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Chapter 484 - Targeted

The atmosphere on the mountain peak seemed to have froze up at this moment.

Ji Xuan shot a deathly glare towards the eye-piercing name present on the Academy Plaque, the amiable smile on his face being completely wiped off. Extending his finger, an emotionless expression appeared on his face as he rubbed against that name. Although he had yet to say a single word, every single one of the four people behind him could sense an astonishing wave of killing intent radiating from the body of the former.

Among them, the youth by the name of Mu Feng faintly knew about the grudge and grievances between Ji Xuan and Mu Chen. Shrugging his shoulders, he said with a smile, “Looks like your adversary has appeared.”

Hearing those words, Ji Xuan gave an indifferent reply, “You don’t know if the current him has enough qualifications to be my adversary.”

“Xia Hou’s group has disappeared from the Top 16,” said a golden-haired youth as he wrinkled his forehead. “And this group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has just so happened to rush in at the same time.”

Speaking till here, a clear expression of shock and amazement flashed across his eyes as he continued to speak. “Could it be that Xia Hou’s group had suffered defeat in the hands of this group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?”

“That’s impossible, right? Xia Hou’s group is extremely strong, with he, himself, being someone that had successfully passed his Spiritual Energy Tribulation. Although there are crouching tigers and hidden dragons in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, there shouldn't be that many people that could defeat them with ease…” said the burly bear-like-bodied youth with a frown.

Shaking his head, Ji Xuan said with an indifferent tone, “There’s no need to make any more guesses. Xia Hou and his group truly have been defeated by Mu Chen’s group. Can’t you see that there isn’t any indication of the direction of their location anymore? This means that they should have entered some remnant…”

Looking over, Mu Feng and the rest saw that it was true, Mu Chen and Xia Hou’s group didn’t have any indication of their direction at all…

“Hehe. That group of unlucky fellows. They really have lost all face this time to have actually suffered defeat in the hands of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy,” said the golden-haired youth as he flung his mouth aside and gave a mocking laugh. Although all of them were from the Saint Spiritual Academy, they weren’t considered to be amicable within the academy itself. On the contrary, there were loads of internal strife. Therefore, he was naturally reeling in happiness at Xia Hou’s misfortune of bumping into such trouble.

Looking at the indifferent-looking Ji Xuan, Mu Feng gave a smile as he said, “Do we need to find them now? I believe that they won’t hide in the remnant for the entirety of the tournament. As long as they come out, we should be able to find the direction they are at.” 

Rubbing the Academy Plaque in his hand, Ji Xuan callously eyed the name present on it. Shaking his head, he replied, “There’s no need. If he truly possesses some ability, we will eventually bump into him. If he doesn’t even possess the ability to last till then, he wouldn’t have the qualifications for me to keep him in mind.”

Hearing that, Mu Feng nodded his head. As of now, they really should not waste time worrying about Mu Chen’s group.

“Time’s about up. Get ready to move. Remember. Don’t let a single one off.”

Ji Xuan looked towards the depths of the mountain, where the rampant Spiritual Energy fluctuations that were radiating from had grown weaker by quite a bit. From the looks of it, a result was gradually forming in the battle taking place there. Therefore, he said that with an indifferent tone, while giving a wave of his hand.


As his hand dropped down, the four figures behind him had already shot out at lightning speed. Bringing along dense and boundless Spiritual Energy, they appeared like a storm, sweeping across the mountain range akin to an incomparably rampant hurricane.

Looking at their backs, Ji Xuan slightly turned his head to look towards the far north, an incisive chill gushing from his eyes. 

Mu Chen, you should work hard to move forward. Once you walk before me, I will let you understand exactly how big the disparity is between you and me. This time, I’ll definitely let you be consigned to eternal damnation!

Abruptly clenching his hands, Ji Xuan took a heavy step forward. With a loud bang, he transformed into a ray of light, rushing towards the skies. In the next instant, he had shot ahead of the four figures, showing off his quick and lithe speed.

As he shot out, intense vibrations shook from the mountain peak as gigantic fissures rapidly extended from it. In the next instant, they had spread out and covered the entire peak. As rumbling noises rang out, giant stones rolled down, before suddenly, the entire mountain peak collapsed apart, sending dust plumes spreading out across the horizon. 

As Ji Xuan and his group started moving, in a region extremely far away from them, there was what seemed like a gathering point. Within that mountain valley, there were hundreds of thousands of groups that had converged over there, having completed various sorts of exchanges and trades. There was an unspoken rule present here, which was that there could not be any fights in this place. If not, that would result in hostile response from everyone here.

Clearly, there was some noise present in this mountain valley. Yet, the gazes of many groups were indistinctly focused towards the higher region of the mountain valley. Present on the cliff, there was an exceedingly dazzling silhouette.

This silhouette appeared exceedingly slender, with a golden-coloured armor draped across her exquisite and voluptuous figure, vividly and thoroughly accentuating her soul-stirring curves. Underneath her battle shirt was a pair of long and slender legs that sparkled with a jade-like luster, causing the eyes of countless people to feel slightly unable to decide where to place their gazes on.  

A torrent of black hair fell from her head, landing on her straight shoulders. Crossing her jade-like hands before her, it caused her impressively voluptuous chest to become even more eye-grabbing, with quite a few people quietly swallowing their saliva in response to the sight before them.

However, even though the beautiful figure had caused the hearts of countless people to pump and pound, there wasn’t anyone that dared to be overly brazen in their gazes, with dread even being present in the eyes of some people. That because the young girl before their eyes was called Wen Qingxuan.

