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Chapter 485 - Wooden Divine Guard

Due to the enormous battle that took place here, the interior of the giant hall had turned into a complete pile of mess.

Slowly descending from the sky, Mu Chen’s face appeared slightly pale. Yet, those black pupils of his were still flooded within chilling intent as he swept his gaze around. Faced against his gaze, even Zhen Qing’s expression slightly froze up, while a shadow of dread surfaced within the depths of his eyes.

Mu Chen’s move earlier on had defeated Xia Hou and caused even his heart to palpitate in fear. He knew that if that move was headed towards him, his ending would not be any better than Xia Hou’s in any way.

The remaining four members of the Saint Spiritual Academy group glared with endless shock and fury at Mu Chen. Taking a look at Xia Hou, who was unconscious due to his serious injuries, their gazes turned frosty as they looked once again at Mu Chen. Although they would very much like to take action at this very moment, all of them found out that they couldn’t even move their legs a single inch forward, since thick feelings of fear and dread had already cemented themselves in their hearts.

The shock Mu Chen had caused to them due to the previous fight was too great.

Who would have imagined that Xia Hou, whose cultivation had reached the realm of having passed his Spiritual Energy Tribulation, would actually suffer such a miserable defeat in the hands of Mu Chen, who’s cultivation was only at the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase?

While still being trapped within the vines, Tang Mei’er, Zhou Yuan and the rest of the groups looked shell-shocked at the scene before them. Only after quite a while did they take a breath of cold air and regain their senses. Suppressing the shock and astonishment in their hearts, they looked with incomparable curiosity at Mu Chen. Such an outcome had clearly exceeded all of their expectations.

Although they never underestimated Mu Chen since the start, regardless of that, Xia Hou had successfully passed his Spiritual Energy Tribulation. Compared with the latter, there truly was a gigantic disparity.

Such a disparity couldn’t be easily covered.

However, Mu Chen had let them experience a miracle-like scene.

Sweeping his gaze across the giant hall, Mu Chen’s vision lined up with Luo Li’s, with the exquisite and porcelain-like beautiful face revealing a faint smile. Mu Chen didn’t let her bitter persistence go to waste. With Xia Hou being crippled and deposed of, the situation before their eyes should be flipped around now.

“Haha. You truly are formidable.”

A dark laugh rang from Zhen Qing, slowly resounding within the giant hall.

Panning his head around, Mu Chen laid his gaze on Zhen Qing, before a few wrinkles started to appear on his forehead. That’s because he was not able to find a single trace of shock or fluster present on the latter’s face.

“That’s why you’re able to become the Captain of your group. Look’s like I’ve truly underestimated you earlier,” said Zhen Qing with a faint smile.

Grasping her longsword, Luo Li stood up, while a chilling glint appeared within her clear, beautiful eyes as she glared at Zhen Qing. Although the only people capable of taking action were her and Mu Chen, if it really came to a fight, Zhen Qing and his group might have quite a bit of an advantage.

“Do you think that you’re able to turn the situation around after defeating Xia Hou?” Sweeping his gaze towards Mu Chen and Luo Li, Zhen Qing gave an amused sneer, while a look of ridicule gushed from his eyes. “I admit that your Divine Sword is a mighty deterrence. However, don’t treat me as a retard. Did you think that I’d really sit here like a retard and quietly wait for you to deal with Xia Hou before dealing with me?”

“Oh? Otherwise?”

Hearing Zhen Qing’s words, Mu Chen gave a faint smile. Yet, the Spiritual Energy within his body had already started to circulate once again. The massive fight he had with Xia Hou had resulted in the consumption of quite a bit of his energy, which had led to him being temporarily unable to use a powerful move like the Lightning Controlling Technique. However, without Xia Hou, the combat prowess of Zhen Qing’s side had clearly been greatly decreased.

However, the smile brimming on Zhen Qing’s face appeared somewhat strange and weird.

Standing beside Mu Chen, Luo Li tightly grasped her Luo Shen Sword, while a chilling light surfaced within her eyes as she locked her gaze onto Zhen Qing.

With bated breaths, Tang Mei’er and the rest took in the scene before them. Clearly, they had also felt that something wasn’t right with Zhen Qing’s reaction to the change in the situation. Faced against the combination of Mu Chen and Luo Li, this Zhen Qing had unexpectedly shown not the slightest bit of fear or dread. What’s more, he appeared to be exceedingly confident in himself, appearing to possess an absolute assurance in suppressing both Mu Chen and Luo Li.

However, regardless of the fear and worry present in their hearts, being trapped by the vines, there was nothing they could do but hope that Mu Chen and Luo Li were truly about to deal with Zhen Qing. Then, they would be able to completely remove the vines that were restraining them.


Upon focusing their gazes, Luo Li’s lovable figure had already shot forward in the next instant, while an incomparably fierce Sword Aura swept out. Slicing apart the air in its path, it slashed straight down towards Zhen Qing’s head.

With a pat of his palm on the ground, Zhen Qing’s body explosively shot forward. As a shiver shook through his sleeve, a black ray of light gushed out. Appearing just like a gigantic black withered wooden log, it smashed head-on against the fierce Sword Aura.


An enormous sound rang out as the black withered wooden log shattered apart, sending splintered pieces of wood flying in all directions. However, black rays of brilliance gushed from within, defending against the Sword Aura.

Fluttering back in retreat, the four members behind Zhen Qing locked their frosty gazes on Mu Chen and Luo Li. Boundless Spiritual Energies radiated within the giant hall as they got ready to take action at a moment’s notice.

