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Chapter 460 – Powerful Suppression


Vast and powerful Spiritual Energies swept across the horizon like tidal waves, hiding the skies and covering the earth.

Chilling rays of light sparkled from the scarlet-red longsword in Qiu Beihai’s hands. Clearly, this was a fairly high grade Spiritual Weapon, brimming with sharpness that appeared to be able to slice space apart. Locking his dark gaze on Mu Chen, in a flash, he appeared right before the latter, thrusting a stab out.


Torrential rays of Sword Aura gushed out as the longsword transformed into countless sword shadows. Akin to a rainbow, they hid the skies and covered the earth as they completely surrounded the Mu Chen’s vital spots.

As the light coming from the sword shadows were reflected in Mu Chen’s eyes, a fierce shadow abruptly gushed out from within. In the next instant, with a furious clench of his hand, a black heavy spear appeared from within. The heavy spear appeared malevolent-looking, with black dragon scales covering its entire surface. The head of the spear was in the shape of a dragon’s tongue, with sharp dragon teeth forming its tips, appearing exceedingly malevolent.

Upon the appearance of the black heavy spear, an ominous aura started to radiate from it, causing the surrounding space to slightly tremble.

This black heavy spear was naturally his spoils of war after killing Mo Xingtian, the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear. This long spear was a genuine Absolute Grade Spiritual Weapon, possessing extraordinary might. During that day, Mo Xingtian had relied on this spear to receive the Great Meru Demonic Pillar in Mu Chen’s hands.

Although that was due to Mu Chen not daring to remove the seal on the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, this was more than sufficient to show how formidable this Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear was.


As the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear appeared in Mu Chen’s hand, with a shake of its body, a dragon roar brimming with ominous aura seemed to resound across the surroundings. In the next instant, a spear was thrusted from Mu Chen, with black rays of light howling out from the spear tip akin to a powerful current, immediately washing away the sword shadows that had hid the skies and covered the earth.


As the ominous aura perfused from the spear shadows shooting out, a sliver of a chilling glint pierced through the torrential shadow swords. Unexpectedly, it shattered through the surrounding space, howling straight towards Qiu Beihai.

As the chilling glint neared him, the face of Qiu Beihai slightly changed. Clearly, he could sense the astonishing killing might that the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear in Mu Chen’s hand possessed. In the next instant, his stopped his movements, while the scarlet-red longsword within his hand wad hastily thrust out. Fresh blood seemed to circulate on the surface of the sword, bringing a ray of blood-red light that pierced with incomparable accuracy towards the sliver of chilling glint.


As the spear and sword collided against each other, sparks flew about as incomparably fierce gales formed and swept out. Ripples seemed to fluctuate in the space surrounding the two as rampant Spiritual Energies transformed into a hurricane, sweeping out from the point of contact between the spear and the sword.

A tremble shook through the sword-wielding hand of Qiu Beihai as the malevolence on his face grew much more solemn. After truly crossing hands, he was able to feel a sensation of suppression coming from within Mu Chen’s body. That kind of power was absolutely not something that a person of ordinary Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase would be able to possess.


Clenching his teeth, Qiu Beihai fiercely roared out, “Shen Jun, take action!”

“Die for me!”

Just as Qui Beihai’s roar rang out, suddenly, a figure surfaced behind Mu Chen. That was precisely the other person that passed the Human Body Disaster from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy group. At this moment, lightning seemed to sparkle from his hands as they appeared to weigh a tonne, furiously patting down towards Mu Chen’s back in an aim to deal maximum damage.


Palm winds howled out as even the air had exploded apart.

Clearly, this Shen Jun wasn’t just some average character. Upon taking action, his attack was fierce and lethal, attempting to collaborate with Qiu Beihai to rapidly defeat Mu Chen.

Palm winds were sweeping out from his back at lightning speed. With a chilling glint flashing within his eyes, Mu Chen turned around and sent a fist rumbling out, with black lightning arcing across his arm. At this moment, black lightning liquid seemed to flow around his fingers with the energy they contained being more than sufficient to smash the skies and rend the earth!


The fist that Mu Chen sent rumbling out smashed head-on against the palm winds coming from Shen Jun. At the instant when they collided, it appeared as if a mountain had collapsed as energy shock waves visible to the naked-eye radiated from the point of impact.

Amongst the peals of thunder ringing out, Shen Jun’s face abruptly contorted, as the frightening energy radiating from Mu Chen’s fist had instantly suppressed those of his. Furthermore, what’s more frightening was that the physique of the latter was exceedingly tyrannical! It was to such a degree, than even he, who had passed through his Human Body Disaster, was unable to match up to.

“How could his physique be that powerful?!”

A shadow of dumbstruck-horror flashed across Shen Jun’s face as he immediately tried to retreat.


However, at the very instant when he was just about to make his move, a chilling smile appear appeared on Mu Chen’s face as his fist ferociously rumble out.


Intense pain surged up Shen Jun’s arm as a frightening wave of energy poured into it, before he was unexpectedly sent flying back hundreds of metres by this fist of Mu Chen’s. A patch of purplish shade appeared on his palm as intense pain radiated out from it, making him feel as if his arm had been smashed apart.


This scene instantly caused waves of clamoring to ring out across the skies, as the faces of those groups paying attention to the combat zone in the skies instantly turned to ones of shock and astonishment. Who would have guessed that Mu Chen, who appeared to be only of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, would actually be able to send Shen Jun flying in a one-to-two situation.

Let’s not talk about a Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, even a person who had passed his Human Body Disaster would be hard pressed to achieve such a level of strength!

