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Chapter 482 - Lightning’s Might


As the low and deep sound brought the might of the heavens and earth, while resounding within the giant hall, the rumbling grew increasingly radiant as the black storm clouds condensed together within the skies of the giant hall at an astonishing pace. Black lightning light sparkled within it, appearing akin to a black lightning dragon coiling its gigantic body.

The spectacle before their eyes had undoubtedly caused everyone’s expressions to violently contort.

At this moment, even Zhen Qing was overwhelmed in shock as he looked towards the black storm clouds in the air. The might of the heavens and earth radiating from them had caused the Spiritual Energies within everyone to show signs of shivering. This made them understand that the lightning energies present within this storm cloud wasn’t as simple as being composed from Spiritual Energy. Those were lightning energies genuinely born from the heavens and earth. 

This brilliance coming from the might of the heavens and earth was something that people of their level would absolutely not be able to summon forth.

Mu Chen’s handsome face was covered with a solemn expression as his slender fingers hastily trembled, while faint rays of lightning brilliance sparkled at his fingertips. This was the first time he had genuinely executed the “Lightning Controlling Technique” ever since he learned it from the Northern Sea Dragon. Generally speaking, Divine Techniques were exceedingly hard to cultivate. What’s more, this Lightning Controlling Technique was considerably extraordinary. Even after multiple months of analysing and learning, Mu Chen had only grasped a few straws of comprehension in it. However, he fortunately possessed an advantage that ordinary people did not have, which was that he had cultivated his Lightning God’s Physique. Having experienced the tempering from so many bolts of Divine Black Lightning, he was able to feel some familiar responses from the lightning energies of the heavens and earth.

It was actually because he was relying on this that he became able to display the “Lightning Controlling Technique” at this moment.


Black storm clouds surged and churned as the black lightning energies rapidly condensed, faintly revealing their extraordinary prestige.

Beneath them, nine beams of light formed by those nine stars subsequently arrived.


Mu Chen’s expression turned serious as his hand seal abruptly changed, before the black storm clouds started to contract. In the next instant, cracks of thunder that caused people’s scalps to turn numb rumbled across the entire giant hall. Immediately, the giant hall started to shake akin to suffering an earthquake. In fact, the Spiritual Energy present in the world started to disperse apart in succession, appearing to be unable to withstand the might of the heavens and earth.

Everyone raised their heads.

Only to see the storm clouds being split apart as a gigantic bolt of black lightning approximately a hundred metres long accompanied the gigantic rumble. Akin to a lightning dragon baring its fangs and claws, it descended down, with thunderous rumbles howling out as it travelled. As it did so, a long fissure was even carved through space, leaving being a singed smell in the air.

The black lightning bolt pierced through the world with seemingly nothing being able to obstruct it. This was a power that destroyed anything in its path.

Although this bolt of lightning wasn’t as terrifying as the Divine Black Lightning that had appeared during Nine Nether’s tribulation then, the destructive fluctuations radiating from it were sufficient to cause people to feel extremely terrified.

As the black bolt of lightning descended, lightning light illuminated the entire giant hall, lighting up Xia Hou’s face at the same time. At this moment, the latter’s face appeared chilly and malevolent, clearly appearing exceedingly terrifyied under the lightning light.

Travelling at an exceedingly fast speed, the black bolt of lightning seemingly took only a flash to pierce through space. In the end, under the attentive gazes coming from the surroundings, it violently smashed against the nine star-transformed beams of light before they could smash into Mu Chen.


At the instant when the two attacks collided, eye-piercing lightning brilliance radiated out, causing everyone’s eyes to narrow in pain. In the next moment, all of them felt an indescribably rampant shock wave spreading across the giant hall.

Bang! Bang!

