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Chapter 481 - Star Descent Art

"Star Descent Art!"

As Xia Hou's chilling voice resounded across the giant hall, everyone was able to sense indescribable Spiritual Energy torrentially gushing out akin to an erupting volcano from his body. As this happened, the hurricane that resulted from the Spiritual Energy propagation crazily howled across the giant hall.

Striding across the air, Xia Hou's hands moved about as he formed a strange hand seal, with his eyes brimming with chilling intent.


Torrential amounts of Spiritual Energy crazily condensed behind his back as three gigantic whirlpools gradually took form, with a starry light seemingly radiating from within. As Spiritual Energy crazily poured in, within a short span of a dozen breaths, they had transformed into three gigantic dazzling stars approximately a hundred metres in length.

As those three stars sparkled with dazzling brilliance, boundless Spiritual Energy radiated from them. Akin to light spikes that covered the entirety of the stars, they gradually appeared somewhat malevolent.

When those three stars were completely condensed from Spiritual Energy, exceedingly rampant Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated out, bringing along rumbling noise as the Spiritual Energy clashed against the surrounding air. 

Within the giant hall, Tang Mei'er, Zhou Yuan and the rest were in shock as they took in the spectacle before them. The Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from the three stars caused them to feel a dangerous flavor of death. Clearly, Xia Hou had already started to use his genuine killing move, clearly wanting to end this fight here and now.

"Haha. Truly worthy of the Saint Spiritual Academy's Holy Son."

Looking at the three stars, Zhen Qing's eyes slightly narrowed, before laughing out in a low voice. Looking at the move that Xia Hou had unleashed, a sliver of seriousness surfaced within his heart. If he was to genuinely cross hands against Xia Hou, he would very likely be forced back by this attack to the point of having to temporarily retreat. This Xia Hou was truly formidable. That's why he could become one of the Four Holy Sons of the Saint Spiritual Academy.

"Looks like this brat is in a world of trouble. Now, he will understand exactly how frightening a Spiritual Energy Disaster expert can be when he is serious."

Zhen Qing spoke out with an indifferent smile, while shooting a glare towards Luo Li. At this moment, the latter raised her beautiful eyes to look towards Xia Hou in the air as her brows slightly wrinkled. It seemed that she had felt some worry, due to the fierceness suddenly present in Xia Hou's move. 

Under the attentive gazes of everyone present in the giant hall, Mu Chen's eyes looked solemn as he took in the spectacle before him. In the next moment, slowly clenching his hands, black lightning light rapidly sparkled across his entire body as the four lightning runes on his chest grew increasingly radiant. At the same time, he had summoned forth the limits of his Lightning God's Physique. Clearly, he had also felt the danger present in Xia Hou's move. 

"Now, even if you want to feel regretful, there's no chance left for you," said Xia Hou as he looked chillingly at Mu Chen, the smile present at the corner of his mouth becoming even more malevolent.

Slowly raising his hand, he pointed towards the space before Mu Chen, his eyes now brimming within incisive chilling intent.

"Star Descent Art, Triple Heaven Shattering Stars!"

As Xia Hou's murderous-filled voice rang out from his throat, the three gigantic stars behind his back instantly erupted with dazzling rays of brilliance. In the next instant, the three stars had already shot out in succession. Appearing like beams of light, they descended from the skies, instantly enveloping over Mu Chen's figure.

Bang! Bang!

The air within this region had been completely blasted apart at this instant, causing waves of pressure to surge in all directions.

Looking solemnly at the three stars streaking over towards him, Mu Chen took a deep breath. In the next instant, black lightning light sparkled within his palm, before he sent a palm patting out.

"Lightning God's Hand!"

Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out, with the black lightning light in accompaniment. As they crackled and sparkled, they transformed into a gigantic hand made of lightning. Covered with lightning patterns, the giant hand violently patted towards the three incoming stars. 


The two attacks furiously collided against each other, sending frightening fluctuations rippling out. In the next instant, even greater fissures split apart across the ground, showing the exceedingly astonishing destructive powers contained in the two attacks.


The two energies smashed into each other, crazily trying to corrode one another… 

Taking in the spectacle before him, a sneer curled at the corner of Xia Hou's mouth as a change to his hand seal happened. "Star Explosion!"


Suddenly, a star exploded apart, with the frightening Spiritual Energy shock wave resulting from it, pushing the giant lightning hand back, even causing the lightning patterns on the surface of the giant hand to appear somewhat dimmer. 


Yet another star exploded apart, with cracks starting to appear on the surface of the giant hand.

"You're finished." The sneer on Xia Hou's face grew increasingly rich. With a chilling laugh, his hand seal changed, causing the third star to explode at this instant.


As the Spiritual Energy shock waves swept out, the Lightning God's Hand was finally unable to endure anymore impacts. As its Spiritual Energy dispersed, it started to completely collapse. Furthermore, while it collapsed, a remnant beam of light still pierced through, travelling at lightning speed and struck against Mu Chen's body before he could engage in any evasion.


Mu Chen's body instantly shot backwards, heavily smashing against one of the gigantic pillars in the giant hall. Even with the special materials used in its construction, a gigantic indentation appeared on the giant pillar.

Upon seeing this, the faces of Tang Mei'er and the rest instantly changed.

Observing the plume of dust that had risen up, Xia Hou gave a sneer, before shaking his head and said, "Have you experienced what it means to be overestimate your abilities?"

