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Chapter 502 - Transaction Base

As the lightning flashed across the horizon, while the bloody palm slowly dissipated away, Mu Chen stood tall in the skies, with the light of black lightning encasing his entire body. Looking coldly towards Xue Tiandu, boundless energies rapidly condensed within his palms.

After passing through his Human Body Disaster, his Lightning God’s Physique had clearly followed suit and progressed along with his cultivation, successfully promoting to the level of Penta Rune Lightning Physique. Relying on this tyrannical physique of his, Mu Chen was now absolutely not afraid to cross hands with experts who had genuinely passed through their Spirit Disaster.

That Xue Tiandu before him possessed a level of strength that was even higher than normal Spiritual Energy Disaster. However, he had yet to genuinely breakthrough to realm of Spirit Disaster. Therefore, Mu Chen did not dread or fear him if they were genuinely start a duel.

“Who’s this fellow that doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, to actually dared to provoke our Blood God Clan!” Xue Tiandu’s expression had turned completely dark from Mu Chen’s previous statement. At this moment, a bloody light hid the skies and covered the earth as it gushed from his body, alongside a dense bloody flavor that had quietly radiated from within.

Bloodthirsty rays of brilliance sparkled in the centre of his palms as dangerous fluctuations started to radiate from them.

While this happened, the expressions of the people from the Blood God Clan standing behind him had also turned dark, while bloody light gushed from their bodies.

Seeing that their opponent was about to take complete action, Luo Li’s face had turned slightly cold. Tightly clenching her Luo God Sword, a clear sword cry resounded, while fierce Sword Intent radiated from it.

“If you want to take action, you can’t forget about us. I’ve heard about the fame of the Blood God Clan. However, this isn’t the Western Heavenly World, so it’s still not your turn to show your atrocious behaviour to everyone.” At this moment, Wen Qingxuan had also elegantly walked forward. With a sweet smile and a clench of her hand, the gorgeous golden war spear appeared within. Although the tip of the spear had yet to be aimed towards Xue Tiandu and his group of people, they were already about to discern dangerous fluctuations radiating from the former’s body.

Noticing this, Xu Huang, Pin’er, Le’er and the rest all entered their combat-ready states as they vigilantly stared towards Xue Tiandu and his group of people.

In an instant, the atmosphere had turned into a state of mutual hostility, with a huge battle appearing to erupt at any given moment.

“Wen Qingxuan?”

Xue Tiandu muttered as he darkly looked towards Wen Qingxuan. Having also participated in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, they naturally weren’t unfamiliar towards this group that had placed first on the rankings. However, they never imagined that she and her group would actually mingle together with Mu Chen and his group.

“Precisely,” replied Wen Qingxuan with a soul-stirring smile, yet no sudden fluctuations were present in those haughty and beautiful phoenix-like eyes of hers as she stared indifferently towards Xue Tiandu.


Rays of brilliance sparkled within Xue Tiandu’s eyes as he gave a cold snort. With Wen Qingxuan and her group being together with Mu Chen and Luo Li’s, their lineup made it such that even he had no choice but to treat them with caution. If they were to truly start a fight, even if they were able to win in the end, they might have to pay an exceedingly high price. This was clearly something that Xue Tiandu hadn't wished for.

“I’ll temporarily let you all go this time! However, do you all still want to go into the Divine Wood Mountain with such appearances? Nevermind! I’ll settle this debt with you all while in the Divine Wood Palace’s remnant!” said Xue Tiandu with a sneer as he darkly stared towards Mu Chen. “At that time, I’ll properly teach you that there’s always a taller mountain present.”

“Let’s go!”

As his voice rang out, he waved his hands and left.

A chilling glint flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes as he sent a palm patting out, instantly sending a black and white current of Spiritual Energy sweeping out that rumbled straight towards Xue Tiandu. Clearly, he did not wish for that fellow to be able to smoothly retreat away like that.

“Although dealing with you all will be somewhat troublesome, if I want to leave, you can’t do anything about it.” Faced against Mu Chen’s goal of obstructing him, a ridiculing smile appeared on Xue Tiandu’s face as he clapped his hands together. In the next instant, a bloody light radiated from him, before smashing violently against the incoming current of Spiritual Energy.


