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Chapter 423 – Old Ancestor Wu Liang

Within the top of the clouds, where it's hard for the naked-eye to see, a black figure flew across the Northern Heavens Continent at lightning speed. When it spread its wings, it appeared to have pierced through space. Therefore, it made it simply impossible to get a clear image of its entire body. One would only see a black figure shooting through space, appearing thousands of metres away in a blink of an eye.

Such a speed caused all of the ordinary Sovereigns to look on with dumbstruck shock, as it was one that would completely leave them in the dust, with no hope of ever catching up.

The black figure was, naturally, the Northern Dragon who had stormed out of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Although the Northern Heavens Continent was vast and endless, wanting to rush over to the Divine Spiritual Mountain was just a matter of a dozen minutes with his true speed.

The gigantic black figure shot through the space at lightning speed. In the next instant, the space before him shattered apart as black-coloured sea water covered the earth and hid the skies as it swept out from within. From within the shattered space, a seemingly endless gigantic black bird howled out from within.


This unforeseen change causing the Northern Dragon to feel a slight shock. In the next instant, its cloud-covering wings flashed forwards, sending its feathers, which were akin to incomparably sharp Divine Weapons, tearing through space, smashing against the water of the black sea.

Bang! Rumble!

Ripples that blotted the skies swept out as multiple spaces shattered apart. Instantly, tornados thousands of metres wide whirled up above the nine heavens.

"Which little rascal is it!? Come the hell out for me!"

Rays of brilliance erupted around the gigantic black figure before rapidly shrinking down. Transforming back to a human form, the Northern Dragon looked towards the space before him as his cold roar resounded across the horizon.

"Haha. Long time no see, Northern Dragon. Your temper's still as explosive as ever." A laughing voice rang out from within the space as the multiple spatial tears rapidly collapsed, while boundless black-coloured sea water gushed out. Rapidly covering the entire region, it appeared as if there were black-coloured tidals waves present within the layers of clouds in the air.

A pillar of water condensed within the sea water, before a figure appeared within it.

The figure present was of an old man dressed in blue robes. Black water patterns were painted on the blue robes, and they sparkled with faint rays of brilliance. At this moment, the blue-robed old man was beaming as he looked towards the Northern Dragon present before him.

Upon seeing the blue-robed old man, the eyes of Northern Dragon slightly contracted, before speaking out in a deep voice, "Old Ancestor Wu Liang? Aren't you exacting tyrannical abuse to the Immeasurable Continent? What have you run to the Northern Heavens Continent for?"

The blue-robed old man was known as the Immeasurable Old Ancestor. It's said that this person was a Ninth Grade Sovereign and controlled a continent more vast and boundless than the Northern Heavens Continent, the Immeasurable Continent. Similarly, there were a few other smaller continents that were also under his control. Therefore, he was considered as an Overlord-level existence within the Great Thousands Worlds, someone that possessed fame and reputation.

However, there was some distance between the Immeasurable Continent and the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Why did the Immeasurable Old Ancestor appear all of a sudden?

"Haha. Long time no see, old friend. The reason I've come here is to reminisce the old days," said the Immeasurable Old Ancestor with a beaming smile on his face.

Staring towards the Immeasurable Old Ancestor, a chilling glow surfaced within the eyes of the Northern Dragon as he spoke out in a slow fashion, "So, it was the Demonic Dragon Palace that has invited you. I knew it. Why would those bastards get the guts to challenge our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy all of a sudden? So it was you, old fellow, that's pulling the strings in the dark."

Hearing that, the Immeasurable Old Ancestor gave a smile as he replied, "I've long heard that there is a Divine Spiritual Mountain in the Northern Heavens Continent. This old man's quite interest in it. Northern Dragon, after all these years in the Northern Heavens Continent, you've actually not maintained a complete control over it! Why not, let's partner up and rule over this entire continent? At that time, we can cooperate and search that Divine Spiritual Mountain. I don't believe that you wouldn't get moved by the place where a Heavenly Sovereign has passed away in a sitting position."

The Northern Dragon replied indifferently. "Old Ghost Immeasurable, it's best that you scram back to your Immeasurable Continent. Don't poke your nose in the matters of the Northern Heavens Continent."

Upon hearing the Northern Dragon's reply, which was gradually getting impolite, the smile present on the Immeasurable Old Ancestor's face started to fade as he said, "Northern Dragon, aren't you not going to give this humble old man some face at all?"