“Indeed, this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Mu Chen isn’t simple. That’s why he dared to provoke the group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy. This time, we’re in for a good show.” The eyes of all the groups lit up with dense feelings of interest. Previously, they had felt that this group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy seemed to be weaker than the groups from the other five Great Academies. However, this youth that appeared to be only of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase had actually possessed such frightening combat prowess.

“Heavenly Sea Sword Art, Heaven-Burying Sword!”

Qiu Beihai’s face had also contorted due to the scene before him, which caused him to immediately roar out as he sent his sword out to smash back the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear in Mu Chen’s hands. With a shake of its body, the sword was thrust out like a brush, carving an actual blood-red Sword Rune in the space before it. Under the Sword Rune, a howl rang out from the sword, as it transformed into a giant blood-red sword, furiously chopping down towards Mu Chen.

This chop contained considerable might. Before it could hit its target, the mountain peak below it had already been sliced in half by the Sword Aura that perfused out of it.

Mu Chen’s eyes slightly sparkled, and with a move, a dragon’s shadow surfaced below his feet. With a flash, he disappeared akin to a spectre. As the sword light flashed over, the only thing it struck was air, with not the slightest bit of the expected result.

“Shen Jun, careful!”

As his sword struck air, Qiu Beihai’s face abruptly contorted as he roared out.

Just as his roar rang out, Shen Jun had already seen Mu Chen’s figure appear in the air above him like a spectre. At this moment, an indifferent smile had surfaced on the latter’s handsome face as he said, “I’ll deal with you first.”


Boundless Spiritual Energy hid the skies and covered the earth as it gushed out from Mu Chen’s body. As of now, his Spiritual Energy was completely different than from the past, no longer being of a jet-black colour, but a fusion of black and white. From the looks of it, they were just like the fusion of Yin and Yang, appearing exceedingly strange and mysterious. Furthermore, this black and white Spiritual Energy was clearly much more condensed and tyrannical than his Spiritual Energy from before.

As Spiritual Energy blossomed from Mu Chen, it transformed into a stretch of starry skies behind his back. Within the starry skies, four gigantic beastial shadows started to condense, before finally transforming into rays of light. Shooting out, they formed an incomparably gigantic divine seal in the air above Shen Jun.

“Four Gods Constellation Scripture, Divine Seal of the Four Gods!”

A chilling glint flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes as he clapped his hands together, before abruptly pressing his hand seal down.


As the four beastial shadows raised their heads and roared, the divine seal erupted in a bright and resplendent divine light, while the Spiritual Aura in this region rapidly fled away.

Looking towards the divine seal that was pressed down on him from above, Shen Jun’s face furiously contorted. Clearly, he could sense how frightening this attack of Mu Chen’s was. In the next instant, not daring to show the slightest bit of neglect, he gave a furious roar, clapping his hands together as Spiritual Energy swept out from him without the slightest bit of restraint.

“Heavenly Light Revolving Seal!”

Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out, transforming into a gigantic hundred metre wide halo above Shen Jun. A gigantic glowing seal seemed to condense within the halo as powerful fluctuations started to radiate out from it. In the next instant, howling out, the halo smashed head-on against the divine seal pressing down from above.


As the two smashed against each other, spatial fluctuations swept out. However, very quickly, the face of Shen Jun drastically contorted as he could see the seal within the halo collapsing at an astonishing speed under the suppression of the divine seal.

This divine seal seemed to have some kind of sealing power incorporated in it, causing his Spiritual Energy to become suppressed and sealed upon contact with it.

An indifference smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face. When he was still in the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, the “Four Gods Constellation Scripture” he had unleashed was able to force Mo Xingtian to use his final card. As of now, with his cultivation having progressed to Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. Furthermore, this Shen Jun clearly wasn’t as strong and powerful as Mo Xingtian. Wanting to block and resist his attack head-on was clearly a lunatic’s dream.


Mu Chen gave a roar as he furiously pressed his palms down.


As the divine seal instantly came shrouding over, the seal within the halo was completely crushed. A deathly-pale shade appeared on Shen Jun’s face as he retreated back in an attempt to evade. However, at this time, it was clear that it was already too late to evade, as the divine seal came howling down, instantly pressing on his body.


A mouthful of blood was spewed out from Shen Jun’s mouth as the boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations around his body rapidly declined. Glowing runes started to surface around his body, appearing akin to seals, causing the Spiritual Energy within his body to be completely sealed up.

With his Spiritual Energy rapidly dissipating away, Shen Jun immediately dropped down from the skies, landing heavily on the mountain peak. As the entire mountain peak intensely shook, cracks appeared while a giant hole appearing in everyone’s view. Shen Jun struggled within it, his body covered in blood as he laid down on the ground. Clearly, he was seriously injured.


Across the skies, some groups quietly sucked in a breath of cold air, their gazes towards Mu Chen being overwhelmed with shock. Who would have guessed that the latter would be that vicious in his offensive. Upon taking action, he had displayed such a powerful move, instantly causing a Human Body Disaster expert to suffer serious injuries.

After sealing Shen Jun up, Mu Chen calmly turned around, chilling intent surfacing within his eyes as he looked towards Qiu Beihai, whose dark expression started to fluctuate, while dumbfounded shock filled his eyes, and said in a soft voice, “I’ve heard that you’ve went to surround and attack Luo Li after I had left the Spiritual Road?”

A faint smile started to appear on Mu Chen’s face, merely that was cold and frosty, akin to the edge of a blade, causing Qiu Beihai’s scalp to turn numb.

“Since that’s the case, I want all of your remaining fingers.”

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