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Chapter 449 – Why Not?

"Big Brother Mu?"

Hearing the words spoken by the youth in front of them, Qing Shan and the group were clearly shocked by that. Gawking, the young girl by the name of Yu Xi blinked her wide-open eyes, while feeling some apprehension. Big Brother Mu? Are they talking about Mu Chen? Could it be that they are talking about the wrong person? Although they knew that Mu Chen was the most outstanding person from their Northern Spiritual Academy, there were truthfully too many geniuses in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, they didn't dare to believe that Mu Chen was able to obtain much of any accomplishments during the short year he was in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Furthermore, the Big Brother Mu those people were hanging within their mouths seemed to be an extraordinary person within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

They were a little worried that the other party might have brought up the wrong person.

"Our… our big brother's called Mu Chen. He, might not be the Big Brother Mu you're talking about…" muttered Yu Xi softly. The sudden gazes coming from those Seniors in the surroundings had caused some unease in her. Although she was young, she also knew that they didn't have any support when they entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, they could only work hard and cultivate. At this moment, provoking those Seniors was clearly not a good matter for them.

"Haha, our Big Brother Mu's called Mu Chen." Hearing those words, the smile on the face youth from the Luo Goddess Association turn even more radiant.


Qing Shan, Yu Xi and their group all exclaimed out in shock as they looked at one another. Could they have the same name?

"Are you guys from the Northern Spiritual Academy?" asked the youth. Being a member of the Luo Goddess Association, he was clearly privy to some information about Mu Chen.

Hearing that, Qing Shan nodded his head in succession.

"Then there's no mistake here. Big Brother Mu's also from the Northern Spiritual Academy. Looks like we're talking about the same person," said the youth with a smile.

That reply caused Qing Shan and the group to turn dumbfounded, before instantly feeling emotional. In just a short span of over a year, Mu Chen has actually managed to mix so well in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

Turning around, the youth's gentle face turned somewhat unsightly as he looked towards the people of the Demon’s Gate, before speaking out, "Chen Xiu, your Demon’s Gate's truly awesome to actually find trouble for Big Brother Mu's friends."

The faces of the people from the Demon’s Gate instantly turned stiff, with none of the previous bossy attitude present anymore. Mu Chen's name held a considerable shock-factor towards the Demon’s Gate. Furthermore, the current Mu Chen was considered to be the genuine number one person within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It's said that not only their boss, He Yao, there were even some signs of the former overshadowing those peak influential people like Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong.

Therefore, although their Demon’s Gate was still considered a powerful influence within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they didn't have a single ounce of courage to go against the Luo Goddess Association. After all, the current Luo Goddess Association was considered to be the influence with the strongest voice and power within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…

"Haha, that's a mistake, that's a mistake…"

Finally, regaining his clarity, the youth by the name of Chen Xiu gave an astringent laugh, before hastily cupping his hands towards Qing Shan and the group, while saying, "Haha. Junior Brothers and Sisters, I hope that you can forgive our earlier rudeness. We'll bring our apologies in the future."

As his voice rang out, he gave a hurried wave of his hands and brought along the other members and helter-skelter away, not daring to stay there one bit longer.

Seeing the bossy and domineering Seniors now slinking away like that, the Freshmen in the surroundings instantly had a new view of their current situation.

"Mu Chen… he's that formidable in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?" asked Qing Shan as he looked towards the youth before them, his eyes brimming with unimaginable thoughts.

"Haha. Our Luo Goddess Association was created by Big Brother Mu and miss Luo Li. Furthermore, Big Brother Mu's currently the genuine strongest person within our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy."

The youth from the Luo Goddess Association smiled towards them, before pointing towards the majestic steele erected within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. With a face brimming with pride, he said, "See that? That's the Heavenly Rankings of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Only the strongest people would be able to have their names etched on its surface. Big Brother Mu's ranked Third… Naturally, he, in fact, has the power to obtain First. The only thing is that he hasn't taken any action, yet."

Looking over, Qing Shan and the group could see the extremely majestic steele erected there. Indeed, they were able to spot the familiar name present on the dazzling peak of the steele. For a moment, they were somewhat lost for words. Their companion that had once mixed with them in the Northern Spiritual Academy had actually managed to reach a height that was unfathomable by them in the short span of only a year.

"Big Brother Mu's so awesome!" Stars started to sparkle within Yu Xi's large eyes as she spoke out, her voice brimming with worship. While she was in the Northern Spiritual Academy, she had heard quite a bit from the rumors surrounding Mu Chen. She never imagined that she would obtain such shocking news once again just when she had stepped into the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

On the side, a complicated expression appeared on the face of Liu Yang. His Liu Family wasn't considered to have good relations with the Mu Family, with his grandfather even being killed by Mu Chen. For the past year, the changes that happened in the Northern Spiritual Realm were too great, with their Liu Family no longer being like before, while the Mu Family was growing increasingly stronger. As of now, they had grasped control of the entire Northern Spiritual Realm. Originally, his Liu Family was still hoping for his brother to come back after becoming stronger. However, from the looks of it today, they might have to dispel this thought of theirs. Although his Big Brother Mu Bai might have some ability, Liu Yang was clear that the former would absolutely not be able to compare with Mu Chen. If their Liu Family had any thoughts, they might…

"Haha. You guys are Big Brother Mu's friends. In the future, you will also be the friends of our Luo Goddess Association. Relax, we'll absolutely not let you guys receive any sort of bullying," said the youth as he sent a smile towards Qing Shan and the group.

Hearing that, Qing Shan and the group quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Only after experiencing the previous spectacle did they know that possessing some background within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was such an important matter. Compared to the other Freshmen, the small and tiny Northern Spiritual Realm they came from was considered to be of not one bit of prestige or fame. However, with their connections with Mu Chen, they were clearly able to reduce much of the bullying that might have occurred to them.


However, just as Qing Shan and the group were celebrating about this, suddenly, an astonishing clap of thunder resounded across the region. While everyone was in shock by this and raised their heads, they noticed a thousand metre wide pillar of light suddenly rushing towards the heavens from the depths of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, while vast and boundless Spiritual Energy radiated from it.

Due to this unforeseen spectacle, all of the Freshmen turned somewhat flustered, not knowing exactly what had happened.

"The Door of the Northern Heavens is opening!"

After gawking and being stunned for a moment, a few Seniors could not help exclaiming emotionally, "Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the other Seniors are coming out!"

All of the Freshmen had also become restless, eyes brimming with surprise and anticipation as the looked towards the pillar of light. Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong? The influential figures ranked First and Second on the Heavenly Rankings? They never imagined that they would be able to see the heaven-favored sons they had worshipped upon their entry to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…

The pillar of light was overly gigantic, attracting the attention of everyone within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as it rushed towards the heavens. Countless students shot into the skies, surprised expressions appearing on their faces as they observed the scene before them. After closing up for half a year, Shen Cangsheng and the rest are finally coming out?

"They're coming out…"

Within the courtyard, Mu Chen had also raised his head, smiling as he looked towards the gigantic pillar of light as a shadow of anticipation appeared within his eyes. He really wanted to see exactly how much Shen Cangsheng and the rest had had progressed during their half-year isolation within the Door of the Northern Heavens.

Humm! Humm!

As the thousand metre wide pillar of light stood tall within the skies, a gigantic glowing bronze door slowly condensed and appeared within it. In the next moment, under the attentive gazes of countless people in the region, the glowing door slowly started to open, causing torrential Spiritual Energy to sweep out, radiating across the entire region.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the glowing door opened up, rays of light explosively shot out from within like shooting stars, streaking across the horizon, before appearing in the skies above the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

There were nine figures, all of them radiating with boundless Spiritual light. Standing in the air, vast, endless Spiritual Energy pressure radiated from them, causing all of the Freshmen present in the outer region of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to quietly smack their lips upon sensing the enormous pressure bearing down on them. These are the strongest students within their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? Indeed, they are terrifying.

"So powerful…"

The faces of Qing Shan and the group were filled with shock and astonishment. Never, in their lives, did they sense such strong and powerful pressures bearing down on them. Not even the various teachers and Headmaster of the Northern Spiritual Academy could even match up to a portion of this. In the next moment, all of them started to feel emotional. Indeed, such a scene is worthy of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. In the future, will we be as powerful as those Seniors?