Cracks and fissures continued to extend and spread across the surface of the giant hall. Regardless of the special materials used in its construction, the group was still unable to withstand the exceedingly rampant lightning shock waves. In fact, the giant pillars close to the epicentre of the impact had fissures all over their collapsed surfaces. At this moment, those vines that had pervaded the entire giant hall were turned into dust in the light of the lightning light.

Such frighteningly destructive power caused everyone present within in the giant hall to become completely dumbfounded.


At the epicentre of the shock wave, two frightening energies crazily corroded one another. However, as the black lightning light sparkled, it had clearly gotten the upper hand. The overbearingness of the Divine Black Lightning wasn’t something that could be easily blocked. After all, even Nine Nether then had nearly failed to pass her Divine Tribulation twice due to the Divine Black Lightning.

Although the Divine Black Lightning Mu Chen had summoned was unable to be compared with the one faced by Nine Nether in her tribulation, the disparity between Xia Hou and Nine Nether was similarly too great.

Looking towards the lightning energies that had gained the upper hand, Xia Hou’s face grew ashen. Staring malevolently towards Mu Chen, he immediately changed his hand seal and explosively roared, “Nine Stars Explosion!”

Bang! Bang!

Following his explosive roar, the Nine Stars seemed to explode apart at the same time, causing frightening energies to instantly sweep out.

However, just as this energy shock wave was radiating out, chilling rays of brilliance gushed from within Mu Chen’s black pupils as he extended his slender finger and gave a gentle point towards the space before him.


Nothing fanciful, just a single word. Yet, it brimmed with incomparable overbearingness.


With a single word, the Divine Black Lightning instantly flared as the black lightning light crazily sparkled, rushing like a furious dragon in the end. As the lightning light shot out, the frightening energies from the explosion of the nine stars were unexpectedly destroyed and annihilated

“Impossible?!” Xia Hou’s face instantly turned deathly pale as he howled in shock.

Clearly, the Divine Black Lightning had gained the upper hand and had suppressed its contender!


As Xia Hou roared, an indifferent shadow appeared in Mu Chen’s eyes as he waved his hand. In the next instant, everyone present in the giant hall saw the Divine Black Lightning drown out the nine stars. Transforming into a beam of lightning, it shattered space apart before enveloping Xia Hou in an unavoidable stance.

Finally, emotions of fear and dread gushed from the latter’s eyes as he felt the flavor of death coming from the black bolt of lightning.

“I admit defeat!”

He shouted in shock and terror, with his voice becoming much more shrill and ear-piercing.

However, faced against his cry, a shade of indifference still hung on Mu Chen’s face. Clearly, he would not show any type of excessive clemency in such moments. He had summoned forth his strength to the fullest to display the Lightning Controlling Technique, which resulted in a gargantuan consumption of his strength. If he was to get nothing in return, he would be extremely hard-pressed to find another good opportunity like this to deal with Xia Hou; after all, the latter wasn’t a helpless kitten. With his cultivation at Spiritual Energy Disaster, he was more than sufficient to bring trouble to Mu Chen in the future, if he's not dealt with now.


Therefore, he didn’t have any intention to show any mercy and soft-heartedness. With a thought, the bolt of Divine Black Lightning struck Xia Hou’s body without the slightest bit of hesitation.


At the instant when the Divine Black Lightning landed on Xia Hou’s body, everyone could hear a low and scalp-numbing sound ring out. In the next instant, the Spiritual Energy defenses around Xia Hou’s body completely collapsed, before being miserably shot backwards like a kite with broken strings. As blood spurted from him, his body drew a thousand metre long gulch within the giant hall, before slamming against a giant pillar. 


Cracks extended across the giant pillar as it started shaking, appearing as if it was about to collapse.

Blood flowed from Xia Hou’s body as he slid off the giant pillar, with all the bones in his body appearing to have be completely smashed apart. As stone pieces pressed down on his body, suffocating him, his aura grew increasingly weaker. Clearly, he was sent to a point close to death by the severe injuries he had sustained…

The rumbling noises in the giant hall gradually came to a stop.