“You all really are impetuous.” With a shake of his sleeve, black rays of light radiated from within. Staring at Mu Chen and Luo Li, a chilling shadow gushed from his eyes as he sneered, “You’re definitely wondering why I didn’t make a single move when you guys dealt with Xia Hou, right? Now, I’ll tell you that it’s because I needed time. Now, time’s up!”

The smile at the corner of his mouth turned abruptly malevolent. “Next up, it should be your time to struggle in despair!”

As his voice rang out, his hands suddenly came together to form a complicated hand seal. Behind him, his four group members had also formed similar hand seals. In the next instant, blackish-green Spiritual Energies swept out of their bodies akin to a flood. Shooting straight into the air within the giant hall, they shot at lightning speeds, before slamming straight against the gigantic greenish wood statue at the corner of the giant hall.


As banging sounds rang out, dazzling rays of brilliance erupted from the gigantic greenish wood statue. In the next instant, complex patterns appeared on the surface of its gigantic surface.

At the same time, extremely terrifying fluctuations radiated from it.

Seeing this, the eyes of Mu Chen and Luo Li slightly narrowed. Clenching her sword, Sword Aura howled from it, hiding the skies and covering the earth as it chopped straight down towards Zhen Qing and his group.


Seeing this, Zhen Qing gave a cold smile in response. Stomping his feet. Countless vines explosively shot out. Turning into a shield, it blocked the incoming slash from the Sword Aura, turning into wood splitters that filled the air as a result.

“Haha. The Divine Wood Guard has already been activated and controlled by me! Next up, regardless of what moves you all have, you all will undoubtedly die today!”

As the wood splitters were explosively sent across the skies, Zhen Qing fervently looked towards the greenish wood statue within the giant hall, which had started to slowly stand up. With a hearty chuckle, he said, “Mu Chen, did you all assume that dealing with Xia Hou would be able to turn the entire situation around just like that? Yet, you all didn’t know that I was also waiting for time! Haha, it’s still my win in the end!”

As the Divine Wood Guard stood up, its gigantic dozen metre tall figure radiated with an immense pressure, while glowing runes covered the entirety of its body. At the same time, extremely frightening energy fluctuations radiated from it as it took a giant step forward, causing the entire giant hall to shake and tremble in its wake.

Seeing this, the faces of Tang Mei’er and the rest turned pale. As the gigantic shadow came enveloping over, all of them felt the threat of death. Finally, all of them understood why Zhen Qing still remained unmoved like a rock even when faced with the defeat of Xia Hou. It turned out that he didn’t have the intention to go into a head-on confrontation with Mu Chen and his group since the very beginning.

All along, he had been biding his time, using the Spiritual Energies sucked from the bodies of Tang Mei’er and the rest to awaken this frightening Divine Wood Guard!

From the looks of it, this Divine Wood Guard had been successfully controlled by them, with seemingly all aspects of the situation having landed in their hands. At this moment, there was simply not the slightest bit of a chance to flip the situation around!

Solemn expressions appeared on the faces of Mu Chen and Luo as they stared at the Divine Wood Guard. Both of them were able to sense that this Divine Wood Guard possessed extremely powerful energies within it. Although it wasn’t to the level of a Sovereign realm expert, it definitely far surpassed that of anyone that was of Spiritual Energy Disaster! 

“Although our strength isn’t able to allow for this Divine Wood Guard to show all of its power, what happens next is more than sufficient to show you all what despair feels like!”

Facing the sky, Zhen Qing gave a hearty chuckle, his slightly pale face brimming with satisfaction. With a wave of his sleeve, his hand seal changed, only for a glowing tree leaf rune to surface from the forehead of the Divine Wood Guard. In the next instantly, with its massive stride, it dashed straight towards Mu Chen and Luo Li. As it waved its giant fist, boundless Spiritual Energy swept out akin to rampant horses, instantly enveloping over the two.


Mu Chen and Luo Li instantly shot backwards in retreat. Clenching his hand, the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear appeared in a flash, sending its ominous aura gushing out. In the next instant, a fierce spear shadow was already being thrust towards the body of the Divine Wood Guard at lightning speed. Yet, faced with such a fierce attack, it was only able to leave a faint scratch on its body.


The longsword in Luo Li’s hand started to dance, sending waves of Sword Aura gushing out. Smashing right onto the body of the Divine Wood Guard, where inch-deep slashes started to form. Clearly, the destructive power of her attacks was quite a bit stronger than Mu Chen’s. However, when compared to the gigantic body of the Divine Wood Guard, they weren’t considered to be anything formidable. 

Clearly, this Divine Wood Guard possessed an extremely powerful defense.

“Haha. Your resistances are completely useless! As of now, unless there’s anyone who has passed their Divine Soul Tribulation, this Divine Wood Guard is absolutely impossible to be destroyed by the likes of you!” roared Zhen Qing in laughter. As long as he deals with Mu Chen and Luo Li here, he would truly be able to obtain this Divine Wood Guard. At that time, not only would he be able to truly obtain a status in the real “Divine Wood Palace”, he would also be able to obtain this Divine Wood Guard. With its strength, how many people would be able to obstruct him and his group’s path in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament?

The champion of this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament would definitely land in the hands of their Wood Spirit Academy!

Seeing the formidable might of the Divine Wood Guard, a shadow of helplessness and bitterness flashed through the eyes of Tang Mei’er, Zhou Yuan, Xu Huang and the rest. From the looks of it, they had truly ended up in a hopeless situation.

 Possessing such strength, this Divine Wood Guard was more than sufficient to sweep away everyone present here. Even Mu Chen and Luo Li collaborating together might not be able to defeat it.

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