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Chapter 429 – Aunt Jing

“Since you’d bully my son, I’ll bully you. What’s the matter?”

The lady’s cold voice resounded across the entire world as the originally gentle voice had now brought along a sliver of unconcealable fury and overbearingness. In the eyes of her, the Dragon Demonic Palace, known as the overlord of the Northern Heavens Continent , seemed to be absolutely not worth of any single bit of dread.

If not for her refining the Yellow Dragon Sovereign alive before sending the Black Dragon Sovereign flying away with a swat of her hand, there might be many people that would snort their noses disdainfully at her words. However, at this moment, there was no one that dared to laugh out loud as everyone knew that the mysterious lady before their eyes indeed possess the capability to do so.

Within the Great Thousand Worlds, there were indeed too many crouching tigers and hidden dragons. No one would know exactly when would an elite expert would pop out in front of them, just like what this mysterious lady had done.

Therefore, the entire region turned quiet as the chilling voice rang out. Even though the Black Dragon Sovereign’s face was brimming with gloominess, he didn’t dare to recklessly take action against the mysterious lady again. Although she was just a spiritual form, she actually possessed such frightening power. If her original body was present, how frightening would her true power be?

“Such frightening power.”

Xia Tianyan whispered. Beside him, the face of the Western Extreme Palace Sovereign was similarly filled with shock. The mysterious lady before his eyes was truly too powerful.

“She’s actually Mu Chen’s mother? What background does that Mu Chen have?” Xia Tianyan asked in shock as he looked towards Xia Youran. From the looks of it, this mysterious lady possesses strength that absolutely trumps that of the Northern Sea Dragon. However, if Mu Chen has such a background, why would he go to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to train and cultivate? Such a powerful background, would definitely allow him to train and cultivate much faster than in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Hearing her father’s question, Xia Youran shook her head. Clearly, she also felt extreme confused about this question.

“Looks like an accident is going to happen to the scheme of the Dragon Demonic Palace.” said Xia Tianyan quietly while breathing a sigh of relief. The sudden appearance of such a frightening Sovereign realm expert clearly wasn’t something that was under the control of the Dragon Demonic Palace.

As silence hung over the entire region, across the horizon, the lady stared coldly towards the Black Dragon Sovereign in the distance. Hesitating for a while, she didn’t take action again. Turning around slowly, her heart started to palpitate as she looked at the youth not far away from her, who was staring right back at her with a blank look on his face.

In the next moment, her eyes, which were brimming with an ice-cold shade moments ago turned moist and red in the next instant. Within her eyes, inexhaustible warmth and gentleness and inconcealable emotions gushed out, with even her body started to shiver.

At the same time, Mu Chen stared right at the figure of the lady. Her white robes, her gentle complexion. That warm and gentle face was just like the warm and gentle figure in the deepest part of his memories. An indescribable emotion started to gush out from the deepest part of his heart, causing his nose to sting and water.

After so many years, he was finally able to see her appearance clearly for the first time. There wasn’t any of the so called strange and unfamiliar feeling present, as the feelings from their bloodline connection causing him to tremble emotionally.


His voice rang out, hoarse and astringent with some trembling present in it.

The hoarse voice of the youth caused tears to flow out from the already red eyes of the female. When she had left him that year, he was still in swaddling clothes. To her, that little life was her everything. For the sake of protecting him, she was willing to endure the knife like pain of not being able to see him and show care for him. After leaving her son and husband to return to her clan alone, she had assumed that was a goodbye for a lifetime. She was never able to she the little fellow that cause her to feel deeply worried and anxious, as this would cause danger for him. Yet, the heavens doesn’t forsake those people with hearts. Today’s she was finally able to see her little fellow. Although this was just a spiritual body, the hoarse “mum” from the youth was more than able to let her feel that her ten over years of solitude and yearn akin to knifes slashing on her heart were all worth it.


Her eyes swollen with redness, the lady nodded heavily, before slowly walking forward. Arriving before the youth, she knelt down, placing her trembling, icy-cold hands against the warm face of Mu Chen. A smile blossomed on her face as tears continued to splash down. Choking with emotion, she said, “Little fellow, you’ve grown so big.”

That infant that was crying and making noise in that swaddling cloths had grown into a tall youth in those ten plus years. His face, was even more handsome than his father’s during that year.

Feeling the icy-cold palms on his face and seeing the tear stricken face before him, the face that was connected to him, at this instant, even with his resilience, tears fell uncontrollable down Mu Chen’s face. Didn’t everybody say that men don’t cry? He had never felt that frail and weak before. Ever since ten plus years ago, time to time, he would think about this instant. Although his mother had left him ever since he was young, he never harboured the slightest bit of hatred for her, as he was able to feel the warm protection deep within his body, even though she was not by his side.

She, who had remained calm and unflustered even after refining the Yellow Dragon Sovereign alive and sending the Black Dragon Sovereign flying away, immediate become flustered as she saw the tears streaming down his face. Hastily wiping them away from the youth’s face, she spoke out “I’m sorry. It’s all mother’s fault for not being by your side.”

Although she wasn’t by Mu Chen side’s for all these years, she was more than able to see the strength the latter currently possessed. Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. Such strength absolutely couldn’t be trained and cultivated in a place like the Northern Spiritual Realm. Without her help, Mu Feng clearly didn’t have any way of providing much help to Mu Chen on this aspect. Therefore, she was extremely clear exactly how much pain and suffering Mu Chen had to pay to be able to walk from the small Northern Spiritual Realm to this place, something that exceedingly pained her heart.

Shaking his head, Mu Chen wiped off the tears on his face. After all these years of tempering, there were exceedingly rare moments that he would reveal such a weak and frail side of himself. He had never even revealed this side of him in front of Luo Li.

