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Chapter 476 - Wood Spiritual Academy

"Haha. Looks like you actually know about our existence, huh…"

At the door of the large hall, the black-robed leader raised his head up, revealing a pale, yet youthful, face. Looking towards Mu Chen's group, he subsequently turned his gaze to sweep across the interior of the large hall, before saying with a faint smile, "It should be the group from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy that had told you about us, right?"

"So it's truly was you guys that were secretly taking action."

Mu Chen said with a faint wrinkle on his forehead. "Where exactly do you come from?"

"Oh, we're the group that hails from the Wood Spiritual Academy. Haha. Our Wood Spiritual Academy isn't as famous as your five Great Academies," replied the pale-faced youth with a smile.

"Wood Spiritual Academy?" Mu Chen frowned. True, he had not heard of such a Spiritual Academy before.

"What connection does it have to your Wood Spirit Clan? Tang Mei'er said that you're seemingly able to control the demonic trees. That's similar to what you might expect of the methods the Wood Spirit Clan would employ," said Luo Li as she walked towards Mu Chen's side, chilling intent surfacing within her beautiful eyes as she looked towards the mysterious group before her.

Upon hearing those words, the pale-faced youth shot a somewhat astonished look towards Luo Li, before saying with a smile. "I never imagined that there would still be such a knowledgeable person here that can even understand the ways of our Wood Spirit Clan. Look's like you're also not simple, huh."

With a smile, Mu Chen said, "I don't know why you've suddenly come knocking. Are you guys planning to change your targets to deal with us?"

Giving a faint smile, the eyes of the pale-faced youth faintly sparkled as he fluttered his gaze over towards the Divine Spiritual Tree. In the next moment, his gaze slightly drifted away as he shot a look at the greenish wood statue that Mu Chen and Luo Li had dealt with. With a grin, he said, "I don't wish to take action and go into a huge brawl with you guys. However, we're quite interested in that Divine Spiritual Tree. Since you guys have taken the Divine Spiritual Fruits, why not leave the Divine Spiritual Tree to us and let everyone have a peaceful conclusion? How about that?"

Focusing his black pupils on him, Mu Chen slowly shook his head, before saying with a faint smile, "I'm sorry, but I refuse."

This Divine Spiritual Tree was found by them. Therefore, he had no plan of handing it over.

"Oh really? That's truly a pity, then."

The pale-faced youth gave a soft sigh. In the next instant, a chillingly sinister shadow gushed from his eyes as he said, "Looks like we'll be forced to kill you guys first, then."


Seemingly at the instant when his voice rang out, his figure had already shot forward as he thrust a palm out. Boundless green Spiritual Energy howled out, transforming into a palmprint seemingly made of withered wood that patted towards Mu Chen with extreme fierceness.

At the same moment, his four compatriots standing behind him had also instantly took action; tree spikes laced with poisonous toxins left remnant shadows in the air as they hurtled and enveloped Luo Li, Xu Huang and the others at lightning speed.

Upon taking action, this group of people had all unleashed exceedingly vicious moves, completely not showing one single shred of mercy.

Mu Chen had long held caution and vigilance against this group of people. Therefore, upon seeing that youth take action, a sneer flashed across his eyes as he tightly clenched his hand to form a fist. Instantly, his Lightning God's Physique was activated as black lightning gushed out, while his fist smashed head-on against the withered wood-like palmprint coming from the youth.


Rampant Spiritual Energy shock waves swept out, causing cracks and fissures to appear on the ground within the large hall.

Palm winds swept out as the figure of the youth did a revolution, transforming into a gale. With a clench of his hand, a long black spear appeared from within. As a tremble shook through his arm, the long spear thrust out akin to a poisonous snake, bringing along remnant shadows that lunged towards the vital points on Mu Chen's body. Black liquid trembled at the tip of the spear, clearly showing that it was laced with poisonous toxins. 


Mu Chen gave a cold snort, as the Devouring Dragon Spear appeared in a flash. As the ominous aura radiated out, it transformed into a multitude of spear shadoes, hiding the skies and covering the earth as they swept out.

Ding! Ding!

Like bolts of lightning, the spear tips made contact with each other, causing exceedingly rampant Spiritual Energy fluctuations to sweep out with each confrontation, compressing and exploding apart the surrounding air. As layer after layer of compressed air exploded, they caused increasingly dense cracks and fissures to appear on the surface of the ground.


Yet another collision between the spear tips caused a flash of brilliance to appear within the eyes of the youth. With a tremble of his sleeve, a black ray of light flashed out, transforming into a vine, instantly wrapping around the trunk of the Divine Spiritual Tree behind Mu Chen.

A chilling glint flashed within Mu Chen's eyes as his long spear brought along a bit of the same chilling glint as it wrapped around the vine. With a swishing gale, it broke the vine apart. At the same moment, the figure of the youth had followed along the gale as he shot towards the right. Nevertheless, at the instant when he shot out, a ridiculing smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth.


