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Chapter 450 – Fearsome Strength

When Aunt Jing, once again, turned her body around, the hearts of all of the experts present in the region skipped a beat. All of them immediately evaded her look, not daring to cross gazes with the former. From the earlier spectacle, this lady that appeared sweet and gentle possessed a completely unmatched ferocity in her attacks that was an 180 degree reversal from her temperament moments ago.

There was no one that dared to underestimate a protective mother, especially when one's mother was extremely, extremely powerful…
Noticing Aunt Jing's ice-cold gaze shooting over from the distance, the eyelids of the Black Dragon Sovereign started to uncontrollably jump. He never imagined that Mu Chen would actually possess such a background. This made him want to curse and swear out. If Mu Chen has such a formidable mother, why the hell did he have to come to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to train and cultivate?

"Madam…" Bracing himself, the Black Dragon Sovereign gave an awkward smile as he spoke out, "It's the fault of our Demonic Dragon Palace for the matter that happened here. I hope that you can forgive us. For the sake of compensating you, our Demonic Dragon Palace won't ask for our treasure back anymore. Please treat it as our apology."

Seeing the Black Dragon Sovereign take such a low stance, the various big shots present could not help smacking their lips. Who would have thought that the rude and unreasonable Black Dragon Sovereign would one day be pressed down so much that he couldn't even raise his head, and even have to willingly give away the treasure of their Demonic Dragon Palace.

While they were feeling shocked and astonished, roars of anger and fury filled the heart of the Black Dragon Sovereign. Nevertheless, there was nothing else he could do. Although the mysterious lady before him was just a spiritual body, she was already able to pressure him to the point of death. If her spiritual body was already that terrifying, exactly what realm was her original form in?

An expert of that realm was an existence that their Demonic Dragon Palace absolutely cannot provoke.

"It is not up to you guys to teach my son," said Aunt Jing with an indifferent tone.

Hearing her words, a shiver shook through the face of the Black Dragon Sovereign. Giving a dry laugh, he didn't dare to respond to her in any other way.

Shooting a glare at him, Aunt Jing cast her gaze towards the gigantic light screen in the distance that was enveloping the entire region, where Dean Tai Cang was currently standing. Having lost the control of a Fifth Grade Sovereign due to the Black Dragon Sovereign's absence, four First Grade Sovereigns were clearly not able to hold him down.

Noticing the direction of Aunt Jing's gaze, the expression of the Black Dragon Sovereign's face slightly changed, before speaking out, "Madam, I beseech of you to not interfere in the matters of others."
Turning to look at the Black Dragon Sovereign, Aunt Jing gave a faint smile and replied, "You're just a Fifth Grade Sovereign. You don't have any right to tell me to do anything."

As her voice rang out, she gave a flick of her finger, causing Spiritual Energy to gush out throughout the entire region. In the next instant, it transformed into a gigantic thousand metre wide ray of light. Piercing through space, it shot straight towards the light screen at lightning speed.


In a fit of anger, the Black Dragon Sovereign took a step forward. In the next instant, a Spiritual Energy Celestial Body multitudes larger than the "Heavenly Golden Celestial Body" of the Yellow Dragon Sovereign condensed behind his back. Frightening pressure proceeded to radiate, causing hurricanes to whirl up across the region.

Despite being faced against the Black Dragon Sovereign with his Sovereign Celestial Body summoned out, Aunt Jing didn't even bother to take another look at him. With a wave of her sleeve, the gigantic ten thousand metre tall black pagoda rushed towards the sky. In the next moment, the black hole at the base of the pagoda started to revolve. As it cast its shadow out, it's pressure was sent straight down on the Black Dragon Sovereign.

Upon seeing this, the face of the Black Dragon Sovereign instantly changed. Just moments ago, he had seen with his own eyes the Yellow Dragon Sovereign being refined alive after being trapped in the pagoda. Thus, he naturally knew how terrifying this black pagoda was. Not daring to show the slightest bit of neglect, he retreated back in a miserable fashion, escaping from the black pagoda's range.


The gigantic thousand-plus metre large ray of light violently slammed against the light screen. In the next moment, five thousand-plus metre long rays of light shot out in all directions as four of the First Grade Sovereigns of the Demonic Dragon Palace immediately spurted mouthfuls of blood. At this moment, the light screen that was barely being maintained had also shattered apart.


Rocketing up towards the sky, Dean Tai Cang shot a dark look towards the Black Dragon Sovereign and the rest from the Demonic Dragon Palace. Turning his gaze towards the direction of Aunt Jing, he cupped his hands and spoke in a dignified manner, "Thank you, madam, for helping me."

He had clearly seen the the unforeseen incident that had happened just moments ago. If not for the tyrannical appearance of the mysterious lady before him, it would truly be extremely difficult for him to escape from the trap that was sprung on him today. Furthermore, the latter's strength and attacks caused him to feel shock and astonishment within his heart. From the looks of it, she seems to be Mu Chen's mother, right? However, from some of the information I know about him, Mu Chen seems to have come from a very small place, with his father appearing to not show any extraordinary strength at all. However… why does his mother possess such terrifying strength?

While doubt filled Dean Tai Cang's heart, Aunt Jing gave a faint smile towards him. Nodding her head, she replied, "Dean Tai Cang, can you let me deal with these people?"

She had known the in's and out's of the overall situation from Ling Xi, and also got to know that Mu Chen was currently training and cultivating in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, she was rather respectful towards Dean Tai Cang.

Seeing how respectfully she was to him, Dean Tai Cang instantly gawked. However, nodding his head, he replied, "If you need anything, please just speak out, madam."

However, from the earlier situation, the mysterious lady before his eyes clearly possessed unfathomable strength. After all, if not for her tyrannical appearance, it would be absolutely impossible for him alone to be a match for the Black Dragon Sovereign and the others from the Demonic Dragon Palace.