At the instant of impact, their bodies unexpectedly exploded apart, causing a bloody mist to perfuse out. As this happened, their figures mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

Seeing this, Mu Chen’s eye faintly narrowed. As the bloody light exploded apart, he could faintly discern the ten clumps of bloody light sparkling. Clearly, that fellow had used some kind of special technique to cause Mu Chen to be unable to chase after them. Although that Xue Tiandu’s loathsome, he’s truly worthy of being the prince of the Blood God Clan. With such a mysterious technique, wanting to obstruct him truly was an extremely hard matter to accomplish. 

“He’s still going to the Divine Wood Palace’s remnant…”

Mu Chen muttered in his heart as a chilling glint gushed from his eyes. He really did have some murderous intent appearing in his head towards that Xue Tiandu. Being a person of the Blood God Clan, the latter would definitely bring trouble to Luo Li. Therefore, if he had the opportunity, Mu Chen wanted to let him remain forever within the fragments of this Shattered Continent.

The light of black lightning on the surface of Mu Chen’s body rapidly weakened, before dissipating away as he shot back to his group.

“That’s the Blood God Clan’s Blood Escape Technique. It’s extremely formidable at disengaging and escaping. However, as of now, there’s no need for us to start a big fight by taking action against them. There will be opportunities to do so in the future.” As the frosty expression on Luo Li’s exquisite face dissipated away, she sent a faint smile towards Mu Chen as she spoke to him. 

Hearing that, Mu Chen nodded his head. Looking towards the place where Xue Tiandu and his people had disappeared at, he deeply pondered awhile, before saying, “Since they wanted to catch you, let’s not let them return back home.”

Faint feelings of sweetness instantly erupted in Luo Li’s heart upon hearing his words.

“Wa, brother Mu Chen’s so overbearing,” said Pin’er and Le’er with a giggle.

“What’s the use of being overbearing? We’ve yet to reach the Divine Wood Mountain, and we’ve one more thorny opponent to deal with as a result.” Shooting a slanted glare towards Mu Chen, Wen Qingxuan spoke in a lazy manner. “However, you didn’t disappoint too much by at least possessing a bit of courage. If you let a girl get bullied and still hide behind her, what’s the use in calling you a man?”

Towards her alternative degeratory and praising comments, Mu Chen could only give a helpless laugh in response. Compared to Xue Tiandu, he clearly felt a greater headache towards the person before him now.

Hearing those words from Wen Qingxuan, Luo Li gave a laugh before saying, “Although Xue Tiandu’s somewhat thorny, if he truly wanted to take action, he would have to deal with the consequences.”

Seeing that Luo Li was helping Mu Chen, Wen Qinguan could not help flinging her little red lips aside. Waving her hands, she said, “We’re about to reach the transaction base. Since we don’t know how many crouching tigers and hidden dragons are present there, let’s seize this moment to enter it and prepare ourselves properly. There will definitely be huge fights awaiting us within the ancient remnant of the Divine Wood Palace.”

Hearing her words, Mu Chen nodded his head in agreement. Indeed, as what Wen Qingxuan had said, they had only more thorny opponents to deal with before even reaching the Divine Wood Mountain. God-knows how many would there be when they arrive there. From the looks of it, there would definitely be a truly huge fight taking place then. Similarly, Mu Chen was extremely curious about one point. Exactly how many of the hidden experts that were concealed in the darkness would reveal themselves there? 

Everyone was clear about the importance of the genuine remnant of the Divine Wood Palace. Therefore, those powerful groups that have concealed themselves to bide time would definitely reveal themselves in succession within there. This time, it would definitely be extremely spectacular. In fact, this might shake up the entire situation of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

Moving their bodies once again, Mu Chen shot across the sky. In the distant plains, the little town was already faintly visible. Countless figures shot over from all directions, finally landing within this little town, causing the surrounding area to appear exceedingly noisy and lively.

Standing at the outskirts of the transaction base and taking in the atmosphere present within the little town, Mu Chen and the others could not help sighing in admiration. Upon their entrance to the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, it was clearly extremely rare for them to see so many groups converging in such a peaceful manner together. That’s because any other place with that many groups appearing and gathering together would definitely be a place where numerous intense fights and battles would have taken place.

“Let’s go.”

