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Chapter 431 – Coming to an End

The vast and boundless fluctuations radiating across the region gradually dissipated away. A heavy curtain had fallen on the various large battles taking place in this region all thanks to the appearance of Aunt Jing. Terror was present on the faces of the various big shots of the Northern Heavens Continent as their gazes towards Aunt Jing were filled with dread. An expert of her level had absolutely no enemies in the entirety of their Northern Heavens Continent.

Now, all of them were clear that following the fleeing of the Black Dragon Sovereign and his associates, the confrontation between the Demonic Dragon Palace and the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had come to an end. For the Demonic Dragon Palace, this end was truly too miserable, with their Sovereign realm experts suffering massive losses. Perhaps, in the future, the Demonic Dragon Palace would no longer have the qualifications to contend against the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for supremacy.

Truthfully speaking, there were quite a few big shots who had secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Although the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was a leviathan that towered over the other peak influences, they didn't exhibit too much ambition and lust for power over the past years. Compared to the Demonic Dragon Palace, this was much, much better. If not for the all-rounded preparations of the Demonic Dragon Palace, unexpectedly inviting such a big figure like the Immeasurable Old Ancestor, there would definitely be some big shots taking action at the last possible moment to help the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy regain a hold of this situation.

However, there was totally no need to take action now. With Aunt Jing's appearance, she had instantly turned the entire situation around. The Demonic Dragon Palace, which had occupied the superiority from the beginning, had all fled away, with heavy injuries and even death. Thinking about this, they wouldn't be able to recover in the near future. Not only that, they had truly lost the qualifications to contend against the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

"What a pity." A few big shots secretly sighed in regret. Originally, they had planned to give the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy some help when they were at their weakest. This would allow them to let the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy owe them a favor. However, from the looks of it now, they had lost such an opportunity.

Across the horizon, Aunt Jing shot a look towards the space where the Black Dragon Sovereign and his associates had fled into. Turning to look at Dean Tai Cang, she spoke out in a soft voice, "Now, since the Demonic Dragon Palace has suffered a huge blow to their strength, I think that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy shouldn't give up on this opportunity. I'm just a spiritual body, and can't stay here for long. However, I believe that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will not leave such a big threat around. If not, on the off-chance that an opportunity presents itself for them, they will go into a life and death struggle over it. How much threat will this create for Mu Chen? Therefore, I hope that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will be dutiful in this."

Aunt Jing's voice didn't appear fierce at all. Yet, Dean Tai Cang could not help giving a bitter smile in reply. This felt a little like a student's parent holding the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy accountable for putting their child in danger. Nevertheless, he replied in a dignified manner. "Please feel at ease, Madam. This time, our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will definitely not let the Demonic Dragon Palace go lightly. In the past, we're unable to take action against them, due to the ancient Spiritual Array they had in their old lair. If its activated by the Black Dragon Sovereign and five other sovereigns, even our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's Northern Sea Dragon is unable to break it. Therefore, the only thing we could do was to allow them to hole up. However, after suffering serious losses today, the might of that ancient Spiritual Array would be drastically weakened and won't have much defensive capabilities anymore."

"Therefore, we'll definitely not leave any threats behind!"

As he spoke the last sentence, Dean Tai Cang's voice resolutely and decisively rang out, while killing intent swirled within his eyes. The poison that was the Demonic Dragon Palace had always caused their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to feel extremely worried and troubled, and caused their students going on real world training and tempering to feel panic-stricken. However, due to some reasons, they weren't able to completely wipe them off the face of the world. At the very end, they could only sign an agreement to not let their Elders take action, while letting their younger generations duke it out.

Hearing his reply, Aunt Jing gently nodded her head. Raising her head up, her gaze penetrated through the layers of sea-like clouds. Looking towards an extreme distance away, she spotted two astonishing figures in confrontation with one another. The frightening fluctuations radiating from there seemed to be able to be felt by everyone in the entire Northern Heavens Continent.

"Is your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's Northern Sea Dragon fighting with someone? Is that person that Immeasurable Old Ancestor? Ninth Grade Sovereign, huh? He's not too bad." Rays of brilliance seemed to circulate within Aunt Jing's eyes as she spoke out.

Hearing her replied, Dean Tai Cang gave a helpless laugh. A Ninth Grade Sovereign's unexpectedly on the level of "not too bad" in her eyes… If that's so, him being a Fifth Grade Sovereign truly had no face to speak out towards her. However, thinking about how the Black Dragon Sovereign was expelled by Aunt Jing like a cowering stray dog caused him to calm down. The Great Thousand Worlds truly was vast and boundless with crouching tigers and hidden dragons present everywhere. One would be unable to predict when a frightening expert that would shake the entire region would suddenly appear before oneself.


Dean Tai Cang hesitated for a bit as he spoke out. After shooting a look across the heavens towards a region that was hard to see with the naked-eye, he halted halfway in his words. He wanted to ask Aunt Jing to provide assistance and help the Northern Sea Dragon. Although he didn't assume that the Immeasurable Old Ancestor would be able to defeat the Northern Sea Dragon, he was worried about any unforeseen circumstances that might occur. After all, the existence of the Northern Sea Dragon was essential for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to plant their feet within the five Great Academies. Therefore, it would be an life-threatening blow for their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy if a mishap happened to the Northern Sea Dragon.

Shooting a look at him, Aunt Jing replied, "Your Northern Sea Dragon has already reached the cusp of a Earth Sovereign. After training and cultivating for some time, it shouldn't be hard for him to breakthrough. If they continue fighting, your Northern Sea Dragon will gain the superiority."