Under the countless attentive gazes, the rays of brilliance radiating from the nine figures started to slowly dissipate away, revealing the people present under the lights.

Standing in the middle was Shen Cangsheng, his body ramrod-straight, like a spear erected in the sky, his face filled with unswerving firmness. Although he wasn't as handsome or suave as Li Xuantong, the overbearing aura he radiated was not one bit weaker than the latter.

Beside him stood the thin and handsome Li Xuantong. Dressed in black robes, his black hair fluttered about. God-knows how many Freshmen had their eyes radiating with light as they looked towards him, with quite a few young girls starting to blush in the process.

Although Luo Li stood at the side of the group, truthfully speaking, she was, undoubtedly, the most dazzling existence present within the nine of them. Her silvery river of hair that descended to her exquisitely slender waist was coupled with her delicate facial features that appeared to be made of porcelain. The pair of glass-like beautiful eyes appeared clear and tranquil, causing people to get drunk just by looking at her.

God-knows how many hearts were furiously sent thumping away by their appearances in the sky.

"Show offs…"

Taking in the spectacle in the sky, Mu Chen shook his head.

While he was laughing to himself, the sharp gazes of Shen Cangsheng and the rest had shot over, with Luo Li's being the only one with gentleness present in her beautiful eyes. Looking towards the youth that she had not seen for half a year, a faint smile surfaced on her red lips, causing her to appear exceedingly alluring and soul-stirring.

As Shen Cangsheng's sharp gaze shot towards Mu Chen, he subsequently crossed gazes with Li Xuantong. Fighting intent blazed within their eyes as they took a step forward, before their roars resounded across the region like thunder.

"Mu Chen, are you up for a fight?!"

After undergoing the half-year isolation and their strength improving by leaps and bounds, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong finally recovered their brimming self-confidence. This time, they personally wanted to seek out Mu Chen for guidance.

As their roars rang out across the region, the contents of which shocked the countless Freshmen present, causing even the Seniors of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to erupt with an astonishing uproar. Ever since the rise of Mu Chen's fame and reputation till now, he has yet to cross hands with the two most elite students of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. However, as of today, this heart shaking scene would finally appear before their eyes?!

The hearts of Qing Shan and the group were filled with shock and astonishment. The number one and two existences on the Heavenly Rankings are inviting Mu Chen for a fight?

"Haha, why not!"

While they were still wallowing in their shock, a clear, hearty laugh instantly rang out from within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as a glowing figure shot towards the heavens.

As countless students noticed the thin figure, their blood instantly started to boil as ear-shattering cheers started to resound across the region!

Chapter 450 – Interchange of New and Old Overlord

As the youth rushed towards the heavens, boundless Spiritual Energy gushed out from him like a flood. Striding into the skies, his hands were crossed behind his back, with his thin figure appearing ramrod straight. A faint smile was present on his handsome face, with the attitude and aura he sent out being not one bit weaker than Shen Cangsheng or Li Xuantong.

"Big Brother Mu!"

When Mu Chen appeared in the sky, astonishing, earth-shattering cheers erupted across the entirety of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. As of now, Mu Chen's fame and prestige in the academy had clearly reached the peak, with not a single person still treating him like a Freshman. That's because the matters that he had accomplished, things that even veteran peak influential figures like Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong weren't able to accomplish.

"Indeed, it's Mu Chen!"

Qing Shan and the group looked emotionally at the all too familiar figure. Over the span of a year, the youth had grown much more mature. Yet, there wasn't too much of a change to his appearance.

At this moment, the young girl by the name of Yu Xi had also opened her eyes wide as she tightly stared at the thin figure in the sky. Faced against such strong and powerful opponents, the former still had a cheerful and leisurely appearance, causing the pretty face of the young girl to turn uncontrollably red as her heartstrings were tugged.

Within the large palace in the central location of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Dean Tai Cang and a bunch of Elders were smiling from ear to ear as they looked towards the youths in the sky. They had truly not seen such a lively scene for the greater half of the year.

WIthin the sky, Mu Chen raised his eyes, before speaking out with a gentle smile, "Look's like everyone has greatly improved in strength after this half-year of isolation, huh."

While sizing up Shen Cangsheng and the rest, astonishment and shock were present in Mu Chen's heart as he could sense that of the nine people, He Yao, Su Xuan, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and the other two had reached the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, which was equivalent to him. One had to know that they had just reached the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage before entering the Door of the Northern Heavens. Nevertheless, they had actually improved by such leaps and bounds.

Furthermore, other than those six, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and Luo Li had surpassed everyone in the group. According to his senses, Mu Chen could feel that the trio might have already crossed their Human Body Disaster.

Having such progress in the span of half a year was considerably astonishing.

"If we didn't have such progress, how could we have to face to participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, right?" replied Shen Cangsheng with a grin as he started to size Mu Chen up. Clenching his hands, scorching-hot fighting intent brimmed within his eyes. Not being a person that easily gave up and admitted defeat, when he had first seen the former, Mu Chen was a person that needed to enter a life-or-death battle when he faced against that Bai Xuan. However, who could have imagined that in a short span of the next year, this youth had improved by leaps and bounds, and progressed at such an astonishing pace. Half a year ago, he achieved the accomplishments of defeating Mo Longzi and killing Mo Xingtian, causing the entire Northern Heavens Continent to reel in shock.

Unknowingly, that youth he had seen then had already surpassed him within a span of time that hadn't even reached two years. Even his long-seated position of the Overlord on the Heavenly Rankings was placed in imminent danger by the former. Shen Cangsheng knew that Mu Chen didn't have much of an interest in the Heavenly Rankings. Nevertheless, being proud and arrogant, Shen Cangsheng didn't need something like modestly yielding to the former.

In the past, after seeing the fight between Mu Chen and Mo Xingtian, Shen Cangsheng had already felt the disparity between him and Mu Chen. Therefore, he had bitterly trained for this half-year, hoping that his progress wouldn't be too small. As of now, he had already passed his Fleshly Body Disaster, and was confident that the current him would similarly possess the might to face against the Mo Xingtian of then!

Although he was still unable to surpass Mu Chen, at the very least, he wouldn't have the same feeling of helplessness he felt then.

"Mu Chen, receive my move!"

The smile of Shen Cangsheng's face slowly dissipated away, replaced by the usual stern expression he wore. Taking a step forward, a low roar rang from him.

Looking towards Shen Cangsheng, who had turned serious, before noticing the scorching-hot and prideful gaze, Mu Chen seemed to understand the gist behind this. Gently nodding his head, he replied in a slow fashion, "Please guide me, Senior Shen Cangsheng!"

With a hearty laugh, Shen Cangsheng strode forward. Clenching his hands tightly, boundless Spiritual Energy swept out, howling across the region like a great sea. A powerful Spiritual Energy pressure radiated out, shocking the world in its awe.

Nevertheless, faced against the astonishing prestige of Shen Cangsheng, a calm and tranquil expression still remained on Mu Chen's face. Not a single tremor could even be seen on his robes.

With a stern expression, Shen Cangsheng clapped his hands together. Suddenly, his hand seals started to fluctuate, while the torrential Spiritual Energy around him flared up. Following the fluctuation of his hand seals, incomparably gigantic glowing seals formed, before condensing behind him, radiating with astonishing fluctuations.

Everyone present could sense how frightening this attack from Shen Cangsheng was. Clearly, he was absolutely not restraining a single bit of his strength. Furthermore, he had immediately chosen to unleash his strongest attack.

Noticing this, the eyes of Dean Tai Cang and the Elders faintly narrowed as he muttered. "He had actually managed to cultivate the Punishment Divine Art to this step…"


All of a sudden, astonishing claps of thunder seemed to resound across the horizon, with Shen Cangsheng's hand seals suddenly stopped. In the next instant, as his gaze turned fierce, he took a step forward, shooting like a lightning bolt straight at Mu Chen. Behind him, countless glowing seals followed him as he shot forward, causing astonishing claps of thunder that shook the entire region.

"Judgement Divine Art, Myriad Life Seal!"

Akin to a spectre, Shen Cangsheng appeared right before Mu Chen. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, his fingers came together to form a fist. Spiritual Energy that swept out of him blotted the skies as bright and resplendent rays of brilliance radiated from him akin to a dazzling sun. With a low roar, his fist imprint came smashing over.

