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Chapter 437 – Gate of the Northern Heavens

“Special training?”

Mu Chen stared in shock towards the Northern Sea Dragon. Spotting the arc of the latter’s mouth showing the shadow of a smile, a faint chill shook through his heart, while a reassuring feeling rose within him. Nevertheless, with a dry laugh, he replied, “That isn’t too good. Doesn’t our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy pay particular attention on being equal in treatment? If you give me preferential treatment, won’t it be too inappropriate?”

Hearing that, the Northern Sea Dragon rolled his eyes before snappily replying, “That’s because your strength is considered the weakest amongst your group. Due to the Eighth Ranked Convergent Spiritual Array outside of the Gate of the Northern Heavens, you’ll gain a pretty good result in your training and cultivation if you enter there. However, it’s hard for you to push yourself to the maximum degree. Therefore, enough of this convenience and acting obedient. If not for your outstanding performance on the Divine Spiritual Mountain, I’d be too snappily care about you.”

Hearing those words, everyone gave a smile. Patting Mu Chen’s shoulder, Shen Cangsheng spoke out, “Since Northern Sea Great Sir sees that much in you, you should obediently undergo the special training, Mu Chen. However, after coming out of the Gate of the Northern Heavens half a year from now, if you trail behind us by too much, don’t blame everyone for finding you to compare notes. I believe that they should have great anticipation in wanting to sending you flying with a kick.”

At this moment, Li Xuantong, He Yao, Zhao Qingshan and the rest had already cast their gazes over, with slight anticipation brimming within their eyes. This made Mu Chen tug at the corners of his mouth. From the looks of it, his progress this year had been too fast, causing these fellows to remember it in their hearts

On the other hand, Su Xuan covered her smile with her hand, a smile that was soul-stirring.

Giving a bitter laugh, Mu chen shook his head, ignoring them. Looking towards Luo Li, who was by his side, he spoke out with reluctance, “That means to say that I’ll not be able to see you for half a year?”

Luo Li’s lovable face immediately turned pinkish in embarrassment, with her gaze turning soft due to Mu Chen’s fond reluctance to leave. Holding his hand, she softly replied, “It’s nothing. It’s best that you properly train and cultivate for the next half a year. With me not around, you’ll not get distracted. However, you cannot slack off. If not, you’ll truly be tossed behind by us.”

Hearing her reply, Mu Chen could only laugh in helplessness, though he truly felt some slight pressure. The Gate of the Northern Heavens seemed to be extremely beneficial towards training and cultivation.

“Okay, everyone should go back first to properly prepare to enter the Gate of the Northern Heavens tomorrow. Once you guys enter, the next time you will come out will be half a year from now,” said Dean Tai Cang after waving his hand.


Hearing that, everyone gave an immediate reply, before turning around and leaving.

Seeing the young men and women leaving from the hall, Dean Tai Cang exhaled in relief, before speaking out while sighing, “From the information we’ve gotten, amongst the five Great Academies, I’m afraid that the elite students of our academy is still at the last of the five. Next up, lets see what kind of improvement and progress these young fellows can achieve in the next half a year.”

“Northern Sea, are you certain that you don’t want Mu Chen to enter the Gate of the Northern Heavens?”

Nodding his head, the Northern Sea Dragon replied, “Although the Gate of the Northern Heavens contains vast and strong Spiritual Energy, it isn’t especially suited for Mu Chen. I’ll use the next half a year to let him undergo special training. It should be able to let him become stronger by a substantial margin.”

“Then, I’ll have to trouble you for this.”

With the confirmation from the Northern Sea Dragon, Dean Tai Cang could feel at ease. For the next half a year, the elite students of the various Great Spiritual Academies would advance by leaps and bounds in their strength. This was an extremely special period of time. In fact, it would also change the internal elite student rankings in the various Great Spiritual Academies. Any academy that didn’t follow this trend might be tossed far, far away by the rest.

He did not hope for Mu Chen to be dropped out from the team just like that.

The next day.

Before the giant hall, Dean Tai Cang looked towards Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Luo Li and the rest who had all arrived. Nodding his head, with a wave of his hand, he shot straight towards the deepest part of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Although Mu Chen wasn’t going to enter the Gate of the Northern Heavens to train and cultivate, he had also followed along. One reason was to send Luo Li off, with the second reason due to him being rather interested in the Gate of the Northern Heavens.

The group of people rapidly shot over the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, entering the heavily guarded, deepest depths within a dozen minutes. Present before them was a stretch of verdant mountains and forests. However, the entire region was enveloped with dense Spiritual Fog. The Spiritual Aura present in this region was thick and strong to the point of being inconceivable. The fog had even condensed to form Spiritual Liquid droplets, fluttering within the region, while radiating with magnificent splendor.

When the Spiritual Fog of the region had grown to its extreme limit, Dean Tai Cang waved his hands, signalling for everyone to stop. With a wave of his sleeve, a spatial fluctuation rippled out, causing gales to whirl up across the region. In the next instant, the space before him unexpectedly started to rapidly warp and distort, with rays of brilliance radiating out from it. Faintly, one could discern a gigantic glowing array, approximately ten thousand metres large, taking form within the space.

Space continued to warp and distort within the gigantic glowing array. Within the glowing array was an independent space, with vast and ocean-like Spiritual Energy present within it, gushing out wave after wave. All of the Spiritual Aura present within the entire region of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy originated from here, supporting the students in their training and cultivation.