Within the plume of dust, a figure extricated himself from the giant pillar. Flinging his head, he wiped off the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth. With a slight wrinkle appearing on his forehead, he looked towards Xia Hou and replied with a faint smile. "It's indeed very painful. However, why are you making an expression as if you've already won?"

Looking chillingly towards Mu Chen, while the latter rubbed away the blood at the corner of his mouth, shock and astonishment appeared within Xia Hou's heart. Originally, he had assumed that this move of his would be sufficient in settling Mu Chen. However, he never imagined that it would only result in an injury. That fellow's fleshly body was actually that strong to such a degree.

"My Star Descent Art is a Superior Deity Tier Spiritual Art. Do you really think that it only possess such might?" said Xia Hou with mocking laughter. "Since you're able to endure a round of attacks, I'll let you see exactly how frightening a Superior Deity Tier Spiritual Art is!"

As his voice rang out, everyone noticed boundless Spiritual Energy rapidly condensing behind Xia Hou's back once again. However, the Spiritual Energy whirlpools that formed had actually reached the number of nine!

Humm! Humm!

Nine Spiritual Energy whirlpools crazily spun around as hurricanes took from, appearing just like a tornado wreaking havoc within the giant hall.

Frightening Spiritual Energy pressure started to radiate within the giant hall.

This pressure caused even the face of Zhen Qing to slightly change. Tensing his body, Spiritual Energy flowed across the surface. Even he was forced to activate his Spiritual Energy to defend against the incoming pressure.

"This Xia Hou has actually concealed such a formidable card in his hand."

Zhen Qing's heart was filled with solemness. It was fortunate that he had not tore at Xia Hou's face while being immersed in joy. If not, had Xia Hou activated this killing move of his, without utilising some special cards of his, Zhen QIng would be extremely hard-pressed to have even a chance of victory.

As the frightening Spiritual Energy pressure rippled throughout the giant hall, Luo Li's glass-like pupils focused on Mu Chen, with the grip of her jade-like hands grasping on the Luo Shen Sword slightly increasing. Clearly, she had also felt that this killing move from Xia Hou cannot be underestimate at all.

Slightly rotating her vision, she finally rested her gaze on the figure of the slender youth. At this moment, his robes were fluttering about, due to the pressure exerted from Xia Hou's Spiritual Energy. Yet, his figure still appeared ramrod straight, just like a spear that pierced through the confines of heaven.


Nine gigantic Spiritual Energy whirlpools rapidly took form, before transforming into nine stars that appeared behind Xia Hou. At this moment, a shade of paleness appeared on his face. Even with him passing his Spiritual Energy Disaster, such a move had a gargantuan consumption to his strength.

However, regardless of his face turning pale, Xia Hou's gaze still appeared exceedingly excited and malevolent. A grin appeared as he looked towards Mu Chen, who was bitterly enduring the pressure coming from him. At this moment, he seemed to be able to see how miserable the latter was, which appeared just like a stray dog.

"This time, it's truly the end."

Xia Hou licked his lips with bloodlust, before furiously pointing towards the space before him. In the next instant, his voice, brimming with unconcealable frosty killing intent rang out, "Star Descent Art, Nine Sun Piercing Stars!"


The entire giant hall seemed to shudder as the nine stars explosively shot out. Intertwining with each other, they pierced through the air, descending from the skies with an indescribably frightening might.

Such a barrage could only be describe with one word: Frightening.

Under this barrage, even the faces of experts who had attempted their Spiritual Energy Disaster like Tang Mei'er and Zhou Yuan were overwhelmed with shock. The strength of Xia Hou had seemingly exceeded both of their expectations. The strength of the Saint Spiritual Academy's Holy Son's was actually to such a degree? 

Could Mu Chen really endure an attack of such a degree?

Everyone's gazes converged on the figure of the youth in the air as they held their breath in silence.


Under all of the gazes that had converged on him, suddenly, Mu Chen exhaled a long breath of white air. At this moment, he had unexpectedly slowly closed his eyes. While this happened, a rather ancient and strange hand seal started to form. As this seal appeared, black lightning light started to quietly dance and arc from his fingertips. 

"Still gaslighting, huh!"

Seeing this action from Mu Chen, Xia Hou immediately sneered. As if he believed that Mu Chen could still have any cards left that could help him defend against such a terrifying attack.


However, just as Xia Hou gave that sneer, suddenly, low rumbling thunderous noises rang out within the giant hall. These thunderous rumbles contained a sliver of the might of the heavens. They appeared to have not only been created by the condensation of Spiritual Energy, but possessing the frightening energies born of the heavens and earth!

Suddenly, everyone within the giant hall sensed something, causing them to immediately raise their heads, which instantly caused their pupils to violently contract.

Xia Hou had similarly raised his head, which immediately caused the chilling sneer on his face to slowly freeze up.

That was due to the sudden appearance of heavy storm clouds that have surfaced out of the blue in the skies above his head. Those storm clouds weren't formed from Spiritual Energy, but born from the heavens and earth. What's more, black lightning light was crazily condensed within them, while radiating destructive fluctuations.

At this moment, Mu Chen's tightly shut eyes sprung wide open.  At this moment, his slender fingers encased in lightning light started to slowly carve downwards, while a mumbling voice quietly resounded within the giant hall. Appearing to have brought along the might of the heavens and earth, they shook the hearts of everyone present.

"Lightning Controlling Technique!"

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