"However…" Aunt Jing hesitated for a bit, before giving a smile and continuing, "Since Mu Chen's training and cultivating in your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and has received care from you all. Being a mother, I'll naturally have to show my gratitude."

As of now, she was only a spiritual body, being unable to use her original one. Therefore, she wasn't able to stay for long by Mu Chen's side. Therefore, Mu Chen would have to continue relying on the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for his future training and cultivation. Since this was the case, Aunt Jing didn't mind gifting a favor to the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. "Thank you very much!"

Dean Tai Cang cupped his hands towards her, his voice brimming with gratefulness and appreciation. He clearly understood the reason why Aunt Jing would offer so much help; it’s all due to Mu Chen being in their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Waving her hand towards him, Aunt Jing replied, "The remaining amount of energy in this spiritual body should be enough to scare away that Immeasurable Old Ancestor."

As her voice rang out, with a move of her body, she transformed into a ray of light. Shooting across the horizon, she swept past the layers of sea-like clouds, disappearing into the distance in a blink of an eye.

Everyone looked towards the direction where she had disappeared while shock filled their hearts. Clearly, everyone here knew what she was about to do, causing them to secretly grin. Looks like we're going to see something that will broaden our horizons.

Not long after Aunt Jing had disappeared, vast and boundless fluctuations swept out from the distance skies. Across the horizon, gales howled and swept out, with the Spiritual Energy of the world having completely flared and erupted out. Clearly, an extremely terrifying fight was taking place at the distance skies.


A crack of thunder resounded as a furious roar seemed to reverberate across the world. "Who are you? Madam, I'm the Immeasurable Old Ancestor of the Immeasurable Continent…"

However, before that roaring voice could complete its sentence, it was interrupted midway as the Spiritual Energy fluctuations of the world grew increasing rampant.


The furious roars of the Immeasurable Old Ancestor continued to resound out. In the next instant, countless experts raised their heads in shock to see that the cloud layers in the distant skies had seemed to shatter apart, while storms could be faintly discerned surging out from there.

As that happened, everyone could also see the image of the Immeasurable Old Ancestor suddenly warping and distorting, before he was successively forced to retreat.

"You, you, remember this from this old ancestor! I'll definitely return this payment back!"

The frightening impacts lasted for a dozen seconds, before the Immeasurable Old Ancestor finally gave a furious howl. The cloud layers across the horizon shattered apart as the surrounding space collapsed as black sea water gushed out from within. In the next moment, a somewhat miserable-looking figure rushed into the collapsed space, disappearing within without a trace left.

The Immeasurable Old Ancestor that had come over from the Immeasurable Continent had actually been frightened to the point of fleeing away!

As Mu Chen took in the scene before him, he couldn't help smacking his lips. His mother's strength truly was too terrifying. The current him seemed to have the potential of being a pampered "second generation". Thinking about this, Mu Chen smiled and laughed out. Naturally, this was just a fleeting thought in his mind. True, his mother was extremely powerful. However, even with such strength, she was still forced to leave his father. Clearly, she believed that her current level of strength wasn't sufficient to protect his father and him, forcing her to leave by herself.

A mysterious clan that was able to force his mother at her level of strength to feel worried would naturally possess unimaginable strength and power.

Thinking about this, Mu Chen tightly grasped his hands as a heavy feeling sunk within his heart. Nevertheless, the gaze of the youth quickly turned resolute. Regardless of anything, he would absolutely not give up! Although the current him was extremely weak, he believed that one day, he would arrive at that unknown place and bring his mother back!


Two rays of light shot down from across the horizon, transforming back into Aunt Jing and the Northern Sea Dragon. At the moment, the latter was staring in amazement towards the former with shock present in his eyes. "Madam, are you Mu Chen's mother?"

Aunt Jing slightly nodded her head.

A flash of understanding appeared in the eyes of the Northern Sea Dragon. Some time ago, he had seen Mu Chen bringing his pagoda out, allowing him to guess that Mu Chen had some connection to a certain clan. Now, after seeing his mother, all of it was clear.

"So you are…" The Northern Sea Dragon cupped his hands.

Shooting a look at him, Aunt Jing turned around and looked towards Mu Chen in the distance, "I hope that you won't tell this matter to Mu Chen."

Hearing her words, some doubts appeared in the heart of the Northern Sea Dragon. If Mu Chen possessed the bloodline of that certain clan, he should truly be a heaven-favored child. However, from the looks of it, Mu Chen seemed to not know about this other identity of his. However, being just a doubt, the Northern Sea Dragon was intelligent enough to not speak about it, as the matters about that certain clan were too complicated…

"Yes. This old man understands," replied the Northern Sea Dragon as he nodded his head.

Similarly, Aunt Jing didn't give any explanation. Clearly, she wasn't interested in letting other people know about the story behind this. Therefore, turning her head around, she walked towards Mu Chen, extending her hands to grab onto his. At that moment, the rays of brilliance radiating from her were starting to dissipate away, seemingly showing signs of disappearing.


Mu Chen tightly grasped the hands of his mother as nervousness appeared on his face. He could sense that the spiritual body of his mother wasn't able to be sustained much longer.

"Dean Tai Cang, I've some words to tell to Mu Chen," said Aunt Jing as she sent a faint smile towards Dean Tai Cang and the Northern Sea Dragon.

Hearing her words, Dean Tai Cang and the Northern Sea dragon nodded their heads and left, giving some space for this mother and son.

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