Bang! Bang!

The air present in the region was completely sent exploding away, with patterns of distortion appearing in the surrounding space. Those hundreds of thousands of glowing seals appeared to be condensed from some infallible faith, merging with Shen Cangsheng's fist as it rumbled towards Mu Chen.

This fist contained the extreme limit of Shen Cangsheng's might! Even Mo Xingtian might have to face this fist with all of his strength if he met with it head-on!

The Shen Cangsheng of now truly was much, much more stronger than half a year ago.

At this moment, rays of light blossomed from Mu Chen's black pupils. All of a sudden, with a furious clench of his fist, low claps of thunder rang out from within his body. In the next instant, black arcs of lightning started to dance across his body, while four lightning runes slowly started to surface onto his chest.


The peals of thunder ringing out from Mu Chen's body reverberated across the region. At this moment, his body appeared to be suffused with jet-black lightning light, while indescribable, surging energies started to radiate from his limbs and bones.

This was the first time Mu Chen had completely activated his Thunder God Physique after successfully condensing his fourth rune.

Such strength and power was more than sufficient to sunder the skies and rend the earth!

Chi! Chi!

Black bolts of lightning arcs crazily lept around his body. In the next instant, taking a furious step forward, he showed no signs of hesitation as he sent a fist out.

There wasn't anything fanciful in this punch, yet it contained extremely frightening energies imbued within it.

As the fist rumbled out, ripples seemed to fluctuate around the surrounding space as rumbling peals of thunder reverberated across the region.


Under countless emotional gazes below, the two fists smashed into each other. At that very instant, any rumbling sounds were eliminated, with the entire region seemingly being devoid of sound for an instant. However, at the next very moment, crazy, boundless energy shock waves swept out akin to thousand metre high tsunamis, with hurricanes seemingly taking form at the area of impact.

Bang! Bang!

Under the terrifying impact of the energy shock waves, Mu Chen's body sparkled with lightning, while the hundreds of thousands of glowing seals behind Shen Cangsheng's back rapidly vibrated. In the end, with a bang, a shiver shook through the bodies of the two as they both retreated back.

Mu Chen retreated back eight steps, with the lightning light behind his back collapsing, causing rumbling sounds to reverberate.

Shen Cangsheng retreated ten steps back, with the glowing seals on his back collapsing one by one. In the end, all of them completely collapsed apart, transforming into glowing dots that blotted the skies, appeared exceedingly beautiful.

Countless people were turned speechless. The collision of the two fists were exceedingly astonishing. However, from the looks of it, it seemed that Mu Chen was still able to gain the slight superiority.

"I never imagined that you'd actually cultivate your Thunder God Physique to such a degree."

Lowering his head to look at his fist, Shen Cangsheng saw a patch of red being present there, while a numbing sensation radiated from it. Raising his head, he looked towards Mu Chen, before exhaling deeply, while a smile akin to one of relief appeared on his firm and resolute face. As his eyes lit up when he looked towards the glorious Heavenly Ranking steele within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he spoke out with a faint smile, "It is finally time for I, the First Rank on the Heavenly Rankings to abdicate my rank. From now on, you're the true number one in our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!"

At this moment, countless students had turned quiet as they looked at the ramrod straight figure of Shen Cangsheng, while a feeling of respect and worship gushed from their hearts. Only at this moment did they realise that this clash of fists was for Shen Cangsheng himself to hand over the most glorious honor of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to Mu Chen.

Having ruled over for so many glorious years, as of now, this glory had finally found a more suitable host.

Looking towards Shen Cangsheng, Mu Chen turned slightly quiet. He didn't care about this so-called "First Rank" on the Heavenly Rankings. However, he knew that this wasn't the time where he could reject it. That was due to Shen Cangsheng's pride and honor as the previous Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings resting on this. Therefore, cupping his hands towards the former, Mu Chen didn't say a single word, with his expression turning into one of extreme solemn.

As countless students looked towards the exchange of positions from the old to the new Overlord, the blood within them showed signs of boiling and flaring up. In the next moment, ear-deafening roars and cheers resounding across the entire region.

Shen Cangsheng's expression started to turn gentle, yet his gaze turned into one that harbored evil intent. Sending a smile towards Mu Chen, he spoke out, "Do you know what we've decided in the Door of the Northern Heavens?"

Hearing those words, Mu Chen gawked as he noticed similar gazes shooting towards him from Li Xuantong, He Yao, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and the rest, causing some uneasy feelings to surface within his heart.

"If Shen Cangsheng loses to you, all of us will give you a beating!" roared Li Xuantong as he slowly clenched his fists tightly, while boundless Spiritual Energy erupted from him. Similarly, Spiritual Energy started surging from the bodies of He Yao, Xu Huang and the rest. Shooting a look at each other, suddenly, all of them shot straight towards Mu Chen, their Spiritual Energies howling, as they rushed across the horizon.

"You scoundrels!"

Mu Chen's face instantly turned black as he turned around and ran.


However just as he was about to run, a beautiful figure shot from behind Li Xuantong and the rest. Bringing about the familiar fragrance, she appeared before Mu Chen. In the next instant, everyone noticed Luo Li smiling as she appeared before Mu Chen, her jade-like hand wielding her longsword that was pointed towards Li Xuantong and the rest.

"Oi, Luo Li! How could you not uphold your words?!" Seeing this, He Yao, Xu Huang and the rest immediately roared in discontent.

"We've clearly talked about this!"

Looking at the discontent bunch before her, Luo Li pushed a lock of her hair behind her ear, before retreating back two steps. Standing side-by-side with Mu Chen, she gave a sweet smile as she replied, "But, I can't bear to do it."

At this moment, countless howls of grief could be heard resounding within the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Hearing those roars, Mu Chen could not help laughing. Perhaps, in the many years to come, the scene before him would still be fresh within his mind. Within this warm and comfortable ivory tower, there weren't too many schemes and fights with others. Even if there were some conflicts, they were easily solved. How could he not help such a Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to obtain the honor and glory it deserved?

Chapter 451 – Old Friends Reunion

With Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Luo Li and the other peak influential figures coming out from their isolated training, the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy clearly regained its usual liveliness. Added with the induction of Freshmen to the academy, as well as the big matter of the coming of the new Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings that caused people's blood to boil, the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had sunk into a fervent state.

During this fervent atmosphere, there were more and more students starting to raise their heads and look around in anticipation. In the upcoming Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, the number of elite students from their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy participating in this event was clearly the greatest among the past few batches. All of them held high hopes for their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to obtain impressive results in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament and continue the honor and glory of their academy.

While waiting for the start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, Mu Chen had also heard of the news about the arrival of Qing Shan and the group into the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Due to the Freshmen entering the academy, Mu Chen's batch of students were naturally able to strip the title of Freshmen from their names. Therefore, they no longer stayed in the Freshman Region, having all moved into the inner regions of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The Spiritual Qi present in the new regions were clearly multiple times more dense than the Freshman Region.The headquarters of the Luo Goddess Association was also at an extremely good place, even being in the vicinity of a Rank 7 Spiritual Array, with the density and quality of the Spiritual Energy present caused quite a few societies to look red with envy at them. Nevertheless, none of them could do anything about it, since the Luo Goddess Association was the most famous and prestigious society within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as of now, with no society that could compete with them.

In the new training grounds of the Luo Goddess Association, Mu Chen met up with Qing Shan and the group. Looking at those familiar faces, unconcealable joy and happiness gushed from his eyes. With a smile, he went forward, before giving the somewhat flustered Qing Shan a fierce hug.

"Qing Shan, welcome to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy."

Mu Chen said with a smile. Thinking back two years ago, he was only a student in the Northern Spiritual Academy, and was still working hard to get accepted into one of the five Great Academies. At that time, these fellows were by his side. Although they might have been small and weak then, the feeling of growing up together was deeply embedded in his heart. Thinking back to those memories caused warm feelings to suffuse within his heart.

Being originally flustered, Qing Shan started to relax after the hug from Mu Chen. He looked towards Mu Chen, before looking behind the latter, where a slender and elegant young lady dressed in black robes stood. This was the girl that had attracted the eyeballs of countless people in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy two days ago. At this moment, a faint, sweet smile was present on her beautiful face as she looked towards the happy Mu Chen before her.

