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Chapter 451 – Old Friends Reunion

With Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Luo Li and the other peak influential figures coming out from their isolated training, the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy clearly regained its usual liveliness. Added with the induction of Freshmen to the academy, as well as the big matter of the coming of the new Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings that caused people’s blood to boil, the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had sunk into a fervent state.

During this fervent atmosphere, there were more and more students starting to raise their heads and look around in anticipation. In the upcoming Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, the number of elite students from their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy participating in this event was clearly the greatest among the past few batches. All of them held high hopes for their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to obtain impressive results in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament and continue the honor and glory of their academy.

While waiting for the start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, Mu Chen had also heard of the news about the arrival of Qing Shan and the group into the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Due to the Freshmen entering the academy, Mu Chen’s batch of students were naturally able to strip the title of Freshmen from their names. Therefore, they no longer stayed in the Freshman Region, having all moved into the inner regions of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The Spiritual Qi present in the new regions were clearly multiple times more dense than the Freshman Region.The headquarters of the Luo Goddess Association was also at an extremely good place, even being in the vicinity of a Rank 7 Spiritual Array, with the density and quality of the Spiritual Energy present caused quite a few societies to look red with envy at them. Nevertheless, none of them could do anything about it, since the Luo Goddess Association was the most famous and prestigious society within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as of now, with no society that could compete with them.

In the new training grounds of the Luo Goddess Association, Mu Chen met up with Qing Shan and the group. Looking at those familiar faces, unconcealable joy and happiness gushed from his eyes. With a smile, he went forward, before giving the somewhat flustered Qing Shan a fierce hug.

“Qing Shan, welcome to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

Mu Chen said with a smile. Thinking back two years ago, he was only a student in the Northern Spiritual Academy, and was still working hard to get accepted into one of the five Great Academies. At that time, these fellows were by his side. Although they might have been small and weak then, the feeling of growing up together was deeply embedded in his heart. Thinking back to those memories caused warm feelings to suffuse within his heart.

Being originally flustered, Qing Shan started to relax after the hug from Mu Chen. He looked towards Mu Chen, before looking behind the latter, where a slender and elegant young lady dressed in black robes stood. This was the girl that had attracted the eyeballs of countless people in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy two days ago. At this moment, a faint, sweet smile was present on her beautiful face as she looked towards the happy Mu Chen before her.

“Big Brother Mu, I never imagined that you would mix so well in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy,” replied Qing Shan as he scratched his head. “Now I’ve finally understood why our Northern Spiritual Academy had managed to obtain such a high quota from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy this time. All of this has to do with you.”

After all, Qing Shan wasn’t an idiot. At the very best, their Northern Spiritual Academy was a small Spiritual Academy, and would simply not appear in the eye of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. And yet, such a strange matter had occured. Clearly, there was only one reason, and that was Mu Chen being that outstanding within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Hearing that, Mu Chen gave a laugh, before turning his gaze behind Qing Shan. Resting on the body of Liu Yang, he spoke out with a smile, “You’ve also come to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, huh.”

While in the Northern Spiritual Academy, Liu Yang was at loggerheads with Mu Chen. However, in the end, he was taught a lesson by the latter. It could be said that the relationship between the two wasn’t all too good; after all, Liu Yang’s grandfather had met his death by Mu Chen’s hands. There was no getting away for Mu Chen towards the decline of the Liu Family. Nevertheless, he, Liu Yang, didn’t blame Mu Chen. Speaking about this, there was only the Liu Family to blame for all of this.

With Mu Chen’s current strength, it’s naturally impossible for those little melon seeds to amount to anything within his eyes. If one was to think along this path, it appeared that the latter was too magnanimous. After close to two years of training and cultivation, he was no longer the immature youth from then.

A complex expression was present on Liu Yang’s face. As of now, Mu Chen had truly far, far exceeded his current strength. Such disparity made it such that he wasn’t even able to feel any hatred. Nodding his head with a slightly depressed feeling, he replied, “If not for you, we might not even have the qualifications to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. We’re still somewhat weak.”

“Haha, Big Brother Mu, this is Yu Xi. After you’d left, she’s the new genius of our Northern Spiritual Academy. After cultivating for less than two years time, she has already caught up to us. Furthermore, you’re her worshipped idol.” Knowing about the grudges and grievances between the Mu Family and the Liu Family, Qing Shan hastily pulled the pretty little girl standing beside him who was using her big black eyes to stare at Mu Chen and introduced her with a smile.

“Oh?” Feeling slightly astonished, Mu Chen smiled as he shot a look at Yu Xi.

“Nice, nice to meet you, Big Brother Mu Chen. I’m Yu Xi.” Yu Xi was so emotional that her little face had turned beet-red, with her little hands clutching the helms of her skirt. All the cleverness and wittiness had all gone out the window, with her clear voice even becoming slightly stammerish.

This was her idol! Ever since she was in the Northern Spiritual Academy, she had always heard about his legends. However, only when she had truly came face-to-face with him did she discover that those legends were all weak and pathetic before the real thing.

Seeing how cute and pretty she was, Mu Chen had a favorable impression of her. Extending his hand to rub her head, he said with a smile, “Nice to meet you. Properly train and cultivate in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, okay? Although our Northern Spiritual Realm is small, we aren’t weaker than anyone.”

“Yes, Big Brother Mu Chen! I’ll definitely work hard. One day, I’ll climb up to the First Rank of the Heavenly Rankings!” Yu Xi’s face had turned scorching hot by the intimate actions made by Mu Chen. Nevertheless, she furiously nodded her little head, while her big eyes brimmed with resolution. She worshipped Mu Chen, and treated his path as her goal.

