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Chapter 449 – Why Not?

“Big Brother Mu?”

Hearing the words spoken by the youth in front of them, Qing Shan and the group were clearly shocked by that. Gawking, the young girl by the name of Yu Xi blinked her wide-open eyes, while feeling some apprehension. Big Brother Mu? Are they talking about Mu Chen? Could it be that they are talking about the wrong person? Although they knew that Mu Chen was the most outstanding person from their Northern Spiritual Academy, there were truthfully too many geniuses in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, they didn’t dare to believe that Mu Chen was able to obtain much of any accomplishments during the short year he was in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Furthermore, the Big Brother Mu those people were hanging within their mouths seemed to be an extraordinary person within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

They were a little worried that the other party might have brought up the wrong person.

“Our… our big brother’s called Mu Chen. He, might not be the Big Brother Mu you’re talking about…” muttered Yu Xi softly. The sudden gazes coming from those Seniors in the surroundings had caused some unease in her. Although she was young, she also knew that they didn’t have any support when they entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, they could only work hard and cultivate. At this moment, provoking those Seniors was clearly not a good matter for them.

“Haha, our Big Brother Mu’s called Mu Chen.” Hearing those words, the smile on the face youth from the Luo Goddess Association turn even more radiant.


Qing Shan, Yu Xi and their group all exclaimed out in shock as they looked at one another. Could they have the same name?

“Are you guys from the Northern Spiritual Academy?” asked the youth. Being a member of the Luo Goddess Association, he was clearly privy to some information about Mu Chen.

Hearing that, Qing Shan nodded his head in succession.

“Then there’s no mistake here. Big Brother Mu’s also from the Northern Spiritual Academy. Looks like we’re talking about the same person,” said the youth with a smile.

That reply caused Qing Shan and the group to turn dumbfounded, before instantly feeling emotional. In just a short span of over a year, Mu Chen has actually managed to mix so well in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

Turning around, the youth’s gentle face turned somewhat unsightly as he looked towards the people of the Demon’s Gate, before speaking out, “Chen Xiu, your Demon’s Gate’s truly awesome to actually find trouble for Big Brother Mu’s friends.”

The faces of the people from the Demon’s Gate instantly turned stiff, with none of the previous bossy attitude present anymore. Mu Chen’s name held a considerable shock-factor towards the Demon’s Gate. Furthermore, the current Mu Chen was considered to be the genuine number one person within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It’s said that not only their boss, He Yao, there were even some signs of the former overshadowing those peak influential people like Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong.

Therefore, although their Demon’s Gate was still considered a powerful influence within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they didn’t have a single ounce of courage to go against the Luo Goddess Association. After all, the current Luo Goddess Association was considered to be the influence with the strongest voice and power within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…

“Haha, that’s a mistake, that’s a mistake…”

Finally, regaining his clarity, the youth by the name of Chen Xiu gave an astringent laugh, before hastily cupping his hands towards Qing Shan and the group, while saying, “Haha. Junior Brothers and Sisters, I hope that you can forgive our earlier rudeness. We’ll bring our apologies in the future.”

As his voice rang out, he gave a hurried wave of his hands and brought along the other members and helter-skelter away, not daring to stay there one bit longer.

Seeing the bossy and domineering Seniors now slinking away like that, the Freshmen in the surroundings instantly had a new view of their current situation.

“Mu Chen… he’s that formidable in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” asked Qing Shan as he looked towards the youth before them, his eyes brimming with unimaginable thoughts.

“Haha. Our Luo Goddess Association was created by Big Brother Mu and miss Luo Li. Furthermore, Big Brother Mu’s currently the genuine strongest person within our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

The youth from the Luo Goddess Association smiled towards them, before pointing towards the majestic steele erected within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. With a face brimming with pride, he said, “See that? That’s the Heavenly Rankings of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Only the strongest people would be able to have their names etched on its surface. Big Brother Mu’s ranked Third… Naturally, he, in fact, has the power to obtain First. The only thing is that he hasn’t taken any action, yet.”

Looking over, Qing Shan and the group could see the extremely majestic steele erected there. Indeed, they were able to spot the familiar name present on the dazzling peak of the steele. For a moment, they were somewhat lost for words. Their companion that had once mixed with them in the Northern Spiritual Academy had actually managed to reach a height that was unfathomable by them in the short span of only a year.

“Big Brother Mu’s so awesome!” Stars started to sparkle within Yu Xi’s large eyes as she spoke out, her voice brimming with worship. While she was in the Northern Spiritual Academy, she had heard quite a bit from the rumors surrounding Mu Chen. She never imagined that she would obtain such shocking news once again just when she had stepped into the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

On the side, a complicated expression appeared on the face of Liu Yang. His Liu Family wasn’t considered to have good relations with the Mu Family, with his grandfather even being killed by Mu Chen. For the past year, the changes that happened in the Northern Spiritual Realm were too great, with their Liu Family no longer being like before, while the Mu Family was growing increasingly stronger. As of now, they had grasped control of the entire Northern Spiritual Realm. Originally, his Liu Family was still hoping for his brother to come back after becoming stronger. However, from the looks of it today, they might have to dispel this thought of theirs. Although his Big Brother Mu Bai might have some ability, Liu Yang was clear that the former would absolutely not be able to compare with Mu Chen. If their Liu Family had any thoughts, they might…

“Haha. You guys are Big Brother Mu’s friends. In the future, you will also be the friends of our Luo Goddess Association. Relax, we’ll absolutely not let you guys receive any sort of bullying,” said the youth as he sent a smile towards Qing Shan and the group.

