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Chapter 438 – Special Training

On the second day after Luo Li and the rest had entered the Gate of the Northern Heavens to train and cultivate, under the guidance of the Northern Sea Dragon, Mu Chen headed to a place that wasn’t foreign, yet made his scalp turn slightly numb. This place was the last level of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Lightning Territory.


The vast and boundless sea of lightning occupied the horizon within this black space. With a single look, one would not be able to see its end. As it churned and surged, gigantic angry dragon-like Divine Black Lightning would roar from the sea of lightning with astonishing claps of thunder that would cause even space to shake and tremble. The might of this region was extremely frightening.

Standing at the last level of the Lightning Territory, Mu Chen raised his head to look at the jet-black sea of lightning before him. Although he had entered it once before, looking at it still caused his heart to palpitate. The pure jet-black colour gave an extremely suppressed feeling to people who saw it, as if anything would be devoured upon entering it.

“Senior Northern Sea, how are we going to train?” Looking at the rivers of lightning descending from the middle of the sea of lightning, Mu Chen couldn’t help smacking his lips, before cautiously speaking out.

The Northern Sea Dragon stroked his bald and hairless head, causing his appearance to look truly comical, appearing not one bit like the great academy protector of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Shooting a glare at Mu Chen, he curled his lip up as he asked, “How’s your training in your Thunder God Physique?”

“Diplo Rune Lightning Physique.” Mu Chen honestly replied.

Hearing that, the eyebrows of the Northern Sea Dragon twitched before nodding his head in indifference while saying, “That’s not bad. However, from now till the end of this period of time, you have to cultivate your Thunder God Physique to Quadra Rune Lightning Physique.”

Hearing that, Mu Chen was instantly startled. Any body refinement Deity Tier Spiritual Art was already difficult to cultivate, with the Thunder God Physique being one of the most outstanding within the lot, which made cultivating it even more difficult. For the sake of obtaining his Diplo Rune Lightning Physique, he had spent god-knows how much blood and effort. Wanting to let it leap to a Quadra Rune lightning Physique, how difficult would that be?

“Next up, you’ll enter there and cultivate for me, and you’re not allowed to come out.” The Northern Sea Dragon pointed towards the jet-black sea of lightning hovering across the space, before speaking with an indifferent tone, “In addition, you’re not allowed to use the Divine Black Lightning Poison to mask your Spiritual Energy fluctuations.”

Mu Chen was immediately startled by those words, while his scalp started to turn numb. Having tested it before, he knew about how terrifying that sea of lightning was. Previously, when he had entered, he had completely relied on the Divine Black Lightning Poison to mask his aura. Only by doing that was he able to stay safe without a hitch. However, now, the Northern Sea Dragon didn’t allow him to mask his aura. Wouldn’t that lead to the rampant attacks from countless Divine Black Lightning upon him entering?

Although his strength had grow quite a bit since then, compared to the frightening Divine Black Lightning, it still wasn’t considered as anything. Furthermore, he could clearly remember that there was still a terrifying Lightning Spirit present within the sea of lightning, a frightening existence that even the Northern Sea Dragon found to be troublesome. What if that thing casually sends an attack at him. At that time, it might already be enough to turn him into ashes.

“There are countless strands of Divine Black Lightning energy within this sea of lightning, and there’s nothing more suitable to temper your Thunder God Physique than that. Furthermore, the Divine Black Lightning also contains energies. As long as you’re able to endure it, it will have great benefits to your cultivation, not being one bit weaker than cultivating in the Gate of the Northern Heavens.”

The Northern Sea Dragon replied lazily, “Naturally, if you’re afraid, we can choose a normal method. However, when the half-year training ends, when Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest come out, they would toss you very far behind.”

Spurred by those words, Mu Chen laughed as he shook his head. Not planning to saying anything more, he nodded his head and replied, “Let’s start, then.”

“That’s the way,” replied the Northern Sea Dragon, nodding his head. “Don’t be concerned about that Lightning Spirit. I’ve already sealed it up. It’s up to you to toss around in the lightning sea, so long as you can endure it.

After muttering for a moment, the Northern Sea Dragon gave a clench of his withered hand, causing a black lightning light to condense within his palm. In the next instant, it transformed into a black jade slip sparkling with lightning light. With a flick, he sent it flying towards Mu Chen, which the latter hastily catching it. Looking over at it in doubt, he saw three ancient words condensed from the lightning present on the surface of the black slip.

Lightning Controlling Technique.

“Lightning Controlling Technique?”

Mu Chen blankly stared at it as he asked in doubt, “Is this an offensive Deity Tier Spiritual Art?”

“Deity Tier Spiritual Art?” Hearing that, the Northern Sea Dragon gave a sneer as he replied, “Dumb brat. This isn’t any Deity Tier Spiritual Art, but a Divine Technique!”

“Divine Technique?”

Hearing that, a shock instantly shook through Mu Chen’s mind. Within the heavens and earth, there were myriads of unpredictable things, with Deity Tier Spiritual Arts being one of them. As for the so-called ‘Divine Techniques’, they were incomparably mysterious and profound. It’s said that there were various kinds mysterious energies in the heavens and earth. Once they were shaped and activated, they would erupt with extremely terrifying power. Those familiar skills that were able to do this were known as Divine Techniques.

However, Divine Techniques had extremely harsh conditions for cultivating in them, Furthermore, their memonics were extremely rare. They were things the would have considerable value, even in the eye of Sovereign realm experts. In the past, Mu Chen had only vaguely heard about them. However, he had yet to see any Divine Techniques first hand, with no such thing even being displayed in the Spiritual Values Hall. However, the thing before his eyes that was given to him by the Northern Sea Dragon was unexpected a Divine Technique!

