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Chapter 436 – Newcomers of the Four Great Academy

“Ji Xuan.”

After hearing that name, Mu Chen’s face displayed an emotionless expression, yet his eyes were brimming with an ice-cold shadow. He was not one bit unfamiliar towards that name. His banishment from the Spiritual Roads had all started from that fellow.

Naturally, even Mu Chen had to admit that this opponent truly was a rarely seen genius. Not only was he talented in cultivation, he possessed a mind and temperament that far exceeded anyone of his age. Even in the Spiritual Road where geniuses were as numerous as the clouds in the sky, that fellow was able to appear exceedingly dazzling.

Within the Spiritual Road, Mu Chen had met god knows how many experts. Yet, none of them could be remembered as fresh as the conflict he had against that Ji Xuan. In their conflict, both parties managed to score some victories and suffered some losses. However, their final fight ended with Mu Chen being banished from the Spiritual Road. From a certain perspective, Mu Chen might have been placed in a slightly disadvantageous position after this. Naturally, when that fight had happened, Mu Chen was able to surmise what was going to happen to him; however, he had still went through for no special reason but due to the fact that the girl he liked was getting bullied. Being a man, he naturally wouldn’t maintain that peace.

Therefore, he had used a bloodbath that shocked the Spiritual Path to bid farewell to his Spiritual Energy cultivation.

As for whether he should or should not leave the Spiritual Road, Mu Chen didn’t care about this matter. However, he had a heart filled with a need to kill towards Ji Xuan who had set him up!

Within the giant hall, everyone present had turned to look at Mu Chen. Although there’s no fluctuation present on the latter’s face, anyone would be able to sense the killing intent radiating from his body the moment he had heard that name. This caused some shock and astonishment to rise within them. Could it be that he has some kind of beef with that Saint Spiritual Academy’s Ji Xian?

Extending her jade-like hand, Luo Li gave Mu Chen’s hand a gentle grasp. The lovable and refreshing sensation caused Mu Chen to slowly calm back down. Sending an apologetic smile towards everyone, his expression started to gradually recover to a normal one.

Nevertheless, the ice-cold shadow within the depths of his eyes did not dissipate away.

Ji Xuan, our bouts during the Spiritual Road doesn’t mean anything. Since we’re able to meet in the Grand Spiritual Academy Tournament, let’s have another go at it! However, this time, I’ll not give you any chances to live again!

Since you wanna play, I’ll play with you to the very end!

Dean Tai Cang spoke out after shooting a look at Mu Chen. “That Ji Xuan is the special recruit personally invited by the Dean of the Saint Spiritual Academy. For the past year, the Saint Spiritual Academy has used numerous resources to aid in his nurturing. As a result, with only a year’s worth of time, that Ji Xuan was able leap over his status as a Freshman to become one of the most elite students of the Saint Spiritual Academy. As for those veteran experts among the students, all of them were completely stepped on by him.”

Nodding his head, Mu Chen asked, “What about the other three Great Spiritual Academies?”

“The Freshman from the Martial Spiritual Academy’s called Wu Ling. This person had also participated in the Spiritual road. Furthermore, his grandfather is the Dean of the Martial Spiritual Academy.”

“Wu Ling?”

A faint sliver of shock flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes as he was familiar with the name that had just been mentioned. While within the Spiritual Road, he had also met a youth by the name of Wu Ling. This youth was an expert in various kinds of fighting and killing techniques, and was cruel and merciless. He would frequently do stuff like killing ferocious beasts with his bare hands. Although he would get covered in wounds as a result, he rather enjoyed the pleasure of hand-to-hand combat.

Mu Chen had crossed hands with him once during the Spiritual Road. Although there weren’t any deep grudges between them, both of them had suffered some losses before mutually retreating back. After making contact for two-three more times, although they couldn’t be considered as friends, it could be counted as a bit of a friendly relationship. Mu Chen didn’t doubt the talent of Wu Jing, as the latter could be considered as extraordinary even within the Spiritual Road, where experts were as numerous as the clouds in the sky. However, Mu Chen never imagined that the latter’s grandfather would actually be the Dean of the Martial Spiritual Academy. While possessing such a background, he had actually dared to step into such a cruel and merciless ground like the Spiritual Road to train and temper himself. Such a character and temperament definitely wasn’t weak.

“The name of the Freshman from the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy is Liu Qingyun. Although he didn’t participate in the Spiritual Road, he isn’t any bit inferior to those geniuses that had participated. That’s because he comes from the Wind Spirit Clan of the Great Thousand Worlds. It’s said that he possesses quite a high status within his clan, and is extremely strong. It’s also said that on the day when he had entered the academy, he had successfully defeated numerous Seniors that were ranked amongst the top in the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy. The rate of his growth isn’t one bit inferior to Mu Chen, too,” said Dean Tai Cang as he shook his head with helplessness.

Hearing that, a faint wrinkle appeared on Mu Chen’s forehead. From the looks of it, this Liu Qingyun’s clearly a young genius that the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy was lent from the Wind Spirit Clan. For the sake of obtaining results, those fellows truly would not stop at anything…

“What about the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy?” asked Sheng Cangsheng. Of the five Great Academies, the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy was extremely unique, since this Spiritual Academy only accepted female students, and was considered unconventional amongst the numerous Spiritual Academies. However, no one dared to look down on them, since none the ladies that came out from there were easy to deal with.

