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Chapter 477 - Main Hall

This was an extremely majestic large hall, with hundreds of gigantic pillars that appeared to rise towards the cusps of the heavens. Green vines covered their surfaces as the entire giant hall appeared to be constructed with giant-sized wood pieces. Faint rays of brilliance sparkled from these giant wood pieces, causing the entire giant hall to appear incomparably strong and sturdy.

Due to the large hall being too overly majestic, everyone present within appeared akin to ants, giving all of them a small and weak feeling. Therefore, although there were already a dozen groups converged within this giant hall, it still appeared incomparably empty and spacious.


In the empty space in the hall, two powerful groups were already engaging in an intense exchange.

The strength of these two groups could be considered to rank at the top level. Therefore, once they had started crossing hands, none of the other groups dared to have the slightest intent to head in. Furthermore, such a confrontation between these two powers was something they were delighted to see. After all, this would allow for more opportunities for themselves, if one of them were to get eliminated.


Exceedingly rampant Spiritual Energies swept out akin to tidal waves, with the source of the Spiritual Energy ripples being two figures intertwining with each other.

One of the figures was precisely Tang Mei'er. At this moment, her originally alluringly beautiful face appeared ice-cold, while boundless Spiritual Energy rippled around her. Sounds akin to those made by tidal waves resounded as her Spiritual Energy fluctuations caused even the air to be compressed to the point of creaking and groaning.

Before Tang Mei'er was Xia Hou, presently with a faint smile on his face and his hands behind his back. Even when faced with the swift and fierce attacks coming from Tang Mei'er, he still had a calm and unhurried expression on his face.

"Haha, Captain Tang Mei'er. There's no need to be that aggressive, right? If we're to just start fighting like that, it wouldn't be considered rational to you all, am I right?" said Xia Hou as he sent a faint smile towards Tang Mei'er.

Sending a chilling glare back with her beautiful eyes, Tang Mei'er gave a sneer and replied, "Weren't you acting very formidable just moments before, Xia Hou? Come and have a good fight with me now. Even if I'm unable to defeat you, I won't let you guys have the slightest bit of an easy time. At that time, I really want to see exactly how you are going to contend with the other groups for the treasure of this remnant."

Tang Mei'er knew that Xia Hou was stronger than her. If he was to really take action against her, she would definitely not be able to defeat him. Nevertheless, not one shred of intent of wanting to obtain victory was present in her thoughts, since what she wanted to do was to create an obstruction for Xia Hou. She was completely willing to return empty-handed from this journey of this remnant than to let Xia Hou and his group get any bit of harvest.

When a woman gets infuriated, she wouldn't start talking about gains and loses, as well as rationality, to you.

Hearing her words, Xia Hou's gaze turned somewhat darker. He never imagined that Tang Mei'er would be furious to the point of actually not doing any thinking at all and just wanting to obstruction himself… He could not help feeling slightly regretful about this. If he had know about her reaction, he would not recklessly take action against her. From the looks of it, this girl appeared alluring and soul-stirring. Yet, he never imagined that she would be infuriated to the point of turning back to thinking with her temper.

However, not being an indecisive or irresolute person himself, Xia Hou quickly quelled this little bit of regret within himself. Glaring coldly at Tang Mei'er, he said, "Captain Tang Mei'er. Although I've backed away numerous times, I still have to caution you about making the right choices. Don't force me to use brute force to destroy a flower."

"Haha! Let me see you really doing it," replied Tang Mei'er with a gurgling laugh. With a clench of her hand, a scarlet-red long whip appeared. Scorching-hot Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated from its surface. Clearly, this was Spiritual Weapon that possessed outstanding might.


With a tremble of her hand, the long whip transformed into a ray of red light. Splitting apart the air at lightning speed, it appeared just like a furious python, flinging heavily towards Xia Hou.


Seeing such an overbearing stance taken by Tang Mei'er, a shadow of fury flashed within Xia Hou's eyes. Gem-like rays of luster sparkled on the surface of his slender and jade-like palm as he made a grabbing action. Seemingly piercing through nihility, he had unexpectedly made a grab for  the scarlet-red ray of brilliance that was heading his way. In the next instant, taking a step out, Spiritual Energy vigorously rippled from behind him like a tidal wave as an astonishing Spiritual Energy pressure radiated from him, causing the faces of the numerous groups present in the large hall to slightly change.

The density of the Spiritual Energy possessed by the people that had passed their Spiritual Energy Tribulations far surpassed those who had only passed their Human Body Disaster!

Grabbing onto the scarlet-red long whip, Xia Hou gave a tap of his feet, causing his figure to appear before Tang Mei'er in the next instant, like a spectre, before sending a palm smashing out.

At this moment, chilling rays of light sparkled from his white jade-like palm as it radiated with killing intent.

Seeing this, a shadow of solemness flashed within Tang Mei'er's beautiful eyes as Spiritual Energy erupted from her body without the slightest restraint. At this moment, a flower pattern seemed to surface on her jade-like palm as a massive flower with petals condensed from Spiritual Energy took form.

"Flower Destruction Palm!"


As the two palms smashed against one another, rampant Spiritual Energies swept out akin to a storm. A shudder shook through Tang Mei'er's body as a smear of a bloodstain surfaced at the corner of her mouth, while she was sent shooting back. Although she had experienced the Spiritual Energy Tribulation before, she had failed to pass it in the end. Therefore, the density of her Spiritual Energy wasn't able to match up to what Xia Hou possessed.

As Tang Mei'er was sent flying back, a chilling glint flashed across Xia Hou's eyes. Clearly, he didn't plan to have the slightest intent of having any restraint against the opposite sex. Taking a step out, he pursued her flying figure, sending yet another palm straight towards Tang Mei'er's voluptuous chest.