A ridiculing smile instantly surfaced on the face of the Northern Dragon as he stared at the Immeasurable Old Ancestor, while replying, "Don't try to show your might off in front of me, old ghost. I'm afraid that you've found the wrong person to do that. You, humble? When the Martial Ancestor had just entered the Great Thousand World, you, old ghost, had attempted to dip your fingers into his women after finding how attractive they were. As a result, you were almost smashed to death by a single slap from him. You've shamelessly fled for a year, not even daring to return to your old den at that year. Do you think your shameless self has any such thing as a thin skin? If you have the guts, you can just scram off and go to find the Martial Ancestor in the "Martial Realm". If you're able to return alive, I'll let you trample all over the Northern Heavens Continent as you wish!"

Those words from the Northern Dragon were as incisive as knives, instantly causing the smile present on the face of the Immeasurable Old Ancestor to slowly freeze up. Terrifying murderous aura surged up into the heavens, spreading across the myriad horizon.

"You're looking to die, Northern Dragon!"

The Immeasurable Old Ancestor's face turned flushed as he roared out. This matter had always been a thorn in his heart. Due to an obsession that occurred that year, he was made a gargantuan laughing stock, which had caused his fame and reputation to plummet and had become the embarrassment in his heart. All these years, he had crazily trained, leading to a drastic increase in his strength. Previously, he had even thought about exacting revenge. However, he never imagined that when his strength increased, that "Martial Ancestor" had rapidly scaled the realms in his cultivation, leading him to rise from a nobody to an Overlord within the Great Thousand World. His subordinating "Martial Realm" had numerous experts akin to clouds in the skies, with a clan that had a background as long as the Ice Spirit Clan willingly giving in to him. Even the position of their clan leader was handed to a wife of the "Martial Ancestor". It was the combination of the Martial Ancestor and the Martial Realm that allowed the death-filled "Ice Spirit Clan" to gradually become the tyrannical force it was today.

Faced against such a frightening existence, the Immeasurable Old Ancestor had lived all those years in fear and trepidation, afraid that the "Martial Realm" would send experts to deal with him. Therefore, let's not talk about avenging his embarrassment, he didn't even dare to recklessly get close to that "Martial Realm".


With a wave of his hand, murderous aura surged from the Immeasurable Old Ancestor as black-coloured tidal waves that blotted the skies instantly swept forward. Each and every drop within those tidal waves was water from the "nether river" founded from the netherworld, nurtured with his boundless Spiritual Energy, before forming his Nether Sea. Wherever his sea howled towards, it would spread over thousands and thousands of meters, transforming anything that came into contact with it into nihility, appearing incomparably overbearing.


Seeing the Immeasurable Old Ancestor take action, a cold snort rang out from the Northern Dragon. A withered palm extended out, transforming into a feathered wing thousands of metres long. With a wave of its feathers, feathery glints covered the earth and hid the skies as they explosively shot out, Piercing through space, they heavily smashed against the incoming black tidal waves.

The black sea crazily gushed and surged. Despite that, it was unable to break the obstruction caused by the feathery glints. The overbearing sea was also unable to corrode the tyrannical feathery glints smashing into it.

"Are you really going to use this method against me? You, old ghost, really have become senile!"

With a frosty expression present on his face, the Northern Dragon gave a wave of his sleeve, causing the countless feathery glints to quickly condense together. Transforming into a fish-and-dragon-like creature, it smashed straight towards the black tidal waves, shattering through them, before shooting towards the Immeasurable Old Ancestor with incomparable force.

Originally being an existence that lived within the unending Northern Sea. Although the Immeasurable Old Ancestor's Nether Sea was overbearing, it was difficult for it to have much effect in the suppression of the former. Instead, relying on the force of the sea, he was able to erupt with a more powerful counter-attack.


Giving a stomp with his feet, giant waves that blotted the skies condensed together within the black sea. Transforming into a gigantic black trident thousands of metres long, it was thrust out in the next instant, ferociously shooting towards the the fish-dragon like giant creature.


Frightening shock waves swept out, spreading across thousands and thousands of metres across the horizon. The entire region started to rampage as crazy gales and hurricanes whirled up, causing chaos and disorder to wreak havoc across to the thousands and thousands of metres of the earth below, causing countless experts to flee for their lives, overwhelmed with shock.

Outside of the Divine Spiritual Mountain

Countless experts furiously raised their heads as they stared towards the far distance with shock in their eyes. Clearly, all of them could sense the earth-shattering fight that had erupted there. The fluctuations rippling out from there had caused even the hearts of a few Elders to tremble in fear and shock.