Tapping the tip of his long spear on the group, his figure descended before the greenish wood statue as he fiercely sent a palm smashing down. Unexpectedly, he had shattered the head of the greenish wood statue with his palm.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen instantly gawked slightly.

After smashing apart the head of the greenish wood statue, a greenish glow surfaced from within, which was grabbed by the youth. Looking over, Mu Chen spotted a greenish ancient-looking tree leaf, with obscure runes covering its surface, while mysterious fluctuations started to radiate from it.

"Haha. Although the Divine Spiritual Tree is worth a high price, I can temporarily leave it here. However, please feel at ease that you'll not be able to hold on to it, since it will land in my hands at the very end."

The youth grabbed the tree leaf-like talisman in his hand. However, just before he could extricate himself and retreat, the figure of Mu Chen had already shot over, heavily sending a palm smashing down on the former's chest. 

The youth instantly sent a fist out in counter, blocking Mu Chen's palm winds. However, just as the palm winds were launched by the latter, the eyes of the former narrowed as he saw two fingers on Mu Chen's other hand appearing bent. With an extremely astonishing speed, it split apart the surrounding space, pointing right towards the tree leaf talisman in his hand.

Although Mu Chen didn't know exactly what it was, since he wasn't able to obtain it, it would be much safer for him to destroy it.


Giving a cold snort, the youth flipped his palm around, protecting the ancient tree leaf talisman within. Nevertheless, Mu Chen's finger had already descended on his palm. WIth a puff, a blood imprint surfaced as the gale pierced through his palm, striking the tree leaf talisman within.

After suffering such a strike, the tree leaf talisman sparkled for a bit, before seemingly turning much dimmer.

Rapidly retreating back, the youth hovered in the air, while his gaze towards Mu Chen appearing exceedingly cold and dark. Subsequently, he gave a cold roar, "Let's go!"

As his roar rang out, the other four figures of his group moved back. With a wave of their sleeves, countless black shadows hid the skies and covered the earth as they enveloped over Mu Chen and his group. 

Thump! Thump!

Those long spears laced with poisonous toxins pierced the ground like a bout of rain, obstructing the paths of Mu Chen and his group. During this frame of time, those few figures had already disappeared, like ghosts.

Looking at the direction where the mysterious group had disappeared to, a faint wrinkle appeared on the forehead of Mu Chen.

Landing beside Mu Chen's side, Luo Li looked towards the greenish wood statue with its shattered head and said, "Their goal wasn't the Divine Spiritual Tree."

Mu Chen nodded his head, before grabbing the head of the greenish wood statue in his hand and pondered aloud,  "Could that tree leaf talisman from before be the central control unit of this greenish wood statue? However, what's the use in them doing all of that to snatch that thing?"

Hearing his comments, Luo Li and the rest shook their heads, clearly showing their complete confusion and lack of understanding over this.

"They seem to be somewhat familiar with this place," said Xu Huang with a frown. The way the mysterious group had gone about doing their matters appeared rather goal-orientated. Furthermore, from the first words they had spoken, it seemed as if they knew what this large hall was…

"There's a good chance that this remnant has some connections to the trees and vegetation, something which is similar in the ways and methods of the Wood Spirit Clan. Perhaps, there's some kind of connection in between," said Mu Chen.

"What should we do now? Although I don't know exactly why they had snatched that tree leaf talisman, I have a feeling that it won't be a good thing for us," asked Zhao Qingshan.

"The tree leaf talisman was struck by me, and should have suffered some damage. Regardless of what they want to do with it, that should create some form of hindrance to them."

Looking towards the miserable state of the ground within the entirety of the large hall, Mu Chen's brows tightly bunched up as he thought, This mysterious group possesses rather tyrannical strength. If they truly wanted to go all-out, with their line up, other than me and Luo Li, Xu Huang and the other two might have to pay a huge price. However, they did not seem to have any intent to have a straight-up fight, rapidly retreating away after obtaining the item.

"Let's pack up and prepare to head towards the main hall and group up with Tang Mei'er and her group."

Mu Chen made a decisive choice, turned his body around and dug a large patch of the ground that had the Divine Spiritual Tree out, and tossed it into his Meru Bracelet. After doing so, he turned around and shot out of the large hall, with Luo Li and the rest arranging themselves, before rapidly following behind him.

Heading out of the side hall, Mu Chen didn't come to a stop, and shot across as he followed along the gigantic corridor. After close to approximately ten minutes later, he finally reached the end of the corridor, where an exceedingly vast and large hall was present. The large hall was constructed out of giant green-coloured wood, while it sparkled with a faint green glow. At this moment, the large doors of the large hall were already broken, with figures faintly discernible as they surfaced from within. In fact, there were even extremely boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from it.

Clearly, an astonishing battle had already erupted in this main hall.

Furthermore, roars from a familiar and lovely voice rang out from within. That was Tang Mei'er's voice.

They were already taking action against Xia Hou!

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