The Captain of the first ranking team in the point rankings in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

Although her beautiful figure appeared delicate and graceful, everyone knew how much frightening power was contained under that exquisite and alluring body!

However, at this moment, the young girl that had become the focal point completely ignored those gazes shooting over from the mountain valley as signs of deep thought surfaced in her beautiful eyes as she looked towards the Academy Plaque in her hand. More precisely, she was staring at the group that had just rushed into the Top 16.

“Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Mu Chen…”

Wen Qingxuan’s beautiful eyes slowly narrowed, with this little movement of her’s causing her to have an otherworldly charm and allure.

“That Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road?”

Filled with interest, Wen Qingxuan gave a faint smile. Although she didn’t bump into Mu Chen while they were in the Spiritual Road, she had heard stories of the Blood Calamity. Naturally, though, the most crucial thing was that this Mu Chen seemed to be together with Luo Li.

“Since he’s the Captain of that group, Luo Li should also be in that group, right?” muttered Wen Qingxuan as she tapped her snow-white chin, her beautiful eyes sparkling while a shade of excitement surfaced on her beautiful face.

“Captain, our next target is that group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” Lovable voices rang out from the two young girls present behind Wen Qingxuan.

These two young girls were dressed in dark greenish robes, with their sweet and soul-stirring appearances unexpectedly looking exactly similar to one another. Clearly, they were a pair of identical twins. Noticing the rarely seen shade of excitement present on Wen Qingxuan’s beautiful face, they could not help asking in curiosity.

Giving a laugh, Wen Qingxuan nodded her head and replied, “Pin’er, Le’er. Stare at this group for me, will you? Once the direction for their location appears, we’ll immediately head out to find them!”

Exchanging glances with one another, the two young girls asked in doubt, “Won’t this delay our plan?”

Spending that many thoughts for one group didn’t seem to fit in the plan that Wen Qingxuan had made earlier.

Panning her head over, Wen Qingxuan extended her slender jade-like fingers and raised the exquisite chins of the two young girls before replying within an alluring smile. “There isn’t any plan that’s more important as compared to her.”

Hearing that, the young girls by the names of Pin’er and Le’er obediently nodded their heads.

Slightly raising her beautiful face to look at a place in the far distance, Wen Qingxuan extended her slender jade-like hand, before giving a clench. In the next moment, a sweet smile appeared on her face, that alluring smile seemingly stole away all of the splendor of the daytime within this mountain valley, with countless people emitting uncontrollable gulping sounds from their throats in response.

This noble and arrogant phoenix before their eyes truly had caused people’s hearts to jump and pound. Although everyone knew that it would undoubtedly be even harder to surmount the heavens than to conquer this phoenix, this was what men were. The harder it was to obtain in one’s hands, the more one’s heart would itch.

Those countless scorching gazes shooting out from the mountain valley finally caught the attention of Wen Qingxuan. A faint shiver shook through her long and slender eyelashes as she swept her beautiful eyes over.

Noticing her gaze shooting over, shivers immediately shook through the hearts of some people in the mountain valley as they hastily evaded their gazes away. Regardless of how alluring and soul-stirring this young girl was, they were extremely clear about the frightening strength the latter possessed.

“This girl’s truly flavorful.”

However, it clearly seemed that not everyone had evaded her gaze, as the gazes from one group at the fringes of the mountain valley still appeared as scorching as ever. This group possessed considerable strength, and although their Captain had yet to successfully pass though his Spiritual Energy Disaster, he was of comparable strength to Tang Mei’er and Zhou Yuan. As for the other four members of the group, there were two experts of Fleshly Body Disaster. This lineup was in fact not any weaker than any group from the five Great Academies.

However, even though their lineup was considerably tyrannical, the few groups in the surroundings still casted pitiful gazes at them, before quietly retreating away.

On the top of the mountain peak, Wen Qingxuan’s beautiful eyes were now locked onto them. In the next instant, an alluring smile immediately surfaced on her face. Giving a sweet laugh, a charming voice instantly rang out. “Oh really?”

Tge body of the Captain froze up, clearly not expecting his words to be heard by Wen Qingxuan as he had said them with an extremely soft level of voice. In the next instant, giving a dry laugh, his figure immediately retreated away explosively, with the other four members of his group following closely behind.

Upon seeing this, a rich smile was still present on Wen Qingxuan’s face. In the next instant, striding out, boundless Spiritual Energy swept out, faintly transforming into what seemed like a pair of gorgeous and gigantic glowing phoenix wings.


With a flap of the phoenix wings, her figure disappeared akin to a spectre.


At the instant when her figure disappeared, frightening Spiritual Energy suddenly swept out in the far distance as the five figures that had shot over there earlier had unexpectedly spurted blood out while being sent flying back. Their faces overwhelmed with shock, they proceeded to stare at the space before them.


Like a spectre, Wen Qingxuan had appeared wordlessly before that captain. Extending her jade-like hand, she immediately grabbed hold of the latter’s neck. Looking at the shock and dread-filled face, an enchanting smile curled up from her seductive lips. In the next instant, she sent a pat towards the latter’s chest, sending him smashing straight into the mountain valley below, before fluttering away.

“I’ll give you all the points he has.”

As she floated off into the distance, a sweet-sounding voice filled with laughter rang from the distance.

On the top of the mountain valley, four beautiful figures had also transformed into beams of light, shooting off into the distance as they chased after the soul-stirringly alluring figure.

Within the mountain valley, gazes filled with longing and unwillingness shot towards the beautiful figures in the distance. Everyone only returned to their senses after quite a while, before casting gazes of ill intent towards the unlucky Captain that had suffered serious injuries from a single pat by Wen Qingxuan.

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