“Generally speaking, Divine Techniques are things that only Sovereign realm experts are qualified to get their fingers on. However, this “Lightning Controlling Technique” has some origin with the Thunder God Physique you’re cultivating. As long as you can sense the true meaning of lightning and thunder, you’ll be able to successfully cultivate it. When you’re against an enemy, with a thought, you will be able to attract lightning and thunder of extraordinary might.” The Northern Sea Dragon slowly replied.

“Attract lightning and thunder?” Mu Chen’s eyes were brimming with shock and admiration. This was a Divine Technique? It truly was formidable. There were some special Deity Tier Spiritual Arts that were also able to form lightning and thunder to attack one’s enemies. However, Mu Chen knew that those kinds of lightning and thunder weren’t pure, with most of them being formed from condensed Spiritual Energy. They weren’t the pure lightning and thunder of the heavens and earth.

However, the so-called “Lightning Controlling Technique” was able to achieve this. From this point, this Divine Technique truly was much more mysterious and profound than the Deity Tier Spiritual Arts.

“It’s extremely difficult to cultivate this Divine Technique. It’s best that you properly comprehend it when you’re cultivating within the sea of lightning,” said the Northern Sea Dragon as he stuffed his hands into his sleeves, his lazy appearance showing not one sign of wanting to give a detailed explanation to Mu Chen.

Seeing this, Mu Chen could only nod his head in helplessness while he stored the “Lightning Controlling Technique”. Raising his head up to look at the jet-black sea of lightning, he took a deep breath as his gaze started to slowly turn cold. Since he had decided to come here to accept the special training, he would naturally not retreat or back down. Wanting to obtain greater power would require a corresponding investment. Power that came with no effort wasn’t something that Mu Chen liked, since that wasn’t reliable.

“If you’re truly unable to endure it within the sea of lightning, just take out the Lightning God’s Lotus. It’ll protect you.” The Northern Sea Dragon slowly said.


Gently nodding his head, Mu Chen stomped his feet, shooting across the horizon like a peng. Boundless Spiritual Energy circulated and protected his body, with lightning light sparkling across his body. Clearly, even his Thunder God Physique had been activated. The sea of lightning before him was a place where death would occur nine out of ten times. Therefore, he could not help being careful and vigilant.


Countless black lightning howled about within the edges of the sea of lightning, appearing as if they had detected Mu Chen’s approach. Instantly, claps of thunder resounded, with bolts of lightning covering the earth and hiding the skies before striking the latter’s body.

Chi! Chi!

Lightning arcs exploded across Mu Chen’s body as the robes he was wearing instantly turned into ashes. Intense pain started to radiate across his entire body. Nevertheless, not a change happened to his expression; after all, he could be considered to have some few attainments in his Thunder God Physique, He was completely able to endure the Divine Black Lightning at the fringes.

Nevertheless, Mu Chen didn’t have contempt or disdain for those bolts due to this, since he knew that the truly terrifying Divine Black Lightning was hidden within the sea of lightning. Compared to those, the Divine Black Lightning on the outside was not worth even a look.


Mu Chen headed forward at an extremely fast speed, nearing the jet-black sea of lightning in the blink of an eye. Looking towards the heart-palpitating darkness present before him, Mu Chen deeply exhaled, before stomping the air. With a plop, his body rushed straight into the sea of lightning.


Upon rushing in, Mu Chen could immediately feel the rampant lightning energies crazily gushing over. During the previous time he was here, he had relied on the Divine Black Lightning Poison to mask himself up, which caused the sea of lightning to not treat him as anything. However, after rushing in without any cover, he finally knew what extraordinary power this sea of lightning was hiding.

Boundless Spiritual Energy endlessly gushed out from Mu Chen’s body, resisting against the corrosion of the lightning energies. After entering more than a thousand metres deep, he started to slow his speed down. Taking a seat, two lightning runes sparkled on his chest, while black lightning arcs jumped across the surface of his body.

Boundless Spiritual Energy flared and rose up around his body, forcing the black lightning liquid away from him, creating a metre wide space in his surroundings.

Sitting in there, he was able to see bolts of Divine Black Lightning appearing akin to giant dragons wriggling and squirming about within the jet-black depths of the sea of lightning, each of them discharging with frightening power.

“Time to start.”

Mu Chen muttered, while a fierce shadow rushed forth within his black pupils. Now, everyone was making preparations for the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament half a year from now. Although he didn’t enter the Gate of the Northern Heavens, he knew that training and cultivating within there would have considerable danger. Since everyone was risking their lives to train and cultivate, he should also put in effort here.

This half a year was where changes would be extremely huge. For the sake of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, the various Great Spiritual Academies would use various kinds of methods to increase the strength of their elite students. Half a year from now, everyone’s strength would have improved by leaps and bounds. If he was still feeling immeasurably self-satisfied by defeating Mo Xingtian, he might turn all of the hope the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had for him into froth and shadows.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen stared at those giant dragon-like bolts of Divine Black Lightning. In the next instant, a deep roar abruptly rang from his throat.

“Come! Let me see how frightening you all are!”


Boundless and imposing Spiritual Energy explosively erupted from his body!


When his Spiritual Energy erupted, it had completely set off the sea of lightning. Rumbling sounds erupted from the giant bolts of Divine Black Lightning as they split apart the sea of lightning, before starting to furiously rumble towards this foreigner present here.

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