"Who's fighting over there? What's with this frightening commotion?!"

"It's definitely that Lord Northern Dragon from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!"

"Who's fighting with him? There's actually someone that could contend against him?"

"This…might be the handiwork of the Demonic Dragon Palace…"

The eyes of some of the Elders started to fluctuate as they exchanged looks at each other, before turning to look at the Black Dragon Sovereign and his fellow Sovereigns in shock. That's why the Demonic Dragon Palace dared to take action against the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy! Looks like they've invited a frightening helper.

Dean Tai Cang had also felt the fluctuations radiating from there, which had caused his face to slightly change.

"Haha. What's the matter, Tai Cang? The Northern Dragon has been obstructed. Now, do you think that there's still anyone that can save you?" The Black Dragon Sovereign started to heartily chuckle, his laughing brimming with carefree satisfaction. After being suppressed for all those years, their Demonic Dragon Palace had finally managed to regain the upper hand.

"Your Demonic Dragon Palace really has paid quite a price to deal with our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!" replied Dean Tai Cang with a sneer.

He naturally knew about the current situation. Not only did the Demonic Dragon Palace invite such a powerful foreign aid like the Immeasurable Old Ancestor, he had even managed to move the Umbra and Heavenly Yuan Chambers of Commerce to obstruct the Elders of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. To do such matters, they would definitely need to pay a considerable price.

"As long as we're able to wipe away your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, no matter what the price, our Demonic Dragon Palace will pay any price!" replied the Black Demon Sovereign with a chilling smile.

A frosty expression loomed over Dean Tai Cang's gaze. Looks like I've to go all-out today.

"Everyone, this is a war between our Demonic Dragon Palace and the Northerns Spiritual Academy. I hope that no one else interferes in this." Taking a look at his surroundings, the Black Dragon Sovereign roared out in a deep voice.

The faces of the Elders from the various other influences slightly changed. Originally, they had imagined that the Demonic Dragon Palace was seeking their own deaths, since the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had an existence like the Northern Dragon behind them. However, from the looks of it now, the Demonic Dragon Palace had hatched this plan from a long, long time ago. As long as they were able to successfully encircle and kill Dean Tai Cang today, with the fame and prestige of the Immeasurable Old Ancestor, the ending of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy wouldn't be encouraging.

At this time, how would they dare to take action? It's best that they maintained a neutral standing. If not, they might get a whole lot of trouble, if they were to choose the wrong side.

"Form up and let's move!"

With a furious wave of his hand, six thousand-plus metre rays of light spread out from the Black Dragon Sovereign. Akin to a gigantic umbrella, they instantly enveloped the six people from the Demonic Dragon Palace with Dean Tai Cang within them.

The killing formation had already been completed.

A heaven-shaking war was inevitable!

Chapter 424 – Completing the Baptism

Within the Divine Spiritual Mountain

The region that was originally wracked by chaotic battles had now become abnormally quiet as everyone present within had all sat down, continuously absorbing the golden raindrops fluttering down from the sky. Presently within them was the incomparably mysterious Strength of Baptism.

As it went past the Nine Heavenly Steps, the Strength of Baptism became thin and diluted. However, there was not a single person that had forsaken any part of it, as everyone knew that if they could absorb just a bit more of it, they might gain an extra sliver of a opportunity to live when they attempt to pass through their "Three Sovereign Disasters" in the future. This was something that concerned their very survival, something that they definitely wouldn't be sloppy or careless about.

As everyone absorbed the Strength of Baptism descending from the skies, some envious gazes shot towards the position at the highest point in the Nine Heavenly Steps. Present there was the thin figure of a youth sitting quietly on the ground, with bright and resplendent golden light seemingly wanting to submerge his entire body into its brilliance. The boundless Strength of Baptism present there caused everyone's eyes to turn red with envy. Nevertheless, they were unable to do anything about it, as all of them knew the difficulty and challenge of the fights that one would have to undergo to obtain that position. As for them, they clearly weren't able to do such a thing.

Therefore, feelings of respect were present, along with the envy they had for the youth, who was able to stand at the highest point in the Divine Spiritual Mountain's Nine Heavenly Steps, where the number of experts were as numerous as the clouds in the skies.

The students taught by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy truly were formidable. Truly worthy of being one of the Five Great Academies.

Mu Chen quietly sat on the top of the Nine Heavenly Steps, concentrating his mind and getting rid of all external influences. Golden rain drops continued to cover his entire body, before the Strength of Baptism that was endlessly flooding in entered his body.

