him. Similarly too, Mu Chen seemed to only treat her as a collaborating compatriot.

Looking at the backs of the two, Wen Qingxuan could not help stomping her feet and clenching her teeth. Pin’er, Le’er and the rest of her team standing beside her quietly turned their gazes away, all of them not daring to provoke the current Wen Qingxuan. Earlier, upon seeing Wen Qingxuan actually extending her hand to hold onto Mu Chen’s wrist, their hearts were completely filled with shock and astonishment. That’s because all of them had a deep understanding of the latter. Ever since the start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, they had seen some powerful groups that have attempted to approach them. However, Wen Qingxuan always maintained a certain degree of distance from those similarly outstanding youths. Although the smiles she wore appeared soul-stirringly sweet and charming, there was a resistance that tossed people thousands of miles away present within the depths of her eyes.

However, right before their eyes, Wen Qingxuan, with her rather great dislike for the opposite sex, had unexpectedly took the initiative to hold the wrist of a youth of the opposite sex. How could they not be shocked by it!

“You better remember this!”

Said Wen Qingxuan hatefully, before quickly following behind the two.

Having learnt a lesson from her previous actions, Wen Qingxuan did not dare to pull of the same stunt again. On the contrary, she always stood at least 3 steps away from him, with a slightly frustrated feeling clearly present within her heart, despite not having any expression showing on her beautiful face. 

Nevertheless, Mu Chen didn’t care about her, with his gaze curiously scanning around his surroundings. Simple shops were constructed on the two sides of the spacious limestone alleys. With people walking to and fro, the atmosphere present was rather lively. In such a transaction point, the majority of the shops here haven’t been opened for a long time; after all, such a place was a necessity for every group participating in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. 

There were numerous large and small ancient remnants present within this fragment of the Shattered Continent, with quite a few containing treasures within. Although those remnants were concealed extremely well, they were still found by people in the end. Nevertheless, not all of the treasures obtained from those places would be needed by one. Therefore, this had resulted in such a transaction base popping up.

At this place, they were able to bring all of their unwanted treasures here to exchange for stuff they needed.

Strolling around, Mu Chen and the others finally came to a stop after walking for a dozen minutes as a rather gigantic building appeared before their eyes. This was considered the largest construction within the transaction base, with the atmosphere within appearing exceedingly exuberant.

There were various large and small shops present within the building, with dazzling lineups made of various items displayed within every one of them. Spiritual lights sparkled around as unique Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated from them. All of those items gave off an ancient flavor, clearly indicative of them being hauled out from those ancient remnants present within this Shattered Continent.

Brimming with interest, Mu Chen looked and gazed around. Wen Qingxuan had also walked into it as her gaze fluttered across the shops present in search for the Spiritual Pills that she needed.

There were quite a few Spiritual Pills present here, with all of them giving of sweet fragrances, causing people to be unable to resist casting drooling gazes over at them. Nevertheless, those Spiritual Pills were considered as exceedingly extravagant items to them. Additionally, most of them were traded using the bartering method. Towards stuff like Spiritual Pills, the majority of the people selling were either masquerading their understanding towards them or had completely no understanding towards the pills they were selling, which lead to people being extremely easily conned towards buying falsified or counterfeit items.Therefore, the number of people that were able to afford the pills were extremely few.

Scanning her beautiful eyes across those Spiritual Qi-filled jade bottles, Wen Qingxuan was able to clearly see the origins of the medicines present within. However, what made Mu Chen feel some doubt was due to Wen Qingxuan’s actions. Not only did she not search for those Spiritual Pills that were emitting dense Spiritual Qi, she had locked her gaze towards those seemingly ordinary-looking Spiritual Pills.

Finally, Wen Qingxuan’s gaze rested on a somewhat broken jade bottle. With a dull yellow colour, it showed the vestiges of time that have occured to it.

“This is a bottle of Spiritual Pills I’ve found from a remnant. After trying it, it has a rather good effect towards Spiritual Energy recovery.” The one selling this bottle of Spiritual Pills was a skinny youth, who hastily went forward to introduce them upon seeing Wen Qingxuan’s gaze shooting over.

Extending her hand towards the jade bottle, Wen Qingxuan retrieved a Spiritual Pill from within. Appearing in a dark greenish splendor, the Spiritual Pill appeared as spherical as a dragon’s eye. However, the density of Spiritual Qi coming from it seemed to not be comparable to those previous few Spiritual Pills that she had laid her gaze on.