This was the origin of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“What a frightening Eighth Rank Convergent Spiritual Array.”

Seeing this sight before him. Mu Chen gave a sigh in admiration. This Convergent Spiritual Array already had its own independent space. A Spiritual Array of this degree would absolutely require people whose attainments in Spiritual Arrays had reached Grandmaster realm to be able to arrange it! With a changing of hand seals, rays of brilliance converged before the Eighth Ranked Spiritual Array. In the next instant, one could faintly discern a giant bronze door approximately a hundred metres tall appearing within. The giant door was shut tight, with its surface being covered to the brim in mysterious runic patterns that appeared to be some kind of seal that completely isolated the vast and boundless Spiritual Energy before leaving this independent space.

“That’s the Gate of the Northern Heavens?” asked Shen Cangsheng and the others as they cast their scorching gazes towards the giant bronze door, eager to hop in and try it out.

With a flick of his finger, a ray of light shot out from Dean Tai Cang towards the giant bronze door. As it struck, the mysterious runic patterns on its surface started to glow bright, with rays of light extending out, covering the entire giant door.


When those runic patterns completely lit up, a heavy sound finally rang out from the tightly shut giant bronze door as it slowly started to creep open.

Rays of brilliance rushed towards the sky.

Following its opening, vast, majestic Spiritual Aura covered the earth and hid the skies as it swept out. This Spiritual Aura was too vast and boundless, causing it to actually transform into a tornado, wreaking havoc as it crazily spun around. As the Spiritual Aura perfused out, it blanketed the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy at extremely rapid speeds, instantly causing a tremble that shook the minds of countless students. The Spiritual Aura present in the sky was numerous times more vast and stronger then usual.

“Hallmaster Mo You and Elder Zhu Tian will accompany you guys into the Gate of the Northern Heavens. If anything happens, they bring you all out immediately,” said Dean Tai Cang with a stern gaze. “Within the Gate of the Northern Heavens, the Spiritual Energy present there is overly vast and boundless. Just some slight commotion will be enough to cause a major upheaval of the environment. Therefore, you guys definitely have to be careful and vigilant.”


Shen Cangsheng and the rest immediately respectfully replied.

“If you’re prepared, head inside,” said Dean Tai Cang after nodding his head.

“Let’s go!”

Taking the lead, Shen Cangsheng shot over, heading towards the Gate of the Northern Heavens. Behind him, after taking a deep breath, Li Xuantong, Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest immediately followed suit.

Being the last, Luo Li looked towards Mu Chen standing beside her. With a faint smile, she said, “It’s time for me to go in. In the next half-year, you have to properly train and cultivate under Senior Northern Sea.”

Looking towards the young girl before him, great reluctance was still present in his heart. For the next half-year, he would not be able to see her. This was somewhat unbearable for him. However, the only thing he could do was to extend his arm and hug the little waist of the young girl, before giving a gentle kiss on her glistening forehead. “Be careful.”

A pinkish shade appeared on Luo Li’s lovable face, before she gave a nod. Pushing against Mu Chen’s chest, she turned around, transforming into a graceful swan as she shot into the gigantic bronze door, her figure disappearing within in a blink of an eye.

Behind her, Hallmaster Mo You and Elder Zhu Tian followed suit and entered the giant bronze door. As everyone had completely disappeared within the Gate of the Northern Heavens, the giant bronze door started to slowly close, isolating that vast and endlessly terrifying Spiritual Energy into the independent space.

“Do you have some beef with that Saint Spiritual Academy’s Ji Xuan?” Standing beside Mu Chen, a faint smile appeared on the face of the Northern Sea Dragon as he asked the former.

Slightly nodding his head, Mu Chen replied in a soft voice, “A death grudge.”

“Then, I’ll have to tell you this. That Ji Xuan isn’t that easy to deal with. His performance in the Saint Spiritual Academy is not one bit inferior to you. Although you have defeated Mo Xingtian in the Divine Spiritual Mountain this time, according to the information we’ve received, two months ago, Ji Xuan left for an outbound mission and decimated an entire Sect by himself. Furthermore, there were three people in the Sect who had passed the First Little Disaster of the Three Sovereign Disasters,” said the Northern Sea Dragon.

Hearing that, Mu Chen’s eyes slightly contracted as he thought, He destroyed a Sect possessing three experts that had passed their Human Body Disaster? That kind of difficulty had even surpassed the difficulty of killing Mo Xingtian. Truly, Ji Xuan’s a formidable opponent.

“The Saint Spiritual Academy has a Stand Spiritual Heaven, something that’s similar to our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Gate of the Northern Heavens. It’s also a secret training ground for them. As of now, Ji Xuan has already entered it. Half a year from now, his strength would be even more formidable. At that time, if you only possess the strength you have now, it’s best that you don’t participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, since you will completely be unable to match up to him.”

Hearing this, Mu Chen gave a faint laugh. Turning his head towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he replied in a soft voice, “Senior Northern Sea. There’s no need for you to say those words to stimulate me. During this half a year, I will accept whatever special training you throw at me. As long as you can bring it out, don’t worry about me not being able to endure it. Regardless of how formidable a Ji Xuan is, I will deal with him in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.”

The eyes of the Northern Sea Dragon faintly narrowed, while a smile surfaced on his withered face

“Good brat, nice guts!”

A smile also surfaced on Mu Chen’s face as he raised his head. Looking towards the horizon, a chilling glint started to condense within his eyes.

Ji Xuan, let’s have a good fight this time.

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