"Big Brother Mu, I never imagined that you would mix so well in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy," replied Qing Shan as he scratched his head. "Now I've finally understood why our Northern Spiritual Academy had managed to obtain such a high quota from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy this time. All of this has to do with you."

After all, Qing Shan wasn't an idiot. At the very best, their Northern Spiritual Academy was a small Spiritual Academy, and would simply not appear in the eye of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. And yet, such a strange matter had occured. Clearly, there was only one reason, and that was Mu Chen being that outstanding within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Hearing that, Mu Chen gave a laugh, before turning his gaze behind Qing Shan. Resting on the body of Liu Yang, he spoke out with a smile, "You've also come to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, huh."

While in the Northern Spiritual Academy, Liu Yang was at loggerheads with Mu Chen. However, in the end, he was taught a lesson by the latter. It could be said that the relationship between the two wasn't all too good; after all, Liu Yang's grandfather had met his death by Mu Chen's hands. There was no getting away for Mu Chen towards the decline of the Liu Family. Nevertheless, he, Liu Yang, didn't blame Mu Chen. Speaking about this, there was only the Liu Family to blame for all of this.

With Mu Chen's current strength, it's naturally impossible for those little melon seeds to amount to anything within his eyes. If one was to think along this path, it appeared that the latter was too magnanimous. After close to two years of training and cultivation, he was no longer the immature youth from then.

A complex expression was present on Liu Yang's face. As of now, Mu Chen had truly far, far exceeded his current strength. Such disparity made it such that he wasn't even able to feel any hatred. Nodding his head with a slightly depressed feeling, he replied, "If not for you, we might not even have the qualifications to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. We're still somewhat weak."

"Haha, Big Brother Mu, this is Yu Xi. After you'd left, she's the new genius of our Northern Spiritual Academy. After cultivating for less than two years time, she has already caught up to us. Furthermore, you're her worshipped idol." Knowing about the grudges and grievances between the Mu Family and the Liu Family, Qing Shan hastily pulled the pretty little girl standing beside him who was using her big black eyes to stare at Mu Chen and introduced her with a smile.

"Oh?" Feeling slightly astonished, Mu Chen smiled as he shot a look at Yu Xi.

"Nice, nice to meet you, Big Brother Mu Chen. I'm Yu Xi." Yu Xi was so emotional that her little face had turned beet-red, with her little hands clutching the helms of her skirt. All the cleverness and wittiness had all gone out the window, with her clear voice even becoming slightly stammerish.

This was her idol! Ever since she was in the Northern Spiritual Academy, she had always heard about his legends. However, only when she had truly came face-to-face with him did she discover that those legends were all weak and pathetic before the real thing.

Seeing how cute and pretty she was, Mu Chen had a favorable impression of her. Extending his hand to rub her head, he said with a smile, "Nice to meet you. Properly train and cultivate in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, okay? Although our Northern Spiritual Realm is small, we aren't weaker than anyone."

"Yes, Big Brother Mu Chen! I'll definitely work hard. One day, I'll climb up to the First Rank of the Heavenly Rankings!" Yu Xi's face had turned scorching hot by the intimate actions made by Mu Chen. Nevertheless, she furiously nodded her little head, while her big eyes brimmed with resolution. She worshipped Mu Chen, and treated his path as her goal.

Since Mu Chen's now the First Rank on the Heavenly Rankings, she'd definitely obtain First Rank in the future!

Mu Chen didn't know that just this one sentence from him had made the little girl set such a goal within her heart. Pulling Luo Li over towards him, he sent a grin towards Qing Shan and the group as he said, "This is Luo Li."

"Nice to meet you, Big Sister Luo Li!"

Over the past two days, Qing Shan and the group had long heard about Luo Li, which led them to immediately send their greetings towards her. They had heard that this Big Sister's the Head of the Luo Goddess Association! With the name of the Luo Goddess Association, one can clearly guess that it was created just for her. Furthermore, with such an intimacy between Mu Chen and Luo Li, it clearly goes without saying.

"Nice to meet you all," replied Luo Li with a sweet smile.

"Big Sister Luo Li, you're so beautiful." Yu Xi commented enviously as she opened her eyes.

"You're also very cute. In the future, if there's anything you need help with, you can just come and find us." Holding on to Yu Xi's hands, Luo Li replied with a sweet smile.

Moving close to Mu Chen, Qing Shan gave a big thumbs up to the latter, before quietly saying, "You're the man, Big Brother Mu. You're actually able to find such a beautiful girl. However, God-knows how hurt Big Sister Qian'er will be if she knows about her."

"Who's Big Sister Qian'er?" Suddenly, Luo Li, who was talking to Yu Xi, panned her head over, a grinning expression within her beautiful eyes as she asked in a casual fashion.

Seeing this, Mu Chen gave a furious glare at Qing Shan, causing the latter the rub his nose in awkwardness.

"They are talking about Big Sister Tang Qian'er. She and Big Brother Mu had grown up together. However, at this moment, she's cultivating in the Myriad Pheonix Spiritual Academy," replied Yu Xi in a lovable voice.

"Oh, so she's your childhood sweetheart, huh?" Luo Li's cresent moon-shaped slender eyebrows jumped as she sent an ambiguous smile towards Mu Chen.

With nothing he could do, Mu Chen rubbed his nose. Looking towards the jade-like lovable face of Luo Li, he noticed a extremely rare shadow of jealousy present within the beautiful eyes of the latter. This caused an extreme satisfaction of vanity to gush out from his heart. Being able to let Luo Li, who was usually calm and tranquil like a silent lake, to feel slightly jealous was truly an extremely hard matter to accomplish.

Therefore, exploiting the opportunity, he replied with a grin, "What's the matter? Feeling jealous?"

Being exceptionally intelligent, how could Luo Li not see that her unconcious reveal of the slight feeling of jealousy had caused Mu Chen's ego to drastically inflate. In the next instant, giving a faint smile, she replied, "Looks like I have to find Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the others and let them cut you up. However, this time, you better not find me to help you out."

Hearing her reply, Mu Chen instantly turned sluggish, before feeling somewhat resentful.

Seeing that he had become deflated and shrunken up, Luo Li gave a sweet smile. Extending her slender, jade-like hand out, she grabbed hold of Mu Chen's hand, intertwining her fingers with his. The warmth coming from her action, caused the alluringly red lips of the young girl to curl up.

Idiot. How could I bear to do that.

After chatting awhile, Mu Chen let Luo Li take care of Yu Xi and the rest, before bringing Qing Shan to tge side and asked, "How's my old man?"

"Haha. Uncle Mu's formidable. The entire Northern Spiritual Realm has already been united by him, with the nine cities no longer existing anymore. Now, there's only the Northern Spiritual Alliance, with Uncle Mu as the Alliance Leader," replied Qing Shan with a smile.

"Oh?" hearing this caused Mu Chen to be astonished. My old man's actually turned the chaotic Northern Spiritual Realm into an alliance?

"Not long after you had left, Uncle Mu haf broken into the Heavenly Fusion Stage. Afterwards, he, with Big Sister Qian'er's father and the others, established the Northern Spiritual Alliance. Other than Liu City, which had resisted awhile, the other cities submitted in succession. As of now, the Northern Spiritual Realm is much stronger than before."

Hearing that reply, Mu Chen slightly nodded his head. Heavenly Fusion Stage can already be considered as extremely strong and powerful within the Northern Spiritual Realm. No wonder why my old man's able to form an alliance. Although such an alliance is somewhat of an abusive act, especially with the existence of Liu City, this can be considered as a slightly concealed danger. Nevertheless, thinking about it, my old man's very clear about this. He will be careful about this.

Nevertheless, he should be more vigilant about this and find a time to speak to the Headmaster to see if he could lend some people to secretly head to the Northern Spiritual Realm to protect his old man. He didn't want anything to happen to his father.

"Qing Shan, if you have the chance, help me send some news about me back to the Northern Spiritual Realm," said Mu Chen after pondering awhile. With his current accomplishments, it might incite waves of shock if they were to be circulated within the Northern Spiritual Realm. At that time, not to mention the Northern Spiritual Realm, there wouldn't be that many people in the Northern Heavens Continent that would dare to do anything to his old man.

"Okay, I know," replied Qing Shan as he nodded his head.

Patting Qing Shan's shoulder, Mu Chen deeply exhaled. Raising his head up, he looked towards the azure horizon, before his hands started to slowly clench together.