Giving a faint smile, Aunt Jing replied, "I'll have to thank Dean Tai Cang, then."

As her voice rang out, she turned her head, once again, towards the Black Dragon Sovereign and the rest of the Demonic Dragon Palace, whose faces had started to violently contort.

"Madam… do you truly want to go at odds with our Demonic Dragon Palace?" As an ugly expression hung on his face, the Black Dragon Sovereign spoke out, "Although my strength isn't as good as your own, do you have to go that far, Madam? Furthermore, our allied partner, the Immeasurable Old Ancestor, has already arrived in the Northern Heavens Continent. He's a Ninth Grade Sovereign!"

At this moment, the only thing the Black Dragon Sovereign could do was to use the cover of the Immeasurable Old Ancestor in hopes that it would serve as a bit of a deterrence for the mysterious lady before him.

However, his attempts clearly landed on deaf ears. Upon hearing his words, an amused smile appeared on Aunt Jing's face as she shook her head, speaking out in a soft voice, "Ninth Grade Sovereign? I don't know how many people of this caliber my Divine Pagoda has already suppress…"

"At the beginning, I didn't have any inclination to think about your schemes. However, after so many years and difficulties, I've finally been able to see my son. If I let you guys bully him and not do anything, being a mother, that's too unreasonable, right?"

Raising her palm, rays of light seemed to condense within it, before transforming into countless mysterious and abstruse glowing seals.

"Therefore… today, you all will have to pay some price."

As her final words rang out, she gave a wave of her sleeve. All of a sudden, the entire world turned dim as an endless starry sky surfaced across the horizon. Countless rays of light started to converge together, and when seen from the distance, it appeared like a gigantic Spiritual Array that blanketed the entire heavens and earth.

However, this Spiritual Array was too terrifying. Blanketing thousands and thousands of metres across the entire heavens, it had changed the Celestial Bodies in the sky. Appearing like an independent space, it had completely sealed the entire heavens and earth up.
Within this region, everyone had been enveloped by this Spiritual Array.

Xia Tianyan, the Western Extreme Sovereign and the other Sovereign realm experts looked in shock as they took in the spectacle before them. Within the Spiritual Array, every sparkling star radiated with incomparably frightening Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

Furthermore, all of them could feel that those stars weren't illusionary at all.

If they were truly activated, those stars might howl down like genuine meteors. At that moment, a radius thousands upon thousands of metres wide would be completely obliterated, with not a single life present after their wake.

Such a Spiritual Array was absolutely impossible, even for the for those Spiritual Array Grandmasters… Exactly what background does the mysterious lady before them have?! The attainments for this Spiritual Array wasn't comparable to those of Spiritual Array Masters!

Even amongst the Great Thousand Worlds, that would absolutely be a great figure that would dominate an entire region!

Mu Chen was similarly stunned and in awe by the spectacle before him. Being a Spiritual Array Master himself, he naturally

"That's why dad said that mother is the best at cultivating with Spiritual Arrays…"

Mu Chen muttered out as he scratch his head. Now, he had finally understood why his old man didn't feel it was any accident why he had a god-like speed of improvement in his training and cultivation of Spiritual Arrays. That's because his mom's on the level of Spiritual Array Scholars…

The faces of the Black Dragon Sovereign and the other four First Grade Sovereigns turned deathly pale as terror and dread gushed out from their eyes. Clearly the shock they had felt wasn't small.

"Flee! Quickly! She's only a spiritual body, so it’s impossible for her to activate a Spiritual Array of this caliber! Let's run before this Spiritual Array activates!"

Rapidly regaining his clarity, the Black Dragon Sovereign gave a furious clench of his teeth as he growled out. True, the Spiritual Array before him was extremely frightening. However, the one activating it was only a spiritual body. If not, the only thing they could do was to await their deaths.

"Use the Blood Escape Art!"

Giving a fierce roar, the arm of the Black Dragon Sovereign furiously exploded apart. As blood mist perfused out, rampant Spiritual Energy blotted the skies, sweeping out akin to a storm.

Seeing the actions of the Black Dragon Sovereign, the other four sovereigns furiously clenched their teeth, before their arms simultaneously exploded into blood mists. Torrential Spiritual Energy swept out as cracks started to suddenly appear in the space surrounding them. In the next moment, their bodies started to transform into bloody lights, rushing into the cracks without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Upon seeing the ruthless and decisive actions of the Black Dragon Sovereign and the other four, Aunt Jing felt somewhat shocked and astonished. Giving a flick of her finger, an incomparably eye-dazzling ray of Spiritual Energy light rushed towards the sky like a golden liquid. In the next instant, it rushed straight into the rapidly closing spatial cracks.


Astonishing fluctuations radiated out as the surrounding space completely shattered apart. As spatial fluctuations radiated out, they were followed by numerous incomparably mournful shrieks ringing from within, reverberating across the entire region.

As the spatial whirlpools formed quickly dissipated away, the shattered space started to gradually return its original state.

Waving her sleeve, the giant Spiritual Array blanketing the entire region dissipated away. As the rays from the sun illuminated the earth once again, countless experts sucked in a breath of relief, while they felt their whole bodies drenched in cold sweat. Looking back at the mysterious lady, terror and dread gushed out from their eyes.

"That's a pity."

Aunt Jing muttered while slightly shaking her head. Looking towards Dean Tai Cang, she spoke out, "I've already killed two people, while the other three should have severe injuries as they ran away. Truly, it’s hard to muster that much strength with just a spiritual body."

Hearing her words, even the usually firm and astute Dean Tai Camg could not help wiping away the cold sweat that had covered his forehead.

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