“The Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy? Haha! That Freshman had also participated in the Spiritual Road. Furthermore, it’s said that she’s considered the most famous person that has come out from there. At the final point of the Spiritual Road, which was the King of the Hill, the championship was snatched up by that Little Miss from all the numerous other geniuses. Even Ji Xuan had not managed to obtain it. Naturally, that’s because Ji Xuan was seriously injured by Luo Li, which resulted in him losing that qualifications to participate,” replied Dean Tai Cang as he shot a look towards Luo Li, who was standing beside Mu Chen, with a smile surfacing on her face.

Hearing this, Sheng Cangsheng and the rest looked towards Luo Li in astonishment. Clearly, none of them had imagined that there was such a matter between Luo Li and Ji Xuan.

Giving a faint smile, Luo Li spoke out, “She should be called Wen Qingxuan, right? She’s an extremely beautiful girl. Furthermore, her skills are extremely formidable. Due to my target being Ji Xuan, I’d never crossed hands with her before.”

“Wen Qingxuan…” This was not the first time that Mu Chen had heard of this name. However, due to him leaving the Spiritual Road midway, he had similarly not seen this girl who had stolen the championship and becoming the most dazzling figure in the Spiritual Road. Mu Chen was clearly somewhat curious about her, since he was extremely clear of how difficult it was to deal with those fellows from the Spiritual Road. Anyone that was able contend for the championship would not be easy to deal with. Since this Wen Qingxuan was able to distinguish herself amongst them, she definitely seemed like someone extremely formidable.

These few opponents truly weren’t simple.

“As of now, that Wen Qingxuan’s considered as one of the most famous students in the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy, and is rather formidable.”

Dean Tai Cang gave a sigh of admiration before continuing to speak, “These four people can be considered to be the most tyrannical characters to come out from the other four Great Academies over the past year, with all of them being extremely dazzling. However, its fortunate that our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had Mu Chen popping out this year. If not, we really wouldn’t be able to match up to them.”

“Compared to Mu Chen, who is more formidable?” asked Sheng Cangsheng with a smile.

“If we’re talking about genuine strength, Mu Chen’s clearly the weakest,” replied Dean Tai Cang with a smile, before continuing, “Naturally, Mu Chen’s strength can’t be judged on the surface. Therefore, in a real exchange, it’s really hard to say. Furthermore, the last half a year remaining is where the changes would be the greatest. The other four Great Spiritual Academies will all open their secret training grounds. After half a year, the strength of their elite students would definitely skyrocket to a level that absolutely can’t be matched by their strength now. At that time, who’s stronger and who’s weaker would be seen through the improvement after this half-year.”

Hearing his explaination, Shen Cangsheng and the rest could not help secretly sighing. The other four Great Academies truly were extremely formidable. All of them had originally assumed that Mu Chen was already extremely abnormal. Who would have thought that there would actually be existences no weaker than him in the other four Great Spiritual Academies. Furthermore, those fellows were all Freshmen too. It seemed that this batch of Freshmen were clearly extremely ferocious. Indeed, that Spiritual Road was an extraordinary place.

“These four people are just the most prominent Freshmen of the four Great Academies. Other than them, the other veteran elite students are also extremely formidable. Naturally, other than the four Great Academies, there are other elite Spiritual Academies with backgrounds not inferior to our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, I’m afraid that it’s not easy for us to want to obtain a satisfactory result,” said Dean Tai Cang with a sigh.

“Dean, since that’s the case, just open the Door of the Northern Heavens earlier. For the past few days, all of us have become totally restless about it,” said Shen Cangsheng with a smile, scorching flames jumping within his eyes. Mu Chen killing Mo Xingtian days ago was a rather huge shock to him, and he was able to sense that Mu Chen was rapidly surpassing him. Being the Overlord on the Heavenly Rankings, he didn’t like the feeling of being tossed behind. Therefore, he could no longer wait to enter the Door of the Northern Heavens. Regardless of the dangers present while training and cultivating in there, he would definitely endure through them!

At this moment, Li Xuantong and the rest had also cast their gazes towards Dean Tai Cang, their eyes brimming with the will to challenge. The final half-year would be the period of when the strengths of the elite students from the various Great Academies would drastically increase. None of them were willing to toss away such a chance to get strong, before losing face in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament!

Looking towards the group of students present before him, a gratified smile appeared on Dean Tai Cang’s face. Nodding his head, he replied, “Okay. We’ve already made the appropriate preparations. From tomorrow onwards, we’ll officially open the Door of the Northern Heavens!”

Hearing his announcement, everyone instantly become nervous and excited.

Hearing this, Mu Chen started to purse his lips. He was clearly also extremely curious about this so-called ‘Door of the Northern Heavens’. At this very moment, his strength was too low. Although he had killed Mo Xingtian, he had paid a rather miserable price in doing so. He could not always end up hurting himself so badly just to cause damage to such an opponent, were he to meet with one in the future. Therefore, in the end, it’s one’s true strength that’s the most important. After all, those opponents of his were all truly not easy to deal with. He wasn’t the only one that possessed hidden cards. From the looks of it, the disparity of his body’s strength would be magnified.

Therefore, he also needed to increase his strength greatly, before the start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament half a year from now.

“The Door of the Northern Heavens will be temporarily open for the top ten places on the Heavenly Rankings.”

All of a sudden, the Northern Sea Dragon opened his mouth. Sweeping his gaze out, his eyes landed on Mu Chen’s body, before continuing to speak. “Mu Chen, don’t go into the Door of the Northern Heavens this time.”

Hearing those words, everyone present was shocked, with even a blank expression appearing on Mu Chen’s face as he looked towards the Northern Sea Dragon in dumbfounded shock.

Splitting his mouth open to give a smile, the smile on the face of the Northern Sea Dragon caused a shiver to abruptly shake Mu Chen’s heart.

“For the next half a year, I’ll be in charge of your special training.”

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