At this moment, golden light had already flooded everywhere within Mu Chen's body. There were even faint rays of brilliance radiating from his blood and muscles. An indescribably comfortable and refreshing feeling surged within Mu Chen's body. Although the Strength of Baptism wasn't able to help Mu Chen with any increase in his strength, he was able to feel some kind of miraculous change happening within his body.

This change was unquantifiable. However, Mu Chen knew that when he attempted his "Three Sovereign Disasters" in the future, he might be able to obtain a gigantic benefit then.

Within his glowing golden body, slivers of a golden fluid started to seep through his blood, flesh and meridians, before flowing endlessly into his aurasea. Condensing within the small palm of the Divine Soul present there, golden light radiated out as the golden liquid continued to contract and condense. Within the innermost part, a golden crystal appeared to rapid condense and form.


Upon accumulating to a certain degree, the golden rays of brilliance radiating out from Strength of Baptism within Mu Chen's body started to gradually scatter away. All of the golden fluid quickly compressed together with the golden rays of brilliance, humming sounds resounded out as they did so. As the golden light gradually grew faint, a thumb-sized golden crystal surfaced within the palm of the Divine Soul.

"Baptism Crystal."

Upon feeling this, happiness and elation erupted in Mu Chen's mind. As long as he had the crystal condensed from the Strength of Baptism, he would have completed this Divine Spiritual Baptism in perfection.

With a thought, Mu Chen's Divine Soul opened its mouth. With a gentle suck, it absorbed the Baptism Crystal into its body, causing it to transform a ray of golden light as it entered the Divine Soul's throat. After floating in the position of its heart, gentle rays of brilliance started to slowly merge with the Divine Soul, increasing its condensation rate within.


On the Nine Heavenly Steps, Mu Chen opened his eyes, golden light erupted from his black pupils. As the golden light slowly dissipated away, he took a heavy breath of relief. Although there wasn't much increase in his strength, he could feel that his body had become much more light and springy, as if he had undergone a series of tempering and refining.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked towards the sky, were vast and boundless golden raindrops were still falling down. There was clearly some more time till the end of the Baptism.

Continuing to stare at this scene, Mu Chen didn't stop with his cultivation. With a thought, suction force erupted once again. Having condensed a Baptism Crystal, meant that he had completed his Baptism. From the looks of it, he clearly had some time to condense a second crystal. Naturally, this was done for the sake for Luo Li.

Although he knew about the background of Luo Li's clan, the Luo God Clan, her chances of crossing her "Three Sovereign Disasters" would far exceed that of ordinary people, so it would be in her best interests for her to get another portion of safety. Coming to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, she had given up the bitter training of the Luo God clan to quietly accompany his side. Although this was something that she had done willing, Mu Chen couldn't be as heartless as to do nothing about it. He knew about how heavy the responsibility she had on her shoulders. If he could reduce her responsibility by just a little bit, he would go all-out to do so.

The current him was still too weak. Faced against the Luo God Clan, which was a gargantuan existence, even more enormous than the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he was unable to provide much help for Luo Li. Therefore, this was the only thing he could do to help Luo Li with her responsibilities.

However, he also believed that there would be a day that he would possess the strength to stand right in front of Luo Li, helping her block every storm and rain that headed her way!

Golden raindrops that blotted the skies condensed once again towards Mu Chen. Golden rays of brilliance started to come together and condense within his palm.

Seeing those actions coming from Mu Chen, those experts could only sigh bitterly in anguish. He really has no fear of drowning from too much of it. All of them were at the bottom, only able to enjoy a limited amount of the Strength of Baptism. However, Mu Chen was already in the process of condensing a second Baptism Crystal. This truly made people open their eyes wide as they stared at him…However, after all of the bitter sighs, there wasn't anyone that felt any anger or indignation. There's no such thing as absolute equality in this world. Having relied on his own strength to stand at the highest position of the Nine Heavenly Steps, this showed that he had the qualifications necessary to enjoy the most amount of the Strength of Baptism. As long he possessed the strength, there wouldn't be anyone that would complain, even if he were to devour all of it for himself.

The golden rain in this region continued falling in a constant pace. This continued for about half an hour or so, before showing signs of stopping. As the experts started to successively open their eyes, feelings of regret and pity appeared within their gazes. They were clearly unable to complete their Baptisms as they could only absorb as much of the Strength of Baptism that was available for them to absorb, before preparing for their "Three Sovereign Disasters".

