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Chapter 501 - Xue Tiandou

The Blood God Clan, one of the four great God Clans of the Western Heavenly World.

When he was in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there was a fellow from the Blood God Clan by the name of Xue Shi. He had defeated Xue Shi. Although he had suffered grave injuries from Mu Chen, he managed to send the news of Luo Li back to his clan. From Luo Li’s importance to the Luo God Clan, if the Blood God Clan knew about her, they would definitely take some actions.

Therefore, a somewhat cold expression surfaced within Mu Chen’s eyes as he looked towards the people from the Blood God Clan.

The Western Heavenly World was exceedingly far away from here, with even Sovereign realm existences needing to take quite a long period of time to reach here. Therefore, he did not believe that it was coincidental that the people of the Blood God Clan would appear here. These fellows had definitely come here for Luo Li.

His gaze incisively shot towards the blood-robed figures standing on the mountain peak in the distance, before focusing on the front of the ten figures present there. There stood a youth with his hands crossed before his chest. This person was similarly wearing a blood-red robes. However, slivers of golden patterns were present at the edges of his sleeves, giving him a sliver of nobility in his appearance. Clearly, his status was different from the rest standing behind him.

The golden-edged blood red-robed youth had an exceedingly handsome face, while his lips appeared exceedingly scarlet-red. At this moment, he had similarly cast his gazes towards Mu Chen and the others. Naturally, precisely speaking, his gaze should be locked onto Luo Li. Subsequently, a faint smile appeared on his face. Nodding his head with a cultured and refined manner, a gentle voice rang from him, “Luo Li, I’ve finally seen you.”

Tightly staring at the handsome youth with her beautiful eyes, Luo Li slowly gripped her hands tightly as a clear voice with a sliver of frost rang from her, “Xue Tiandu, I never imagined that the fourth prince of the Blood God Clan would actually appear here…”

“You remembering me truly makes me happy.”

The handsome youth by the name of Xue Tiandu laugh, waving his sleeve as he brought the numerous figures behind him as they shot forward. Blood Aura seemed to ripple beneath their feet, while a faint bloody flavor that perfused out caused the Spiritual Energies within people’s bodies to show signs of flipping and churning.

 An emotionless expression appeared on Mu Chen’s face as Xu Huang and the rest immediately revolved their Spiritual Energies, while vigilantly staring towards this group of malicious people heading their way.

“Blood God Clan.”

Sweeping a glance at Xue Tiandu, rays of brilliance instantly sparkled from Wen Qingxuan’s phoenix-like eyes.

Coming to a stop not too far away from Luo Li, Xue Tiandu swept his gaze around, before finally pausing on Mu Chen and Luo Li. Clearly, he could feel somewhat extraordinary Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from the two.

“A year ago, Xu Shi passed a message that you’ve appeared in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. This caused quite a bit of a commotion. Haha. You’re the future Empress of the Luo God Clan, and also the final hope left for them. If I’m able to capture you, the Luo God Clan will fall into complete despair. I think that when that happens. Luo Tianshen will receive a seriously heavy blow,” said Xue Tiandu with a faint smile. “Therefore, I was sent here.”

“The Blood God Clan really think highly of you,” replied Luo Li with an indifferent tone.

“Follow me and go back, Luo Li. With the chaos of war continuing in the Western Heavenly World and the Luo God Clan suffering defeat after defeat, as long as you follow me back to the Blood God Clan, I’ll request our marriage with the higher-ups of the clan. At that time, with you married to me, our Blood God Clan and the Luo God Clan would no longer be separated. In addition, we’ll be able to eliminate the other two great God Clans. At that time, it would only be our two clans in the Western Heavenly World, and your Luo God Clan will be protected.

A gentle and anticipating smile seemed to surface on Xue Tiandu’s handsome face. Staring at Luo Li, he continued speaking. “This way, how many citizens can you prevent the Luo God Clan from losing?”

Clenching her Luo God Sword tightly, chilling intent surfaced within the clear and soul-stirringly beautiful eyes of Luo Li.

However, this time, not waiting for her to reply, Mu Chen took a step before her. Looking towards Xue Tiandu, he laughed out while saying, “Sorry to inform you that this girl’s already taken. Furthermore, with your morality and conduct, you might still be a little off from your goal of becoming the great contributor of success for the Blood God Clan, mister.” 

Instantly, chilling rays of brilliance flashed within the depths of Xue Tiandu’s eyes. Looking towards Mu Chen, he said with an indifferent voice, “And who are you? I’m speaking to Luo Li. Who are you to interrupt us?”

“Didn’t you hear what he had said?” replied Luo Li with a similar indifferent tone.

Hearing Luo Li’s reply, Xue Tiandu’s eyes slightly contracted. Finally, his gaze towards Mu Chen turned completely dark, while a mocking arc curled up at the corner of his mouth before saying, “Luo Li, you truly gave me a surprise. There are countless elite youths in the Western Heavenly World with extraordinary backgrounds that are crazily infatuated with you. Yet, you don’t even pay attention to them, and have to run to such a small Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to fall in love with such a fellow? Did you know that if this news arrives in the Western Heavenly World, what kind of trouble it would bring to your Luo God Clan?” 

“You should be extremely clear that there’s quite a few influences in the Western Heavenly World that are staring covetously at you, the next Empress of the Luo God Clan!”

His tone had turned somewhat chilling with the additional presence of a sliver of fury and jealousy towards Mu Chen. Clearly, Luo Li admitting to Mu Chen’s claim had caused some fluctuations to appear within his heart.

