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Chapter 439 – Bitter Cultivation


Frightening peals of thunder resounded within the jet-black sea of lightning as gigantic hundred-metre long bolts of Divine Black Lightning furiously shot over. As the lightning liquid flared up, a gigantic pathway was created within it. Like a fierce giant python, the bolt of Divine Black Lightning furiously struck against the insignificant body of the figure present within the sea of lightning.


Lightning liquid in a hundred-metre radius around the figure was blown away, with the little figure sent flying back thousands of metres. Lightning arcs crazily danced around across his body, while a sweet taste appeared from his throat as a mouthful of blood uncontrollably spurted out, before being transformed into nihility by the lightning liquid.

Clutching his chest, Mu Chen’s face had turned slightly pale, while faint and brief trembles shook throughout his body. Indescribably intense pain racked his insides, with his body appearing as if it wanted to fall apart, while his bones gave off the feeling as if they had been shattered.

This Divine Black Lightning was truly too frightening.

If not for his small attainments in his Lightning God’s Physique, added with him having some slight resistance against the Divine Black Lightning, he might not have lived from that strike.

Mu Chen raised his trembling hand to wipe of the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth. However, before he could complete this action, peals of thunder resounded across the sea of lightning once again as another gigantic bolt of Divine Black Lightning shot over, striking his body at lightning speed.


Yet again, he was sent flying thousands of metres back, the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth growing increasingly thick.

There were too many bolts of Divine Black Lightning within the sea of lightning. They came in succession, with seemingly no stop to them. Such a ferocious attack made people nearly unable to catch their breath.

Mu Chen’s body was continuously sent flying back by the successive attacks. As this continued, a faint black shadow even appeared on his body as his skin had been scorched black. Furthermore, under the scorched skin, blood started to seep out from his pores. Clearly, his insides had been smashed into a pile of mess by the successive strikes from the Divine Black Lightning.

At this moment, Mu Chen could precisely understand exactly how frightening this special training was.

Under the successive strikes from the Divine Black Lightning, Mu Chen could even faintly sense the feeling of meeting with death. This special training should be ranked at the Hell-level…

The spectacle happening now was cruel. However, faced against the successive strikes and spurting mouthfuls and mouthfuls of blood, Mu Chen’s eyes clearly started to slowly turn scarlet, while his breathing became labored. The intense pain racking his body had grown so much that it had turned slightly numb to him. An abnormally happy feeling brought about when the intense pain had reached its extreme limit started to rise, sliver by sliver, within him, causing his reasoning to quietly submerge.

In this world, if one wanted to obtain a more powerful strength, one would need to pay a price unimaginable to normal people. For the past year, Mu Chen’s strength had advanced by leaps and bounds, with normal people only being able to observe his rapid advance. However, no one would have imagined that Mu Chen would have to pay such a price just to possess such rapidly advancing strength.

Time-after-time, he had crossed hands with opponents whose strength surpassed his. Time-after-time, his life had hovered at the gates of death. Due to having experienced time-after-time of fighting with all he had, he was able to walk all the way till now.

All of those bitter difficulties were smashed by him. How could this special training make him, Mu Chen, give up here?

Slivers of blood started to seep out from Mu Chen’s eyes as he wiped away the bloodstains at the corners of his mouth. Looking at the gigantic bolts of Divine Black Lightning shooting over from the far distance, a howl rang out from his throat. On his body, the lightning runes sparkled as he unexpectedly took the initiative and rushed forward. Like a mayfly faced against a giant tree, he violently smashed against the Divine Black Lightning.


A giant bang resounded as a stretch of lightning liquid swept out as Mu Chen’s body was sent flying back once again.

On the outside of the sea of lightning, the Northern Sea Dragon stood with his hands behind his back. Looking at the figure of the youth being sent flying back and spurting blood time-after-time again, not a single trace of emotion was present on his ancient face. Nevertheless, slight fluctuations were present in his eyes. From him entering till now, Mu Chen had already endured 18 bolts of Divine Black Lightning. Even a person who had passed his Fleshly Body Tribulation would be in a considerable miserable state under attacks of such a degree. Despite that, this youth was still preservering on.