Hearing that, Qing Shan and the group quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Only after experiencing the previous spectacle did they know that possessing some background within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was such an important matter. Compared to the other Freshmen, the small and tiny Northern Spiritual Realm they came from was considered to be of not one bit of prestige or fame. However, with their connections with Mu Chen, they were clearly able to reduce much of the bullying that might have occurred to them.


However, just as Qing Shan and the group were celebrating about this, suddenly, an astonishing clap of thunder resounded across the region. While everyone was in shock by this and raised their heads, they noticed a thousand metre wide pillar of light suddenly rushing towards the heavens from the depths of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, while vast and boundless Spiritual Energy radiated from it.

Due to this unforeseen spectacle, all of the Freshmen turned somewhat flustered, not knowing exactly what had happened.

“The Door of the Northern Heavens is opening!”

After gawking and being stunned for a moment, a few Seniors could not help exclaiming emotionally, “Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the other Seniors are coming out!”

All of the Freshmen had also become restless, eyes brimming with surprise and anticipation as the looked towards the pillar of light. Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong? The influential figures ranked First and Second on the Heavenly Rankings? They never imagined that they would be able to see the heaven-favored sons they had worshipped upon their entry to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…

The pillar of light was overly gigantic, attracting the attention of everyone within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as it rushed towards the heavens. Countless students shot into the skies, surprised expressions appearing on their faces as they observed the scene before them. After closing up for half a year, Shen Cangsheng and the rest are finally coming out?

“They’re coming out…”

Within the courtyard, Mu Chen had also raised his head, smiling as he looked towards the gigantic pillar of light as a shadow of anticipation appeared within his eyes. He really wanted to see exactly how much Shen Cangsheng and the rest had had progressed during their half-year isolation within the Door of the Northern Heavens.

Humm! Humm!

As the thousand metre wide pillar of light stood tall within the skies, a gigantic glowing bronze door slowly condensed and appeared within it. In the next moment, under the attentive gazes of countless people in the region, the glowing door slowly started to open, causing torrential Spiritual Energy to sweep out, radiating across the entire region.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the glowing door opened up, rays of light explosively shot out from within like shooting stars, streaking across the horizon, before appearing in the skies above the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

There were nine figures, all of them radiating with boundless Spiritual light. Standing in the air, vast, endless Spiritual Energy pressure radiated from them, causing all of the Freshmen present in the outer region of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to quietly smack their lips upon sensing the enormous pressure bearing down on them. These are the strongest students within their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? Indeed, they are terrifying.

“So powerful…”

The faces of Qing Shan and the group were filled with shock and astonishment. Never, in their lives, did they sense such strong and powerful pressures bearing down on them. Not even the various teachers and Headmaster of the Northern Spiritual Academy could even match up to a portion of this. In the next moment, all of them started to feel emotional. Indeed, such a scene is worthy of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. In the future, will we be as powerful as those Seniors?

Under the countless attentive gazes, the rays of brilliance radiating from the nine figures started to slowly dissipate away, revealing the people present under the lights.

Standing in the middle was Shen Cangsheng, his body ramrod-straight, like a spear erected in the sky, his face filled with unswerving firmness. Although he wasn’t as handsome or suave as Li Xuantong, the overbearing aura he radiated was not one bit weaker than the latter.

Beside him stood the thin and handsome Li Xuantong. Dressed in black robes, his black hair fluttered about. God-knows how many Freshmen had their eyes radiating with light as they looked towards him, with quite a few young girls starting to blush in the process.

Although Luo Li stood at the side of the group, truthfully speaking, she was, undoubtedly, the most dazzling existence present within the nine of them. Her silvery river of hair that descended to her exquisitely slender waist was coupled with her delicate facial features that appeared to be made of porcelain. The pair of glass-like beautiful eyes appeared clear and tranquil, causing people to get drunk just by looking at her.

God-knows how many hearts were furiously sent thumping away by their appearances in the sky.

“Show offs…”

Taking in the spectacle in the sky, Mu Chen shook his head.

While he was laughing to himself, the sharp gazes of Shen Cangsheng and the rest had shot over, with Luo Li’s being the only one with gentleness present in her beautiful eyes. Looking towards the youth that she had not seen for half a year, a faint smile surfaced on her red lips, causing her to appear exceedingly alluring and soul-stirring.

As Shen Cangsheng’s sharp gaze shot towards Mu Chen, he subsequently crossed gazes with Li Xuantong. Fighting intent blazed within their eyes as they took a step forward, before their roars resounded across the region like thunder.

“Mu Chen, are you up for a fight?!”

After undergoing the half-year isolation and their strength improving by leaps and bounds, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong finally recovered their brimming self-confidence. This time, they personally wanted to seek out Mu Chen for guidance.

As their roars rang out across the region, the contents of which shocked the countless Freshmen present, causing even the Seniors of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to erupt with an astonishing uproar. Ever since the rise of Mu Chen’s fame and reputation till now, he has yet to cross hands with the two most elite students of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. However, as of today, this heart shaking scene would finally appear before their eyes?!

The hearts of Qing Shan and the group were filled with shock and astonishment. The number one and two existences on the Heavenly Rankings are inviting Mu Chen for a fight?

“Haha, why not!”

While they were still wallowing in their shock, a clear, hearty laugh instantly rang out from within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as a glowing figure shot towards the heavens.

As countless students noticed the thin figure, their blood instantly started to boil as ear-shattering cheers started to resound across the region!

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