Seemingly appearing somewhat familiar with this place, Wen Qingxuan gave a wave with her jade-like hand as she took the lead and walked forward, with Mu Chen and the rest hastily following suit.

Upon entering the transaction base, the noise and clatter instantly lunged towards them. Clearly appearing to be constructed not long ago, the numerous limestone streets appeared exceedingly wide and spacious, merely that it was filled with numerous figures bustling with activity.

Following Wen Qingxuan as they walked into the little town, Mu Chen and the rest could immediately feel the clamouring reduce by quite a bit as countless gazes shot over towards their direction. Each of those gazes were completely filled with shock, and curiosity, as well as drool…

Naturally, the absolute majority of those reactions were due to Wen Qingxuan, as well as Luo Li.

The fame of Wen Qingxuan had already long been circulated within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, with everyone being clear how strong the group on the first of the rankings were, as well as how beautiful their female Captain was.

However, what caused them to be astonished was that there was actually yet another girl that was not one bit inferior, when compared to her.

Standing quietly at a side, Luo Li held her Luo God Sword in her hand, with her exquisitely beautiful and procelainsque face appearing calm and elegant. Clearly, she had an entirely different character compared to Wen Qingxuan. Upon entering the little town, she did not pay much attention to the sideways as her glass-like pupils only gave a brief swept.

Compared to her, Wen Qingxuan was different. At this moment, her beautiful face that could similarly cause the downfall of countries was covered in a soul-stirringly beautiful smile, causing people to be unable to peel their eyes from her. However, although her smile was soul-stirring, her phoenix-like eyes were filled with haughtiness and arrogance. As her gaze indifferently swept across the bodies of a few seemingly outstanding youths, it quickly moved away with the same indifference, instantly causing the youths that were quietly pumping up their chests to deflate and be filled with dejection.

Compared to Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan clearly possessed a temperament that was exceedingly hard to tame. However, being the way males are, the harder it was to obtain, the greater they would chase after the unattainable.

Seeing the transaction base that had turned somewhat quiet, before noticing the gazes of countless people sweeping across Luo Li’s body, Mu Chen instantly flung his mouth in unhappiness.

While he was feeling unhappy, Luo Li suddenly gave a faint smile, before unexpectedly taking the initiative to extend her jade-like hand to hold onto Mu Chen’s, all while her lovable face turned slightly red.


As Luo Li held Mu Chen’s hand, one could faintly hear a clamoring wave ringing out, with quite a few gazes locking onto Mu Chen, with some of them containing unconcealable hostility and envy.

Mu Chen was also slightly shocked and astonished. Knowing Luo Li’s character, other than his occasional hoodlum teasing while they were alone, where she would blush and allow him to do so, she was exceedingly reserved in front of other people. Such an initiative to hold his hand was clearly something that was exceedingly rare.

“This is just a little reward,” said Luo Li with a slight blush on her lovable face as she shot a look towards Mu Chen.

Hearing that, Mu Chen could not help letting a smile crack open from his mouth. Naturally, he knew that what Luo Li was saying was that he had seemingly done quite a good job in his performance towards Xue Tiandu earlier.

Wen Qingxuan took half a step forward. However, upon hearing the clamoring coming from the surroundings, she cast a look from the corner of her eye and immediately knew what had happened. This caused her to give a soft snort within her heart, turning her beautiful eyes around, while a slight twitch appeared on her tiny rosy lips.

Due to his point of view, Mu Chen just so happened to notice the arc curling up from the corner of Wen Qingxuan’s mouth, causing a not-too-good feeling to rise within his heart.

However, before he could respond to it, Wen Qingxuan had quickly turned around, while a soul-stirring smile appeared on her beautiful face that would cause the downfall of countries. However, at this moment, a somewhat evil intent seemed to appear within her eyes as she unexpectedly extended her jade-like hand out, grabbing onto Mu Chen’s wrist before walking straight into the transaction base.

Thereafter, in that instant, the clamoring noises originally still present within the transaction base instantly turned deathly silent.

Cold beads of sweat instantly poured from Mu Chen’s back in response. If those gazes that had shot over before were filled with hostility and envy, they were now filled with genuine killing intent…

“I’ve been made a fool of…”

The corner of Mu Chen’s mouth slightly twitched as he thought, This Wen Qingxuan’s simple a demoness.

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