After arranging all of these matters, it should be about time to participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. That was a day he had anticipated for a very long time.

"Ji Xuan, we should properly settle our grudges and grievances in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, right? I don't know if the current you has made any preparations. The Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road has yet to engulf you. This time, I'm afraid that I'll not give you any more chances to escape."

Chapter 452 – Rules and Regulations

As time passed, under the anticipation of all of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students, the starting date of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had finally reached within two days.

Within the great hall in the central position of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen, Luo Li, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest of the elite students in the top ten ranks of the Heavenly Rankings were gathered here. Within the front of the great hall, Dean Tai Cang, Elder Zhu Tian, Hallmaster Mo You and all of the important higher-ups of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were gathered here. Even Ling Xi had exited her courtyard and had arrived at this place.

Such a line-up could be said to be the grandest scene of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Sitting at the front, a serious expression was present on Dean Tai Cang's face as he looked towards the ten greatest students standing within the great hall that would represent their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Looking at the young men and women standing before him, he slowly said, "Two more days and the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament will start. The Great Spiritual Academy Tournament is extremely important to our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and I think everyone should already know why."

Within the great hall, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Mu Chen and the rest all had serious expressions on their faces as they slowly nodded their heads. This time, if they didn't managed to obtain outstanding results, there's a possibility that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will get stripped of its title as being one of the five Great Spiritual Academies. Such a blow to the name of a Spiritual Academy would be fatal.

"This is also the first time that you all will participate in the Great Spiritual Academy. Therefore, I'll first brief you all about its rules."

Sweeping his gaze across the group, Dean Tai Cang said, "According to the rules of past Great Spiritual Academy Tournaments, you will be split up into groups, with five people in one group. This time, our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will only send the ten of you. Which means that you all will be split into two groups to participate together in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

"The first group will have Shen Cangsheng as the leader, and Li Xuantong, He Yao, Su Xuan and Yang Lin as members."

"The second group will have Mu Chen as the leader, with Luo Li, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang as members."

As both Mu Chen and Shen Cangsheng shot a look at one another, both of them cupped their fists solemnly in reply.

"Although I would very much want to group the best and strongest in one group, we're one of the five Great Spiritual Academies, which means that we have to send out two groups, at the very least. Therefore, there's no choice but for you guys to split up," said Dean Tai Cang with a helpless expression appearing on his face. Their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy could be considered to be the weakest academy of the five Great Spiritual Academies. As of now, they still needed to send out two groups of five, which would result in their strength being further divided.

"Dean, how many groups are there participating in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament? And how many groups did the other four Great Spiritual Academies send out?" asked Mu Chen after pondering for a while.

"The Spiritual Academies participating in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament number in the amount of tens of thousands, with every Spiritual Academy sending one group, at the very least. So how many groups, you say?" replied Dean Tai Cang with a smile.

Hearing that, Mu Chen and the group all sucked in a breath of cold air. If those words were true, there should be tens of thousands of groups participating in the Tournament. Furthermore, these weren’t just the numbers used to fill up the slots, all of them were the elite of every Spiritual Academy, meaning that each and every person would absolutely possess some skill and ability. To distinguish themselves from tens of thousands of groups wasn't a simple task at all.

"As for the other four Great Spiritual Academies," with a helpless smile, Dean Tai Cang continued his reply, "According to what I know, the Saint Spiritual Academy is sending out four groups, with all of them comprised of the most strongest students within their ranks. The leaders of the four groups are all super geniuses that the Saint Spiritual Academy has spent their blood and sweat to nurture and bring up. Also, that Ji Xuan is the leader of one of the groups."

Hearing that, Mu Chen's eyes slightly narrowed; however, he didn't feel that it was anything accidental. Indeed, Ji Xuan was extremely formidable. Even after entering the Saint Spiritual Academy, where the geniuses present there were as numerous as the clouds in the sky, he would absolutely be able to distinguish himself and stand out from the masses.

The base of the Saint Spiritual Academy was actually that strong to be able to send out four groups of elites! Just based on this point could show why their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy couldn't compare with the former.

"At the previous Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, the Saint Spiritual Academy had also sent out four groups. However, their line-up then wasn't as luxurious as this time. From the looks of it, this time, they have set their minds on using this line-up to shock the other Spiritual Academies. After all, the position of Academy Head had been vacant for decades. The Saint Spiritual Academy has been coveting that position for many years, merely that due to the restrain coming from the Martial Spiritual Academy, Myriad Phoenix Academy, as well as the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy, the Saint Spiritual Academy was not once able to obtain what it wanted. However, over the past few years, the prestige and reputation of the Saint Spiritual Academy has grown increasingly stronger. If its able to show an astonishing performance in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament this time, I'm afraid that the position might really end up in their hands…"

Hearing about this news, the eyebrows of Elder Zhu Tian and the rest started to wrinkle and tighten. The so-called "Academy Head" would mean being the head of all of the academies. Although one didn't possess the power to abolish other Spiritual Academies, the weight of the words coming from that position was extremely heavy. In the past, while obtaining their title as one of the five Great Spiritual Academies, their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had offended the Saint Spiritual Academy. If they were to let the Saint Spiritual Academy obtain the position as Academy Head, their title as one of the five Great Spiritual Academies might not be that stable, something that added danger to the already existing ones.

"Other than the Saint Spiritual Academy sending out four groups, the other three Great Spiritual Academies all sent out three groups each, with every group consisting of their best students. This time, it can be said that they have gone all-out."

"Other than the five Great Spiritual Academies, there are still quite a few elite Spiritual Academies out there. Of them, there are some that possess solid strength and background, and aren't weaker than our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Over the last few years, they have been covetly eyeing our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and will definitely do their utmost this time to kick our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy down from the five Great Spiritual Academies and take over that title."

Hearing this, Shen Cangsheng and the rest gave bitter laughs. From the looks of it, the situation their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was in truly wasn't good at all.

"Furthermore, the battlefield for this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament is a remnant piece of a shattered continent." said Dean Tai Cang.

"A shattered continent?"

"In the ancient times, this shattered continent was one of the largest continents within the Great Thousand Worlds. However, due to the great calamity that happened in the ancient times, it had shattered apart, transforming into fragmented continents of various sizes. These fragmented continents are considered to be lands of treasure within the Great Thousand Worlds. That's because they contain vestiges of the ancient past. People who have good luck might be able to obtain some of the ancient treasures or ancient inheritance present within them."

With a smile, Dean Tai Cang continued explaining. "This fragment of the shattered continent was found by the five Great Spiritual Academies. However due to this continent being overly fragmented, added with the possibility of having some ancient seals still remaining there, all of us didn't dare to search in detail with great fanfare. After discussing, we've decided to make this the battlefield of this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Speaking of this, this is a benefit for you guys. If you're able to obtain some inheritance there, it would be extremely beneficial for you guys in your future accomplishments."

As Mu Chen the rest shot a look at each other, everyone could see the sparks of interest appearing within each other's eyes. Indeed, those ancient vestiges and remnants would brew interest in people. At that time, when they enter the battlefield, they should take note of this point.

"However…" Suddenly, Mu Chen thought about something, causing his eyebrows to wrinkle up as he asked, "If that's the case, all of the groups will head towards this fragment of the shattered continent… Won't that lead to a massive massacre?"

In there, other than the group from their academy, everyone else should be considered as enemies. Added with the enticement of those ancient vestiges, this would result in the fights being even more intensified. At that time, which they all took action, the only word that could describe what would happen would be one word: Miserable.

"Indeed, the battles will be extremely cruel and unforgiving," said Dean Tai Cang as he nodded his head. "Tens of thousands of groups. Do you know how many groups have the qualifications to participate in the final fight?"

Mu Chen and the rest shook their heads.

"Eight groups," replied Dean Tai Cang with a faint smile. "Other than the eight groups, every other group will be eliminated."

Shock waves shook through the hearts of Mu Chen and the rest. Of the tens of thousands of groups, there will only be eight groups that will participate in the final fight? This rate of elimination is truly too terrifying, right? For the sake of obtaining the right to be one of that eight groups, exactly what kind of slaughter will take place in the shattered continent to end in that?

The groups that were able to distinguish themselves among the tens of thousands of groups and qualify for the final fight would definitely be the real deal, and would be incomparably fierce and powerful.