His perseverance and tenacity caused even the Northern Sea Dragon to slightly nod his head. Indeed, being able to distinguish himself in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in the past year, this Mu Chen truly has his redeeming qualities.

“What a young lunatic. My special training isn’t for you to lose your tiny life.”

Upon seeing Mu Chen endure five more bolts of Divine Black Lightning, a helpless smile finally appeared on the face of the Northern Sea Dragon. At this time, the former was like an arrow at the end of its flight. If he continued to push himself on like this, something might really happen.

With a move of his body, the Northern Sea Dragon disappeared from the space he was standing on, appearing in the next moment in front of Mu Chen. With a wave of his sleeve, he smashed and dissipated the bolts of Divine Black Lightning that were hurtling over once again. With a smile, he spoke out, “You’re able to endure over twenty bolts of Divine Black Lightning for your first time. That’s not bad. Take out your Lightning God’s Lotus and recuperate your injuries before continuing. This training isn’t something you can accomplish just by concentrating and taking it head-on. You have to continue to become stronger under this tempering. That way, you will be able to endure the successive strikes.”

Hearing that, Mu Chen gave a painful smile. Yet, such a minute action appeared to cause all the muscles in his body to tear, with his blood and flesh appearing to have been lit aflame. Nevertheless, he raised his fingers and summoned the Lightning God’s Lotus, before slumping powerlessly on it, his chest heaving up and down. Clenching his teeth, he endured the intense pain racking within him and sat down. At this moment, his insides had been turned into a pile of mess by the strikes from the Divine Black Lightning, something that he needed to recover as quickly as possible.

Chi. Chi.

Black lightning arcs danced across the surface of Mu Chen’s body as slivers of energy from the Divine Black Lightning continuously drilled into Mu Chen, tempering that broken body of his.

Although the intense pain was still radiating across his entire body, at this moment, Mu Chen could faintly discern that the flesh, bones and blood where the intense pain had radiated across appeared to have turned scorching hot, while a power started to slowly increase. Clearly, the previous bout of crazy attacks did not only bring him intense pain and injuries.

His body was slowly growing more tyrannical under the bout of crazy attacks.

Although the degree of increase was extremely small, Mu Chen believed that if this continued to accumulate, there would be a time when he would have a quantitative change to his body.

The long half-year training had just started now.

Sitting on the Lightning God’s Lotus, Mu Chen opened his eyes approximately half an hour later. The scorched areas on his body peeled off, revealing fair, white skin beneath them. Merely, that white, fair skin wasn’t frail and weak as it contained frightening power within.

Mu Chen cleaned away the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth. Although intense tearing pain still racked his insides, not a single tremble was visible on his face as he forcefully endured all of it.

Shaking and swaying, he stood up from the Lightning God’s Lotus, unexpectedly wanting to have another bout with the Divine Black Lightning.

Looking at him, the Northern Sea Dragon frowned as he spoke out, “You brat, aren’t you pushing yourself too hard? Your mother’s not some simple person. Wouldn’t she help you a bit at the very least? With her help, how would your accomplishments be this little?”

“Although my mum isn’t simple, my dad is,” replied Mu Chen in soft voice as he smiled.

Hearing that, the Northern Sea Dragon blankly stared at Mu Chen, before nodding his head and saying, “So it’s like that. The status of your mum isn’t a good thing for you.”

He seemed to have understood something, since the gaze he sent towards Mu Chen now had an additional sigh within it. With the character of that clan, they might not be able to tolerate this little fellow. That’s why his mother couldn’t stay by his side…

“However, I’ve promised my dad that one day, I’ll bring my mum back.” Mu Chen spoke out in a slow manner.

Nodding his head, the Northern Sea Dragon replied, “As for this, someone as strong as your mother isn’t able to accomplish it. If not, she wouldn’t leave you two.”