Since Mu Chen’s now the First Rank on the Heavenly Rankings, she’d definitely obtain First Rank in the future!

Mu Chen didn’t know that just this one sentence from him had made the little girl set such a goal within her heart. Pulling Luo Li over towards him, he sent a grin towards Qing Shan and the group as he said, “This is Luo Li.”

“Nice to meet you, Big Sister Luo Li!”

Over the past two days, Qing Shan and the group had long heard about Luo Li, which led them to immediately send their greetings towards her. They had heard that this Big Sister’s the Head of the Luo Goddess Association! With the name of the Luo Goddess Association, one can clearly guess that it was created just for her. Furthermore, with such an intimacy between Mu Chen and Luo Li, it clearly goes without saying.

“Nice to meet you all,” replied Luo Li with a sweet smile.

“Big Sister Luo Li, you’re so beautiful.” Yu Xi commented enviously as she opened her eyes.

“You’re also very cute. In the future, if there’s anything you need help with, you can just come and find us.” Holding on to Yu Xi’s hands, Luo Li replied with a sweet smile.

Moving close to Mu Chen, Qing Shan gave a big thumbs up to the latter, before quietly saying, “You’re the man, Big Brother Mu. You’re actually able to find such a beautiful girl. However, God-knows how hurt Big Sister Qian’er will be if she knows about her.”

“Who’s Big Sister Qian’er?” Suddenly, Luo Li, who was talking to Yu Xi, panned her head over, a grinning expression within her beautiful eyes as she asked in a casual fashion.

Seeing this, Mu Chen gave a furious glare at Qing Shan, causing the latter the rub his nose in awkwardness.

“They are talking about Big Sister Tang Qian’er. She and Big Brother Mu had grown up together. However, at this moment, she’s cultivating in the Myriad Pheonix Spiritual Academy,” replied Yu Xi in a lovable voice.

“Oh, so she’s your childhood sweetheart, huh?” Luo Li’s cresent moon-shaped slender eyebrows jumped as she sent an ambiguous smile towards Mu Chen.

With nothing he could do, Mu Chen rubbed his nose. Looking towards the jade-like lovable face of Luo Li, he noticed a extremely rare shadow of jealousy present within the beautiful eyes of the latter. This caused an extreme satisfaction of vanity to gush out from his heart. Being able to let Luo Li, who was usually calm and tranquil like a silent lake, to feel slightly jealous was truly an extremely hard matter to accomplish.

Therefore, exploiting the opportunity, he replied with a grin, “What’s the matter? Feeling jealous?”

Being exceptionally intelligent, how could Luo Li not see that her unconcious reveal of the slight feeling of jealousy had caused Mu Chen’s ego to drastically inflate. In the next instant, giving a faint smile, she replied, “Looks like I have to find Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the others and let them cut you up. However, this time, you better not find me to help you out.”

Hearing her reply, Mu Chen instantly turned sluggish, before feeling somewhat resentful.

Seeing that he had become deflated and shrunken up, Luo Li gave a sweet smile. Extending her slender, jade-like hand out, she grabbed hold of Mu Chen’s hand, intertwining her fingers with his. The warmth coming from her action, caused the alluringly red lips of the young girl to curl up.

Idiot. How could I bear to do that.

After chatting awhile, Mu Chen let Luo Li take care of Yu Xi and the rest, before bringing Qing Shan to tge side and asked, “How’s my old man?”

“Haha. Uncle Mu’s formidable. The entire Northern Spiritual Realm has already been united by him, with the nine cities no longer existing anymore. Now, there’s only the Northern Spiritual Alliance, with Uncle Mu as the Alliance Leader,” replied Qing Shan with a smile.

“Oh?” hearing this caused Mu Chen to be astonished. My old man’s actually turned the chaotic Northern Spiritual Realm into an alliance?

“Not long after you had left, Uncle Mu haf broken into the Heavenly Fusion Stage. Afterwards, he, with Big Sister Qian’er’s father and the others, established the Northern Spiritual Alliance. Other than Liu City, which had resisted awhile, the other cities submitted in succession. As of now, the Northern Spiritual Realm is much stronger than before.”

Hearing that reply, Mu Chen slightly nodded his head. Heavenly Fusion Stage can already be considered as extremely strong and powerful within the Northern Spiritual Realm. No wonder why my old man’s able to form an alliance. Although such an alliance is somewhat of an abusive act, especially with the existence of Liu City, this can be considered as a slightly concealed danger. Nevertheless, thinking about it, my old man’s very clear about this. He will be careful about this.

Nevertheless, he should be more vigilant about this and find a time to speak to the Headmaster to see if he could lend some people to secretly head to the Northern Spiritual Realm to protect his old man. He didn’t want anything to happen to his father.

“Qing Shan, if you have the chance, help me send some news about me back to the Northern Spiritual Realm,” said Mu Chen after pondering awhile. With his current accomplishments, it might incite waves of shock if they were to be circulated within the Northern Spiritual Realm. At that time, not to mention the Northern Spiritual Realm, there wouldn’t be that many people in the Northern Heavens Continent that would dare to do anything to his old man.

“Okay, I know,” replied Qing Shan as he nodded his head.

Patting Qing Shan’s shoulder, Mu Chen deeply exhaled. Raising his head up, he looked towards the azure horizon, before his hands started to slowly clench together.

After arranging all of these matters, it should be about time to participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. That was a day he had anticipated for a very long time.

“Ji Xuan, we should properly settle our grudges and grievances in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, right? I don’t know if the current you has made any preparations. The Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road has yet to engulf you. This time, I’m afraid that I’ll not give you any more chances to escape.”

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