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Chapter 440 – Well-Prepared

In the space within the final level of the Lightning Territory, where it was dim and dark all year around, the black sea of lightning flowed down from the heavens as low claps of thunder endlessly reverberated within the entire space.

Within the endless sea of lightning, quietly sat a thin and frail-looking figure. Gigantic bolts of Divine Black Lightning howled endless around him, before violently descending towards his body. Under those frightening attacks, the figure intensely shook, while his skin seemed to turn scorched-black. However, compared the previous time, where he was miserably sent flying back, this was clearly much, much better.

Floating in the sky, the Northern Sea Dragon looked towards the spectacle happening within the sea of lightning, causing him to slightly nod his head. Over the past ten days of being struck by those rampant attacks, it was clear that Mu Chen was gradually adapting to his current situation. Although the pain racking his insides didn’t lessen by much, he was finally able to endure and hold it back.

The Northern Sea Dragon was also able to sense that the skin below each scorched patch on Mu Chen’s body had become slightly stronger than before.

Nevertheless, faced against such tempering by the Divine Black Lightning, he shouldn’t be growing stronger by just this little bit. Every single bolt of Divine Black Lightning contained boundless energies of the Divine Black Lightning, as well as Spiritual Energy. However, not much of them were present on Mu Chen’s body…this clearly didn’t make much sense.

“Is that little fellow purposefully suppressing those energies within his body?”

Faint rays of brilliance flashed within the eyes of the Northern Sea Dragon as an amused expression appeared on his ancient face, before mumbling out, “Truly a fellow with extremely high perception. Is he planning to amass ample preparation before starting a spurting breakthrough?”

According to the calculations of the Northern Sea Dragon, Mu Chen should be slowly gaining strength under the constant tempering from the Divine Black Lightning. However, from the situation in front of his eyes, Mu Chen didn’t choose to undergo this method. He had had absorbed all of those energies into his body and suppressed them together with all his might. When those energies were absorbed as they entered his body, they appeared unassuming. However, if they were condensed together to a certain degree, they would erupt like a ruptured dam, revealing considerably astonishing might.

The cultivation of the Lightning God Physique was considerably difficult, even if one possessed such a natural training ground like this sea of lightning. However, how could raising one’s Diplo Rune Lightning Physique to a Quadra Rune Lightning Physique be anything easy? If one used the conventional method to do so, one wouldn’t be able to reach such a stage even if one were to train for half a year.

It seemed that Mu Chen was also clear about this point. Therefore, he had opted for a different method, which was to prepare before shooting forward.

He suppressed all of those energies within his body like a teapot filled to the brim with boiling water, while tightly pressing the lid down, not letting any water rush out. However, he could only do so for a period of time, since it’s not something that can be done for long. That’s because once those energies were unable to be contained anymore, they would erupt with an extremely frightening rush.

Currently, Mu Chen was accumulating just for that kind of rush. Once it reached that stage, he might be able to rely on it to rush towards the heavens in a single leap.

Such an idea was extremely good, yet it required one to endure even more pain and suffering than usual. At this moment, it should feel like dynamite exploding within Mu Chen’s body. Once he couldn’t control it any longer, he would have to pay a considerably heavy price.

As he continued to see this spectacle, the Northern Sea Dragon gave a helpless smile. This little fellow truly doesn’t let people to stop worrying about him. Looks like I’ll have to start watching him more tightly. If something unexpected happens, he would be able to immediately take action.


Just as the Northern Sea Dragon was smiling from his helplessness, bolts of Divine Black Lightning continued to shoot around within the sea of lightning, covering the earth and hiding the skies as they endless struck down towards the lone figure present there.

The energies within his body started to slowly condense together under the rampant onslaught…

Time quietly elapsed by under this dull and bitter training.

During this period, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had sunk into a peculiar state of peace, with the elite influential figures in the top ten places of the Heavenly Rankings having disappeared due to closed training. After losing those influential figures, the entire spiritual academy appeared to be much quieter than usual.

Naturally, under this peace and tranquility was a tense and taut atmosphere, with quite a few students mustering their strength and undergoing training and cultivation. After all, the Great Spiritual Academy Competition was around the corner. Although they didn’t have the qualifications to participate in it, everyone knew about some details of the current situation of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

The results of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy weren’t good in the past Great Spiritual Academy Tournament a few years ago. Within the five Great Academies, they had taken bottom place. Due to this, there were some elite Spiritual Academies that had been sending covetous gazes at them, attempting to replace them as one of the five Great Academies. Many of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s students wouldn’t remain in the academy for the rest of their lives. After training and cultivating over here, they would leave to either join a stronger place to continue their training and cultivation or to return to their families or clans.

However, even though that was the case, that didn’t prevent them from have feelings for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Although there were innumerable Spiritual Academies present in the Great Thousand World now, not many would allow people to feel a sense of belonging like the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Naturally, this was perhaps due to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy possessing a rather good Dean. Dean Tai Cang’s speech then had clearly moved the hearts of quite a few students.

A Dean that would have your back as long as you returned to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, regardless of whatever happens. In the entirety of the Great Thousand World, this was still considered a rarity.

Therefore, everyone was clear that the elite influential figures at the top ten places within the Heavenly Rankings were undergoing bitter training and cultivation in preparation for the upcoming Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Those ten were prepared to fight for the glory and honor of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, they naturally could not fall behind those figures.