"In the previous Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had tried our best and narrowly squeezed into the top eight. However, in the Best of Eight fight, we were defeated in the first round… leading to us getting the bottom-most score," said Dean Tai Cang with a bitter laugh. Being able to obtain such a ranking was due the that bunch of little fellows risking their lives in battle just to obtain the qualifications of the top eight groups, something that didn't lose the face of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Serious expressions appeared on the faces of Mu Chen and the rest. The Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had yet to start, and yet, they were able to smell the cruel and vicious fights and the miserable battles that would occur there.

With a wave of his sleeve, ten glowing shadows shot from Dean Tai Cang towards Mu Chen and the rest, before coming to a stop before them. As they swept their gazes over, they noticed that they were transparent plaques radiating with light. As rays of brilliance blossomed from their surfaces, they radiated with strange fluctuations, with the two words "Academy Plaque" etched on their surfaces.

"This is the Academy Plaque of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Everyone take one. According to the rules, every group will be allocated a basic amount of points. Once a group gets defeated by another, the winner will be able to obtain half of the points from the loser's 'Academy Plaque'. When the points on a group's 'Academy pPlaque' can't be deducted anymore, they will be eliminated, and will lose the qualifications to contend for the final fight."

The eyes of Mu Chen and the rest instantly contracted as they extended their hands and grabbed hold of the Academy Plaques.

"Furthermore, while the points of your Academy Plaques are ranked in the Top 16 in the Tournament, information about your team will be transmitted to everyone's Academy Plaques. Even your location and direction of heading will be indicated, causing you to be the target of everyone there."

In a deep voice, Dean Tai Cang continued talking. "However, being in the Top 16 allows you to possess a benefit. That is the conclusion of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Once more that half of the top 16 groups ignites their Academy Plaques, the elimination will commence. At that instant, the top 8 groups within the rankings will be promoted to the final fight!"

Hearing this, the eyes of Mu Chen and the rest contracted slightly as they thought, The top 16 groups actually have such a huge benefit…

As Dean Tai Cang's voice rang out, the entire great hall sunk into a momentary bout of silence. Clearly, all of them were reeling in the shock of the cruel and vicious atmosphere that was brought by the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

Genius-level figures from various places would come together to stage a heaven-shocking battle.

Dean Tai Cang slowly exhaled, before standing up. Looking towards Mu Chen, Shen Cangsheng and the rest with serious expressions on their faces, he gave a faint smile and said in a soft voice, "These are the rules of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. I've already said everything I need to say. What's next will be up to you guys. Everyone from our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will be paying attention to you guys, and hoping for the arrival of the final fight, where we'll be able to see the group of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

"At that time, our entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will cheer and shout for you!"

"This time, please fight for our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!"

Shooting a look at each other, Mu Chen, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest took a deep breath. Looking towards Dean Tai Cang, they cupped their hands fiercely, before low and deep voices resounded across the entire great hall.

"We'll fight to the death for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!"

Chapter 453 – Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, Begins!

The last two days passed in the blink of an eye.

When the wisp of the morning sun split apart the darkness and illuminated the world, the atmosphere within the enormous Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had instantly turned into a fervert state. Countless students had faces brimming with emotion and excitement, with the entire academy brimming with an upbeat, excited atmosphere. That's because today was the start of the greatest event for the countless Spiritual Academies in the Great Thousand Worlds. Today was the official start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

This was the greatest official competition for all of the Spiritual Academies, and the gathering point for countless geniuses.

Only the people that were able to distinguish themselves here would be the true ones with outstanding talent amongst the countless students out there!

Although the youths participating in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament couldn't represent all of the youths within the Great Thousand Worlds, there's absolutely no doubt towards the quality of the champions that were able to distinguish themselves from all of the youths present there. That's because there was no lack of champions of the past Great Spiritual Academy Tournaments becoming famous Super-level existences within the Great Thousand Worlds.

As the warm sun rose high into the sky, the atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy turned even more scorching hot than the sun beating down a from above. If one swept one's gaze out, black seas of humans had filled the inner regions of the academy, with even the higher levels of the academy having come out in full force. All of their faces had unconcealable excitement as they took in the scene. Everyone present was very clear that this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was extremely important to the future of their Spiritual Academy.

Within a house at the headquarters of the Luo Goddess Association, Mu Chen arranged his robes, one that was a green shade. Pressed against the thin body of the youth, he appeared even more capable and experienced. Present on his chest was the insignia of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, a pine tree standing tall on a mountain peak, bold and upright. Present on the mountain peak was the shadow of a sea dragon, spreading its wings as it seized the heavens and earth in its grasp.

This was the academy uniform of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, it was extremely rare for a situation as solemn and serious as today. Nevertheless, since they were participating in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament as representatives of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they naturally had to appear formal and well-knit.

With his slender physique and handsome face, Mu Chen's pair of black eyes appeared like the starry sky. Dressed in his soft, green robes, the youth appeared especially dashing, more than sufficient to cause the eyes of anyone that saw him to light up, and God-knows how many young girls would have their stirrings of love surface within their hearts.

After looking up and down, before feeling adequately satisfied, Mu Chen opened the door and walked out.

The members of the Luo Goddess Association had long packed the outside of the courtyard. Seeing Mu Chen, who had pushed the doors open, their spirits instantly flared up to a fervert level, as gazes filled with worship and admiration shot over. The majority of the members of the Luo Goddess Association were former Freshmen of the same batch as Mu Chen. Initially, they had followed along Mu Chen and Luo Li when they had created the Luo Goddess Association, allowing for them to receive much less bullying and abuse by the Seniors. As of now, they were able to gain that much fame and prestige within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy all thanks to the bloody battles that Mu Chen had engaged time and time again. Therefore, all of the members of the Luo Goddess Association had worship and admiration stemming from their hearts towards him.

Sending a big smile towards the large bunch of fellows outside, Mu Chen was just about to say something, before the doors of the next room creaked open. In the next moment, as a wisp of sunlight extended into the cracks of the door, a snow-white, slender leg had slowly extended towards the wisps of sunlight.

All of the gazes present instantly turned to look at the young girl that had walked out from the room. For a moment, the frenzied clamoring abruptly turned silent as eyeballs started to gradually grow larger, and a shadow of astonishment even flashed within the eyes of Mu Chen.

It was naturally Luo Li that had walked out from the room. After changing her robes, the clear and cold black skirt that she usually wore was similarly replaced by a green-coloured academy skirt. Being exceedingly figure-hugging, it accentuated the slender and voluptuous curves of the young girl in great detail. Her slender, snow-white neck was as graceful as a swan, while her outstanding chest was accentuated by the blouse to an exceedingly perfect degree. Her little waist that could be grasped with a single arm, her ramrod straight and slender legs…

Her black hair that was usually let down had now been tied into a ponytail. The ponytail was neatly tied up, quietly resting on the slender waist of the young girl.

Gently standing in the wisp of sunlight, the young girl blinked her clear, glass-like beautiful eyes, while a wisp of an arc appeared on her red little mouth, causing the hearts of countless people to skip a beat.

Mu Chen stared unblinkingly at the young girl that had caused no small amount of shock and astonishment in him. At this moment, Luo Li didn't appear as cold and indifferent as before. Her tied up ponytail caused this young girl to display the youth and vitality that she was supposed to have. Such a beautiful scene appeared to have dimmed the sunlight.

"Hey, what are you looking at?" Being stared by countless gazes, Luo Li's beautiful face turned a shade of pink, especially after seeing the unblinking appearance of Mu Chen. Unable to bear it, she bit her lips, before blushingly speaking, while lowering her head to look at her outfit, "Is it ugly?"

"My saliva is dripping out."

Wiping his mouth, Mu Chen walked towards the young girl. Extending his hand, he slightly bowed his body, before speaking with a grin, "My Queen, your knight's waiting for you."

Luo Li's the future Queen of the Luo God Clan. However, in Mu Chen's heart, this girl was also his Queen.

"Such a bold knight like you will be punished in our Luo God Clan," replied Luo Li with a gentle smile. Nevertheless, despite what she was saying, she gently extended her slender little hand, lightly grasping onto the warm hand as an arc appeared on her lips.