Seeing this, Tang Mei'er could only clench her teeth, while attempting to engage in combat with that fellow. However, just as she was about to summon her Spiritual Energy, an overbearing whoosh suddenly rang out from behind her, before an incomparably swift and fierce shadow spear howled straight towards Xia Hou's throat.

A dark shadow instantly surfaced in Xia Hou's eyes as the direction of his palm winds changed. Patting towards the shadow spear, he smashed it apart before retreating back and darkly staring towards his front.

At this moment, a thin figure had shot forward, extending his arm to clutch onto Tang Mei'er's slender waist while aiding her in dispelling the force sending her flying back. Giving a faint smile, he said, "Captain Xia Hou. When faced with such a beautiful girl, it's still the best to be tender and show restraint."

"Mu Chen!"

As Xia Hou chillingly stared towards the person that interfered, killing intent flashed within his eyes.

"Are you alright, Elder Sister Mei'er?"

Lowering his head to look towards the alluring girl within his bosom, Mu Chen noticed the latter wiping away the bloodstain at the corner of her mouth. The bright colour of her scarlet-red blood caused the sexiness of her lips to slightly increase, while she gave a sweet smile and replied, "Mu Chen, compared to that fellow, you truly are more pleasing to your Elder Sis' eyes…"

Hearing her reply, Mu Chen had turned speechless. She still has the heart to harass me at this very moment…

Four beautiful girls of Tang Mei'er's group shot over, landing beside Mu Chen. Only upon seeing that Tang Mei'er didn't suffer an overly serious injury did they take a breath of relief.

Bracing herself while in Mu Chen's bosom, she pushed her voluptuous and exquisite figure slightly away from him, before clenching her teeth and saying in a somewhat unresigned manner, "truly, that fellow's formidable."

His strength at the realm of Spiritual Energy Tribulation truly made him extremely hard to be dealt with.

Mu Chen nodded his head, before retreating a step back and releasing her. At this moment, Luo Li, Xu Huang and the others rapidly shot over, before sending gazes filled with ill intent towards Xia Hou standing not far in the front.

Mu Chen shot a look at Xia Hou, before turning his gaze around to size up this giant hall. Giant wooden pillars that appeared to prop up the heavens were present within this giant hall, supporting it. Under those giant wooden pillars, Mu Chen and all of the people present here appeared exceedingly small and tiny.

At this moment, there were already a dozen groups that had converged within this giant hall, with the majority being not too weak in terms of strength. After all, being able to pass through the various areas that could have eliminated them from the competition should mean that they possessed some ability. 

"This should be the main hall of the remnant…"

Tang Mei'er said in a soft voice, "Look to your front."

Hearing that, Mu Chen raised his head to look straight in front of him. Presently, at the end of his sight, was a rapidly approximately a hundred metres tall. Present in a green shadow, the appearance of the statue appeared to have the same look as the greenish wooden statue that they had bumped into earlier. However, the two were clearly not of the same level in terms of size. At this moment, a dark greenish armor seemed to be draped on the body of his giant wooden statue.Countless ancient patterns seemed to cover the entirety of its surface, while it sparkled with dim rays of brilliance.

This seemed to be an armor created out of wood.

Other than the armor, there seemed to be a wooden plaque held in the hand of this dark greenish wooden statue. Complicated inscriptions were carved on its surface, causing it to appear incomparably abstruse, with it giving people a strange and mysterious feeling upon seeing it.

"The armor draped on the statue should be a spiritual tool, with the possibility of reaching the realm of Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifacts…" said Tang Mei'er in a low voice. 

"Oh?" Hearing that, Mu Chen's eyes jumped. He was extremely clear about the might possessed by a Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifact. Such might was sufficient in raising one's strength by a notch. Furthermore, this appeared to be a defensive-type. If one was able to get it into one's hands, one's ability to endure a beating would be even more tyrannical than people that have passed their Human Body Disaster.

"There's also that wooden plaque… there's an extremely high possibility that inscriptions carved on its surface are a type of Divine Technique…"

"Divine Technique?"

Hearing that, Mu Chen's eyelids immediately twitched. Naturally, he knew what a Divine Technique was, as he possessed one which was known by the name of "Lightning Controlling Technique" that was taught to him by the Northern Sea Dragon, something that Mu Chen had not once used since his arrival in these competition grounds. However, with something like a Divine Technique being able to even move the hearts of Sovereign Realm experts, how could it not do so in them?

"Looks like this should be the central location of this remnant…"

Mu Chen muttered within his heart, before sweeping his sight around. Other than Xia Hou's group, he discovered that the group from the Martial Spiritual Academy was also present here. However, at this moment, a crazed expression was present on the face of Zhou Yuan as he continued to size up the somewhat foreign groups present here in an attempt to find the mysterious group that had ambushed them earlier. 

Of the groups present here, the only one that was a threat to them would be Xia Hou.

Licking his lips, Mu Chen exchanged a glance with Tang Mei'er, before gently nodding his head.

Giving a lovely smile, Tang Mei'er proceeded to send a knife-like glare towards Xia Hou.

Noticing her gaze, Xia Hou's expression abruptly turned cold as he noticed Mu Chen lightly making a hand signal. In the next instant, the members of the two groups fanned out as they dispersed, while all of their gazes being locked onto the bodies of his group.

Clearly, Mu Chen and Tang Mei'er were current collaborating.

Upon seeing this, vibrations shook through the hearts of the dozen of groups present in this giant hall. The group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has actually collaborated with the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy to deal with the Saint Spiritual Academy?

There… seemed to be a good show to watch. However, no one knew exactly if this collaboration would be able to deal with the exceedingly cutthroat group of Xia Hou.

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