In the next moment, deathly silence hung over the giant hall.

Gazes filled with dense feelings of being overwhelmed with shock looked towards the bloody corpse-like figure. Who would have guessed that Xia Hou, who had gained the absolute superiority earlier would… actually become like that?

The eyes of Tang Mei’er, Zhou Yuan and the rest were wide open as they vacantly looked towards the scene before them. In the next moment, after slightly turning their gazes with bated breath, they looked towards the body of the youth who appeared slightly pale. He had actually… defeated Xia Hou…

That’s an expert that had passed his Spiritual Energy Disaster!

While Mu Chen was only of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase!

“This freak…” In the end, Tang Mei’er and the rest could only softly sigh in their hearts. At this moment, they were finally able to completely understand why Mu Chen was able to become the Captain of this group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, with even someone as strong as Luo Li not showing any dissent about this. It turned out that this youth, whose strength appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary, had actually possessed such frightening combat prowess that caused people to be filled with horror.

In this universe, there was no lacking of people that were able to fight above their cultivation realms. However, there were some that were undeniably freaks amongst those geniuses. After seeing the spectacle that had unfolded before them, this Mu Chen might be a member of that league.

As Tang Mei’er and the rest were sighing in incomparable admiration, all colour was drained from the faces of the group from the Saint Spiritual Academy as they inconceivably looked at Xia Hou, who had fainted due to his severe injuries. They were still somewhat unable to believe the brutal reality that had unfolded before their very eyes.

Shadows of darkness and uncertainty loomed within Zhen Qing’s eyes as he looked towards the defeated Xia Hou. Looking towards Mu Chen’s figure, there were thick feelings of dread, fear and caution surfacing within his eyes. At this moment, he finally started to treat Mu Chen as an opponent that was genuinely able to pose a threat to himself.

However, on the contrary, Mu Chen didn’t give any care towards all of the gazes that had converged on him. Covering his mouth to give a cough, a shade of paleness surfaced on his handsome face. In the end, being a Divine Technique, although the Lightning Controlling Technique possessed extreme might and power, it also possessed extreme consumption of his energy. According to Mu Chen’s estimates, he would be extremely hard-pressed to activate it one more time…

Such a move could only be properly displayed by Sovereign realm experts, yet it was executed by him today. Truly, the might it possessed didn’t disappoint him.

Looking indifferent towards the unconscious Xia Hou, Mu Chen gave a pull of his hand, causing a suction force to erupt from it. As shattered rocks started to fly up, a ray of brilliance shot from Xia Hou’s chest, before landing in Mu Chen’s hand. This was the Academy Plaque of the Saint Spiritual Academy.

Shooting a glance at the Academy Plaque, Mu Chen’s eyebrows instantly jumped as there was actually 4200 points on this Academy Plaque! Furthermore, they were ranked at 7th place on the rankings listed on it!

This amount seemed to be two to three times more than the points Mu Chen had.

Clutching the Academy Plaque, Mu Chen deeply pondered for a moment, before retrieving his own, and snatching away half of the points and transferring them to his plaque.

As rays of brilliance shone, the number present on Mu Chen’s Academy Plaque instantly rose to 3007.

As this number drastically shot up, the Academy Plaque in Mu Chen’s hands was enveloped in dazzling brilliance, while Xia Hou’s group rapidly disappeared from the listed rankings. In the next moment, a new group bounded over one group after another at an astonishing speed, before finally coming to a stop at the ninth place!

Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Ninth Place: Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Captain: Mu Chen.

Looking towards the Academy Plaque in his hand that had lit up, Mu Chen gave a faint smile as his group had entered the Top 16. This way, news about himself would be discovered by all of the groups, with Ji Xuan being amongst them.

Slowly clenching the Academy Plaque in his hand, a chilling shadow condensed within Mu Chen’s black pupils.

Ji Xuan, when you see this familiar name, how will you feel?

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