“Mum, I’ve finally found you. I’ve promised the old man that I’ll definitely bring you back.” grasping the hands the lady tightly, the feeling of their connected bloodline causing his palms to be blanketed with warmth and love.

Giving a faint smile, the lady replied, “ This is just a spiritual body mum’s left behind. It will only appear when your pagoda break. Therefore, mum can’t stay here for long. However, appearing now and being able to see you is more than enough for mum.”

Hearing her words, an anxious expression appeared on Mu Chen’s face as he hastily asked out, “Exactly where are you now, mum?”

A complicated expression sprung up on the lady’s face. Giving a sigh, she replied, “Now’s not the time to tell you. Mum also doesn’t want to leave you two, but its all for your safety that I have no choice but to do it. Therefore, Mu Chen, you can’t be too hot headed and reckless, okay?”

“I know. Relax mum, I’ll become very strong! Strong enough so that regardless of where you are, I’ll be able to rescue you out from there! This is something that I’ve promised dad!” replied Mu Chen had his nodded his head firmly, his eyes brimming with incomparably resolution and decisiveness.

Staring blankly at youth in front of him and seeing the resolute expression on his face, a gratified smile blossomed on her face as she spoke out with a soft voice, “The only thing I’ve wanted for is for you and your dad to live ordinarily and safety…”

“However, that way, our family can never be reunited.” shaking his head Mu Chen interrupted. “Dad really missed you, mum. Dad said that his talent isn’t as good as mine, so there’s some matters that he can’t accomplish. Therefore, I’m everything he had hoped for. As for the matters my dad can’t do, I’ll accomplish it!”

Looking at the youth in front of her, the lady could not help but to rub his head. Filled with gratification, she replied, “My little fellow’s truly grown up…”

“Aunt Jing?”

An emotional, shivering voice rang out from behind. Turning her head around the lady noticed a familiar face, causing happiness to instantly bloom on within her eyes. “Ling Xi, you actually also here?”

Her entire body trembling, Ling Xi looked towards the familiar face that wasn’t forgotten by her even after her loss of memory. Slowly walking forward, Ling Xi gave her a firm hug, burying her face into the lady’s hair as choking sobs rang out.

“I thought that you don’t want me anymore, Aunt Jing.”

The lady gave a gentle pat on Ling Xi’s back, before speaking out apologetically. “ It’s my bad for not being able to protect you. If I’ve never brought you back, your memory would not have been wiped.
Nevertheless, its good that you’re alright. If not, I’ll not rest till I get compensation for what they did.”

Ling Xi hastily shook her head as she replied, “Aunt Jing, regardless of the outcome, I’ll never regret following along with you. As long as you don’t remove the memories of you, I all good.”

“Nevertheless, it seems as you and Mu Chen are bound by fate to actually meet each other at this place.” said the lady with a faint smile.

Hearing that, Mu Chen smile, before turning his head around and looking towards Luo Li standing not far behind from him. Waving his hand to her, Luo Li finally walked over apprehensively. Anxiousness was present within her usually clear and tranquil eyes. Clearly, she knew exactly who the lady before her was to Mu Chen.

“Mum, this is Luo Li.” grasping Luo Li’s jade like hand, Mu Chen sent a simple and straightforward smile towards his mum.

The lady immediately turned her head over. Upon spotting the two holding hands, she made a slight pause as though something clicked in her mind while her gaze started to size up Luo Li.

As she continued to size up Luo Li, the latter immediately grasped Mu Chen’s hand forcefully,her heart starting to race as a blush spread across her lovable face. Mustering her courage, she looked straight towards the lady, afraid of any unfavorable aspects in her performance. Other than some incidents that had happened with Mu Chen over the past few years, this was truly the first time that such emotions had appeared within her heart.

“Such a beautiful lady.” the lady finally gave a faint smile as she exclaimed in admiration. Her son’s eyesight truly was good. The young girl before her had outstanding temperament and an absolutely stunning appearance. Paired with Mu Chen, they truly made a heaven blessed match.

Hearing her words, a deeper shade of red appeared on Luo Li’s lovable face, feeling flustered due to not knowing exactly how to address the lady before her.

“Call me Aunt Jing.” Aunt Jing said with a gentle smile, extending her hands to grasp the slender hands of Luo Li.

“Nice to meet you, Aunt Jing.”

Hearing their words, a silly smile appeared at the corner of Mu Chen’s mouth, while a sweet feeling appearing in his throat. Although the injuries that he had suffered were showing signs of breaking out again, he forcefully swallowed the blood in his mouth back down, with not a single sign of it shown on his face.

His actions were extremely discrete, with even Luo Li and Ling Xi not discovering a hint of it.
Nevertheless, a slight wrinkle appeared on Aunt Jing’s forehead as she grabbed Mu Chen’s hand. After probing the injuries present within his body, a slightly cold shade appeared within her eyes. In the next instant, a ray of brilliance radiated out from her hand, enveloping Mu Chen within it.

Under the warm and gentle brilliance, Mu Chen was shocked to see that the injuries present on his body had actually started to recover. Even his back, where it was just a mess of blood and flesh had rapidly turned clean and unscathed as before.

“Mother, are you going to disappear very soon?” asked Mu Chen with slight nervousness in his voice.
Shaking her head, Aunt Jing gently rubbed Mu Chen’s head, full of love and pamper. “Relax. There’s still some time. However now, mum needs to get rid of some of these irksome troubles in front of us.”

As her voice rang out, she let go of Mu Chen. In the next moment, under to countless respectful gazes shooting over in this region, she slowly turned her body around.

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