At this moment, Xia Youran, Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu had also opened their eyes, with inconcealable feelings of happiness and elation appearing on their faces. Clearly, they had managed to successfully condense their Baptism Crystals, completing this Divine Spiritual Baptism in the most perfect state.

On the second highest step, the faces of Liu Ying, Dong Yuan and Zhou Xuan appeared somewhat ugly. Although their bodies were faintly radiating with a golden glow, they still had some distance to go before completing their Baptisms. Despite that, the Divine Spiritual Baptism was about to end, something that they were helpless to do anything about. The only thing they could blame was for choosing Mo Xingtian at the beginning…

"That trash."

The bellies of all three men were filled with flames of anger as they shot a look at each other. Nevertheless, the only thing they could do was to send a vicious bout of curses towards Mo Xingtian. Since that fellow had been completely destroyed by Mu Chen, there was no more trouble that could happen from that.

Across the horizon, the final bit of the Strength of Baptism was absorbed into Mu Chen's palm. Golden light erupted from there, condensing together before a Baptism Crystal started to form.


As the golden crystal appeared, successive sounds of people gulping down their saliva rang out as countless people raised their heads as they stared at Mu Chen.

Seeing himself being stared at with wolf-like gazes, Mu Chen hastily stored the Baptism Crystal in his hands. This one's for my life. Don't pin your hopes on it.

"Haha. Congratulations." A smile beamed across Xia Youran's face as she congratulated Mu Chen, with not a single shred of envy or jealousy present. She had already completed her Baptism. Therefore, the Baptism Crystal had totally no use for her.

"Many thanks for this, Brother Mu Chen." both Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu cupped their hands towards Mu Chen as they spoke out words filled with gratitude and emotion. Both of them knew that it was all due to Mu Chen that they were able to successfully complete their Baptism.

With a smile, Mu Chen rebuked their words with a wave of his hand. However, just as he was about to reply to them, a ray of golden light suddenly shot down from the skies. As the golden light converged together, the surrounding space started to rapidly warp and distort, before transforming into a spatial whirlpool. This was the pathway to leave the Divine Spiritual Mountain. Obviously, upon the end of the Strength of Baptism, the Divine Spiritual Mountain was about to close up once again.

Smacking his lips, Mu Chen shot a look towards the gigantic clump of light floating in the skies. Present within, there might just be the greatest secret of this Divine Spiritual Mountain. However, it was a pity that he was totally unable to conduct any investigations on it with his current level of strength. Perhaps, in the future, when he had become one of the peak-level experts in the Great Thousand Worlds, he might be able to conduct an investigation then.

"Let's go."

Sending a smile towards Xia Youran and the others, Mu Chen took the lead, shooting towards the spatial whirlpool.

Below him, countless people took the skies, getting ready to leave this place.


However, just as they neared the spatial whirlpool, extremely rampant Spiritual Energy suddenly gushed out from it in a tyrannical fashion. Sweeping out, it instantly sent countless people into a pitiful state, with a few unlucky fellows being tossed thousands of feet away. In an instant, their faces turned deathly-pale, clearly suffering heavy injuries as a result of this impact.

Reacting exceedingly quick, Mu Chen and the others evaded the strongest shockwave. Nevertheless, all of their faces were brimming with shock as uncertainty and doubt fluctuated in their eyes.

"What's going on?!"

Countless whispers erupted as everyone's faces were filled with shock and confusion.

"There seems to be Sovereign level experts fighting outside of the Divine Spiritual Mountain!" A faint change appeared on Xia Youran's face as she exclaimed in shock. The tyrannical fluctuations radiating from the spatial whirlpool absolutely matched those that could only be created by Sovereign-level experts.

"Sovereign-level experts crossing hands?"

With a gawk, Mu Chen's face contorted as feelings of unease and worry erupted within his heart. There were not many Sovereign-level experts in the Northern Heavens Continent, resulting in all of them having a great restrictive effect on one another. Therefore, this resulted in the current situation where none of them would start a massive war against each other. If a war was to erupt outside of the Divine Spiritual Mountain, the highest possibility would be between two peak-level influences, which would most likely be between the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and the Demonic Dragon Palace. Furthermore, added with the fact that he had just killed Mo Xingtian earlier…

Complicated expressions flashed across Mu Chen's face. With a move of his body, Mu Chen shot rapidly towards the spatial whirlpool. As his head entered the whirlpool, his faces turned dark as he clenched his teeth. It's best that this fight doesn't involve Luo Li. If not, I don't care if you're from the Demonic Dragon Palace or not! I'll make sure every single one of you will go and accompany Mo Xingtian!

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