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked towards the jet-black sea of lightning, while a smile seemed to appear on his face.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll have to become stronger than my mum! Strong until I can statter the thing that is preventing us from coming together!”

Raising his head, Mu Chen spread his arms out and gave a hearty roar of laughter. In the next instant, with a move of his body, he shot straight out. As his laughter reverberated across the sea of lightning, Spiritual Energy erupted from his body. Instantly, the sea of lightning started to churn as bolts of Divine Black Lightning crazily hurtled towards him once again.

Looking at the tall and frail-looking figure of the youth in the far distance, a faint smile appeared on the face of the Northern Sea Dragon as he thought, This little fellow’s ambition isn’t low. However, that clan wasn’t something that could be easily dealt with. Placed within the entire Great Thousand Worlds, they were considered to be big shot existences. Nevertheless, who would be able to understand the future achievements of the youth before him?

This was a hazy world, with the Spiritual Energy present within being boundless to a seemingly frightening degree. Converging in this world, the Spiritual Energy had formed an extremely terrifying pressure. Therefore, other than the mountains and hills present within this space, any other plants would grow to extremely short heights, yet were all excessively resilient.

The air present here appeared to be a hundred times heavier than what’s in the outside world.

Slow, heavy footsteps rang out from the distance in this quiet, Spiritual Energy filled world. Across the horizon, multiple figures were walking from the distance, pacing themselves as they walked, step-by-step, over from the distance.

It was a group of young men and women. At this time, they were tightly clenching their teeth, their bodies slightly stooped forward. The Spiritual Energy within their bodies was pressed down to a state akin to pools of stagnant water upon their arrival in this space, resulting in extremely slow circulations. Every step they took consumed massive amounts of strength.

The frightening pressure on them caused their bodies to weigh akin to a ton.

“This is the Gate of the Northern Heavens? The hell! I’m almost unable to endure this kind of torture!” A deathly pale shade covered Zhao Qingshan’s face as he staggered and stumbled. Perspiration had already drenched his robes, with the aching pain radiating from his insides, causing him to be extremely tired and exhausted to the point of causing dizziness in his mind.

Although there weren’t any frightening sneak attacks, continuing to walk on like that was sufficient to cause a person to collapse.

Ahead of him, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest were also profusely perspiring, their lips parched and cracked. Upon entering the Gate of the Northern Heavens, they had walked on like this ever since. The quietness in this place made it appear akin to a dead realm. If not for them walking along the same path together, they might truly be unable to hold on any longer.

“Our half-year training has just begun.” Li Xuantong’s hoarse voice rang out, “Do you think it’ll be easy to obtain strength and power? If you can’t persevere, just break the jade slip, and Elder Zhu Tian and Hallmaster Mo You will bring you out.”

Hearing that, Zhao Qingshan gave a bitter laugh before saying, “It isn’t that I can’t persevere, but can’t we take a short break? If we continue on like this, I feel that my body will explode…”

Mu Fengyang and the rest shot a look at each other, before nodding their heads.

Both Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had looked over, with their expressions showing one of slight hesitation.

However, while they were hesitating, a black-robed young girl following behind them had quietly walked passed them. Her jade-like hand holding her longsword, she walked, step-by-step, into the distance. At this moment, sweat had already flowed down her jade-like arm, completely drenching the longsword in her hand.

Seeing the side of the absolutely beautiful face, Li Xuantong could see the young girl clenching her teeth tightly, her gaze just like the stubborn and dedicated gaze she sent out years ago, causing people’s hearts to stir.

“Let’s go.”

With a gentle sigh, he took heavy steps forward, following behind her.

Seeing this, Zhao Qingshan and the rest could only bitterly smile in helplessness. Even a girl could endure and persevere. If they stopped now, they would really lose too much face. Therefore, quietly howling in anguish in their hearts, the group of people continued to slowly tread on under the terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure pressing down on them.

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