Seeing the handsome, tall and straight youth and the absolutely perfect, young girl with a sweet smile, the members of the Luo Goddess Association instantly cheered out, their faces brimming with excitement. The young male and female before their eyes were the pride of their Luo Goddess Association.

"Let's go."

Sending a faint smile towards Luo Li, with a move, Mu Chen and Luo Li transformed into rays of light, shooting off into the distance. Behind them, countless members of the Luo Goddess Association rose into the air, hiding the skies and covering the earth as they followed along.

Within the central-most location of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the skies and the ground were already covered by seas of humans. When Mu Chen and the group arrived, the seas of humans instantly split apart, creating a pathway for the dazzling young male and female to pass through.

Within the sky filled by the sea of humans was an empty patch. Upon the arrival of the two, Mu Chen and Luo could see Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Su Xuan and the others that have arrived earlier and were waiting for them, dressed similarly in academy uniforms. Standing tall and straight, with the ladies and their lovable appearances, the group had now become the most dazzling image within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

The appearance of Mu Chen and Luo Li had induced earth-shattering sounds of cheering. At this moment, they, who were representing the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to fight, were clearly the true heroes in everyone's hearts and minds.

"Sorry for being late."

Said Mu Chen as he sent a smile towards Shen Cangsheng and the others.

Shen Cangsheng and the rest gave a smile in return, before turning their gazes, without prior agreement, towards Luo Li standing beside Mu Chen, which caused their eyes to slightly light up, even causing Su Xuan to feel slightly astonished. At this moment, the young girl truly appeared excessively eye-catching. The future Queen of the Luo God Clan seemed to have made all of her splendor blossom out.

At this moment, Dean Tai Cang, as well as the five Heavenly Seated Elders and other Elders, with even Ling Xi, appeared in the sky. Looking towards the young males and females standing tall and straight in the air, Dean Tai Cang couldn't help having a smile appear on his face. In the next moment, his face gradually turned solemn, while the fervent atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy slowly started to quieten down.

"Students, they are the most outstanding students of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. From today onwards, they will be stepping into a harsh and cruel battlefield to fight for the honor and glory of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. They are doing so to protect the pride of our academy in being one of the five Great Academies. Therefore, they are the heroes of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy."

Dean Tai Cang's powerful voice resounded across the entire region, causing the faces of countless students to turn red, the blood within their bodies surging and boiling as they looked, brimming with emotion at the ten figures standing in the skies.

"Therefore, regardless of victory or defeat, they're our heroes!"

Dean Tai Cang gave a faint smile, before slowly bending his body towards the ten youthful figures standing in the sky. Behind him, faint smiles appeared on the faces of the various Elders as they slightly bent over, giving their blessing towards this group of youths that was going into battle for the sake of the glory and honor of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.


An uniformed sound rang out across the entire region as countless students slowly bent over, their heads lower. The faces of those young and immature faces were filled with passion. Youths were supposed to be filled with hot blood. The scene occuring before them caused them to wish they could do their utmost to train and cultivate, hoping to be able to obtain such distinction one day in the future.

In the air, as they took in the scene before them, hot blood surged and gushed within the hearts of Mu Chen, Shen Cangsheng and the group. Sending a smile towards one another, they slowly bent over towards the countless students before them.

"It's time to group up," said Dean Tai Cang with a faint smile.

With a gentle wave of their hands, figures started to converge behind the backs of Mu Chen and Shen Cangsheng. Standing naturally behind Mu Chen's back was Luo Li, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan, as well as Mu Fengyang; while Li Xuantong, Su Xuan, He Yao and Yang Lin stood behind Shen Cangsheng.

These two groups represented the greatest strength of this current batch of students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

"Prepare the transmission Spiritual Array."

Hearing the roar of Dean Tai Cang, Lin Xi strode forward. With a raise of her hand, a thousand metre wide glowing pillar descended from the sky. Rays of Spiritual Energy light gushed out from within the glowing pillar, while a gigantic transmission Spiritual Array could be faintly discerned as it formed, with boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from within.

After arranging the Spiritual Array, Ling Xi walked towards Mu Chen. Sending a faint smile towards Mu Chen and Luo Li, she softly said, "Be careful."

"Please be at ease, Elder Sister Ling Xi." replied Mu Chen with a smile as he nodded his head.

Ling Xi looked towards the handsome youth before her, That handsome face, those clear and bright eyes, that ramrod straight back. Unknowingly, he had captured God-knows how many affections of young girls. This caused her to shake her head, before speaking out, "The transmission Spiritual Array has already been arranged. Prepare to make your move."

Hearing that, Mu Chen took a deep breath, before fiercely nodding his head.

Shooting a look at Mu Chen, Shen Cangsheng took the lead, walking forward, before he said with a smile, "Mu Chen, we'll take the lead first. Let's meet in the great Tournament! I hope that we'll both be able to enter the final fight!"

"Let's go!"

As he said those words, Shen Cangsheng gave a wave of his hand. A prideful and disdainful look surfaced on his firm and resolute face. Shooting forward, he took the lead, bringing along Li Xuantong and the others of his group as they shot across the horizon. Finally, under the countless emotional and excited gazes, they rushed into the gigantic transmission Spiritual Array. As rays of brilliance gushed out, their figures completely disappeared within it.

"It's time for us to go, too!"

Mu Chen gave a low roar, causing the eyes of Luo Li, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang to contract. The five quickly shot out, rapidly following behind Shen Cangsheng and the other four as they rushed into the transmission Spiritual Array.

At this instant, the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had completely entered a fervent and frenzied state.

Looking at the frenzied Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Dean Tai Cang deeply exhaled. Looking towards the gradually disappearing transmission Spiritual Array, he muttered, "It's up to you guys, now. I hope that we'll be able to see the groups of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy before the start of the final fight…"

Chapter 454 – A Storm Gathers

While Mu Chen, Shen Cangsheng and the others had entered the transmission Spiritual Array, similar scenes like that were occuring in the countless large and small Spiritual Academies out there, with the prestige of the fervent clamoring shocking the heavens and shaking the earth.

Saint Spiritual Academy

Stretches of great halls were majestically standing straight. At this time, within the most central location of this stretch of the city was a holy, white-coloured, vast, public square, while black seas of humans filling its four corners, with clamoring noises coming from them that rushed towards the sky.

The central position of the public square appeared exceedingly empty, with only 20 figures standing in it. Dressed in white robes, the insignia of the Saint Spiritual Academy was emblazoned on their chests. At this moment, they were the most eye-catching existences in this region.

A youth with his hands behind his back stood ramrod straight at the leftmost position of the group. Possessing an extremely handsome face, a gentle, warm smile like the sun was present on it. The smile was calm and easygoing, gentle and refined, with God-knows how many young girls turned absent minded in its presence.

"Haha, Captain Ji Xuan. Looks like you're still brimming with popularity." Behind the youth stood a similarly aged young male, who was grinning as he spoke. "The other three captains might be extremely unhappy. They've been fretting non-stop about you being able to obtain a position similar to them with your status as a Freshman. From what I can see, if not for you, Captain, without haggling and quibbling with them about this, I'm really quite curious as to exactly which of our four most elite figures of our Saint Spiritual Academy is the stronger one." When the youth by the name of Ji Xuan heard about it, he gave a faint smile and replied, "Mu Feng, what the hell are you talking about? We're all representing the Saint Spiritual Academy to participate in battle. At that time, we will have to rely on one another, which means that internal strife is a no-no. Furthermore, they're Seniors, something that I naturally don't possess."

"Captain is magnanimous."

The youth by the name of Mu Feng grinned and gave a big thumbs-up, before smiling while saying, "However, about the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, I've heard that the various great Spiritual Academies have sent their most elite students. Therefore, the batch participating in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament would be the most competitive. Captain, do you have any confidence in winning?"

Shooting a look at him, Ji Xuan gave a laugh, before saying in a soft voice, "You don't have to worry about not being able to show yourselves in the final fight, if you follow me. However, I hope that when that time comes, you'll follow my orders, so as to obtain the most perfect run. If not, for the sake of the overall situation, I might not be able to talk much about friendship with everyone. I hope you can forgive me for this."

Although his voice was soft, it contained an indescribable confidence. This wasn't false bravado, but capabilities that he truly possessed. Although he was one of the four great Holy Sons within the batch of students from the Saint Spiritual Academy, he was the first student within the past few years to obtain the title of a Holy Son with his status as a Freshman.