Perhaps due to discovering such an atmosphere within the Spiritual Academy, the higher-ups of the academy had actually sent word out that students who were able to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage would be able to obtain the qualifications to enter the Gates of the Northern Heavens. Once this news circulated around, it instantly caused the quiet Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to flare up as the eyes of countless students who possessed pretty good talents became red. During this time, they continued to patronize the Lightning Territory and the various great convergent Spiritual Arrays, making every second count as they trained and cultivated in an attempt to allow themselves to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage so that they obtained the qualifications to enter the Gates of the Northern Heavens to train and cultivate.

Under this stimulation, everyone managed to obtain pretty good results, since the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was not lacking in talent. There were some Seniors and quite a few students stuck at the Heavenly Transformation Stage that only needed to take one step forward to breakthrough to Heavenly Completion Stage. Therefore, within the short span of two months, among those outstanding students who had stayed stagnant over the past few years, some people had started to break through, causing the training atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to dramatically increase…

While the atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had turned fiery, the last level of the Lightning Territory was still as dim and dark, with peals of thunder continuously resounding out.

Mu Chen quietly sat within the sea of lightning, black lightning arcs crazily danced across the surface of his body as they endlessly drilled into his body through his pores. An indescribably rampant energy was faintly discernible as it radiated from him, causing the lightning liquid in his surroundings to continuously flare and surge.

Anyone present would be able to sense how gigantic the stockpile of energies were in Mu Chen’s body.


Bolts of Divine Black Lightning still continued to howl within the sea of lightning, descending onto Mu Chen’s body, causing the glow of lightning to erupt and blot the skies.

Faint shivers shook through Mu Chen’s body as he crazily absorbed the energy of the Divine Black Lightning and the boundless Spiritual Energy that had intruded into his body. However, despite that, his forehead started to wrinkle up as the explosive feeling he was waiting for still did not arrive…

“It’s still not enough.”

With his hands behind his back, the Northern Sea Dragon looked towards Mu Chen, who was seemingly submerged in the glow of black lightning. At this moment, his forehead too was wrinkled up. Mu Chen had been in there for three whole months, yet the energies he had accumulated within his body had not reached the level required for him to break through in one shot. If he was to trigger their eruption now, both his individual strength and his Lightning God Physique would be promoted. However, it was clear that the promotion level wouldn’t make him satisfied.

After the three months of adaptation within here, Mu Chen was starting to gain some resistance towards the Divine Black Lightning.

“Since its the case, I’ll give you a more powerful one…” A smile surfaced on the ancient face of the Northern Sea Dragon. In the next instant, with a wave of his sleeve, deep roars seemed to ring out from the deepest part of the sea of lightning. As the lightning liquid rippled, a giant black dragon slowly surfaced from within the jet-black sea’s depths.

Brimming with the glow of lightning from its gigantic body, a cold and ancient luster radiated from the surface of the giant dragon’s body.

This giant black dragon was impressively the Lightning Spiritual that was present in the sea of lightning some time ago. However, at this very moment, it was sealed up by the Northern Sea Dragon. Therefore, there was some transformation of its shape due to the Northern Sea Dragon’s intent.

Opening its eyes wide, the Lightning Spirit looked towards Mu Chen present within the sea of lightning. In the next instant, opening its fierce giant maw, a furious roar rang out from it.


All of a sudden, a gigantic glowing pillar of lightning liquid shot out from the giant maw of the Lightning Spirit. Splitting the sea of lightning apart, it violently shot towards Mu Chen’s body.

Chi! Chi!

Mu Chen intensely shuddered as the black lightning light crasily sparkled across his body. Tiny wounds actually started to appeared on the surface of his body, signs that he was unable to endure the pressure of keeping the gigantic energies inside of him.

However, despite that, Mu Chen still didn’t plan on stopping. On the contrary, he continued to crazily absorb the boundless energies contained within the glowing pillar of lightning liquid. Now, if he suppressed the energies even more viciously, the eruption would be even more ferocious!

He had suppressed them for three whole months, and suffered a three whole months of torment and torture. Therefore, he didn’t wish for any little thing to satisfy him.

As he stared at Mu Chen and noticed the blood patterns continuing to extend across his body, the face of the Northern Sea Dragon grew slightly solemn. The appetite of this brat truly isn’t small. However, isn’t he not scared that he’ll get bloated to death like that?

Should I let him continue?

A frown appeared on the face of the Northern Sea Dragon, before he shook his head in helplessness. Leave it be. That brat isn’t hot-headed or impulsive. Since he has such an appetite, he should also know the risks and dangers involved in doing so. Now, I should try my best to assist him.

Thinking till there, the Northern Sea Dragon no longer hesitated anymore. With a flick of his finger, the Lightning Spirit roared once more, causing lightning light containing boundless energies to howl out, instantly enveloping Mu Chen’s body.

Chi. Chi.

Blood patterns rapidly extended out, causing Mu Chen to appear, from a distance, akin to a porcelain-made person that was able to break, a scene that would cause a person’s heart to feel fear and apprehension.


All of a sudden, a faint sound seemed to ring out, causing the eyes of the Northern Sea Dragon to furiously contract.

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