“As if I have any business with you! If you want aim at our Luo God Clan, you just have to take action! Don’t tell me that you guys haven’t done those despicable acts in the past few years! Furthermore, even if our Luo God Clan were to be destroyed by you guys, we’ll definitely make sure your Blood God Clan suffer heavy losses in the process! At that time, your Blood God Clan will suffer the similar decline to our Luo God Clan!” replied Luo Li.

Xue Tiandu’s handsome face finally turned completely dark before slowly saying, “Since you’re so obstinate as to say those words, the only action I can take is to forcibly bring you back to the Western Heavenly World.”

Hearing his reply, Mu Chen gave a faint smile, one that contained unconcealable killing intent. The light of black lightning appeared on the surface of his body, before saying while locking his ice-cold gaze on Xue Tiandu, “I feel that you don’t need to consider about bringing people back, but to consider exactly if you’re able to stay alive and return or not…”


As scarlet-red shadow flashed across Xue Tiandu’s eyes, while a ridiculing arc curled up the corner of his mouth, before he said, “You truly are a fellow that only knows how to shamelessly boast. Just a mere cultivation realm of Human Body Tribulation, and you dare to hoot at me?”

With a laugh, Mu Chen gave a furious stomp, sending his body shooting straight out. Locking towards Xue Tiandu, killing intent gushed from his eyes. The method of Xue Tiandu actually daring to use the Luo God Clan to force Luo Li had clearly caused Mu Chen to genuinely turn furious. Therefore, being a male, there was no more need to speak any more useless words to Xue Tiandu. What he needed to do was to take direct action.

“You damnable thing!”

Seeing Mu Chen shoot over, the numerous blood red-robed figures immediately shifted their bodies in preparation to take action. However, they were stopped by Xue Tiandu, who had extended his hand out. At this moment, a bloodthirsty shade had appeared on his handsome face, clearly indicating that he need no one else to interfere and take action for him.

Being the prince of the Blood God Clan, the pride and arrogance within him did not allow for any random person to provoke him like that.

With a tap of his foot, blood mist abruptly swept out from his body as he transformed into a beam of bloody light, shooting out like a bolt of lightning.


Bloody light hid the skies and covered the earth as they swept out in an instant, causing the bright skies to turn scarlet-red. At this moment, Xue Tiandu’s eyes had also turned scarlet-red as he locked his sights on Mu Chen. With a change of his hand seal, he sent a palm stretching out, while a chilling roar resounded across the horizon, “Blood God’s Palm!”

Under his palm, the Blood Aura that had blotted the skies churned and surged, immediately transforming into an approximately hundred-metre wide bloody palm. As it howled, it instantly enveloped Mu Chen beneath it, with the frightening force behind it causing even the surrounding space to slightly warp and distort.

Seeing the might of Xue Tiandu’s palm, the faces of Xu Huang and the rest could not help changing. Although this Xue Tiandu caused them to feel ire and loathe, he truly possessed extremely tyrannical strength. Just this palm of his would be able to cause ordinary experts of Spiritual Energy Tribulation to have the only option of fleeing and avoiding. 

“This fellow is truly strong,” said Pin’er quietly upon seeing the might of Xue Tiandu’s attack.

“Can Mu Chen endure it?” asked Lei’er worriedly.

“Indeed, this Xue Tiandu has some ability,” replied Wen Qingxuan indifferently as she slightly raised her eyebrows. “However, you shouldn’t underestimate Mu Chen. That fellow conceals his abilities extremely deep.”

Under the attentive gazes of everyone present, the bloody palm instantly blocked off every escape route Mu Chen had. However, not only did he not stop his movements, he proceeded to look towards the bloody palm. Suddenly, chilling rays of brilliance out from his eyes as his hands furiously came together.


Hand seals rapidly formed as the light of black lightning on the surface of Mu Chen’s body became rapid.

As lightning sparkled, lightning runes quickly appeared on Mu Chen’s chest. In a flash, four lightning runes condensed and appeared, while powerful energies rippled through Mu Chen’s limbs and bones.

However, after the the fourth lightning rune had condensed, the sparkle from the lightning bolts present didn’t stop at that. Merely, after the formation of the fourth lightning rune, the lightning bolts rapidly arced around, growing warm before yet another lightning rune rapidly extended from within.

Penta Lightning Rune!

Mu Chen’s Lightning God’s Physique had actually been promoted to a Penta Rune Lightning Physique!


At the appearance of the fifth lightning rune, surges of black lightning bolts gushed from Mu Chen’s body, with his body appearing to have grown taller by half a foot. At this moment, bolts of lighting sparkled within his black pupils, with a world of lightning seemingly developing within them.

In the next instant, exceedingly astonishing energies erupted from his body like a volcano.

Raising his head, he looked towards the incoming bloody palm, before slowly raising his arm, slamming it right against the bloody palm.


Claps of thunder abruptly resounded across the horizon at the instant of impact, while a black bolt of lightning howled and shot out just like a pillar that propped up the skies. With a bang, it unexpectedly pierced through the bloody palm that contained astonishing amounts of Spiritual Energy!

The glow of lightning rushed across the horizon, illuminating everything present within a hundred kilometre radius.

Under the radiance of the lightning light, the bloody palm rapidly collapsed apart, before finally transforming into glowing bloody dots that blotted the skies as they slowly dissipated away.

As the glowing bloody dots dissipated away, Mu Chen slowly raised his head. Turning his lightning-filled eyes towards the handsome face of Xue Tiandu, which had now turned dark, he slowly said, “The prince of the Blood God Clan is merely at this level?”

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