Holy Son. That represented the greatest accomplishment a student could obtain within the Saint Spiritual Academy. Of the ones that were able to rise to that position, none of them weren't people of outstanding talent.

Upon noticing the smile on Ji Xuan face,an undetectable stiffness appeared on the faces of Mu Feng and the other three group members for an instant, before replying with a smile. Although they were Seniors of the Saint Spiritual Academy, none of them dared to show any bit of arrogance in front of this Freshman, Ji Xuan. That's because all of them were all too clear about the methods of the former.

This was a youth that was one year younger than them and appeared to be cheerful and gentle. Yet, the methods he employed were truly cruel and vicious.

There were only four positions of the Holy Sons of the Saint Spiritual Academy. For one to be able to ascend to that position, one would first have to defeat one of the existing Holy Sons and snatch the title away. That was how Ji Xuan's Holy Son status came to be. During that process, the Holy Son that was replaced by him was disabled during the match for the title of the Holy Son. Furthermore, he had suffered serious injuries, having yet to fully recover, even as of now. The previous Holy Son of the Saint Spiritual Academy had landed in an extremely miserable state now.

"Captain, it seems that you've been searching for information about the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? That's a broken-ass Spiritual Academy that's almost about to get kicked out of the five Great Academies. How can they enter your sight, Captain?" With a smile, Mu Feng changed the topic with a question.

"Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…" Raising his head, Ji Xuan looked towards a certain direction, and replied with a faint smile, "My only opponent's there."

"Oh?" Both Mu Feng and the other three group members instantly gawked.

"According to the information I've received, he's doing especially well in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Haha, truly worthy of the fellow that has defeated me many times in the Spiritual Road…" said Ji Xuan with a gentle smile, yet a sharp and incisive fierceness brimmed within his black pupils.

Noticing this, the faces of Mu Feng and the other group members slightly changed. All of them knew how frightening Ji Xuan could be. After hearing these words, it seemed as if his opponent was actually a Freshman that had entered the Spiritual Road at the same time as the former. Furthermore, that person's actually able to cause a person like Ji Xuan to suffer losses?

"However, it's a pity that the final winner, will still be me…" said Ji Xuan as he shook his head. Looking across the horizon, he crossed his hands behind his back, while saying with a smile, "However, what happened in the Spiritual Road were only little fights and scuffles. It may be assumed that I'll be able to bump into him while in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. I really want to see exactly what level that Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road has progress until now."

"This is truly interesting… however… Mu Chen, I hope that you won't disappoint me too much. If not, it would be too uninteresting…"


As clock-like chimes resounded, the transmission Spiritual Array in the centre of the public square furiously erupted with dazzling rays of brilliance.

At this instant, the eyes of the four groups in the public square instantly narrowed. At the heads of the three groups to Ji Xuan's right, three youths slowly opened their eyes, faint indifference was present within as they looked forward. In the next instant, without speaking so much as a single word, they strode forward, bringing along their group members forward, before stopping right before the transmission Spiritual Array.

Bringing his group forward, Ji Xuan sent a faint smile towards the Captains of the other three groups that have also come to a stop beside the transmission Spiritual Array.

"Ji Xuan, the goal of our Saint Spiritual Academy is to occupy four positions in the Top Eight. I hope that you won't fall behind." Of the three people, the youth with an ordinary-looking face, yet possessing a mouth as sharp and incisive as a knife, sent a smile towards Ji Xuan as he said those words. In the next instant, raising his leg, he walked into the transmission Spiritual Array. As rays of brilliance blossomed, his figure immediately disappeared within.

The other two groups appeared uncommunicative, bringing along chilling auras that were rising from their bodies as they walked into the transmission Spiritual Array.

"It really is too early to talk about who will fall behind."

Looking at the figures that had disappeared within the transmission Spiritual Array, Ji Xuan gave a gentle flick of his sleeves as an amused smile curled up at the corner of his mouth. Bringing along his group members, he walked into the transmission Spiritual Array. As rays of brilliance blossomed, they disappeared within under the countless attentive gazes shooting towards them.

Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy

Compared to the atmosphere within the other Spiritual Academies, the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy was clearly filled with the warbling of orioles and swallows, with the lovable voices of countless girls filling the region, causing even the air to appear somewhat soft and gentle.

On the majestic platform covered with fresh flowers and it surroundings, one could see, with a single gaze, that they were covered with exquisite figures as countless girls crowded around, causing fragrances to blossom in the air. At this moment, the gazes of countless girls were filled with different feverish shades as they looked towards the front-most position on the platform, where a slender figure was present, attracting everyone's attention.

That was an extremely dazzling image of a beautiful girl. Dressed in golden armor, her armor was soft and supple, tightly hugging her lovable body, displaying her exquisite physique without the slightest omission. Her snow-white neck, her voluptuous chest, her slender and willowy waist, as well as the smooth and slender legs below her battle skirt… every aspect of her appeared exceedingly beautiful and perfect.

She still possessed an appearance as if the Spiritual Qi of the world had gathered around her, with her hands as soft as grass, her skin supple and smooth, resulting in a beauty that was unmatched by anything. An arc brimming with confidence and pride slightly curled at the corners of her red little lips, with her eyebrows slightly raised, revealing a sliver of her heroic Spiritual Aura. Her valiant and formidable-looking appearance made her appear like a goddess of war that had descended from the heavens, with everything being controlled within her grasp.

This girl was just like a phoenix, grandiose, prideful, confident and never ever bowing down to any other person.

Such a girl possessed an extremely unique form of charisma, one that was extremely attractive to not only males, but even females alike. In the surroundings of the platform, countless girls cast scorching gazes of varying shades over to her, showing clearly how prominent it was.

Although there were similar outstanding girls standing beside her, compared to the former, they appeared to be fireflies basking under the brilliance of the moon, their rays of brilliance being completely outshone by her.

Under the myriad of attentive gazes cast over, the girl slightly raised her lovable face, while some past memories flashed within her mind. Those were of the terminus of the Spiritual Road, where various kings had contended for the crown. People that were able to reach that stage were basically Genius-level figures that were extremely hard to come by. At the final place of the Spiritual Crown, it wasn't just her alone that was there, with a number of opponents that were extremely hard to deal with, with Ji Xuan being one of them.

At that place, she had originally planned to duel with that Ji Xuan. However, if she did so, she would have lost the best opportunity she had to snatch the Spiritual Crown. However, just when she had slightly hesitated then, a black lovable figure shot past her, obstructing the path of Ji Xuan, before engaging in an extremely intense fight that resulted in both parties being seriously injured.

Her path to obtaining the Spiritual Crown had been swept clean of obstacles.

Finally, snatching away the Spiritual Crown, her beautiful eyes lit up with brightness as she looked towards the black-dressed girl that was mutually injured in her fight with Ji Xuan. That girl possessed an absolutely beautiful appearance, her glass-like eyes being clear to the point of causing people to get intoxicated. Even while she was mutually wounded in her fight with Ji Xuan, her calm and tranquil expression showed not a single sign of change or fluctuation.

This was the first time that Wen Qingxuan had seen a girl of her age that showed a level of appearance that rivaled her own. This made her…extremely happy.

Afterwards, she found out that the girl was named Luo Li, and she had gone to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.


Right before her, the gigantic transmission Spiritual Array abruptly erupted with dazzling rays of brilliance.

The rays of brilliance caused Wen Qingshan to regain her clarity. In the next moment, a sweet smile appeared on her face, one which caused the world to lose its colours in contrast with it. Gently moving her fingers to and fro, disregarding the shrieks and shouts that had hid the skies and covered the earth, she strode into the rays of brilliance. At the same time, she gently clenched her hands, while a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth that looked lovable and full of confidence.

Luo Li, you are mine.

At the same time.

Martial Spiritual Academy…

Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy…

And the other peak Spiritual Academies that possessed extremely powerful strength…

Transmission Spiritual Arrays present there successively erupted in dazzling rays of brilliance, before extremely powerful groups disappeared within the rays of brilliance amidst the countless fervent, cheering voices in their surroundings.

They will appear on the battlefield of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament!

Where talents as numerous as the clouds in the skies would converge, as many great heroes will vie for supremacy and prestige!

The gazes of countess Spiritual Academies would be focused there.

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