“What’s the price of these?” asked Wen Qingxuan, appearing to be interested in those Spiritual Pills.

“Two High-Grade Spiritual Items, one offensive and one defensive,” replied the skinny youth immediately.

Hearing the youth’s reply, Mu Chen immediately raised his eyebrows slightly as he thought, What a really high price! There’s merely five Spiritual Pills present within this jade bottle. However, that fellow had actually wanted two High Grade Spiritual Items for it! Things like Spiritual Pills truly are extravagant.

Hesitating for a while, Wen Qingxuan decisively nodded her head while waving her hand towards the quiet young girl by the name of An Ya. With a wave of her hand, two rays of light shot out from An Ya, flying straight towards the skinny youth. Hastily receiving them, the skinny youth carefully examined them before elation subsequently gushed from his face.

Without saying a single word more, Wen Qingxuan grabbed the jade bottle, turned around and walked off.

“Those five Spiritual Pills are actually worth that price?” Mu Chen could not help asking. Although he wasn’t the spendthrift one, if those two High Grade Spiritual Items were equipped to Xu Huang and the other two, they would be able to increase their strength by quite a bit.  

“What do you know?” replied Wen Qingxuan with a returning glare. “ The Spiritual Pills in this bottle should be Green Spiritual Pills. Not only can they rapidly recover consumed Spiritual Energy, it can even temporarily increase the strength of one’s fleshly body. Truthfully speaking, it’s value is even higher than this little bit.”

“It can even increase the strength of one’s fleshly body?” said Mu Chen in shock.

“However, wanting to obtain such an effect would require a special way of consumption. That would be consuming it with another type of Spiritual Pill, something that the fellow that sold to me was completely unaware about.”

Wen Qingxuan’s understanding towards Spiritual Pills was clearly much deeper than Mu Chen’s. With a clench of her hand, two spherical Spiritual Pills appeared in her hand. “In addition, there’s a Lotus Spiritual Brand present on these Spiritual Pills. That’s the insignia of the Pill God Clan. It also means that this bottle of Spiritual Pills came from the Pill God Clan.”

“Pill God Clan?” Mu Chen gawked once more.  

“Ignorance,” replied Wen Qingxuan indifferently. “Within the Great Thousand Worlds, there are 3 place that produce Spiritual Pills of the highest grade, with the Pill God Clan being one of them. The other 2 are the Ancient Myriad Flower Plains and the Endless Fire Territory. The former two possessed a background spanning back countless of years, with the Endless Fire Territory popping up later. The Great Sir that came from the lower plains, the Flame Emperor has a unique style in his pill refining technique, resulting in the Spiritual Pills refined by him being things that Sovereign realm experts dream of having, but are unable to do so. This is also one of the main reasons why the Endless Fire Territory is able to becoming one of the regional Overlords of the Great Thousand Worlds within such a short span of time.”

“That Flame Emperor’s truly formidable,” said Mu Chen while sighing in admiration.

Shooting a look at him, a faint arc curled up the corner of Wen Qingxuan’s red lips, before speaking out, “Although I’ve yet to see the Flame Emperor in person, I’ve met with his daughter. Do you want me to help introduce her to you in the future?”

Hearing that, Mu Chen immediately felt awkward. At this moment, the only choice he could do was to choose to disregard her words.

With a flick of her jade-like finger, 2 Green Spiritual Pills shot towards Mu Chen and Luo Li. Sending the two a sweet smile, she said, “Don’t reject me. After entering the Divine Wood Mountain, there would be quite a few huge fights. The stronger the two of you are, the greater our chances on obtaining the treasures.”

Hearing that, Luo Li hesitated awhile, before nodding her head with a faint smile while replying, “Thanks, Qingxuan.”

Hearing how Luo Li had addressed her, the smile present on Wen Qingxuan’s exquisite face instantly grew warmer. Compared with how she treated Mu Chen, this was a completely different appearance.

Accepting the Spiritual Pill, Mu Chen shook his head in helplessness. People who obtain benefits have weak mouths towards their benefactor.

“Let’s go. We’ve already obtained the Spiritual Pills.” Waving her hand towards everyone, Wen Qingxuan got ready to leave this place.

Hearing that, Mu Chen nodded his head in agreement. However, just as he shifted his feet, something suddenly caught his eye, causing him to turn his head around. Looking over to the depths of the building, he could sense unique fluctuations radiating from there. Showing a gesture towards Wen Qingxuan and the rest, he turned around and quickly headed over towards the building’s depths.

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